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DOFUS Touch for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i prefer this over the pc version. it's all my favorite childhood updates before it went backwards. totally f2p.
i love the graphics but im playing on a chrombook and could on ly move forward two time and now the game is keeping me stuck and i cant move at all.
love this game to the bottom of my heart. but for this past update there have been issues with any character on my account to work on the almanax daily quests! i have worked so hard to get almost a year and its been a few months, and i havent been able to work on them! i am aware there were some changes to how this worked and added a dialogue with magus ax which i have completed and still will not allow me to do the almanax. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE! i posted on the forums only to be blown off.
Its a OK game if your playing in a group but not for solo as its so hard to kill enemies if there are more then 2 of them as you have limited moves and spells then the enemies. The dev need to make it more fairly for solo players as it impossible to play solo. That what put me off this game real shame as I did like the game.
This just doesn't work on mobile. Text is way too small, and navigation is a pain. This is basically unplayable on a phone. Galaxy S9
don't misunderstand. i like the game control, graphic and gameplay very good but the connection very very poor. there's only two kind of server global and france which very unfortunate for me because i'm in SEA region. i hope the game work on the connection issue and make SEA server edit: it happen two times where i can't login and the game says "cannot connect to server" and i press OK, and it my screen become black and stuck. i tried to clear cache or data but cannot fix it. only reinstall
i had a account lvl 72 but u delete it just like that without even ask me in gmail or something... but even though i'll give it 3 stars for the pc version
The possibilities in this game are amazing and the story telling and quests are top notch. There is an entire community and events to discover plus multiple donjons that will make you work closely with your teammates in order to succeed. Everybody can find their place in this game whether you prefer to be a direct attacker, a plotter or support. I strongly recommend this game, plus it's free so it's difficult to do better.
it wont let me make an account. the captcha keeps saying theres an error even if I've done it correctly.
I like this, it's fun and cute, challenging but not unnecessarily frustrating....EXCEPT FOR THE BOTS. The bots at lairs make me very very sad. Please Ankama ♡ No more bots!
So first thing first: I don't know why... but the game wouldn't let me write things. There were spot were you obviously write stuff... THE NAME OF MY CHARACTER... nope. No virtual keyboard. Then the tutorial got stuck for a while trying to tell me how to change maps. Then it got stuck AGAIN after teaching me how to attack. I get the feeling that this MIGHT not have been optimized for mobile... it may or may not run better on a PC... but my experience was pretty bad, not gonna lie.
Good game, but it almost near impossible to login. I tried to contact your support people but that wouldn't work either.
If I could put a zero star I would do it. Game full of bots and unfair bans because of this. 3 of my friends got a perma ban without reason. I leave this game and I really don't recommend.
Tried to set up an account, it asked for my age and for some crazy reason, made me move manually through the months to find my birthday, with no ability to change the year without going through each month of each year. I'm freakin fourty, so that's 12 months times 40 years, 480 taps to get to my birth date! Nope, uninstalled, have fun with your super small details, I'm out of here...
Cursor is stuck in one side of the screen, posted the bug long time ago in the forums, no answers, I have seen the same problem on other posts in the forum and no answers either, terrible support, I can't play the game and haven't received help either.
Extremely limits your ability to create a name to get into the game. 30 minutes of "THIS NAME IS TAKEN" Cant use capitals, numbers or any special characters. I finally get into the game just for my curser to get stuck in one spot and im unable to move or interact with anything. I also closed the game and the music kept playing until i uninstalled the game. What a nightmare. I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND this game to anyone.
It's good graphics, good gameplay, but I have two complains. First is that I can't read anything, the colors are so bright they blind your eyes, the buttons are light green and the words are wight you can't read them. Second, I can't login with my ankama account.
Had to give it an average star rating because i use to love playing dofus (back when bosses appeared in the world and dungeons didnt exist yet) i was curious how the game turned out. Well, this game wont work for me. Lol. Literally. It doesnt bring up a keyboard when i try to enter a username and password. And qhen i try to load as guest all it does is get stuck on the load screen for 45 minutes before i give up. Is it good? Is it bad? Don't know. So, 3 is the best i can give.
