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Divide for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by waken located at 京都府京都市左京区下鴨泉川町34-19. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I play this as a time-killer but I also just recommended it for the child I tutored in division. I paid the money to get rid of ads and didn't regret it
Really love this game, but too many ads. I like to play it on my commute but the ads make it hard for me to play it while listening to music or podcasts. Tbh I'd pay $2 for an ad free version....
I love this game. It's challenges my logic, strategy and mathematical thinking. It is quick easy and if you close the app your position in the game is saved and you can continue or you can clear it. It's not too hard to get on the ranking which is fun.
Such a waste of a brilliant idea! App has nothing but bugs. Have to close each time to avoid the ad that never starts nor can we leave the screen. I mean you want me to wait *minutes* for an ad to play??? In 2019, with 4G on my OnePlus 7pro. Sorry, you don't get my time to waste like that. Sad.
It is great. 3x3 is hard. Time limit 3x3 is a bit exciting. It helps so much with remembering multiplication and division, but it also requires strategy, forethought, awareness of what's coming. It is a basic game that teaches and reinforces so much more. I wish it explained the scoring in an about section or something. Thank you!
While the game itself is pretty good, the ads are too much to bear. Sadly that pulls down the rating heavily.
Bombarded by ads, pretty constantly. Every "Level" which is actually just an increase in multiples of the base numbers, which has no transition; basically, expect to accidentally click on multiple ads.
Seems like a good game but once you get a prime number you're done. They should add a modifier like a number one that would get rid of all nearby prime numbers and also increase one placeholder tile to three. That would allow us to save ones to get rid of prime numbers
I enjoy this game and would happily pay to remove ads. But in this current state the sheer volume of ads ruins the experience. You would be more profitable by making your app more plesant to use rather than shoving in as many ads as possible for the few people who will tolerate it.
This update has the major bug, there are only 0's coming in pipeline and after placing 2 0's in the box the score keeps, on increasing. There seems to be a major mistake please look into it and meanwhile take rollback of this update! Writing this because I love the game and right now I am not able to play it.
Love this game before the recent ad changes. Now it's too hard to play around the intrusive ads. Look for alternative games.
While the core gameplay is addictive and well designed, the app itself leaves something to be desired. I'd like to see options to unlock larger boards, maybe some powers (a "common divisor for two blocks", a "divide block by the lowest factor", things like that), and, of course, the app absolutely needs a "continue" option, so that you can continue a long streak and not have to do it all in one sitting or exit and lose progress.
I love this game in general. I love the strategy and the slowly increasing difficulty of the division itself. I have two big problems with it. One is that I will go back to a game that I left on a higher level and it will sometimes restart the game rather than continuing. It can be difficult to get to 20k pts so to just lose games around that mark is really annoying. The other is that sometimes it will give you 9 straight numbers that are not divisible which is an automatic loss.
Its a good game but every time i play, an ad pops up, and then the app closes. I just downloaded this game and i can't get past the tutorial stage BECAUSE ADS POP UP, CLOSES THE APP, AND BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME when i go back in, which is annoying, so its like an endless cycle of playing the same round. NOT FUN. I like this game cus its like a puzzle math game, please just fix this. PLEASE😑😑
Good solid game. No issues. Little to no ads and easy to play without using ads for bonuses. Just wish there was more variations of the game to provide different game modes.
The game, in itself, is good. Reason for 2 stars is the whole screen ads. Interferes with gameplay and stops you from wanting to play more than once.
Honestly, this is a great game. Compared to 2048, it is a nice change to test your brain to divide. Only I wish there where more creative game modes to expand on it.
Good idea for a game, but too easy, as it is designed to always give you a way out that you can identify far enough in the future if you're looking in the right place. Possibly make a couple more game modes, such as larger numbers or a bigger or smaller grid, maybe even having it be rectangular.
