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DIY Makeup

DIY Makeup for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give this a one star because when i started playing this game it keeps turning into a black screen and it allways freezes up pls fix this so i can give it a 5 star. πŸ™
The game wants me to create a face mask, but as soon as I do, it keeps doing the grinding function and doesn't allow progression
When u try to pick something up it doesnt go up as well so if u can make it easy for all ages that would be wonderful so little ones can play and adults but when its in ads it easy but when u get it .its hard to play but easy in the ads
Literally the worst game ever. It forces u to watch an ad to get certain prizes and even if u say no thx it gives 2 ads back. Uninstalling right away. Kinda sad bc this app had potensial. 😣
I love this game it's great and all but I wish for there to be more levels with more make-up products and to where we can actually put it on a different customer instead of our own avatar and for you to change the sound effects on the objects and on the characters 8/10 would play again :)
This game is fine, you really get exactly what you expect from a mobile game like this. Nothing to special although more bearable than some other games. There is a big issue of the game freezing when it comes to the facemask, you put the ingredient in and ad plays then the game just stops. This is something that needs to be fixed.
This game is really fun! It gives me makeup advice and lets me customize my products in different ways. There are barely any adds, too. The only not so great part of it is that for some reason it doesn't let me watch an add to get the full makeup look even though it plays adds.πŸ™„ Fix this and five stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Even if the ad is different than the game, i still LOVE IT!!!!!!! you people better be ready for some really satisfying sounds! Basically, you can make your own make up which are the lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and face mask of course. The game is way more funner(ik thats not a word....shut up) than the ad so plz make the ad better so more people think its fun. Also...dont complain about the ads just deal with them! Some people have no patience πŸ™„ πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
This game is very bad game. I tried everything: Turned off my Wifi, Turned on Wifi, Turned on Data, etc but this game don't load. It loads till 100% without any interruptions but after it goes to 100% it does not open. It stills there. It stops there only. I wanted to give this game minus rating but was not able to. Please fix this game's server. 😬😬😠😠😀😀
It is quite fun, But my only issue is I cant give people makeovers and when I press the button to watch the video, Nothing happens. And the face mask ad is very misleading because you happen to only make the mask through a blender. Also too many ads make this unplayable. Please fix your game.
I really really really like to describe your lipstick that to your lipstick is very cool and it is so amazing that the girl looks so beautiful I really love it and even the face mask the orange colour one that too is so much nice and so wonderful that I could create my own lipstick in my own face mask and I do not apply my face mask to myself but I'd say it's really wonderful makeup game
I love this game! But I had to give on star cause its completely unplayable now. I've only had the game for three days and I fell in love. But once I got the ability to make a mask with the machine things on the icon, it crashes. It won't work anymore and im very disappointed cause I love this game.
I love how theres not much ads but the game gets boring after a while you only do the same thing over and over and it's like it's kinda controls it for u,, you just click one thing then they do the rest for u
OK, Awesome game! Love it! But I know people say "Oh, its so glitchy and there's so many ads." But seriously it is not glitchy for me its totally fine, Also just turn of your WiFi and there is no ads This game is Amazing! Thank you for making this game!
I HATED IT! First it would have an ad every ten seconds. Second half the time it won't let me me do anything. Wouldn't recommend
I started to buy this game but I get stuck on ads and it won't let me in I've been trying to get out of the ads but it wouldn't work I've been trying hard on the game but it still wouldn't work when I do ads not working!
Had to play it with wifi off. It's so boring! There's no free roam whatsoever, you can't do what you want you have to stick to the stupid instructions and even they're really boring. Would not recommend.
It's an ok game but theres WAYYYYYYYY too many ads and when you get to make a mask the ingredients keep blending and dont stop. I was waiting for about 15 mins for it to stop and then the game just completely crashed. Dont recommend. Sorry developer!
Hello so,ummmmm,this game is amazing but when someone tell me that..honey,need a FACE MASK,it goes wrong,so here and please fix it,soo..it goes pretty well but when l finish to make the mask,it goes wrong,like l was gonna take the mask off of the container but it can't..and l was like..what? *Still taking the mask off of the container* huh? *Still* ugggggh..*still*hmmm why isn't it taking off of the container? And l close my phone (if you know what l mean)*still*sorry but l have to stop so bye!
