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Domination (risk & strategy)

Domination (risk & strategy) for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by yura.net. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
BS dice algorithm and random huge troop awards. Makes for massive win or crazy loss. Nothing in between.
Free. Fast. Large community. LITE. I recommend it to any risk player. Many things to improve but the main stuff is already there. Keep Up the hard work!
This game actively cheats. The computer was able to gain an influx of hundreds of new troops IN BETWEEN battles and move them around at will. I couldn't see what people's problem was until I saw such obviously cheesy AI. Could have been great, but ruined by the AI's ability to brazenly cheat.
I have only two problems with this game. The main one is that downloaded maps cannot be removed from the local list without reinstalling the game (several of the top featured maps do not have clearly-defined connections; since I never play them a second time, they just clutter the local list). Other than setup being slightly tedious in the late game (100+ clicks to deploy -- perhaps a slider like the move slider if the player clicks and holds?) this game is excellent. Very much recommended.
Has potential. The AI wins 90% of the time which dampens the experience when the game is over in two rounds.
Don't know how they have the dice configured but it's definitely not random. The past 3 games I have played I have lost 20 troops while the AI lost 2 to 4. I am an unlucky person. But, that's just absurd.
It os statistically impossible for the defender to have 6 troops and wipe out 48 attackers. How does the cpu manage to beat the dice the entire time? You need to fix your AI dice rolls.
No way to stop or reset a game if you clicked wrong settings. Waste of time find another strategy game. Designer clearly did not think to include basics.
Can't quit a game... If your playing AIs and know your going to lose can't start a new game.... Just stupid
Simple design, but lack of AI is compensated by cheating. Suddenly your enemy got 20 armies although with a single region... It is pretty ok in multiplayer human mode
Heavily biased dice rolls towards defenders and bots. Custom maps are a good idea, but they are poorly implemented.
A simple strategy game. -More options than all other versions and competitors. -Thousands of community built custom maps for free, download accessible and searchable in-game. -100% functional when played offline (except the map download obviously) -game-play speed can be increased drastically, wait time between turns as low as 0.01 seconds. Beautifully designed App, worth it.
The game could and should be great, but it's COMPLETE TRASH. Even worse all the trash that goes on comes from the staff. The developer created the game to allow for all trash to be allowed and wont make any changes to improve the quality. In fact, they only make it worse. Play and you will see.
Best mind game when I play this game first time I hope its boring but it is very nice strategy game I like this game very much
The difficulties are not skill based. Easy is ranfom 50/50 dice rolls and medium is you win one out 10 rols and difficult is when you you win less then 1 in 20 rolls. I play all the time. I always break my phone in anger when its either too easy or the dice is not fare.. i lost 30 armies against 5 and then i never won another dice roll all game. Same goes for any game that isnt on easy. . I learned to assume dice are against me. My strategy has changed.
Amazing how many times I would defend with 3x's as many armies as the attacker and still lose the territory. Not an enjoyable game.
Terrible game, makes no logical sense. I send 15 armies into a one, it wins. It send 2 into my 7, it wins. Game sucks.
The save game functionality is super ghetto. The AI always gangwrecks you. The AI get impossibly good dice rolls. Still better than 99% of phone games.
The dice rolling aren't truly random. Dice are meant to give weaker opponents more favorable odds against stronger opponents. It might be a system function to keep the game interesting, but its game breaking to have an army of 30 get wiped twice by one guy twice in a row. Its actually sad to see a developer care so little about their own app.
Hands down my favourite risk game on google play, just got into map developing and am really enjoying it. Only issue so far is finding out how to transfer a custom map from pc to android
No ads no in app purchases. Risk lovers this is the best option. Critics are kidding. Probs played once and lost sorely. Not for profit unlike 99% of play store garbage.