I like custom character and the adventure a big fat 5 star I recamend but make the fight easyer for phones ty
best mmorpg so far, the community is great and gets better when you are in a guild with helpful players and the game's economy is ok almost buy and sell everything. Would be nice if they add mobile payments as alternative for those who doesn't have paypal, credit or debit cards specially in 3rd world countries, but overall the game is great and is worth a try.
Hey. I tried uploading your game. But I had a hard time contacting your support team. This time I played as a guess, but I'm still having trouble with your manual and recommended server Grapsen or granpsen something like that. And I tried it atleast three times by exiting the game and restarting the game, see if it will reboot. But I keep getting disconnected. So I'm not sure what that problem is.
couldnt even get into the game to play it and try it out. everytime I hit play, it would ask me to verify I wasnt a robot by checking pictures with items in them (which isnt east on a phone). I even tried it on my large tablet though and still couldnt verify I wasnt a robot. so hard to rate a game when I cant even play it (tried 7 times to verify and each time I failed for an "unknown reason)
Love this game but think there should be 1v1 and 2v2 kolossium fights aswel as bring back the bonta vrs brak agro pvp.
Attempting to start game brings up a connection error, with a solution link that leads to a dead site, attempting to register brings up date of birth, that requires swiping month by month from current date. Went to see video of the combat system, stiff animation on empty colorless planes... Gave up
Game content, depth and humor are top notch, really enjoyable even with the crumped screen. It's too bad it gets overshadowed by constant disconnections and tons of bots. Leveling is a pain as the game is grindy and fighting requires parties but no additional support is given. No+one wants to group and everyone wants to leech. Questing is useless as it doesn't feel like any motivation behind, exp and kamas are way too low, and no relevant items are provided. Needs a lot of balancing!
Trading system is completly broken and ankama brg little to no help. Force feed you their goultine for money while the kama trade remain broken. plenty of people cant buy goultine and are stuck without subscription wich makes the game basically unplayable! Ankama is always there to take your money ! But if you want actual server maintenance you can go F yourself! Edit this has never been fixed you lying crooks! Dont reply to my message with bs!!
I've been a fan of this game above other MMOs since the early 2000s. Though glossier than its rudimental PC predecessor, the hooking essentials are still there. The turn based combat system has a high skill ceiling, whether you're fighting other players or monsters. The myriad of gear is craftable with materials you can gather yourself. Tons of monsters, quests and dungeons offer an everchanging adventure. Importantly it's an honest f2p: spending money only eases the grind or buys a fancy skin.
its a good game but why this game is not available in other countries like south east asia ? you guy should release the game already this game is good ill give it 2 star for now ...i cant search it from my moms phone so even my friends cant find it cuz its not available from my country but i can still play it tho such a good game should be available in SEA
it wont let me type anything in. I couldn't type in my own username and had to use the random selection and now it wont let me change my birth date to verify my guest account
Love this game to pieces!..I played it on PC until it broke now have to resort to Dofus touch in the meantime. only 3 stars because of how tiny the game looks on my phone screen (Samsung s10+) it gets annoying. would be 5 stars of someone here can tell me if I can use a bluetooth controller or keyboard connected to my phone. don't want to buy one unless I know. great game though but don't want to invest just yet.
The game is really good but while logging in there is a bug.When you log in,it says that unable to connect to the server. If my connection is excellent then also the same thing comes. Because of this bug I am giving it 4 stars. I wish the developers will fix it.
Keeps crashing. Doesn't matter what I do. Uninstall, reinstall, restart my tablet. Can barely play which is very disappointing as I played this game when it first came out and was super excited to see it on the mobile platform.
I have created my account but I simply can't log in in dofus touch. I confirmed my email and did everything and still can't log in with all the correct information, please help me.
Great game so much fun with a lot of strategy involved all the classes have something unique to them and the community is really friendly. Only issue is updates can cause bugs but they don't last to long
cant remember my username and password. tryed to recover, but you need the username i dont remember. I refuse to make a new email just to try this game. also tryed to play as a guest and messed up the bot detection pop up and it won't let me play. No wonder people say this game is dead lol.
