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Doctor Dash : Hospital Game

Doctor Dash : Hospital Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Happy Mobile Game located at Gurgaon , Haryana, INDIA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I cant upgrade the walkway because the screen is not displaying it. And that upgrade makes my play low in points.
do not download this game it gets you stuck after only playing a few times telling you you have to pay money real money to get through the next level this is not a free game that's a bunch of bull
Boring, impossible to move forward without paying especially if you do any upgrades. Gave an extra star just for the "concept" but it needs lots of improvement.
0 stars if I could. Forced ads after every level for no reward is a bit ridiculous. Instead of spending data on your stupid forced ads, will use the data to download a less annoying game...
I love the game, but it doesn't format to my screen. It's to big and there's parts of the game I can't see. Like the neurology station. By the waiting line. Would get a five if it would format to my screen.
I dont want to rate but this games are fun stop being jj plz games are made when you're board games are made for fun not for judging
this is fun it is fantastic game I love this game it is giving some relax your mind and we can the hospitals words sum hospital so so good it is the best hospital in the world game I played it for a more and more time I just give for hundred marks for this game it is like social service it is a very very good game
I really like it! It's really fun to play. I just wish it didn't take so long for the soup to get done. Can I just give the patients muffins? I still like it! The characters are so cute and I even love how the Neurologist's hair changes to a more frizzy look when working. Mad scientist mode! πŸ˜† Thank you for the game and keep it up! 😊
It is really a fabulous game .I enjoyed it sooo much😍 though I cannot get three stars in all the levels it was such a beautiful experience for me😏
I played exactly one round before the game not only kept shutting down when I'd try to open it to play round two, but it also completely froze my tablet twice. Terrible. Feared it could damage my device. Shame I can't give it a zero.
A very boring game. Way too slow pace and the unskippable ads is really annoying. Also having an ad while playing a game is annoying and greedy for the game devs
Tutorial seems to be stuck and I click on what it says to click on but nothing happens. Why is there an ad permanently placed on the main screen?
-5 stars if I could. Forced adds after every level plus stupid flashing in your face watch and earn is very annoying. And no developer, I will not change my review!!!!
I really like the game but the problem is the unskippable adverts after you complete a level, they pop up everytime and there is no way of stopping it you just have to sit for a minute even more before you can continue the game. I understand you need adverts to get money for your game but please please don't do it this way, it's so off putting.
Game is not formatted to my screen, ads do not load, I payed for unlimited lives and wish I hadn't. Some levels impossible to get 3 stars. Thought would be a fun game and I love games like these but was very disappointed
Nice game but when we are installing it gets very time to install full waste MB it gets to install 2 hours but nice game πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€
I like this game but think it's absolutely ridiculous that there's a banner ad right over the play button half the time which means you can't play the game.
is nice but I just play until level 4 because i Must upgrade the couter so I must buy it say I have not inaf money but I had inaf money pls upgrade this game
I love this type of game.BUG-in the tutorial it asks you to get rid of the medicine but highlights the wrong bit. Just press the little X button. There is a computer hotel game like this and I love it. Would recommend.
the ads placement is terrible and is right near where i hold my device. even if you dont click on them eventually they will load the browser full of spammy ads. shameful money grab from the developer. definitely steer clear of this game
how can i get three star? i always got 1 star or avg even i lost no patient and every patient are happy.
Soon as I downloaded it I deleted it y'all and these ads is ridiculous no one wants to play a game that plays ads every second sorry but its a 0 for me yall have to do better
"This is an offline game!" I really did enjoy the game and got hype to reach level 65 so I can open the other hospital but sadly, it has only two hospitals. I recommend this game but I hope for the better version. Maybe, I will install it someday if it is updated. Thank you for publishing an offline game, I appreciated the hard work of the creator and its team. Again, thank you very much!
Downloaded the game 3 times and all three times couldnt play....the game doesnt work.id rather have my data back for the waste of time than some poor excuse for why your game doesnt work. I rate 0
I love this game and this game is really interactive, but there is one problem every level we pass after that some add will come so pls remove add its kind of annoying as each level we pass some adds will come. But I love this game so five star from meβ™₯~β™₯~,
Fun game except for the bugs. At the top of the screen as u scroll through the map it keeps the plus coin and more across the map. The ads will not load and can't push on them. Nothing happens,.
