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DOFUS Pets for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by ANKAMA GAMES located at 75 Bd d'armentieres 59100 Roubaix France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
nice game, but I have a big problem. I can't tranfere my pet, I waited like a a month for this pet and now I cant transfere him
THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS over all its a really good it's the only game I have wait no I have dragons mania it's a good game too but the only thing about the game is when you turn your pet to the one you like it might change into a different one:(
Love the game but can't access Ottomai's Laboratory, so I can't use incubators. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem, please?
I love this app! The only problems I have with it are that you can lose your pet and if you evolve it into the one you want it might change when you evolve it again. Other than that its AMAZING!!!!!🐱,πŸ₯and🐹/🐰!
Games cute. but I hate that it seems like it tries to force you to buy stuff with real money to keep your pet healthy and happy. ps. how many times must I make an account before I can stop using guest?
I played this because I remembered it and I played it before, and after the tutorial, it froze and it had a big red question mark in a white backround and I could see the real backround behind it.
uhhh it is soooooo hard to take care of your pet and i what the HP bar removed + when pet dies it crashs on tablet like com if u agree
So cute! I play Wakfu and Dofus, so the transferable pets are really cool! Easy to use, and fun to play!
garbage. you have to jump through a million hoops just to make an account - they want you to hook it up to steam or facebook, verify your email half a dozen times, and still wont let you sign in. they ask to access a ton of your personal data, too! sketchy as hell. avoid avoid avoid!
obvious cash grab. more for the starter pack than the other pack? also, anytime you attempt to play offline on guest mode, it says 'incorrect login information' and you need a reinstall. at this point, just have a pet rock. it's more fun than this app. buggy and bad. i've seen worse, and i'd rather see the worse things than play this. keeping uninstalled. edit: annoying, and won't let you play the app after 2-4 reinstalls. (would say more, but i am very close to the word limit.)
It looked really cute but i couldn't even make my account, it kept redirecting and would not link my steam even though i followed all the steps. Such a shame
Sooo bad!It keeps saying I have no connection when I have excellent connection every single time!What is this a joke?Fix this bug right now!!!
I had nothing but trouble. It wouldn't connect to my google play or let me edit my name. It also kicked me out of the mini games instead of allowing me the choice to replay and the loading screens going out n back in took forever. Half the time the stupid soap wouldn't work and it would just pop back into the menu bar no matter how much I tried to scrub. Sometimes it refused to come out of the menu. My little pet ended up stinky n filthy. It's a cute looking game, but nothing works.
It's a great app but there's a few things they need to work on. The evolution doesn't stick by real time.. 6 minutes in the game took almost an hour and i left the game open.. Also I had a hell of a time trying to get my accounts actually linked to my ankama account.. it was a pain but fiddling with it I got it.. Fix those bugs and I'll raise my star rating 😁
I downloaded this app to check it out and found that my Ankama account and my steam account are both permanently banned in Ankama's network. I'm kinda offended. In 2003 or so I botted in Ragnarok but that's the only ban worthy thing I've ever done anywhere. If my account got hacked and then banned they should alert me or put a recovery method or something. It said permanently banned. That's quite harsh. I don't really want to make a new account if it's likely to be banned the next time I use it.
Very cute and enjoyable! It does keep me on my toes, that's for sure. If you don't have enough free time to play this every few hours or at least twice a day, your pet could get depressed or super hungry. Still, it is fun!
Can not login! Had to jump through several hoops to even make an account. Now it keeps saying I need to confirm my email even though it's already confirmed!! No matter how many times I click on the link in the email it just takes me to my account profile! This is not worth the headache it out me through!
This game is okay. The problem is that it may force you to spend IRL money to keep the pet happy and healthy.
Went to through all the hoops to create an account through Steam and cannot even log in. Are you just trying to collect all my info, so you can sell it?
Cute little pet game, requires a fair amount of attention if you want to succeed, but not spend money.
Wish energy lasted longer so i could play longer, and no "ad for jems" option, but it's cute and i like the mini games
This is the most fun time consuming game I've ever played yet there is a little problem with this that I am conserend about its not that bad but thare is some lag plus evolving takes way to long come on 1day 34mins and 55 seconds it should at least be 3 hours and 55 mins or 5 hours 55 min and 79 seconds
I could never even play this game it just stayed on one screen for like an hour and I had full bars of Wi-Fi
Fun game. Entertaining. Only have had a few small glitches with login, but solved it by closing the app out and reopening it.
Well first of all the thing I don't like about this game is that it kind of they need to give better games that give more money but are harder to play and let's see they should at least give you a chance like a 3-day chance then your pet start getting sick and then make bad things happen to it but other than that the game is fine
all i can really say is wow.... ankama this is like an old game but damn this is a new low yall have stooped to. im literally only here for charming bow meow before yall scrap this train wreck. website desperately needs some help, games are glitchy and are obviously designed with no other intent than to collect money in ads... like really as soon as i get this bow meow yall should shut this down, idea was great, execution was god AWFUL.
the game always reset when I pick the guest account . I was going to make the account and I can't even make one because its so laggy
LOVE this game!! Very good, but just it could use a little more detail. Otherwise it's really good game.
