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Dominoes - Board Game Classic

Dominoes - Board Game Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by NewPubCo located at Hayward CA 94545. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good but sometimes when the game ends u have to press the button about three times or more befores it will change from the same ended game..boring
A good version of the game. But sometimes dominoes find their way to the wrong place, costing precious points...unless guided.
The new Domino's update is unreal very clear everything's in order love the setup of the game it looks great on my s20 ultra keep up the good work thanks
Wish I had more time to really rate this game. Only played two games so far. Fun for now, we'll see how it really plays.
This is the new upgrade, I don't like it. I am still learning the strategy and this new version does not help. Not as much fun anymore. Update: now that I know how to play, the game plays fast. It is straight forward. No bells and whistles. There is an ad, that gets stuck in a loop and stops. The game is very delayed. I have to shut the game and reload it. Unfortunately that particular ad pops up frequently.
Great dominoe board game, only glitch would be the time your opponent has....when the time has commended they still let them play. I think an extra 50 points should be added to your score but nothing happens.
The game itself is fun and easily playable, and I would rate it 4 to 5 stars, BUT the ad frequency is ridiculous. I would pay for an ad free version.
Happy that I downloaded. I didn't know anything about playing dominoes and im learning as I go along. It's awesome
I have experienced, a stop on selecting a domino to play. I have also experienced where I chose a domino to omay on a particular side and the game chooses to say the domino on another side ,this takes away my choice. The game chose to play a different game than what I. House ti play.
Recent update is trash, I can't even win a single game. It used to be fun when I won some games and lost some, now I play 10 games and lose all of them. Where is the fun in that? Change it back please.
Kind of glitchy still too many ads sometimes I place the bone in one place and the computer puts it where it wants to go out of my first five games I want one still Domino's still fun
This game eliminates all the things that annoy me about playing dominoes. The board re-sorts itself automatically and the game shows you which tiles in your hand can be played. This makes the game go very quickly in a way thet is very satisfying.
This is a pretty good dominoe game but i think an option to customize some of the rules would be nice.
Like other reviewers, I enjoyed this game until I made the error of upgrading to latest version. Can I get the old one again? Not a fan of the "improvements". I'll miss this game in my lineup..
Don't like new update it glitches and don't like new set up lost all the stars and appearances that I already had... had to pretty much to start over no thank you
Its fun and easy to play! B4 I knew it,I had been playing for an hour or so.Two thumbs up from me.πŸ‘πŸ‘
been playing this easy 2 use & problem free app for a month now. simple format w/ low resolution & graphics. no swiping needed jus tap n tap. online & offline modes. gave 4 stars cuz of ads & auto challenge... ((would recommend 2 others)) ~TIP~TIP~TIP~TIP~TIP~ Ads last 5 seconds in between games... To AVOID popups PLAY FAST & QUICK !!!
The game reaction time is fast. Sometimes your opponent is slow and you're waiting, but the game automatically plays if the opponent doesn't respond. Also if you or opponent has to leave the game, robot appears and allows you or opponent to complete the game. i like the simplicity of the game, including the graphics.
I had a subscription but had to cancel. Changed my mind and here is why: I'm cancelling my subscription because the totals on Block Dominoes is now 1 win to 18 losses. Why would any one pay to lose? Won't tolerate the ads, so, I'm done with this game!!! I'm up to 1 win and 20 losses in Block and 1 win and 2 losses in Draw. As soon as the membership runs out, it's uninstalled!
I'm satisfied but it doesn't seem to have to ability to choose your opponent. That part would be worth five stars.
The new format is not good, the dominoes in your hand are cut off and the ones on the playing board are too big :-(
It was great until I was forced to upgrade. Now it looks so basic and isn't fun anymore. I'm deleting.
I like that with each win you get a star to change the look of the dominoes.. the pop ups are optional I love that!
This game gives your opponent too much time to make a move. Also, there often times where no matter what move you make you're stuck and never get the chance to redeem yourself. It's very frustrating! The most frustrating part is waiting for a slow opponent to make their move. And...the ads are super annoying!
Love the Game. Advertising get very distracted especially when I sneaking on a quick break during Work
Absolute trash. Don't ever play the computer. They only ever pick one tile from the boneyard and it always has the double fives to start a round! Don't even waste your time downloading this.
The ads with the crimenals is depressing and the junkies is down right scary. When I delete this app it going to be because of the stupid ads.everytime I see them I turn off the game.
The opposition seems to be real so you actually have a chance to win. Other games you win once or twice and never win again.
The game constantly freezes and locks up, causing me to lose games and lose my money. Terrible game. We'll be uninstalling. Good luck
Fixed...one on one is a joke..I need a domino I have to get like 5-6 before I find one...my opponent needs one..first one all the time....not a fair game.
Very entertaining. Reminds of live tournaments. But a 30 second ad after each round? And then the same ad over and over? It takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the game.