Energy is too less give by it at least 30 energy given and item.price too high and so bad please improve this game it is average but not excellent improve this bad game thank you
Dont get to play very long before being accosted by ads, during game play and right after the tutorial. Ads interfere with clicking in the game.
After the third level, you haven't had time to earn enough coins for upgrades of the exam rooms.And you cant go to next lecel without buying coins.And ads are way to frequent.
Dead end. I payed to have unlimited lives. I did all the upgrades. There's is no where to go from there. You make it quite impossible to pass a simple stage. It's infuriating. I have all this money piled up and can't do a dam thing with it. The speed of the patients is ridiculous. Uninstalled.
It's such a very fantastic game... I enjoyed so much...... I cleared all the levels....... I have no words to explain it's praise.... Nice, fabulous, fantastic, good, excellent and etc...........
Very very very cute game I install a managnering game but now I thing this game is better then that love this game ☺☺☺
This game is nice but in this game many times show the rate and you will doing without rate next level is not opened
this game was very nice i didn't any game rate more stars but i gave more stars i like very much but a negative thing i played this game many time i completed many levels due to some reasons iwas deleted this game after someday i started this game but the the was not coming the completed level it was starting form first level don't do like this for only i don't like this game for this only but really i like it very much
It was a good game, till i had way to many issues. (would have just added, but couldnt, so had to delete) edit: You don't understand i guess. The game wont let me get off the second hospital to see if i did. Not to be rude but most the levels i got more then one star. Anyway! It wants you to pay $1.49 or something. I deleted this game because the chick wont get off the screen to even do anything. It just wants you to the buy the 2nd hospital. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. Not sure they will!
i like this game really really like this game cuz i also want to be nurse so thats why i download and play this game allweys (sorry wrong spell) i would like to thx for editing this game!πŸ˜€
I don't really understand this game. I get the target money, care for all the customers without losing any, and finish the levels within the allotted time, and yet it still always says "Average". It seems impossible to get "good" or higher after level 20. It's a fun game, but the reward should fit the effort.
This is fabulous game i like it but this game is one problem after 15 level medicine khatam ho jata hai or mein medicine magane wale patient ko medicine bhi nhi de pati hu
When you get to level 6 it wants you to purchase coins and it wont go any further unless you purchase. I dont purchase game accessory..So Im uninstslling since It wont let me. Its a fun game though.
Very very boring game i downloaded it based on a review someone made but i think the person made me waste my time and money. They will make you upgrade stuffs and when your money gets finish, you can't play the next level. Time wasting!!!!!
I love this game but it is now trying to make me buy the second hospital. It won't go back to the 1st hospital. I'm on level 63 in Delhi. Now I can't play unless I purchase 2nd hospital. Why is it forcing me to make in app purchase. I see this is a frequent problem so I'm deleting
Enjoyed this game until level 18. I keep pushing play but nothing happens. Also sometimes a tic tock ad will cover the play button. Unless this bug is fixed soon, I will be forced to uninstall.
I really love this game I had an issue with the ads running in the middle of my game causing me to lose hearts or fail the level so I left a review about it and they got back with me right away and fix the problem thank you I would definitely recommend this game
Good game..however may need to find another way for people to earn coins instead of 50coins to watch ads especially if you need a steep amount of coins to unlock next stages of game .
It is not good game It is stupid game. I didn't like this game because it is not upgrading and many ads are coming. So I suggest you that not download this stupid game. In this game It is wastage of data.
was enjoying it until lvl 63. now it's highlighted to unlock the next hospital and I need to pay for it or reach lvl 65. can't get it to close off that screen so it's game over unless money is paid. in response to that. no I can't. I cannot close off the unlock screen and go back to the previous hospital.
So far I like it. It's a cute little game. Just hope it doesn' t get boring seems repetitive. Plus when you run out of the energy bars you probably will have to pay for more. Not a fan of the pop up ads at the end of the game though.
It's a very great game I love it it is a cool game you have to work fast there is a few problems then it can give you a lot of ads but but all of it is a very great game and I recommend it for Fast and quick-thinking people
Play button doesn't work, very buggy game, can't get further than that to play the actual levels in the game
silly. played until 2nd hospital. stucked at level 66. the patient stayed there forever and wont move. so the game dont end. tried so many times. still like that!