It's a good game, All you guye need to do to win rolls is have as many armies as possible in the attack units for good odds.
totally A.I biased, what are the odds of the defenders rolling a 6 six times in a row, and then a five? well this happened twice and ive only had the game 3 hours. thats the more extreme case but its constantly in favour of the non human players
It's a good, simple games. Custom maps are cool but in my opinion there should be more/better ones. My only problem is it seems a little difficult to play online. Should be an option to enter a game and never be able to leave it without quitting. Otherwise, great game 👍
THE DICE ARE RIGGED. Three DICE vs two DICE is supposed to give the attacker advantage... no way is there any advantage for three DICE... It's either 50/50 or the usually in the IA's favor... It's obvious the developer did that so it can be more of an intense game but it's not... It's just gay. It's RIGGED... nothing intense about it just gay. Deleted it
The dice rolling aren't truly random. Dice are meant to give weaker opponents more favorable odds against stronger opponents. It might be a system function to keep the game interesting, but its game breaking to have an army of 30 get wiped twice by one guy twice in a row.
Wished the map was more accurate. I used to play a video game called world domination. It had an accurate map of Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, etc. I learned a lot of geography while playing.
Wonderful implementation of risk. However, at the time of this review, the Battle screenshot shows one of the issues: five armies attacking one army with three dice against, not one, but two. Perhaps there is a problem with thread synchronization or thread safety.
waste of time. won the first game then the next 3 games all 3 computer opponents only attacked me each turn until I was defeated.
I'm uninstalling because the game is playing without me---fighting battles I'm in before I know it; I have no manual involvement at all. Also, it should be able to auto-select the territories while letting me manually place my forces within those territories. I'm still looking for a good version of Risk.
Terrible, Ai will just roll sixes over and over and over. Horrible dice system is far from random and will always heavily favor the ai. Does not matter if you turtle or go agro. Nice effort but it falls way short.
Computer players target human player even if it does not make sense and they should attack anither computer player.
ai gets way better odds than the player. You often need at least double the enemy's strength to beat them on EASY! even if you outnumber them 3 to 2 there is a good chance of them beating you.
Nearly great, problem is the nonsensical and kamikaze moves the computer makes do not mimic human initiative. That makes it impossible to play using strategy. Eg, you set up a continent, have 30 on each border, then the computer gattacks the border with 5 troops and takes you down to 4. Doesn't make any sense. Humans would not attack 5 vs 30. And they definitely wouldn't win such a battle!
I WAS 3 but now I'm 4 here's my 90 day reason Paid to win? Ya with out a doubt there a need to pay if you want to stay competitive Have I running level 4 and 5 cards[abilities reinforcements] ran in to some one maxed level NO but it will curve the game slightly I have lost to people with level 2 and 3 stuff cause in the end its about strategy and luck. U like risk THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST graphics and competitive payable game clain friends 2v2 & ffa and many solid maps BTW low reviews r BS
It's Risk. Nothing particularly fancy or broken. The only thing that really annoys me is the AI will do anything to eliminate human players, up to and including sacrificing themselves. EDIT: been playing a lot of the custom maps, and it may be that the AI is just trying to prevent the player from holding any continents, not specifically targeting the player. Because the player puts a lot more effort into holding full contents then the AI, it appears that the AI is targeting the player.
Even easy opponents on the verge of defeat recieve 65 armies late game and virtually wipe the board. Its impossible to win.
Fun game for most part, however with real dice it is not possible to lose 47 straight dice rolls to computer players.
Cheats too much opposing teams own no countries yet get big amounts of armies, even if theyre only a few ofthem left. Irritating plz fix
really a nice game with a very wide possibility of settings, just add a cursor to position the troops like the one for the movements (it can happen to have to do more than 100 clicks to put them all) and add an option for which selecting a state (also if not possessed) it is possible to see what its boundaries are, in the new maps it is often unclear. It would then be nice to have the game available in multiple languages. The graphics are a bit overstepped and it will be good to renew them.
I'm glad a chat feature was added, but players are accidentally resigning because of the chat button placement. Also it'd be nice if I could create matches without players that play multiple matches at once... Them leaving and entering is annoying. For now I'm changing my 5 star to a 1 star until improvements are made or there's an announcement. I hope to change back to 5 stars, as this game deserves it :)
compared to other like games this is trash. could be good but the die rolls favor the AI , played this a cpl years back and uninstalled, thought id try again but its still the same. Dont waste your memory on this garbage, try a different game. Only good things I can say are, good settings options and alrihht graphics.