Game is ok bt it qill cut me off in the middle of a game to start me all over. And i hate that u have ads after ever hand. WHY! I can see a ad after every 250 hand bt everytime u finish a single hand then it will freeze up and wont do nothing else so i have to restart the whole game.
This app's ad appeared as a pop-up in my regular dominoes game (Domino, by Loop Games), exactly matching the game colors, pretending to be an upgrade to that game. Clicking on this pop-up installed this Dominoes app. This kind of deceptive advertising should not be allowed or rewarded.
Really like this game. Well done and feels just like the real thing. I did have a problem with the ads getting longer and longer as time went on. They got to the point where they were running for over two minutes after each round. Eventually they locked up . I Uninstaller the game, looked around for another but came back to this one, because I like it. Seems to be ok now. I will be buying an add free version. Thanks for a fun relaxing game.
I like the game but I don't like you interrupting the game when I have a play in the middle of the game do you just rub the game and stop the game and then you get the point that's not right and fair so I quit by I don't need it if your dog cheats
It asks if you want to update, I tap no, and it forces to google play, will not let me skip even though I was in the middle of playing.
I really like this game and put it on 2 of my devices. On the 1 I paid for the ad free version. Do I have to pay it again. Also, do I need to uninstall the old version. Thanks I deleted the old app, but new version is still showing ads and wants me to pay again. Please help me. I really like this game. Thanks I just updated & not happy. I lost everything I had from previous version including where I had already paid for pro version. Took away the tiles and dominos I had and also the 500 some ⭐
Excellent very excellent it is very enjoyable keep up the good works can play people from all around the world which is the first I ever see something like this and I really do enjoy the game thank you a lot
No chance to win offline game as all my tiles are known by the game and it's very rare for the game to play a non score tile against the player ...... cheating
I like this game better than the others because you play to 250 points each round so it not over with just 2 or three hands.
Love the game, but every since the update it freezes on me in the middle of a game. It's not during the ads, it's right in the middle of a match
Most people who play this have no idea how to play dominoes and game gives them a handicap. Didn't realize what was happening until I counted 18 games in a row I was dealt 4 to 5 doubles every single time. Didnt start doing this till I had 77 wins with 21 losses. It's really annoying to lose to a bunch of people that don't know how to play cause the game deals to you poorly intentionally. Also gives your opponent way too much time to take their turn.
Fun game easy to see With bigger tiles. I understand they have to have ads but every time you end there is an aid
I used to love this game I used to have great stats and today I looked on the game and it sucks the whole thing has changed the gameplay is different a whole app is garbage now change it back or at least give me the option to keep our old stats that pisses me off it's not fair I I worked a long time to get my stats up there an excellent stats now a garbage app.
One of the few I've found that doesn't "suggest" moves. I do wish the boneyard didn't always cover the playing field.
It was a good game until this morning when right in the middle of a game, I was told I had to download the new version. Now it SUCKS! The graphics are not nearly as good as they were before and they have even changed a couple of rules. I've played dominoes for over thirty years and have never seen it played like this. I will delete and find another domino game as there are several out there. Might even find one that doesn't try to coerce me into allowing them to collect personal data.
Yes, I can, I'm not that good of a player, one thing I like to challenge anyone cause I like to play bigger player's , I like to challenge, as to play the game. Thanks. I don't know to much about how to play offline, because I been learning of how to handle a game on by phone, I never had the chance of ,how to work on a computer, I learned as I go about's, and I learned cause of my mistakes that I make but, if I get to play constantly every day , I know I would get bett
It's great! If you're a good strategist you won't have issues. Also keep in mind that u win some u lose some. The game doesn't cheat u. Developers, don't change anything unless it's an improvement.
Tried a few, this is so far the best. If it has any faults worth mentioning, I haven't come across any yet.
I believe this game is set up. I have won only twice and rearly get to pic only one or two from the pic pile. I know how to play so it appears this game is fixed to make you lose. You have to watch more ads that way especially when you are competitive and will keep trying.
This game is really fun... BUT I can't play it! I have a good phone. It asked to update to the latest version, which looks like a whole different game and I cant find it on the app store even though it installed as a new app. The original was called dominoes, updated one is just domino. DEV: THE ADS FREEZE AND CRASH THE GAME. I CANT SKIP THE ADS WHEN THEY FREEZE THE GAME! Your response to my review is useless!! I tried clearing the cache, no luck. Hate the subscription too, just let us buy it.
Most good game in google store . Recommend to download and enjoy. Ability to challenge other players around the world . I suggest the developer to add Google subscribers.
I preferred the previous version. I could play quick games to alleviate temporary stressful moments but now it's too much with the ads in-between each play and waiting on a opponent to play versus the quickness of playing against the game. Sometimes simple is better. It's Dominos!
Easy to play. Appreciate the hints. Don't like that most starting hands have at least 3 doubles. That's not realistic.