Fun & Challenging Concept. Wish there was a mode where you couldn't continue or throw tiles by watching videos. That would make it fairer when comparing with friends and other people on the league table.
I absolutely love this game, I can't stop playing it, kudos to the creator. The only problem I really have with this game were all the ads, and the game constantly crashing. Don't get me wrong it's a great game just has some bugs that need to be addressed.
A great concept ruined by intrusive ads you can't remove. I hate full screen ads in games. I understand that game devs need to make a living and I am very happy to pay for games I enjoy - but only if I can then play the game properly without having to watch ads anyway!
I like the game. Its fresh, its close to origional. I'm a fan of neat puzzle games. My only complaint: the controls are a little wierd with the number flowting above your thumb. Better than below.
Would be a good game if the ads were not as intrusive as they are, its a run based game and every time that you reach a score threshold it will immediately serve you an ad breaking any concentration you had.
It was a good game to play while listening to podcasts, then the developers put a confetti animation in it. Why God why would you do that? Who wants a confetti puzzle game? please remove the confetti.
Its a good for kids who are learning division and multiplication. I use it as a training aid for my students. It equally entertains aduls.
I'm pretty sure the ads have to be watched in order to play the game. If you have an ad blocker it will go blank and won't continue and then crash. So if you want to watch an ad what seems like every minute to play a game, then go for it
This is a very good concept, simple and fun. But it is so bombarded with ads in such a way that, this doesn't feel like we are actually playing a game, it feels like we are giving our time and netwrk to see those ads and make the developer rich. Still there is no straightforward way to buy premium and that too again gives ads sometimes. There are few apps/games like this in playstore that are destroyed by greed for ads. I hope soon google categorizes this game as adware and blocks it completely.
Fine for what it is but it feels like its running at 10 FPS. The ever present ad is probably too big as its a bit distracting.
Hey, I really like this app from what i can tell and really like the premise. But it keeps closing suddenly without warning, and when i open it back up it's back to the main menu and has lost whatever i was doing.
The ads are ridiculous! Way too many pop up ads that last an entire minute which is very annoying in the middle of the game, I'd understand small ads at the bottom or something but this is ridiculous and completely ruins the game itself. Loved it before all the frequent ads ruined it.
I'd give 5 stars. But just because of the really intrusive ads. I really don't mind single screen ads infact I encourage it. But the way this app forces it to play and no way to close it really takes the gun away from this game.
An addicting and challenging game. I love it! I do wish there were maybe a complete wipe out between levels to progress farther at a more steady pace but it my go to game to pass time and I love it.
Worst game ever. Worst experience. Everytime I start playing the game, An ad pops out of nowhere even during the gameplay and the ad doesn't close after that it keeps playing.
Highly relaxing game to calm my nerves since it requires full focus. Simultaneously bolstering my calculation skills.
Super fun mathematical game, I just wish the ads weren't so intrusive. Some you can skip but others you can't and it ruins the flow of the game.
It's a simple yet challenging strategy game. The only drawback, the blocks sometimes get placed in the wrong box and there's no step back button on this game! Otherwise would have given it another star.
Awesome addicting game, but who in this world places an ad in gamrplay? Please do not ruin the user experience with annoying ads. I know money making is important but not on the cost of user experience.
Game is pretty good, brain teaser definitely. Only thing is 3X3 grid pretty small, and sometimes prime numbers are coming, which is pretty hard to handle. Either the keep place needs update or numbers incoming logic need to be updated.
Good game for passing time. It has a somewhat complex bug though. Ideally it allows you to "keep" 1 reserved number, but in practice you can keep as many numbers as your device's touch capacity. That is, if your device supports 5 finger touch simultaneously, you can keep 5 reserved numbers. Further, after an ad is shown, this list of kept numbers will have only the top most number in it.
Really good game getting better and better with time....but have lots of adds even when i am playing the game .........i dont have any issues with adds until in middle of the game....so i am going with 3 stars