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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PerBlue Entertainment located at PO Box 1861 Madison, WI 53701. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is THE best mobile game I've ever played. Every aspect of the game does something to further your gameplay. Even doing in game purchases benefits you (other than just the purchase itself), your guild, and guildmates! I almost never feel like I don't have anything to do and they way you get energy doesn't make it seem like a long wait. I've never had so much fun as I've had with this game.
Great game haven't spent a dollar and have purple one thing I do not like is that it takes so long to level up and some of the badges I can't use without being that level
Idk whats wrong with this game but the interface is so buggy and the community is literally dead,dont waste any money on this
It's a realy cool game, i love disney and all theyr character, in fact the character creation is perfect, there are tons of things to do and many way to have lots of fun. Untill you have played for two month and it is impossible to go further whitout spending mony on energy, it take days just to level up 1 character, immagine 5. Still had fun for a while.
Its great for the first little while then you progress quite slowly, the characters cap around level 36 then it becomes much more difficult. I paid money to progress a bit further. There are also features like the multiple stations and multiple currencies that are confusing and you usually don't have enough power to participate in objectives needed to obtain the currency. Its definitely a game for older kids to adults. Otherwise I do enjoy playing once and a while.
I used to love this game but after I update it it just goes to 54% and stops dosnt move it is glitched out for me so I must give it 2 stars
A pretty good game. Graphic's are nice. Basically like every other auto play rpg battle game, but unique because it's disney. There is however one problem with it on my end. I think the game doesn't exactly fit my phone screen, because the buttons are very weird to press. Like I havw to press a bit to the right to press the button I wanna press, otherwise i'll press a different button. If this can be fixed or patched or whatever, definently worth a 5 star rating. All in all though, very fun!
Without question this is the most expensive game in the play store. I personally have never seen a game take so much and give so little back. Freebies and player appreciation is basically non-existent. This game used to have something called "quality of life improvements" for the players. Now nothing. The forum is filled with player complaints that never get addressed. 80% of the game's character roster is completely useless now admist the other overpowered 20%. Go play AFK arena instead.
I've been playing for a year now and I like it. But we have some stuff to go over such as diamond crates they get useless if you are like me that has almost every hero you have a 2% chance of getting diamlnd crate exclusive heroes. He also have op heroes and oh boy we have Ian, Maximus, Cheshire Cat, Basil, etc these heroes make the older ones like Stitch completely useless. Global is also a problem to much drama. Add a way where we can name our lineups, also nerf overpowered heroes. Good game.
No good deals in the stores for 11.5 months, and gamebreaking bugs that I've reported for 7+ months with no fix in sight more bugs just get added.new friendship update that I've wanted since I've started playing, and the merge which we've needed for literal years makes up for all the issues at least
This is a fun game. It is not a big daily time sink and I enjoy playing it with my kids whom love seeing all the new characters and their "powers"! The only issue I really have is how long it takes to level up and unlock the next part of the story. I unlock a new area and usually finish both parts of the story before gaining another level.
A good game with poor support that follows a money grab model. Runs on multiple servers. If you switch, the money you spent does not go with you and the ridiculous excuse is servers are unique despite the fact they are constantly merged.
Was expecting more of our own input in the game. Weird chats sometimes. But overall it's like good miniclips good to get your mind of things.
This game is an awesome RPG featuring incredibly well known characters which are added monthly with each update. All updates give compensation rewards for any/all bugs discovered after their release, meaning the customer service is incredibly attentive. There are deals to spend on, but daily gameplay is sure to eventually get you access to all available characters. And to top it off, there isn't an actual "best set of characters", so all progress made feels meaningful and rewarding. Amazing!
Great game it has tons of Villens and heros from disney and it just perfect it gets updates every so often and brings cooler heros.
It's good and cute. I like the designs. But it's EXPENSIVE asf. I'm in a third world country I can't afford these Disney why tf. These kids rich tho I hope they could just save the money.
It is fun, but the updates come so fast that the only way you can remain competitive is to pay pay pay. Power creep is also a major issue. Original heroes are worthless
Okay I'm complaining now. This game deserves 5 stars because you really don't need to spend a cent to get cool characters and have fun. However I have had enough of receiving crazy rewards from legendary type chests and not receiving them. I just opened some epic chest, received 100 Yax chips, went to upgrade Yax but none of the chips were there. Opened a chest and got enough chips to unlock Rafiki, obviously I get excited. I go look, no Rafiki.at least honor what we get when we earn the chest
This game is fun but you have to watch an ad so you can get your character which you want but otherwise I give this a 3-star because you have to watch ads but still it's the best game I think it will be good but I love it because it is the best one and it helped me no more Disney characters and it's really cool so go check it out
This game is fun with all the characters and stuff but they are missing many characters like Bolt, Ariel, and etc.