Overall I like this game but their is a clear bug with the Roman empire map. The AI gets more reinforcements than it should for the continants it controls. When this bug occurs after a few rounds of starting with 3 or four armies a turn while the AI gets 7 or 8 you quickly get overwhelmed. This has occurred many times over several years of casual play so I doubt it will ever get fixed on a free app. Also the dice are terrible. All that said I still greatly enjoy this game
Best Risk like game ever!! 100% focused on gameplay! Only thing missing is when in online mode a player resigns, a bot should take over, its annoying having a non participant stacking armies and not moving. Please improve on that in next update.
Not sure why but no matter what set up I use or how difficult I set the AI (bots) I have yet to win once. Im not new to the game and have played for over ten years board game and online. I don't always win but I have never ever lost back to back ten games in a row. So dumb how this is a game not even fun for the user. Sad :(
Its an overall good game, its just the fact that it gets kind of old and boring, which isnt the games fault. You have several hundred maps to choose from, but not all of them really make sense. This game takes time and patience, so make sure you are actually into the game before you begin an online game, as they normally last over an hour. I give it a four star review because the AI are weird. The Ai are either super bad or make some incredible moves. The dice also act in the AIs favor alot.👍
awful game dynamics. heavily rigged dice. very hard to get the last country of a continent. very hard to keep a continent that is attacked. maybe this was supposed to improve the experience but actually completely ruin it. not recommended!
The dice is definitively rigged when playing against AI. Not every time, but when AI determines that move is important like when you are at the brink of winning a continent or breaching opponents continent. I played so far roughly 40-50 hours and have seen 3 time so far the following situation. I am attacking a single defending unit with 10 or more troops and I loose 10 troops before winning it. When attacking 3 to 1 chance for a defender to defend is close to 33%. For a defender to defend 10 times in a row chance is roughly 65000:1. To me this happened 3 times in 40-50 hours of playing when there were maximum 10000 dice roles of this type with 10 or more troops attacking a single one. I don't like rigged games. Once I figured this out I deleted it.
Game stops half way thrugh telling you to trade cards but if you select them nothing happens. It just stops the game.
I've been looking for a game for my phone that is fun & lite that has internet multi-player on it. Not only does this have all 3, but it's just like 'RISK' (except seems to go faster!). I love the fact you can make and play custom maps online too. The only draw back is the lack of sound effects, and lack of communication between players. Text would be cool, voice chat would be rockin'! (update to 5, they added Text communication!)
I paid for this game and it cheats! Numerous times ill face the last army of a different color - 8 to 1, 10 to 1, 12 to 1. It takes every roll - really? Can i please get my money back?
Great game but has annoyances: random card trade in sometimes boosts a player with 30+ men when trade in are supposed to be fixed at 10 max (seems like hack but might be bug), wish there was a quicker drop rate for placing men(like just holding finger instead of tappinng for each placement). ...same for attack. Need to prevent playets from creating more than 1 game at a time (spammers make games just to annoy the room), need a timeout for any player who times out during play or quits early.
More challenging increasing armys turnins Screen hard to see armys without taking my nearsighted glasses off.
I actually redownloaded this game to give it a second chance, missing Risk. Still trash. Theres a new one coming out I cant wait to pay for so I dont have to play this garbage. "Hard AI" is hard because their rolls are just unreal. Cannot believe I fell for this garbage again. Uninstalling...again
Doesn't matter what the developers say, the dice rolls are not random and are skewed towards the AI. This just makes it a really frustrating experience. Don't waste your time with this.
Fun game play to kill time, simple, no BS. LOVED it for years when I'm bored. The defenition of a bathroom break mobile game.
fun to play but really stupid how it's a 50/50 chance even though you have more troops then them. ridiculous.
Best version I've found of risk here. Certainly better than the official version. And beautiful layout too. There's also a great of version you can get on sourceforge. It's free too.
The problem with this game in human versus computer is that the dice rolls are always loaded against the human player. When human attacks, especially for key countries, chances are you will get lower dice scores than your opponent and you will frequently be beaten even when you have superior numbers. Same goes for defending against a computer. It will get better dice rolls and you will always lose even with equal or somewhat superior numbers. Poor game mechanics indeed.