I love the concept and was so excited to play but just a few tasks into the game, I got my very first chance to make a face mask, I add my first ingredient but then it won't let me do anything further, can't empty the machine of the ingredient no matter where I tap or swipe. I've tried opening the game at least twice each day for a week and it stoll wouldn't let me progress.. if this gets fixed I would love to try this game again
I was addicted but to me you can only do a tiny bit of color options and after some rounds It starts to get boring.
This game sucks you have to watch a ad for everything and one second the game works the other it stops working fix this bad game please
Why can't his game be open?? When you want to go in is 100 percent.. But still not willing to get into his gaming.. I really want to play this game, from what it looks like it's interesting. So please fix it so I can play this game.
This game is super funny, but one thing is bothering my experience. The ads there's many ads, and I sadly cannot enjoy it! I think you should remove half of the ads. It's ACTUALLY ruining the game! I used to have fun, but now when I see the ads, over and over again, It's a shock!
this is a good game just one thing, too many ads. after every make-up thing I get an ad which is low-key annoying. if it had less it'd bena very good game :)
Hi the game is pretty fun .... But you'll should keep less addsπŸ€” after every turn there is an add.... And please add some mini games it will more fun thanksπŸ™ƒ
Not what the ad suggested. I thought I could use crazy stuff and get consequences but it's basically just making makeup. Every round is about 10 seconds long and then you get an ad. So that's an ad every ten seconds. Very bad experience.
This game is nothing like the ads all you do is just make stupid products and when I was playing there was this person that I was working on the makeup 4 and she had a blue face when I first got on and after I finish making the makeup her face was still blue this game is terrible do not download this game and if I could give this game zero Stars I would
The add is way different Then the Game the ad said you would be a border pick what you would like to put in the face mask machine it didn't even give me a face mask machine so this is a horrible app and matter of fact I'm going to delete it off my phone and my tablet I was going to let my little cousin play it but it's a horrible app she wouldn't like it and you only get to make stupid makeup I hate this app I wish This app never Existed the add lied to you good day
Everytime I watch an add to get something I can't get it! I've watched like 2 adds for the same thing and I still could not get what I wanted! Sorry it's a great game but ima have to give it a 1 star.
Its nice and good and sometimes its logging the reason why i gave it a four star because its lagging i dont know what happen but i try played this game cause i love this game please fix the bugs and i will gonna give it a five star
It's really good! There aren't that many ads (yet) and overall it's great! I think there could probably be more options when you get the opportunity to give yourself a makeover but that's all so this is a great game!!!!!!
The game overall is a bit boring..once u begin it doesnt let u do anything wrong or by your own choice except for choosing the ingredients. You cant choose how much you want to add You have to see an ad to make something new,and even if you press on the skip (its tiny),you still get to watch the add....i dont know about others but according to me its an ok game and i have some problems with it
When I saw the add for this they were actually making the face mask the a machine but now that I play it there's a blender and the level's are just way to easy but it is still a pretty good game so I give it a 3
Honestly, I have so many issues with this game like for example, What are up with the characters eyes?! OMG they are so creepy. Like the face Charlotte makes when she puts on the "face masks" is so ughh. Also, why do they put the eyeshadow up to there eyebrows? It's called eye shadow for a reason! Don't even get me started on how many ads the game has. I mean I get it, you need money puh- LEZ! Also, I don't like the fact that you were click baiting the ads when she put the worms in the machine.
Everything was fine until I had to make the face masks. I put aloe in the mask making thing and it never makes a mask. It takes a very long time which is disappointing.
When I want to make face mask I don't what problem is coming. When I put ingredient inside the grinder, ingredient is grinding inside the grinder for longest time and I am not been able to make the face mask. Please help me with this issue.
I love this game, the sounds are great it's very detailed but it would be a great game if you fixed some stuff.When I make my makeup the colors are black and when she tries the makeup on her face is green so I can't see the makeup. Also I wish there were a bit more stuff and there is a lof of ads.One last thing is the spoon doesn't show the whole thing and it has changed. Except all those it's a great game.
I love you this is something for 2 hours straight but then again I don't like how spots end up on the president's face when you put a nasty stuff but I'm like all of that this is the best thing ever download it right now!