Feels like a total cash grab. The "random" scripted elements that coerce you into PAYING REAL MONEY for items to heal or use on your pet? Yeah, every time I'm low on coins or gems (which is always), it happens. So I guess Ankama is just following the Corporate Fat Cat route when it comes to mobile gaming. Which explains the sharing of accounts issues between devices for Dofus Touch (mobile) and Dofus (PC). And the lack of working achievements gir Steam w/ Wakfu. I'm NOT redownloading this one.
I bought coins with gems and didn't receive them (a little disappointing) but over all a pretty good game
Its a really good game but every few seconds it will just kick me from the game sometimes it doesnt but most of the time it does.
The amount of personal info I had to give is rediculous and I've tried two accounts trying to just play the game for 3 hours straight. It's acting like the username doesn't exist with both accounts. Then you want my personal ID info just to solve my problem. One star until I figure this out apparently on my own. I'm highly annoyed at it so far.
I can't even log in. to use my steam account I have to use the Authenticator 2 login but to use the Authenticator I have to close the app and closing the app restarts the app which means I have to try and login again which means I have to use the steam Authenticator which means I have to close the app I can't log in because of this and I know it's not necessarily a problem on your end but I can't login because of this infinite Loop
it honestly should get a lower rating, but I'm being nice. with all the web pages that wont load when you click on them and also with no updates in over a year. no word on anything new upcoming and it's like you took advantage of a quick cash in and then abandoned the project. i mean cmon, at least act like you care about this app
No way to play game without paying a lot. All ads are for hazard games. No way to play minigames one after other, have to go through 2-3 loading screens 'cause finishing a round game returns to starting screen. No way to control pet evolution other than paying for costume items. Mini games freeze often. Friendliest permanently shoes 10 new messages. This is a very bad cash grab game :/
Decent, though I'd prefer if you could raise new pets in-game. Maybe in the stables in the new Haven Bags.
I like taking care of a virtual pet because I can't have one IRL because allergies. I also like the fact that you can transfer your pet to DOFUS Touch.
I change it to 1 star. Can't connect to the game. Slow responds developer even I wrote it on dofus pet forum. It said "unable to connect to ankama (500). Developers always delete bad comment on their game forum. Luckily now they can't delete bad comments here. Just accept u lack of experience as developer even ur games are amazing.
Really laggy, literally kinda impossible to get in-game currency without sabotaging certain evolutionary paths youre trying to get to. It takes A LOT of time for what i feel is relatively little payoff. Overall i feel disappointed. Im a huge fan of wakfu so I just feel like this game is a bit undercooked as a whole, as pretty as some of the graphics are. It plays nicely in aome areas but the first go around, i hope youre not looking to get one of the more sophisticated evolutions.
The game is good, nothing is broken. But still sad with the pet choices. Please, add a bow wow and a drheller
I only gave 4 stars because when I uninstalled and installed the app I tried to go on guest account and it endlessly loaded. Maybe you can fix this? Edit: I don't know of the devs fixed it or if you just have to wait it out but its working now! Thank you!
Heavily relies on buying gems with real currency You can still get the pets for free but it will take you months
Semi fun game. Whenever the pet request an item though 9/10 times it's a premium item, and frankly this game isn't quite good enough to waste money on. Also, I got a pop-up in French and have no idea what it was. I opened the game but there was really nothing noticable going on in game.
Everything is sooooo expensive I can buy anything its too hard and It's weird how they DIE if u don't take care of then wow just woow what a horrible game this is its too hard!!!
you have to be prepared to be on it at least 5 times a day to clean your pets area, but it's fun to play.
Cute game, really love it! The only problem I have is that not everyone can afford to play the game 24/7 and because of that, leaving the game alone for too long makes the pet evolve into something that u never intendid, and it's not the players fault. I do wish that the evolution pauses when the player is not on the game, but the pets stats don't need to be paused. I just think it's fair to pause the evolution while we aren't on as we already have no control of it when we aren't on.
Should be seen as an add on to existing MMOs Wakfu and Dofus as the pets grown here can be transferred to those games. Unfortunately the developers abandoned the game and prevented it from becoming a true stand alone.
My daughter was trying to get gems and not only did she not get them they charged me 4 different test for them at 1.99 each charge and guess what when I sent in a ticket for a refund they stay giving me the run around not a reputable company be aware..
This game has so much potential. There is a bug where my pet was renamed to "worried colton" and I couldnt do anything about it. Its also dissapointing that if you dont give it enough attention you lose your pet and as far as I could see I could not get his health up again :(
Not a review, but rather a question. Any major updates planned for this game? There are still a couple of empty slots for new species. Please, add arachna pets here with arachna mount for wakfu/dofus. Would be so coool Q.Q
its grate and i think you should be able to pick what dofus you whant your dofus to turn into insted of you choices that pick it
Well, this game is mostly a complement to their other bigger online mmo games such as Wakfu. It gets boring after awhile, but like I said you're not really supposed to be playing this as a standalone game by itself (although you can but its not meaningful).