Was ok to start .... About to delete , out just wants money to get the good characters & upgrades.... Would be better if they didn't make you pay so much for the good stuff ... Or atleast let the crates have stuff for the characters you have , and not the ones you don't own ... Characters are hard to unlock & crazy expensive ... This asks me for money everyday and that a drag... Come on disney
Soo fun!!The only thing I am not a huge fan of is that you have to level up a lot to be friends and make guilds. I love the characters, especially the Lion King and other Disney animal characters. I recommend this to anyone who l likes Disney or action games.
The game is quite fun to play. However new players will have a hard time updating and leveling up heroes. There is currently a huge discrepency on items for investment, with priority and payouts better on older servers. Game continues to make push for greater spending. For all the discussion about supporting free-to- play players, it's a bit of a joke. To gap is too great between free and premium pay players.
EDIT- This game remains 1 star because the support is god awful, its never Free to play if you dont want to suck and actually play the game even remotely competively , and lastly for now because whiny people go around reporting and twisting words to get people chat banned. This game sucks, ive stopped playing after being a top player on 16/14 for near 3 years and I am now just waiting for it to die and the lawsuit to commence for my refund.
Good game and I plan to keep playing it. Only issue I have is recently. I cant revive my heroes on invasion. I have spoken to many other players who are experiencing the same issue. Please fix this and you will get my 5 stars.
I have 2 reasons why this is not 5 stars. First reason is this game crashes often on my tablet. Second reason is I think the missions, level unlockables, and cost of skill lvl ups should be looked at more closely and possibly lowered cost wise. At the very least...give a easy to see list of when things unlock so players can spend diamonds more wisely. I was mad seeing how much I could of gotten later if I knew about Mega Mart early on with my diamonds. Thank you to all who reads my review
So the gameplay is ok, and the animation is great! However the problem that I have is that characters are not balanced at all. For example, I have a 2star Ralph with 2.2k power, but has lower health and atk power than a 1star Flynn Rider with 1.5k, and that character is not even a Tank which is weird. Not to mention that even after farming the main 5 characters I got at the start, somehow the new characters with lower power have better atk and health. This needs fixing if they intend to be good.
the thing are not worth from paying casue they will get harder and harder but PerBlue can u at least put it '20 99 'dollors? and but this a good game
I couldn't finish the tutorial because I couldn't even get into the toolbar I repeatedly tapped but nothing happened I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still did not work I wanted to just see the characters cuz I'm not too interested in the game but I know it's a great game but if it's going to glitch out like this I can't see all the awesome characters I want to see.
PerBlue has perfected the formula. Long time fan of their games. Adding Disney characters (they did get the license I hope) only makes it better. Good value on the sub option, and credit for missed days. Update: year later, still the best gacha rpg on the market, at the best value. Try it, and please consider buying a sub - $3 a month or $25 for a whole year! Let's encourage reasonably priced mobile games!
Very good game! But to much online daters. Someone mistakenly thought I was female and asked me personal questions. Like where I live and so on. The gameplay is the only safe part. Also Maximus needs a nerfed don't make him a terrible tank just make his health go down a tad bit faster.
3 of 5 only because a part of the game doesn't seem to work with Bluestacks (which is the platform i am playing this game on). The [video cretes] can not be viewed so i have leveled form 1 to 35 and could not view a single one. I should have been seeing (then opening) more that 20 by now. so i am missing out on a lot of things i should have gotten. other than not seeing the video(advertising) crate the game itself is pretty good.
Could be much better, so many accounts that's so hard to be beaten. I dunno if they're real or bots. So much bugs too like getting hints and tips over and over again, then you can't press the thing on what they want you to press
very fun, yes its pay for early access to heroes, but patience is the key, and u can get them all too.
Great game, very fun and really cures boredom. Though I would like to ask the developers to make power crafting free and available for everyone, it will make everything so much easier, that's all :-).
I haven't been able to get past the arrows at the beginning. No matter how many times I tap on them, it won't allow me to go farther. Would probably be an alright game if I could play. Maby it's for an older android๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ.
Good one, bring back my Childhood memories, hope next will add like Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, Pochahontas etc... Nice jobs DEV ๐Ÿ™‚
It's the best disney mobile game ever!!! New Hero Ideas 1. Dumbo 2. Peat from Micky mouse 3. Lilo (or make stich and lilo a DUBBLE hero) 4. The Mayor from night mare before Christmas 5. Snow White 6. Ariel 7. Tinkerbell 8. Daisy Duck 9. Pluto 10. Jiminy Cricket 11. Christopher Robin I hope u pick dumbo :3
This weeks flaw in the game...broken invasion. You cannot revive your heroes. Can't wait for the goodie bag and the quick fix!
So now Invasion is impossible. The first breaker fight is a full max red, unkillable team which always wins regardless of buff items or your team's power, which makes it impossible to proceed in any way. The previous invasion was the same way. Gfy
Disney Heroes Battle Mode is the greatest game app ever, even though it's inappropriate, hard, difficult, and the expensive in app purchases. Also it takes forever to level up and unlock characters, and to complete levels. And it's hard to pick what character to use.