Bot everywhere, running 24x7, en masse. Devs, seriously, you guys still have enough face to say : 1. This problem is happening in other games. No. This is only happening in games with second rate developers. This scale. This is VERY LARGE SCALE. Just stand around in incarnam, astrub, and amakna, stop shutting your eyes. 2. You are dealing with it. Really?? You think this happening just now? This problem has been there for AT LEAST THE PAST 3 YEARS. No wonder this game is losing players.
Love these types of games! Would br really happy if player base and popularity of the game was increased. I suggest making it simpler for players to understand how to make kamas (profit) in the game! also fix the little bugs and address small problems, but you knlw that lol. Please continue updating and improving! 😁
love it but plz add in at least a sound when completing a quest because I don't know if I just completing one and when I started a new one
The worst! I had from all the sudden an error on my android stating "unable to log in" and the problem has been scalated a month ago to the forum and yet no answer. Even though I did report it directly to ankama, I had no answer. ¡Lo peor! De repente tuve un error en mi Android que decía "no se puede iniciar sesión" y el problema se subió hace un mes al foro y aún no hay respuesta. Aunque lo informé directamente a ankama, no tuve respuesta.
Good game, lots of bugs. So I changed my rating since they are into the bad practice of releasing packs "half" price, to urge the players and tricking them into thinking its a good deal when the pack was originally release at its intensed price and not really 50% off.
I tried to enter the servers to just get into the game after I downloaded it and it's not working. It's just annoying 😒
Dodge server is unreliable... laggy and frequently disconnecting... its an awesome game... but the service is bad. Its funny cause I also play Krosmaga and I have no network problems with that game.
The game is quite good.the dynamic is very interesting but I got a problem and it is that I cannot log in.i don't know if this is a problem from the servers in my country (im from Venezuela)or whatever it is and I cannot find any information about it.ive played the game for few weeks and it's pretty cool and I hope you fix this problem.in case you don't fix this let me say you are loosing a really big number of possible players.
I like the game because i saw the show wakfu and please add a elitetrope person as an option to be a character please do and I like it because you can make friends
Ignore the hate commnt the game is amazing. It's very F2P friendly but it's quit grindy and requires using your brain well to know what and when to sell
I love the universe but the problems with Dofus has always been the same. inconsistent development cycles, poor community engagement, new mechanics being 90% implimented before forgotten forever. I've been holding out hope that this game dev would figure it out eventually and finally perfect their formula. 5 stars because after nearly 15 years I still have hope for some reason which is impressive enough in its own right.
Love the game's art style and all the content! Great for MMORPG fans. Lots to improve and balance though. I suggest making it simpler for new players to understand how to navigate & progress. Quests need to be more rewarding. Also making it more friendly for new players not just the maxed level 200's. Too many bots! Takes away from those that have put time in the game. Hope the developers continue to care for this game.
Size of UI is tiny. When scaling from PC to mobile, remember users' finger is bigger than mouse cursor. Misclicking will be a common issue. Guide mentioned player turn is time limited, but I could not find the hourglass it mentioned that showed the remaining time left. 2.5D view. Other than that, classes looked interesting.
Update: It's good. Not as good as pc. But still fun. I really enjoy am confused when I start lumberjack profession I get message that I don't have the proper tools. Same is true for farmer. I do not know how to get the tools I searched for hours and I'm at a loss if you could be a little clearer. Thank you for your time
Resources too expensive Resources like vials and water are not available at npc anymore make it difficult to progress in the game as an alquimist or any other profession .
I'm unable to connect to my account my password and id are correct but the game won't start I have only one character yet. low lvl so I doubt it's been stolen. the interface keeps telling me to uninstall and reinstall from play store that the new update wasn't loaded but there isn't any new Update. and I did uninstall reinstall no change same issue, request help please can someone tell me what's going on ?
The support system is a disaster, don't even bother messaging them cause everything takes hella a lot of time and maybe they can't even solve your problem. I been playing Dofus since 2007 ish, I played hella a lot of time and paid it monthly for years. I played as Nyilas-sunike, Black-day,.... on Rosal server. Anyway i ended up playing Dofus Touch for the sake of loving the original one. And i end up forgetting the login name and password cause i haven't played for 2yrs. It didnt got solved..