The sounds in this game are realistic and satisfying. I got addicted to this game almost instantly. It is very addictive and inspiring to stop procrastinating. I love all the options and it is overall great. There are ads, but that can be easily solved by turning off wifi. I am especially addicted to the sounds. ITS JUST SO SAFISFYING. This game is great and i play it everyday.
I like this game but i have reasons why i put 2 stars. 1-there are ads every 3 mins.2-the vibrations are very anoyying.3-it showed a level where i have to press no thanks or play it but watch an ad but when i pressed play nothing happened even when i pressed it many times.I hope they fix this soon and i dont recommend this game if you are loking for a game with not so many ads and that is fun.
It's horrible. It isn't like the ad I have received. All the special ones can online unlocked by ads again and again and I can only do eyeshadow, lipstick, face mask and blush!! ):<
I like it alot but what I don't like is that when I pick blueberry for blush it turns purple when I blend it in the blender and it's weird because I HAVE SO MANY GIRLFRIENDS!! Different ladies who do not look like the same one says "Honey I need a (makeup)" all in all I like it!
I would play if there was a tutorial and it showed me how to play because it doesn't let me do the first level. Nothing moves or clicks or works, so I can't go further into the game. It only let's me choose an avatar and let me click start.
This game has too much ad's no fun people should not get this game but you guy's can try it and if you want this game and don't like it I warned you so much ad's. When I first played ad and 1 minute later AD NO FUN!! so try it if you want to but it's no fun. If it was without ad's it would be so fun but there is ad's. Get it if you want it.
This game is cool! BUT I HATE THERE IS LIKE 7 ADS IN ONE MINUTE! Please fix the amount of ads or delete all ads, But not the ones for the exclusive offers. This game is educational because you can learn how to make the items by looking at them in game. This game isn't a prank. I think the game is entertaining.
Was fun but now it won't get past the mask making stage. Also tons of ads but when you need to watch an ad to get a special level it won't play an ad. Bummed that I have to delete it
Good game, a little repetitive but nice to relax to. My two complaints were 1) the excessive ads. One ad per order is more than enough. Getting them while I'm in the middle of something is annoying. 2) vibrations should be off by default. They take away from the game. I'm not even sure why they're there tbh, its just annoying. I don't want my phone to be buzzing every 5 seconds.
Love the game it fun and all but every like 5 seconds there is an ad its un enjoyable when your trying to play the game. It's the worst ever. You can't even enjoy the game long enough to play and the ad interrupts. It needs to be fixed fast. Or this game will be a waste to even play.
How do you even pick up or make the lipstick, when I try to pick up the lipstick with my fingers I can't do it it just keeps glowing so please can you make a tutorial or can you add a help on the setting at least? I really want play it so bad! Please response on my rate... Or if u won't add a tutorial you can just help me when you responded in here! I can't pass the first freaking level!!!! Please respond in here!!! I'm not gonna uninstall it expect when you updated it!!!!
It's a really fun game but there is a lot of ads and it glitches really bad and after like 3 days it cuts out completely like I can't even play it anymore!☹️ And I really enjoyed the game!
I like the game. It's really entertaining and if you have imagination or talk to yourself you can laugh really hard. I just don't like the makeups that use glitter, they are awful and ugly, and makes me wanna die.
I get it you guys need ads in your app to make money bc your app is free, but there are WAY to MANY ads in this game!!!! I think an ad after every 5 or 6 rounds because the rounds are not even that long. I get an ad after every round and sometimes it's even during the round!!! Also, it's kind of laggy sometimes. During the blending part it's really really laggy. It's a fun game but please fix these things and I'll come back to the game.
I really like this game however I think it would be cool if there was a few male characters on there also. Or if you could customise your character.
this game is way too many ads but I like it until now I won't play because it to many ads don't download this game.
I give this game a 3 out of 10 it is kind of fun they do give you a lot of options to pick from and stuff just like every single click like you clicked the two strawberries and I have to watch a 30 second ad then you blend it then for 30 second add like after every single thing it's very long ad I would recommend it just I would recommend it more if it didn't have as much ads and it would have given it a better star review hopefully they will change that at least like after every customer an ad
This app works perfectly fine on my broken,needing of a repair phone. I don't understand how others perfect phone or tablet dosent work on this app.
