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Dominoes - Classic Domino Tile Based Game

Dominoes - Classic Domino Tile Based Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Italic Games located at Start Chambers, Wickham’s Cay II, P. O. Box 2221, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is an easy to use app that is fun and quick to play. There are three different levels, easy, medium and hard. The computer keeps score. I love it already and I just downloaded 30 minutes ago. Download and enjoy!
Very easy to play. I did not know what I was doing at first. Them I remembered playing Dominoes years ago when my kids were small. Once I started to play it all ceme back to me.
The game is ok. It only let's you play off a double on one side..it should be on all sides of a double. But the biggest issue is the FREAKING AD AFTER EVERY HAND. it ruins the game play. Its more than frustrating
Great fun! Was initially a 4 with potential to be a 5 until I noticed that some tiles were missing when it was time to tally up! I mean you know that you've blocked some tiles from being played but they're no where to be found. Not on the board or in your opponent's (bot) hand! This costs points which is the deciding factor of winning or losing therefore this game cheats! One star!
Would have been a 5 but it doesn't allow you to chose which end to play when you're in a winning move!
When you r winning and trying to block game not allowed showed 3 friends they said delete came. IF game didn't che as t would be super fu
It's a regular way of playing but as you expand the game pieces you CAN'T see the whole board laid out in front of you.
I really like the app but I did not give it five stars cuz there are ads every round. Also I really like the peaceful music. I am a pro at dominoes
I don't like how the dominos light up telling you which ones to play. Kind of defeats the purpose of the game. So do riged games that read you!
Nice game, but the ads are overwhelming. You cannot turn off ad sound unless you reduce media volume to zero. There is no pay option available to get an ad-free version.
I have downloaded other versions of domino's that were so very boring that I deleted them. I love this one! Thanks lots!
Game play seems fine. The problem is, the adds take longer than most of the hands. Plus it's the same ad over and over. I had to delete you.
I love this game. I'm have no troubles, strongly recommend it. Download it all the cool kids are doing itπŸ˜‚ like seriously it's good. Wonderful job maker.
This game is challenging it has thought me how to play dominoes. I play with a friend once a week this has tought me stratagy.
I just tried my hand at this game and because of the helpful hint, numbers showing, I have figured on how to play this game
Love this Game! I was looking for a Beautiful Games,like this thanks to you, I will continue to play just, super. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ
Too many ads. And you know when the computer is going to win. You start getting stuck with all 6's. Also, I've played games where the computer never picks from the boneyard at all
The game itself is awesome. However, I get way to many girls dancing in small outfit ads, g-string butts etc.... I like the game enough to buy it and hate the promiscuous ads enough to delete it. The game doesn't offer the ability to buy it and be done with ads, so i am here to completely Delete it. Why so many sexual ads ? Ridiculous. I Love the game itself. Deleting due to choice of ads.
The game is fine, but too many repeated pop-up ads are allowed that distract from strategy and train of thought. I shouldnt have to pay to get rid of those annoying distractions once I choose to close them.
The game relaxes my nerves and it's challenging. I played dominos a lot in Louisiana in my childhood.
Not the best. That's one on Amazon but I cannot play it on a chtomebook. This one has no options like continuing to count the spinner or keep a running total of all playable points or even stats, but it'll do as a second choice.
Great app! This has taught me well. It has different options on how to play. It allows you to touch each available dominoe to see which one will give you points.
Would have been 5 but sometimes it refuses to let you choose which end to play! Also it would be good to know how many tiles are left in the boneyard. If it aint broke dont fix it!!!! One star less.Horrible new graphics which are also jerky enough to be highly annoying!!!
This one i don't enjoy because i can't see all of my dominoes when it is my move. Keep up the good work for fun time.
Good game with not to many ads, but once you started with ads trafficking women we're done and I'm deleting it.
I love dominoes, but all the ads (or showing of the same ads), and the app closing on it's own is really annoying
It's ok, just wish you could eliminate some of the particular ads that you would NEVER download like Wish and TicToc.
Love this game, best one yet!!!!! Just one thing, can you put score real time as we play? That would help a lot !!! Thanks !!!!
Often it places domino tiles somewhere other than where I place them. That sucks. It crashes often as well.
Very good picture and plays excellent. 1st time ive been on this one and am going to keep on and refer to others.
So far I like it I'm kind of rusty haven't played in a year first time I lay on my phone not in person and 10 and up 28 bones 7 each but besides all the ads I think I could learn to like it a lot keep up the good work and thanks for sharing have a blessed day byeeeeeeeee
Good game with not to many ads, but I don't like that if you have to leave mid-game, it doesn't save it. You have to start over.
I know it's a free game, but I hate the repetitive ads. Especially since the game settings don't offer the option to automatically mute them. BUT, I do like that they offer a point limit, different levels of difficulty and that you can pick your own bones out of the boneyard.
I love the game. I had never played Domino's so it's been a challenge but I'm far from the bot in wins. 5 is the best and therevshort ads and no bugs.
Entertaining. Only issue that I found is when some adds come up Google Play store automatically comes up & I have to close out the game & restart, irrating.
Don't tell me what dice to play by highlighting it. I would like to decide what to play myself. Other wise it's a fun game.
love the game but ads during hands is not good. don't mind after game but during hands and no I will not pay rp get rid of ads. will delete game before I pay someone.
I enjoy playing the game. Very little ads. And no promises of winning money. If you want to play a game of dominoes. Download this.
I blocked the game, and or my opponent, I get the win,not my opponent getting my hand. If my hand is higher than my opponent, then they get zero, not the other way around.
Would have been 5 but sometimes it refuses to let you choose which end to play! Also it would be good to know how many tiles are left in the boneyard.
I really like this game! I just need to get the hang of moving the dominoes around better. But, hey, I am winning!
I like playing Dominoes , Your game is good , but bar room Dominoes if you have 4 doubles that's redeal , give me a break i would like to see one of you set and play 5 doubles time after time , fix it 4 doubles redeal.
Not a bad game, but way to many ads. A lot of the ads are sexually suggestive and very offensive. I will be uninstalling this app if the inappropriate ads are not removed.
I like this game except , I would like to see the win after the win. Also when my non playable bones are dark , I ask if they can be a little lighter for future turns
Love the challenge of doing the math in my head. Keeps me sharp when I am figuring my bids on different jobs I can usually figure as I go. Saves me and my customer time.
Good basic dominoes game with appealing graphics and stable loading and playing features. Add tournament function and upgraded soundtrack and this will become an instant 5-star app.
😎I like the game and game play! I have a Very Strong Suggesstion about this game! It's the "Winning Pink Jewel" that should be a Domino with my Final score in Domino Dot Form that could pop up in the Grey Wood Dominoes Instead? But I Also Loved The What A Pity When I Lost! Thought that was great!πŸ˜‚
I love this game it's just almost like playing with someone else I really enjoyed playing dominoes so far so good
Great game love it its a lot of fun and i find it very relaxing and stress free and lots of runπŸ˜πŸ˜€