This was my favorite game. There are so many awesome characters in this game. This was the best game on my phone. Also, there are a lot of cool events inside of the game. But, it only WAS my favorite game. Now I don't have any space in my phone for this app. It is NOT ONLY TIME CONSUMING but TAKES UP MORE SPACE THAN IT'S WORTH. I am now undownloading this app. It seems to need updated everyday now. It isn't even like half of the updates are good updates anymore.
If you're broke, don't play. This game is designed to only allow people who dump cash in constantly move up. If you don't buy things, you will get left behind so fast. PerBlue is a pure greed company
I really love this game and I would like it more if you add Cricket, Tilly, Grandma, and Bill from big city as characters on the game and I would also like if u added Phineas, Ferb, Dr.Heinz, Perry the platypus, Candace also as characters from the show phineas and ferb on this game and I'll most appreciated if u also add Luz, Edalyn, and King also as characters from the show the owl house. Thank u and hope u can try your best to do it ๐Ÿ˜
I have played pretty much every day for 811 days (the age of my account) and I was happy to pay to play at the start. however so many characters where added so quickly yr2 that just overpower the originals and any new characters then again over power the previous it not worth paying unless you can afford hundreds to get the new characters to max. I can get xp too easily at current max 220 (need to look at) but my characters are only 175 as don't get enough xp to level up or gold to power up. ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Fun game but sometimes you can get bored/forget about it after around 30 days of playing, there are lots of little things and/or updates that i want to be made, other than that it's an OK game with lots of different heroes, when the creator update this game it's most likely just a few bug fixes and new heroes they haven't added yet, hope this review was helpful
The game is quite fun to play. However new players will have a hard time updating and leveling up heroes. There is currently a huge discrepency on items for investment, with priority and payouts better on older servers. Update 16th Dec. Still stand my review, however a mistake happened that caused it to be impossible for free to play to be possible. Currently newer servers have players reach maximum levels within days due to a mistake. Impossible to rank up in the competitive boards.
Its all good but theres a slight problem where google play stop and crash when u are on the arenas same with global chat when you open it, it crash
This game is a great game but I realized some bugs with it and it also takes awhile to load but it it still awesome
Loving the app, it's just a pain in the ass that you keep battling to get the badge you wanted to promote your hero, and when you did get the badge, you just feel nothing, after all that hard work.
So far I love it! The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the fact all (pay real money) packs are extremely expensive right off the bat and the navigation..it's a pretty nice game, easy to control and understand.
please fix the glitch i can't even touch the menu to claim rewards please do something about it i really love to play this game ill change my rate if you fix it.
I love the game but with the most recent update it keeps stopping at 53% and just sits there so I can no longer play, I'll change the rating to 5* once this is fixed.
I'm putting four stars because 5 would say it is perfect, and no phone game could be. I will agree sadness is a hard character to beat, but the game relies heavy on strategy. I will also agree that balances are needed, but in all actuality you can beat someone 10 levels higher with the right combo. A person really needs to read and understand every skill to make them effective. Ignore bad reviews, this game is worth it. Join Scars Rebellion, I will help anyone new! Otherwise message leader.
I love this game,It's the best Disney game ever but it would be cool with marvel but it's so much fun and I come from a family of fans of Disney I almost have all the Disney games in the world even went to every disney park ,I have watched every Disney movie to but some I have not watched, I even watched the shorts I am not a big fan of star wars tho but I still watch it Tho, it's cool.
Interesting charecters but nothing much I have to do while playing. Gameplay is pretty much automatic. Which I dont like.
Lots to do. I could play for a solid hour. Not a tap and leave it game. Entertaining. Not too many adds, and totally playable without them, but very long adds when you do want to open crates and whatnot.
Great game it gets more pay to win a long the way and some things can be fun but I enjoy the game a lot so much fun I recommend it!
Too bad this game is Pay-to-win. I maximized Nick Wilde into 6 stars thinking he could take out other strong heroes only to realize he has very lower stats compare to newer heroes. Badges are too hard to earn and not worth since the stats the badges gives is a total trash. Tons of heroes needs buff like Nick Wilde, Robin Hood or Judy Hopps but still you only buff one HERO per month which is disappointing. Total trash game not recommended ๐Ÿ‘Ž
This game is the best!You can get alot of chacthers and it's always new chacthers so you won't get bored!
Very fun to play and easy to understand, gameplay is smooth and the variety of characters are amazing. Would recommend if you are a disney fan and love hero collecters.
It's really great and it has good quality I would reallyyyyyy love it if you added Bill Cyper and other characters from gravity falls besides that it really great and can't think of any other complaint's.
Since last update it kicks me off everytime at least 3 times why I'm playing it and have to get back on .. never had this issue till now. Please fix this thanks
The, "Monday" star cash in needs to change. I work and I am unable to sign in and collect. PLEASE Fix it where it can be done whenever.