I love this game so much. Its a really nice game but the problem is that when we are done with our picture and if we want to change filter so we have to watch add. Rest all is perfect in this game. I hope🀞 you will understand my problem and fix it. Thank you 😊
To many ads. I understand having a few ads to make a profit for the game, but I'm watching ads more than I am playing a game. Uninstalled immediately after finding this out.
This game is amazing. Just.. too many ads, love the poses and levels! Played this every time i was bored, best game to play if ur bored, just turn on airplane mode if u dont want the ads! If I could give this 7 stars i would! Thx for the amazing game! Just too many ads, like i said.
I love it but there is WAY to many adds I get that that's how you make money πŸ’°but there is one after every little time you touch your screen but the game is really FUN...that is why I didn't give it a five star rating if you can fix the add problem then I'll give it a five star rating but with all the adds I'd say this game is not recommended
Completely useless and didn't even know how to use this game. Tried my best to find out very boring terrible experience if I could rate this 0 stars I would. How do u even PLAY the dang game!? I raged so hard I THROUGH the phone across the room! REALY BAD GAME. DONT DOWNLOAD
Its a good game for my daughter she loves the game but there is a few problems one she can't watch any ads to get stuff and two its nothing like they advertise in the ad for the game it would be higher but try and fix the problem.
There's nothing really happening in this game. And the ads keep in popping after every 2 seconds, literally, I am not exaggerating a bit. The ads are longer than the game play, I played for 3 minutes and deleted it.πŸ‘Ž
It's exactly what is showed in apps not a lot of ads and great to play sometimes! Does need some updates but all in all it's a good game!
I like it. But sometimes the ads to unlock things don't work. Sometimes you watch an ad then the game closes. Or the game freezes or closes for no apparent reason. But it's still pretty fun.
Good game but really do you have to make faces blue!! The only way to the face normal is to watch an addI'm not talking about a one time add every person you have to watch an add to make them look normal and this is ONLY IN THE PICTURE!!!!
Just wanted to address, these ARE NOT, I repeat ARE NOT like the ads. It's a dumb game, don't install it. Waste your time and waste space.
This is a ok app but so many ads and I might be the only one but it doesn't show what the products look like it is just black and the girls faces are weird colors like blue and green if there is a future update where I can see the products that would be great and I would download it again but please fix the bugs and cut down on the ads
I can't get passed the loading screen. I even put my phone down for ten minnits but it still did not load I have no chose but to delete it. It was just a waste of time for me but for those that did get passed the loading screen, good for you. hope you have a good day and stay safe.
(I dont speak english well)Good game but I have 2 problems its the eye shadow and maybe the lip stick so its the glitter I mean I love how it looks but sometimes I don't wanna put it I wish there was a option where you could choose which Accessories to put for example: the option there has: stars could hearts and if you don't want any of those you can put the no accessories button
Fun game but way too many ads. You could at least make an option to pay for no ads, then I would rate 5.
See ,personally I would rate 5 stars to your game because I ❀this game but your ads are annoying. Whenever we need a filter so we have to see a boring add, like seriously, its like forcing me to download it . But still I love this game very much .❀❀☺
It's a interesting game but adds are the barrier. Ads in start, in late, in middle, ads are everywhere. Ads are reducing the experience. If you want your game to grow then decrease the ads or else we also can uninstall it.
I'm addicted! Saw one ad for it and was intrigued. Got the app, played it for an hour straight! I love making all the makeup! There could be more makeup like eyeliner, but still really neat. There are frequent ads, which, unfortunately can't be stopped by turning off Wi-Fi, but they're bearable enough. I recommend this game!
This game is nice, but it has WAY too many ads! I know that the game needs to advertise other games to make money, but not as much as it does! Every time I get to start a new level, an ad comes on! And most of the time the ads are 30 or 40 seconds! If you could please stop with all the ads, I will give a better rating. But other than all the ads, it's a great game and I like it alot!
This is absolute garbage. I can't even pick up that pencil thing at the start. Not only that but it takes up to five space and I don't want to waste space on garbage. If you were to fix it I will be very pleased. Have a great day everyone.