I downloaded the game, but it didn't run. I contacted support. It took 3 days for the first reply which said that maintenance was probably the reason it didn't work. 3 days of maintenance? Really? I told them the problem hadn't changed. After another 4 days, they replied that they wanted to confirm that the problem had been resolved. NO, I SPECIFICALLY SAID IT HADN'T. I deleted this game, never actually got to play it. It's not worth anyone's time.
The concept of dofus on mobile / tablet is great! But... The batch download is very slow. I have 95 download and its gonna take hours to download only 2gb, when it should take a few minutes. Why??? Also it's very zoomed out, hard to play.
The game is just a "translation" to android, everything is just too small. It is the same game, but much worse controls
Can't login. Won't let me type in the username or password box. Edit: Long press worked a treat, much appreciated
I don't why but it is imposible to write the account name and password. So I can't play when I want, only when the app allows me to. Please fix this!
Loved this series... But I couldn't get the app to start. It kept saying it couldn't connect to the server. Was really looking forward to playing it too :(
I know the game, it is great. The company providing the game are currently involved in dishonest money making. If you live anywhere in Eastern Europe they will allow you to install the app, allow you to pay for a subscription, but will then block you from the game because your country is geo restricted from playing. This app should be removed from the play store on this basis!
Well. I was almost done with the tutorial and the screen, Not the Inventory menus or dialogue, just the main display of the map and characters started to flicker from normal to a black screen. Slowly at first..... but it eventually started to quicken with a random sequence of flashes until it was so fast it gave me a headache. Ive seen a few other people report similar issues and am surprised this hasnt been fixed. You guys might want to add an Epilepsy Siezure warning.
Good in fact great game but, DID YOU SERIOUSLY NAME YOUR CURRENCY AFTER YOUR COMPANY GAME!?!?! Oh yeah, it never loads. What I mean is it says cannot connect to server. And I don't have friends. Still, I wanna know if it's true.
had to use ccleaner to clear my cache so i could log in, but then the app crashed every few minutes. was hoping to relive some of the dofus fun from my younger days, but i guess not
Very good adaptation of the game. So far, everything is essentially as it used to be and i can very well play on my cellphone. Only problem is that it automatically sent me to a spanish server (instead of french or english) and I don't know why it did so. Is there a possibility to transfer my character to a french server? A lot of the game is based on socialising so it kind of limits my experience
Why is Joris standing in the way in front of vital buttons and tip-texts?? Why have all attack options disappeared after having a quick look in and then again closing the inventory?? Why do my attacks n.o.t.h.i.n.g to enemies (eg even the very first enemy) but can those still inflict damage to ME with their attacks?? This 'game' has an utterly unplayable interface and does not make any sense whatsoever
if playing for a long time... sometume it's became lagging and out it self... is this game so heavy??
I can't buy in the in-app shop using cash. Game is good and all, but kinda glitchy (usually black screen when logging in), but the game really more than makes up for it. I just hope I could use the in-app shop to make purchases.
I'm liking it's so far. However, it's likely to force close itself after 10 minutes of play time. besides that, it's super fun and brings back childhood memories.
I love this game! But, there's a catch. The color grid isn't working, and also, everytime I click on something, my character doesn't move at all. I was wondering if you could fix it.
I'm sure it would be quite fun on a tablet, but the user interface is not optimiser for phones. I booted it up on a Galaxy S21 and everything is super small.
Been an on and off fan for a while but recently got back into it and im really enjoying it, keep up the great work, but was wondering if the other classes will ever be added like the eliotrope, and huppermage?
There's plenty of bots this it sais I cant play cuz something wrong with this server what is this game now it was better in the past this is why I get not many people wanna play this game if u fix server issues and the bot ones ill play everyday but this is like no
I have not played in over a year I reinstalled the game and absolutely nothing has changed agility Summoner still stuck the Colosseum battles are still unbalanced I don't know why it's so hard to fix these small issues
I love Wakfu and Dofus so much but you guys need to stop making half-baked game mechanics and then provide no support or updates for them. Your support is perhaps the worst I've ever had to deal with. I get that Dofus was made on outdated Flash and that's bad luck. Even Wakfu is made with Java which no one uses any more. But guys, with whatever next game you make we demand higher standards of support and quality. Please people have been begging you for years to take support & bugfix seriously!