This is a very good game . Lots of fun but l gave it four stars because when l am playing the game it closes . Please fix it
Since today, it keeps saying "Content Update Failed" and I'm unable to log into the game, this needs to be fixed!
Game is fun, but there's an issue with not being credited with the correct amount of gold, after using real world money to purchase boosts. I've reached out to in-game support with screenshots several times but gotten no support. Game is fun but don't use real money to buy anything because it might just not work and then you're out of luck because this company won't fix it for you.
It's been perfect since they fixed it, the next day. & I'm still playing, daily & still.... spending money. ๐Ÿ˜’ But, ya don't have to!! That's prolly why I'm ok with buying the stuff I do. Bcuz it's way fun, even without paying!! Definitely a 5 star, overall!
An edit to my previous review. I said the game is unfair and unbalanced, but I should clarify. The Arena and Colisseum Modes are where the fairness is called into question. It seems if you don't pay to progress, your characters are considerably weaker than those in your league, and you cannot advance. The rest of the game plays fine, but the two modes listed above are frustrating if you don't want to pay for advancement.
Time outs contacting Google play, lags on command process, app crashes (primarily on colosseum, but other areas too)
Its a fun game but if you don't spend a lot of money you won't do well at all. They used to have great rewards for contests and Invasion but they changed it awhile ago and they just stuck now. I don't recommended this game.
This game is amazing! The animation, the characters, the quality, all great! But there's one thing that I need to address I need to get to certain levels to get new chapters which can be pretty annoying, and I can't really get xp from the elite since I also need to complete the next level on the normal. But yeah other than that I love this game!
Fun, exciting and competitive, but there's a lot of "premium" players that will always be ahead of you!
Fun game with a good and growing selection of both classic and modern characters (although i would add Oswald the Lucky Rabbit).
Its a very good game but there is a glitch that I can not tap on anything and go on it but if I tap invasion it glows please fix this
Great game don't need to spend money to win. Only thing needed is a better balance in arena and coloseums
The good thing about this game is that you do not need to spend money to become strong, but it'll take you time. The only problem I have with this game is they don't try to balance every hero they add. Like Sadness, probably the most ridiculous hero I have ever seen.. You are levels ahead of someone and when they have Sadness in the team you'll get obliterated. It's very frustrating and stupid. Really hoping one day you'll balance your game in a healthy way.
Disney characters. Awesome. Total basic skeleton of gacha crates game. Problem is that game target clearly are KIDS but prices of everything are sick. It's one of MOST greedy cashgrabs i have EVER seen and i've seen a lot. This game devs are PSYCHOLOGICAL FORCING CHILDREN TO BUY EXTREMALLY EXPENSSIVE PACKAGES dressed as disney characters. Disgusting. It should be illigal.
It has so much storage to the point you have to delete everything and I saw some gameplay of it and looked awesome but sadly whenever I install it it has so much storage maybe I have a trash device but idk
Because it was unable to connect, but my connection is alright, i open to youtube app and its fine, please fix this
It's fine, nice for wasting some time. But you quickly get to the point where you can't keep heroes leveled up, or skills at max, and it takes days to complete one piece of gear. Then they release a couple new heroes and your lineup is no longer useful. I lost interest when they kept merging arena groups, I'd work my way into the top 10 only to get pushed down to the 40s every couple weeks.
Supper fun to play and to get your fave characters is also a plus The only downside is the updayes. Having do download the updates so a big pain
I have enjoyed playing for over a year and for the first time I have had a problem with my purchases... I have contacted perblue through in game support and they have made no effort to rectify their mistake or even acknowledge my problem!
Usually all items needed have to be purchased if you want to make any headway in the game. Prices usually range from $19.99 to $99.99 (sometimes they'll have something for $9.99 or $4.99... most of the the time these items aren't that useful). VERY EXPENSIVE and not actually worth the money to buy.
Everything was working fine, until I changed to a new phone. The game doesn't seem to work on Poco X3 phone. The "back" button doesn't work. Wasted so much money on the game. I regretted spending money on this.
Besides how glitchy and unbalanced the game is, the community can be toxic. Co-op modes can be sabotaged by trolls and you don't know who to kick because there is no message telling you who is sabotaging the matches. Biggest complaint: the VIP status alone takes $10k to max out. You read that right. The current cap costs $10k to max it out. This is supposed to be a children's game. That's a new level of shameful greed.
This is a very fun game, honestly. But even the best of games have bugs or tiny mistakes in them! One "bug" is that the game will just close while I'm typing to someone, in a battle, or doing something it the coliseum... which has caused me to lose so many battles! Also, some of my friends on here can't see notifications from their guide or their friends. BUT I'M MORE WORRIED ABOUT THE WHOLE CLOSING OUT IN A BATTLE!!! Could you please fix that? (Again, I love the game, please fix the "bug")
Love the game but there is one annoying bit. As a leader of a guild its getting rediculous the amount of people who join and leave the guild right away or over and over. Id like to see maybe a cool down where if people join a guild they have to stay in that guild for 24 hours or cant join another for 24 hours.