It really boring it the same thing each time and there no bugs like in the advert it just really boring.i gave it 2 stars cause one it has lots of options and two I just fell bad for the bad review. Btw sorry.but is sooo boring. So ya
I have had several problems with making my first face mask. It doesn't work I have tried to take the ingredient out of the grinder thing multiple times not matter where I tap or swipe. FIX THIS BUG IMMEDIATELY! I am deleting this app until the bugs are fixed!
It's fun and all but I'm getting 20 second UNSKIPABLE ads at completely random times. EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROUND! And it's offering me way to many things that require ads to get. If you changed these if install this game again.
THE GAME SUCKS..... just its not what the ad showed, Everything is different than the add and I thought the game would be fun, And there's alot of ads on it which I don't like because when I am making a face mask in the middle of it a ad pops up and it takes like 30 minutes just for all the adds to be over.
I love the game but it has alot of ads so i need to off my wifi but its so cool you can make alot makeup and more its amazing pls download it so cool😍😍😍😍
I would have gave this game more starts but there are some glitches in the game when the player takes a photo the eye is all crazy and this scared my little sister. I really like the game if you just fixed the bugs! ❀
For all the people who are having problems with the face mask machine like it won't let you go further after putting the ingredients in the same exact thing happened to me I uninstalled it and reinstalled it after that it let me go forward so try unstalling and reinstalled the app and it work will if it don't then sorry
Hate dont recmend you can only make it to the second level before the game crashes and stops working over all dont play its a wast and doesn't work but you can try and see for your self
The game is really fun, however, the ads are too much. I get an ad before makeup, after makeup, in the middle of it, in the middle of anything really. Tapping a skip button? Ad. Just finished your second task? Ad. If you're okay with ads then this game is great, but if you're not this will really irritate you. I'm giving it 2 stars because, yes, it is fun, but the ads completely interrupt that fun.
I like this app and I would had given 5 stars but the problem is that it keeps on closing so I have to repeat the same thing again and again but rest all things in this app is nice. I also wanted that they should give a option to name ourselves on our own also.
I love it! Very fun game. I have been completely addicted to it. My only nit pick is the ads and the graphics. Graphics is honestly not that big of a deal but sometimes the models faces bug out or when you pour out the bowl to a container, stuff like that, etc. Ads are also not that much of an issue! I recommend downloading it. I am having a blast with it!
I found out about this game by an advert of the face mask part.So I thought to download it because it seemed very fun.After about 5 minutes into the game the face mask part didnt come,the part that was on the advert.And everything was very basic:(
This is a good app but the problem is ads!!!!!!! URGHπŸ˜– they show soo many ads if!! Otherwise this app is satisfying πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
I love the game! Its a very good game! But I have only one problem.. When you're done with the make-up, if you want a filter you HAVE to watch an ad. You only waste coins just to sell make-up. I suggest you make it so that we can buy the filters, another suggestion, can there be much more make-up like eyeliner, foundation & more? Can we also make our own avatar so that we can choose our own gender, hair, skin and clothes? I love the game and I am gonna keep playing. Thank you for reading.
OMG I just downloaded this game and I already love it! But In A Future update there would be pictures of your products you made and you could sell the pictures/products , for 1.99$ and a description (what you used for it) And the offer should be some ingredients (for starters you get a common ingredient like lemon and some more filters So devs hear me out you should put it in a Future Update!!!!β™‘ :3
Seriously?! You have to watch Ads if you want something and the lipstick mix is completely black on my tablet. And wen you apply it it's invisible. One star is all you are getting from me.
I love the concept and the other games by crazy labs, but the third client in wants a face mask, and the game breaks. You accept the client, it shows you how to throw an ingredient into the food processer, and then it gives you a weirdly timed add and freezes. I am left waiting on the screen with the ingredient blending for ever and no indication of how to move forward.
Very fun and interesting, but they should put more updates or it would be quite boring doing some rounds over and over again. Sometimes the after watching ads it freezes a while. It would be better if they fix all of this.
I really love this game! But I don't like the adds in 5he middle of a level. I don't mid adds, I know people get paid and no one can stop that, but I think it could be improved and more fun if there weren't as many adds in the middle of game play. Other than that its 100% a fun, satisfying game! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that asked about it or a game in general.