Does not work. I installed it and went to open it and every time it says Dominoes has stopped working
Update?! ...this is a total down grade. I played this 30 times a day and now you've ruined it. You made it worse. Graphics, chat, ads after every hand, can't change die color, no choice between 2 or 4 players. This is being installed immediately
Not use to it yet. Kinda iffy. Use to different game The other game alloys me to strategize. The graphics are kinda scrunched togther.
Downloaded the update and now it has terrible response time. Keeps saying app not responding. Should have stuck with thenolder version. Uninstalling.
The game in itself is a cheater.. When my opponents pick from the boneyard it's no more than one or two until they get the right domino but when i have to pick its usually 5 or more.. I don't understand how it has such a high rating.. UNINSTALL
Almost 5 stars. Probably 4 1/2 stars.... fast advertisments..... Very smooth playing. Very sensitive controls.
you could die of old age between player's turns. Agonizingly slow and what is with that stupid arrow and faces Going to uninstall!
I'm deleting the "New Updated" version.. The repetitive plays it uses to win .. PLUS.. the same way it gives "Mercy" wins seems obvious & makes the game very aggravating & un-enjoyable... even when I win... Why did it need to be changed????
This game gives your opponent too much time to make a move. Also, there often times where no matter what move you make you're stuck and never get the chance to redeem yourself. It's very frustrating! The most frustrating part is waiting for a slow opponent to make their move. And...the ads are super annoying! I love dominos and I play very well. This game is fixed! I've noticed a planted glitch The game will place your tile in a unfavorable spot when you clearly meant to place it elsewhere!😑
Just minor, but the only thing I dont like is that the game seems to want to hurry you up by telling you constantly that it's your turn.
Game is fine but I didn't realize I purchased a subscription and site give no instructions on how to cancel. This used to be an offline game. Uninstalling does not cancel. May have to file complaint with state attorney general.
I like there are 3 different ways to play. I would like to be able to play with actual people. Good graphics. Part 2- update is great! Now I can play against others. Thank you!
Fun.. Wish it had more players. 4 instead of just 2 Or some way had a chioce to either play 2 or4 playersπŸ’“πŸ’“
I like this game except if you inadvertently touch a dominoe, it shoots onto the board. Also, I was playing in a tournament when the new version of the game came out and wiped out all of my prior winnings.
Very exciting and you actually to play with real players. But it doent give an option to let you play to lower than 250 pts. Plz fix this. Also opponent wins 90% of the time
I really love the game the only complaint i have is that it keeps showing error not responding after a few hands.
Overall, very good. Fun to play. Game play is easy and intuitive. Easy to change settings. Update: As the publisher mentioned, there was an update and they have fixed the issue I was having. I was still getting ads even though i had a paid subscription. Now the ads are gone. I've bumped the rating up to 5. I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Having the 3 main game types is great. My thanks for getting the problem fixed!
very enjoyable, the visuals and aesthetics usually matter to me a lot, so i was very pleased with this game, it was honestly such a relaxing layout and the background music was nice to listen to, even the sounds of the dominoes when u play them, i enjoyed this a lot, definitely gonna stay installed for a long time
This game is like all rest. It cheats. When it's the computer time to pull pips, it only pul 1 or 2 but when I have to pull pips I have to pull half the boneyard every time. The computer can see our hands and it knows which pips to pull out the boneyard. I'm deleting it. When will someone bring out a dominoes game that got real cutthroat rules.?
Love on line dominoes I just wish we had different emojies we could put up. Like tapping of the watch if taking to long
I like the game. However I think the computer is always with an advantage. So after losing time and time again. I think its not worth playing anymore.
I Love this Game it is something that I can win sometime it calms you down and it's like a mind game that is grateful the soul
I really like this game and put it on 2 of my devices. On the 1 I paid for the ad free version. Do I have to pay it again. Also, do I need to uninstall the old version. Thanks I deleted the old app, but new version is still showing ads and wants me to pay again. Please help me. I really like this game. Thanks
The first one I've been playing for sometime now..i should have known you could not make the game better with upgrade and i am right..this version sucks really really had
Ads keep interrupting my game. Ill accidently click on the ads which leads me to google play store and lose connection with game. Uninstalled!
This ad bloated game literally hijacked another better dominoes game installing thru an ad pretending to be an update. Uninstalling now.
The recent update is pleasing to the eye but I don't know why I am not able to beat the computer when playing against it. This is not fair that the computer knows my every move before I make it, I've proven this time and again, it is ridiculous! Otherwise, it's a good way to past time.
This app really doesn't deserve any stars. This is simple and boring. I only installed it cause it seemed forced because I couldn't get to a new game without that box saying update to the latest version. I updated it so I could quit receiving that notification. I tried playing it once and that's how I know I don't like it. I will be sticking to the original version. Please don't do anything else to my favorite domino app please and thank you!!!
This is one of the best domino apps. It feels light and nimble. Its user interface is clean, friendly, simple enough and well organised.