The Game Was Lots Of Fun I Know People Are Saying Its Pay To Win But The Good Thing About This Is Game That They Included WALL-E And EVE One Of My Most Favorite Childhood Character's And Obtaining The Badges And Promoting The Heroes Are Easy And I Rate This 5 Stars :)
Game was awesome until last update. Now everytime I try playing, it needs to download and always at 53% it gets stuck. So now I can't play. I've tried uninstalling it and redownload it. It does the same thing. So now after all the time I put in trying to get certain characters. It was all for not
It's nice to have a game with decent enough gameplay with all of my favorite nostalgic characters, but it's obvious this game is being designed to empty the wallets of any unsuspecting parent who may let their child download this game. Progress is quite slow for the average free-to-play player, but hundreds and hundreds of dollars will fill your roster of Disney's most recognizable just fine. It's pretty sad honestly. Was hoping I might actually stick around with this game.
This game is fun, not too challenging and makes you feel like a kid again. I'm only level 2 but level 1 was a great reminder of the old days.
I love this game so cool and fun you should try this game... But the only problem is the other disney characters are not in this game like Anna on frozen ,ariel, cinderella,snow white,and the two characters of big hero 6..but still this is a good game
Honestly very fun game only issues is global it gets crazy in there everyday bunch of lags In the game too and you also need to buff some characters to and Nerf them aswell cus there's a bunch of OP characters like basil of Baker street, Cheshire cat, maximus, ian lightfoot, powerline, Mulan and much more
The game is fun I like how there is adventurers and during the adventurers u unlock new Disney characters & the graphics are really awesome!!
installed this by accident confusing it for Disney's Wizard Arena. this seems to be geared toward low end phones as the graphics are very reflective of that. thats understandable. what isnt is the absolute delirious mess of menus and UI navigation. that would earned 3 or 4 stars. i'm giving it 1 instead because the game appears to be broken. i havent used chat even ONCE, yet i started getting regular warning for breaking chat rules. game UI gives no way to reach out to support to report it.
I've been playing this game for 3? years now and havent gotten bored. I think that says something. The constant updates keep it fresh. There are /many/ ways you can spend money, but none that are required for a fun game, which I appreciate.
Good at first but then it gets very confusing. The "Power" number means nothing because you can fight someone who has the power number lower than you by twice as much and you still lose. Also your characters can advance in level and skill then go back to a previous fought mission, to which you have already passed, and lose and get no rewards Don't know what's going on. Just seems like some company had enough money to hop on the Disney name in order to make money ๐Ÿค‘
I like the game but I would be more impressed if it could go the same route as subway surfers so to watch ads for items it could be continuous numbers of ads for leveling items. Then I could give it 5 stars if that was done. I'm also wondering if some cars character like finn mcmissile or mater could be added as a character. One of the attacks could incorporate frank as a part of an attack. If my ideas could be considered please do. Thanks!
All other RPG-style IP games hold my attention for a month or two, but I've played this for almost three years and going. I prefer the all-at-once battle mechanic over one-at-a-time battle of other games, and I enjoy how the Disks and Mods make it so that everyone's Mickey fights a bit differently even at the same level. The badges with Disney puns are a fun change from generic gear of other games, and the weekly Invasions give something to progress through if you've cleared the Story campaign.
Love this game . Completely addicted. Definitely NOT a pay to win game, as I've seen some people leave reviews saying it is. The purchasing is optional and only speeds things up when you spend money, with patience you can get everything, new characters, enhanced heroes and crate items without spending any money
It's nice to have a game with decent enough gameplay with all of my favorite nostalgic characters, but it's obvious this game is being designed to empty the wallets of any unsuspecting parent who may let their child download this game. Progress is quite slow for the average few to play player, but hundreds and hundreds of dollars will fill your roster of Disney's most recognizable just fine. It's pretty sad honestly. Was hoping I might actually stick around with this game.
If you liked dragonsoul, then you should like this game. There is much more to do, and grinding is a lot easier
This game is a lot of fun. Other people should play it as well. I hope the other classic disney characters will be added. That would be cool.
Used to play this game all the time I got rid of it 2 years ago and now I can't even get past the first fight game just freeze I've tried to restart the game and re-download nothing is working .
Might as well not even play now. Took a break for 3 years. It was a good game back then, but if you haven't spent years trying to increase your characters power, you're SOL. Don't even think about competing with others. You'll get wrecked in no time. I would suggest another Disney game. This one is in it's death throws.
I've played this game for 2ish years now. I still do. However with this last update, I've decided to review this game. This game is the epitome of Toxic P2W. Early game, it's not, but in order to progress past midgame the game basically forces you to pay for $5-$20 packs to progress through monthly level cap increases with no end in sight. New heroes are unbalanced, and MTs are the ONLY Way to keep up. EDIT: Several months later, almost 3 years of playing now, for above reasons quitting. Beware
This type of game is fairly common and I am enjoying it. What I don't like is that it lags during fights, even with the double speed on. It just slows down mid fight for some reason.