Im so annoyed, the ads are insane and The grinder thing is not working, when I put the ingredient in the grinder, it starts blending but in never finishes and its just stuck there, it sucks and I was having lots of fun before I got to that point☹ disappointing, to say the least
Too many ads and whenever I want to do something but have to watch an add it doesn't do that, it makes me wanna scream.
This is the worst I just download it and when I got to make my first face mask the ingredient to make it just kept on being mushed up in the machine and never came out so it never even became a mask I tried to download the app again and it still didn't work if I could I would give this app zero stars. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Also the advert looked so cool but the real thing looks nothing like the advert.
So it is a cool app. Its just when I click on the start thing or whatever when someone wants a complete makeover/make my own make-up I can't do it.
hi there are so many lags my room is near to me and its still lags and the part when you "align" the mask it keeps on going somewhere else but i love the game i only give it 4 stars its because that it lags hard please fix the lag
When I choose my avitar, this lipstick thing pops up, and I don't know what to do! I press it, it does nothing. I drag it, it does nothing. And I keep trying to do something but it doesn't work! πŸ™„πŸ₯Ί So please find a way to fix it. Thank you!
Game is OK. I did the first two people, the third person wanted a face mask. I put the strawberry in the blender and I started putting it in the mask mold but it was finished and it froze everytime. So I can't play it but it looks so fun. I love these type of game but Im sorry if I can't play it, I'll have to give a poor review
I love the game! There are some glitches where my avatars skin is green/gray and the makeup is pitch black, so you can't see the color. If you could fix that, it would be awesome! I spoke with my friend who has the game, and they have the same issue. The game itself is very fun though!!
It's a very good game and theres only 1 problem if this game is that it needs more colors and if you could really fix that it would be really nice.
I like that you can choose the color and it isnt just assigned to you. But the problem is that there are too many ads. After two levels you get an ad and it is really annoying. Sometimes the ads will pop up in the middle of the level. Also I would like if you could change the color of the glitter. If you fix these Ill give you 5 stars.
It feels like I got tricked you didn't get to do the fun looking mask thing that it shows on the adds at all, you only get to mix ingredients and sometimes give makeovers... I'm hoping they add this but I'm uninstalling because I'm upset 😞
The app is fine, but I don't understand why the app immediately opens when I power on my phone instead of going to my lock screen, or why I am unable to switch apps. I have to instead hit the home button and open and then open my lock screen. I'm also unable to watch video ads to do full makeovers. Please fix your app, it's really concerning how it's able to affect my phone.
Most terrible game ever. It doesn't show the makeup the avatar puts on, and the mixture of the ingredients don't show up,
It 's a fantastic mind-blowing and assom game it is very easy and interesting game but i had a problem there are many more ads so please take that ads problem i thought i would give you four star but this game is very nice so i given five star
I've had to turn on "airplane mode" on my phone when i use this game, because the on slaught of ads is appalling. I have never known that there is 40 second unskippable ads until i used this app, then after cutting a fruit an additional 20 second unskippable ad. And of course if you want something extra, another ad. So instead of playing a game that is basically an entire ad: i turn on airplane mode. Remove the massive amount of ads and ill edit my review.
OMG I just downloaded this game and I already love it! But In A Future update there would be pictures of your products you made and you could sell the pictures/products , for 1.99$ and a description (what you used for it) And the offer should be some ingredients (for starters you get a common ingredient like lemon and some more filters So devs hear me out you should put it in a Future Update
UGH STOP CLICKBATING ADS I SAW A ADD IT HAD A SPIDER BUT IT NEVER HAD A SPIDER IN THE GAME - there not even that much choices to put things in the face mask and I saw another review like this it said they are clickbating ads and it's true you guys should really put effort in ur game and stop clickbating and Charlotte and flora eyes looks so weird. There r way to many ads....
This app is sooooo fun I literally played in it 8 hours it's so fun if there where ads I would turn off the internet and if they had alot that's ok I still love it and honestly I have to say keep up the work I gave it 4 stars cuz the one problem is the ads every minute but that's ok that's all I wanna say do more fun games keep up the work
I gave this game four stars I wish I could give It five but the face mask on the ad is fake I used to trust ads but this game is incredible I don't know what happened . When I play and I make my makeup and I put it in the container all of the good ones you have to watch an ad for it and I'm not saying that this game sucks or anything it's just that can you make the ads more related to the game that is all thanks for reading