The more i play this the more i like it the interaction between NPC chars can be pretty funny the combat is good if you like turn based stuff like me i think it suits the mobile format and im having fun with it atm : )
Edit : The same you say every day, you don't wanna fix it cause you want more money from players Very untrusted as lately they decided to use a new marketing strategy where they disable many features like "Kamas exchange and Bonus Pack with kamas" in certain events to force players to pay more, and all they say is "we are looking in this issue" and pretend as if it's a bug, but this "called bug" is not fixed for 2 weeks and will be more and more, full team can't fix that simple bug "or they can but they don't want to", that's why many players left since this and community is less now and not effective for the game
The last updates have introduced bugs in the paddocks interface. The sorting algorithms are not working properly and the interface itself is now slow (when I tap a button, it takes several seconds before the game responds to that action). I have posted bugs in the english forums, but no response from the staff.
Literally can't play, either stuck at loading screen after logging in or downloading 2gb maps takes forever to calculate. What a waste of beautiful game.
I installed the game. Signed up. When I try to log in it says there's a newer version available. There isn't. So it says to uninstall and reinstall it. That's no good because some people use mobile data and can't afford to re-download an app as big as this, twice. Instead of asking us to reinstall, you fix the issue on your side.
This game has a lot of potential... as a computer game. Sliding your finger on a screen with a tiny map doesn't really work out that well. This game shouldn't be on mobile, it should be on a computer.
i love this mmo! played it since i was young great game! but it needs Treasure Hunts like the PC version so people can solo xp and earn kamas, unless you are already near endgame its hard to find groups to do mob hunts with, please bring in Treasure Hunts
The game is very good, but the app is bugged. I can play for a day and then the next day I can't open it at all. Only when I reinstall it works. Thankfully my account is saved but it's annoying to download the game everytime I want to play. I hope the developers fix this issue.
i have problem with sprite not visible while in character creation is there someone have same case as me ?
The game doesn't even open on my tablet. It did before. I am not the first complaining about it,maybe it deserves a look in to it.Thank you.It looks like my tablet doesn't support webGi ..whatever that is. I could play it before..then this. What a shame😕
Cant log into my ankama account, seems to be a touch issue where tapping on an enemy in battle can result in attacking the square in front.
I love the game always have. but I'm confused at why it keeps shutting itself down? also to you people saying about giveing your I'd sounds dodgy this isnt a 3rd party game it's a massive company I've done it before back in 2008 yes the main games that old and it's to make sure you are who you say you are its confidential so just do it for your account you give the gym your I'd that's scarier.
I have like one week without access, idk if it is because of and update or the maintenance of the server but it keeps giving me warnings when I want to login.
Several emails several tickets I sent them all in about how bad this game is becoming several hundred dollars wasted they do not care about anything they don't care about their clients they don't care about their players and that's the facts. I have told them several times to fix agility Osa yet they never do they don't care. My rating will forever be one star a game that I used to enjoy and spread to all my friends never again I'm done.
Couldnt even connect, I cannot enter my account name or pwd, no error message of any kind, the fields are just not editable so my keyboard doesn't appear... I will try again in a few months, but litterally unplayable for now.
Great. Is an actual f2p where you don't need to put money unless you want to avoid the grinding to pay for store items with game money. My experience so far is great and when I'm out and can't play wakfu in my pc, I play dofus in my phone
Couldn't start without an account, guest wasn't working. Filled everything in, but the stupid recaptcha wouldn't work. Kept saying there was an error. Would love to play. Help?
it was working good but now it just a black screen. i have huwaei y5 2019 I don't know if the problem from my phone or the game
Just rename the game botfus already. So many complained about bots, so many gave super feasible suggestions, more than 3 years has passed, so many gave 1 star, yet the devs do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If you are looking for a game where the devs do not give a flying f, this is it.