Well I do like the game but what make the game better? 1. By being able to play with 6 players at a time with a team in a match pls change this if you can From daniel
Fun and easy to learn. I'm a OG and I love this game, except the idiots who play the heist portion of the game, simple right, guard the diamonds, lol.
I give this 4 stars because 5 stars would mean perfect and no mobile game is perfect. This games has almost all of the disney characters and they fight with powers in a story mode play through. This game is a really fun game I do recommend it.
Gotta change my previous 5 star to a 2 star. At about level 130 they stop giving you diamonds in an attempt to make you pay more money. All it did was change the frequency at which I play. Now instead of everyday 4-5 times a day trying to do every little thing I can to push my characters higher and spending money frequently to get packs to push my characters. I log on 1 time for a couple minutes every 3 or so days and never spend money. Its a great game till level 130 then its a fail.
Its a good game, i love disney.. But the updates take a lot of storage like thw update i have to do now, i have to delete all my fav games just to update the game, now i dont kbow if its the games fualt that the updates take lots of storage, so if its not SORRY :<, anyways and the heros are mot equally good or bad, if its a strong character in genral and high level, OKAY, but if its a disney character that doesn't fight in the moovie , and its really strong and your levels ahead then oof you
40 MINUTE HEISTS. Spent an hour and a half doing heists, could only complete 3 heists. POIs respawn twice as fast as you can clear them out. Every third time you search, you get forced into an ambush, making it harder to clear a bugged heist. Over 15 minutes is way too long for a heist AND all the diamonds got stolen because people got tired of searching. Un-accept-able.
Heavy pay to win if you want to actually get top positions in pvp/weekly events. You will not hit top ten on the weekly events unless you can drop a few hundred. Beyond that its a fun team builder fighting game that has quite a few modes of game play but also of it is gated behind guilds so hit 15 and find someplace to bunker done for the long haul because again if you don't pay a little, you have 224 levels the grind at the time of this writing before you hit current content.
I love this game keep up the good work also if you can add chip and dale,pluto, dory by him self, and bing Bong thank you again for makeing this game.
I had to restart the game everytime i went into a new window. None of the buttons work. Great graphics for an absolutely unplayable game. I can do nothing.
Really fun! Love the character lineup! Won't lie, I was hoping to see some characters from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but I'm excited to see treasure planet and lost city of atlantis!
After playing again, I've changed my review to be less critical. I've been playing this game since it's release. While there is some frustration with the tier changes and level caps, it's still an amazing game. As long as you play for personal goals, you're fine. The positives of this game outweigh the negatives as long as you don't get too caught up in spending. I personally love this game. My advice is just play at YOUR OWN pace. It's more fun that way.
Not happy at all with the balance of this game. When you skew the game to make only the most recent heros worth any value, you alienate your older players and the characters they raised. People that are levels below you shouldn't be able to wipe out your entire team with a few new characters. Fix the the power scaling in this game or further lose more people that play.
Pay to play has ruined gaming, the game is so broken 99+ heros later n you might get 1 win in an arena, every time they add new characters they way over power them to the old ones an it is just so un-enjoyable I would rather use an electric razer an shave the hair of a cat while giving it a bath, LORDS MOBILE got the right idea F2P PLAYERS STILL CAN PLAY JUST AS MUCH AS P2P PLAYERS NOT SEEM LIKE A TEDIOUS CHORE
This game, Don't get because it will kick you off. It did that to me a lot of to times, and I HAVE SPACE on my tablet and it still won't work.
Very glitchy, can't even press the options button to add the badge, this is part of the tutorial so can not go any further
Rip madam mim she had one job and so far the refresh ruined that. Love this game, its getting harder to keep up. It can be fun for free, for 20 usd per week you can be in the top 10%, but to compete be ready to drop at least 50 to 60 usd per week. New servers and mergers coming.
love the game its a good way to entertain your self I love how all the caracters have there own meaning and storyline and agian I love this game I never have eny problums with it!
it was fun at first but got so expensive super fast and nothing really new anymore other than new heroes. very p2w
Overall I like the game, it's fun I'm also a patient person so I'm willing to wait for everything, at it's cool to see characters. I'd increase my rating to 5 stars if I could swap servers without loosing all of my stuff in the process. My brother and I started the game and we're looking forward to opening a guild together because the game never told us servers matter it didn't even offer for us to choose and now we can't play together now because we would loose everything. If it's fixed I chang
Great app, very addictive and fun. (I got my favorite Disney character on my second day!) If you don't want to spend money (which I haven't) it will take some time to work up, but it's not impossible. Collecting and leveling up the heroes is so enjoyable. Some strategy is needed, but I don't find it to be too time-consuming or difficult.
What a farce. Since last update i havent been able to log into game at all. Comes up saying the error has been reported and we are working on the problem. Cant raise a ticket because you have to be logged in to do that. Sent email but hold little to no hope of a responce. Will this be the end of playing this game. Not to mention rewards I will lose from not playing. Tried logging in through my PC still gets error message.
Stolen gold coins bug. Im using the power craft a lot and notice when doing so i nerver get any gold instead spend the gold. For exemple its say i need to have 10M gold and doing so my loot give 5M. I should only use 5M difference gold but i spend 10M or even when it's say i need 100M to craft but gain 150M from the loot i still spend the 100M and the 50M difference is gone! Fix it pls.
This game has no connection and it's copying marvel contest of champions but it's Disney characters and that is why I gave this game a 2 star screw the creators of this stupid game.
It is a very fun game. There is consent updates. New disney heros every update. I think it is fun. I have been playing for about 6 months 10/10
Good game and I plan to keep playing it. Only issue I have is recently. I cant revive my heroes on invasion. I have spoken to many other players who are experiencing the same issue. Please fix this and you will get my 5 stars. Edit: Has been fixed, thank you!
I was having fun but when i entered in again it was stuck on events thing or whatever, i pressed the X button and it didnt work.
Perfect game for you in you're willing to play for fun, for free... Once you start investing money maybe to be competitive, I caution you to full stop... You will save yourself so much additional time and money. It will become zero fun trying to beat ridiculous lines that can't be beaten no matter how many thousands you throw, so save the thousands. Pretty sure developers can't possibly be playing the game because they would understand the insanity, and maybe make some changes to bring parody.
My game won't play properly. Touch is off. Where I click is not where it shows so I cannot click anything. Removed and reinstall did not work. What else can I do
I like the idea, but the overall design is too messy, there's no way I will bother with that much mess, for so little gameplay. Uninstalling now.
Been playing for over a year now, still fun but end game isn't very balanced, can only keep a few characters maxed because you level to fast and it seems like it's quickly turning into a pay to win (again for end game, the getting there was fun).
Would be better if could get more gold instead of having too need alot of diamonds which cost money. Other then that pretty good
So far so good. Still loving the game despite of being how hard is to be a free2play player because stamina drains so fast just by upgrading the badges of heroes. I hope there will be more free raid tickets to save more stamina for free2play players like me.
This game is perfect for everyone who likes Disney games, and doesn't have a problem with spending time in order to successfully collect heroes. The game offers a lot of ingame purchasing deals that are absolutely not obligatory to buy in order to advance your heroes, or to collect the new heroes. This is a relaxing game that requires patience and a bit of grinding if you want to accomplish your goals. All the love to the developing team that wants everyone to have the best experience!
This is by far, my favorite game to play. Great fun abounds with each day played. Not to mention the new friends I've made since I started playing this amazing game.
Very good game. Would reccommend. One thing is they (at the time) added marvel and star wars. PLEASE ADD MANDO.
Game much better now. But... please tell me per blue.... Why??? Why did you let go of DragonSoul... loved the game.. Loved my character collection.. loved the guild unification.. Feel like you shot yourselves in the foot. Even now friends I made still miss game... it was a delight!
I tried playing again but I would get stuck on the tutorial level where it would tell me to use Ralph's power but it wouldn't let me press it
Not balanced at all, not possible to stay competitive without spending thousands. I'm not a f2p player, but spending a little doesn't get you even close to the "whales".
This is a very amazing game I like the art style I like that the special moves and this game I think this game should be rated 10 million thousand billion
Love this game but it needs internet i lt should have no internet at least in the game but other than that its ok nothing else wrong i recommend this game!
To me this game is better than raidshadow legends and there are almost every Disney characters in the game. I have the new one Quaker Jack he is really good.
Idk. i find it fun. Definitely a pay to win game. But there isnt to much for pvp. So people who want to pump their favorite heroes, either need lots of patience, or lots of cash. Hero balance? Bahahaha. No. Not in the slightest. But i haven't found it to be a draf
Honestly very fun game, only issues is global it gets crazy in there everyday bunch of lags In the game too and you also need to buff some characters to and Nerf them aswell cus there's a bunch of OP characters like fear, Cheshire cat, maximus, ian lightfoot, Disgust, Mr. Big, Sadness, and much more.
This Game is different from most Mobil RPGs but it's still fun to graind once a day to collect your favourite Fisney Characters and the story being about them being trapped in the game itself is really fun and meta. I love the interactions between the character, the only thing keeping it from a five star is the lack of any Marvel, Lucasfilm, Touchstone and Fox characters. I know it's for legal reasons but Surly Disney can work around it. 4 out of 5
It's a lot of fun for all ages. But don't get competitive with it, because they keep moving the top tier every 4 weeks. Which makes it cost more and more to try and stay in the hunt. Instead keep your money, and just enjoy it as it is.