Had an issue where the enemy stopped attacking for no reason. Turns out it was just my wifi having trouble. I really wish Dofus Retro remaster would come to mobile
need to let us Americans choose a french sever. It is not fair to make us play on a horribly underpopulated server. I don't care if I don't understand french I just want more people to play with!
i enjoy dofus since its original release on computer many years ago however im aware that its the game now should be wrll developes with little to no lag however the mobile version is stupid for bugs glitches and lag with the game constantly freezing or heavy delay which effects fighting as well as app shuting down i aint asking to expand the game im asking you to update the software to run dont tell me dofus now has to be run with up to date systems it hasnt changed that much
I cant even play the game when I try to it asks me if I'm a robot and I try to do the puzzle or whatever it is and it says error or I'm wrong when I did it all right.
Bots are rampant everywhere. I suspect the devs and botters are in a symbiotic relationship where the botters sell kamas and items for money, then give some back by buying VIPs and skins. In turn, the devs turn a blind eye to them, they even say that in all games bots are rampant, errm no this isn't the case at all. I mean, it is simple to curb bots : change all quests to battle quests, and change farming to battle farming (you fight wheat monsters for example). Also, erase guest accs. Simple.
This game has THE WORSE botting problem I have ever seen in any mobile game. Hundreds of these things running around the beginning map. With complete junk letter names. I cannot finish a quest due to bots spamming a monster I need to kill. Not to mention I can't leave the area until this monster is dead... So I'm stuck there now... Because of bots....
This is about the support website to the developers. I got a email response from the support team saying they need more info from me. But I cant sigin to the support web site. I correctly entered my email and password but when ever I hit submit. I get a message the website refused to connect with the image of the peice of paper and a sad face. I've tried it on my cell phone and my laptop with wifi and cellular data. The last email siad there trying to close my tocket #2659959
my stable is broken i cant move moujts without it freezing hard to farm my camos at this point...🙊😭 PS.. I LOVE DOFUS DOWNLOAD IT ITS FUN I JUST NEED THEM TO FIX ONE THINGY.💜💜💜💜💜
Still got some problem, after i install play few time, then the logo became diffrence and its kept me on the akama logo for like, forever then kick me out, then have to install againfor it to work, pls fix
Game itself is alright but the UI is horrible. Cant even read half the text its so small and interaction space is tiny. No UI options at all. Unplayable.
Dofus on computer was and is still one my favorites games of my life always bin fun the character system is one of the best in any mmorpg game made entirely the amount of equipments and spells for your characters is awesome they even went further and added elements to your characters stats which result in bonuses for elemental spell builds yes there are bots they have bin here for about 15 years plus lol who cares lol they don't affect you this game never gets old or boring
If you want fun in this game : play , Sram, sadi, feca or panda. Thats it. Other are all complement for these OP killing machine. From a lvl 199 Iop who throw is stuff on the ground because he's tired of losing.
Reminds me of W.O.W. Alot of different characters to choose from, some more dificult to use than others. Even within the classes you have different routes you can take to customize your battle style further. The 30 day pass definetly worth it . Not giving it 5 stars because i lost my previous account, cant see where to log in with google either. Which makes me very cautious about spending money.
I've had a bad experience since I started losing the objects given in the achievements. In fact, I decided not accepting them as I knew I was going to lose them. I need some of them for crafting and selling, but I couldn't accept those achievements. This has been happening since june I would say.
WHY CAN'T THE GAME LET ME CHOOSE THE NAME I WANT... IT SAYS THE NAME HAS BEEN TAKEN BUT I MADE MORE THAN ENOUGH MADE UP NAMES THAT MAKE SENSE TO KNOW THAT THESE NAMES SHOULDN'T HAVE ALL BEEN PICKED OUT. I've played a lot games and this is the first to find out that it is extremely impossible to make a name that hasn't been picked... WHO NAMES THEMSELVES "Star-Warriorcrafty"... ME NO ONE ELSE... not on steam and not on any game i have ever played. This is ridiculous.
Bots are doing just fine all over the game but if I play on 2 accounts I get permanently banned in less than 3 days. No warning, no reason given. Trash game, though I guess it's good thing I got banned so early that I couldn't put any money in.