I like the game but can you make diamonds cheaper oh yeah and make VIP level 13 13000 rings and daily diamonds with bonuses and lastly make every hero 10 chips *with same stars*
Great app, very addictive and fun. (I got my favorite Disney character on my second day!) I just wish we could sort our heroes in a customizable way, like drag and drop or even sort them into groups of five like the coliseum. I have trouble keeping track of which heroes I want to upgrade and level up. It would also help me keep track of the balance of the roles that I need for each group. Otherwise, GREAT game! Please consider my suggestion for the next update!
Fun game. Yes, if you want to be in the top player rankings, you have to spend real cash, like most games. But you can play and have fun with your guild without paying money. In player v player modes, you may lose the battle, but you don't lose any rss, toons or merchandise like other games.
I love Disneyโ€™s heroes but I do wish they would add more information about invasions market,Vip levels and more please add more heroes from Duck tails And more heroes oh and please fix the bug's while I was just about to play.It froze up shut down I restarted again please fix it please
I have played for a while, i have Unlocked almost all the characters, but suddenly when i tried to open the game it doesn't want to... It will load up to the end but then it won't move anymore... And if i leave it in the loading screen it will say lost connection but all my other apps and games work
I love this game but everytime theres an update it will not update it even if I have wifi. You cant play unless its updated to the new version. It needs to be fixed
This is clearly the best game I ever played. Despite I have friends that are probably a bit stronger than me, but I don't really care about the power. What really matters is how the games animation is. Also my favorite Disney Charathers in the game is WALL-E & EVE. Thank you for making one of the greatest games, Disney and PerBlue Entertainment. Sincerely, Blue Circle.
Pay-to-win game which is not really a game anymore. Exactly same concept as former DragonSoul (offline) game with different theme/graphics. Gameplay quickly becomes 'automated' and you will find your self doing nothing (just watching the game play itself), upgrading & combining a few things in between briefly. Overall not an interesting game to play. Only thing I liked were the Disney characters. And start a screen shows to buy $100 of characters is just crazy.
I realy like how the game broght all the Disney charecters ( there are only disney charecters in the game so if your not a fan of disney this is not your game ) and im a realy huge fan of disney so this game is amazing and im level 79 and I have most half of the heroes . It might get a bit complecated when you level up but you will get used to it and if your heroes are weak you can just give stamina and raid . And there you can level up your heroes to the most powerful level any one has seen .
All other RPG-style IP games hold my attention for a month or two, but I've played this for over three years and going. I prefer the all-at-once battle mechanic over one-at-a-time battle of other games, and I enjoy how the Disks and Mods make it so that everyone's heroes fight a bit differently even at the same level. The badges with Disney puns are a fun change from generic gear of other games, and the weekly Invasions give something to progress through after clearing the Story campaign.
Well the game is kinda good but I find it too hard to play it correctly besides that every 5 days ( I am not joking every 5 days ) there is a new update there is only 4 apps left on my tablet because of this game however the other games and apps are small in size and my tablet has 8 gigabyte because of this game the free space is 265 kilobytes that game is a real space and Internet killer !!!
Sucky, they need to balance the City Watch out. Easy for a level 240 is to have a 13 mil team to fight in the 1st level. I hate CW alot and I've been wanting to delete for a long time but made some good friends. Will never rate this game higher then a 1 star until they fix the problem. Easy should be easy for everyone but easy is just as hard as epic is. Horrible
I've only palyed it for 3 days but I love it. I love seeing all the toons they have and they make it a challenge to get some of them. It's story line is cute to
Thank you d.h for choosing to make your update policy make your game unworkable. It was to addictive and i spent money so if not for these flawed updates when the game wasnt already flawed i would still be playing so thank you
Extremely unbalanced combat. Newly released heroes at 1/2 or 1/3rd combat power destroy much higher level and geared older heroes. Takes much of the fun away when you take a lot of time building teams to only have them be obsolete the next time new heroes come out. Also because of this City Watch is impossible at easy or medium difficulty not to mention the harder levels. It's pay to play or your absolutely stuck. You can not catch up unless you pay!
Great game. Better than most of its kind, but insanely expensive and very pay-to-win. If you can accept that you'll never reach the top without spending hundreds of dollars on it, you can still have an enjoyable time. It helps that a lot of the strongest characters are my personal favorites from their franchises, like Randall from Monsters, Inc.
It's an amazing game glad you don't need money to install this there are some glitch of other people's phone but I think they should clean their phone so they can play the clear I love this game so much
2021 up date... still freezes but at least it goes to my home screen and on my bfs tablet it goes black and you have to restart game and or tablet. Error message takes to long to show. Everything else stated still stands... love this game. After last up date videos to get prize freeze alot or restart the game. Today it was dark blinking fast and had to reset game. One video/ad is pull the keys to help hero get gold. That one always freezes. Will give 4or 5 upon fixes. 3 cause 1 are fave game
Was good, but now the infected virus levels are impossible to beat so I cant level up and stuck in limbo, now basically unplayable