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Disc Golf Valley

Disc Golf Valley for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Latitude 64 located at Bankgatan 12 Lund Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love everything about the game except the new tournaments .I get it..yall want to make it more ike real life .but where I used to tap the hard tournament and blast out 12 holes and get my xp and move on now its 2 rounds where the AI is WAAAAY harder. I can throw 14 down consistently but the computers get aces regularly and eagle holes thst I feel are at best 1 in 50 and make it where I play the whole thing to wind up getting 100 xp ...i feel bad for people trying to grind for drivers now
Great way to blast through hours of "free time" and not even realize it. For a game to match the psychics of disc golf so well while simultaneously creating interesting and life-like environments makes for a good time. My one suggestion, that will probably have me hooked on the app for several more hours a day would be to have multiple open tournaments daily. The single tournament is great, but it makes me crave more once I've completed the pro tour and open for the day. Keep up the great work!!
Decent game at best. 70% consistency, very low options to upgrade through play, I've been playing for over 2 months and still don't have a distance driver! And the "pro shop" is worse than a Target as far as selection. Please update drivers and expand pro shop for a better rating.
This is the best free game I have ever played. For people who actually play disc golf, this is a surprisingly realistic game. Super high quality, fun, and no ads.
Only thing that's really pissing me off is the lack of being able to get a distance driver. Everytime I think I've collected enough coins to be able to afford to buy one in the store. The price goes up. For example, yesterday days distance driver cost something like 4856 coins or something like that. Now the distance driver is 15,000 coin. Thats absolute b.s... If that nonsense keeps up I'm gonna delete this app. That aggregation ain't worth it to me. Besides that the game is pretty enjoyable.
Very good game the graphics are very good I just wish there was a spot for your PDGA number and you could enter your favorite disk you could also play with friends
Disc Golf Valley is a lot of fun, and challenging! It's hard to find good games now days, but this is one of them. For starters there's no ads, which is great, and if you want to pay for Disc packs you can. But there's no pressure to, and nor does it take away from your experience. This is how games should be developed all the time! I'm enjoying the game, and it's making me want to go play Disc Golf in the real world :). Thanks for making a great game!!
After about 5 minutes and the game not starting I realized this game seems to have been Abandoned. Please delete or fix. Pressing play course does nothing at all.
Fun game especially for disc golf fans. However, only gets 3 stars cause I've been playing for some time now and I still dont have a distance driver unlocked so game play is very limited
Great game. Graphics are good. Physics are very close but not perfect. I have been playing for a few months now and there is one thing that annoys is during tournaments, there seems to be one hole that turns your round into $#@!. I have won 1st in one of the tournaments (not that I have to win every one). But there is always one hole that feels like the game screws me....the wind will push the disc off the ledge... Disc curves more than it should have and hits a tree... Gets frustrating
This is the worst game, I have ever played. Discs get stuck in chains, and then just shoot out, slide across ice for 200 yards, and defy basic physics on every single throw. Game will pull your disc into any body of water near it. No skill, all up to the AI allowing your discs to fly properly, which is rare. This was free, and I feel like they owe me something anyway it's so God awful.
Really like the game, though like others, it has become nearly impossible at the later courses (Kaho Park). It doesn't make it fun when you need the wind to be randomly right in order to score low. Also, why are some people able to play all four rounds in the pro tour on day 1 and why does someone with a -8 tie for first on the leaderboard with a -13 as the low score on the daily open? One last critique is the "same shot, different results" issue that others are experiencing.
Actually really enjoying this game, however I've noticed a bug where if you throw from a distance that is greater then putting, and it goes in, the game doesn't register its in and you just sit there waiting and are forced too restart that entire level! Would give 5 but thats killing it for me!! Even if you just hit the chains and bounce out it forces you too restart the entire map its quite annoying!
It's a great game but sometimes wind doesnt effect the disc. It only seems to happen when I'm playing in the pro tour. How does a havok stay straight then fade in a 3 mph cross wind while the wind is in the direction to add turn. Just cost me my worse 2 rated rounds, should I just give up on the disc or is there a problem with it? Also just slid through a tree to find ob after what looked like a park job. Checked said tree on the upshot and smacked it to ob, again. No drop zone either time
Fun game, but there's a bug in the game. Whenever I level or rank up, the discs I earn (mainly the distance drivers) never end up in my bag. I tried removing some that I don't use and it still doesn't work.
Very fun game. A few things need updating and improving. My main gripe is with the power gauge. Like how much power equals how much distance. I know there are lots of variables involved that ultimately decide how far a disc can go but a rough guide on the power gauge would eliminate some of the uncertainties and allow players to make more consistent shots.
Fun for a bit then it gets impossible. Not fun at all at that point. No way to reset your profile through game or Google. Unless you can buy the appropriate disc needed randomly in the pro shop you can be stuck on tournaments for a long time. Real tournaments aren't fun at all as it seems to be field is not even for all players. Wind and shots have different reactions every shot. No consistency at all. Uninstalled
Doesn't explain anything and very glitchy and has alot of bugs. Has potential to be a very nice game with some work. If it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm going to delete the game.
So refreshing to see a mobile game without crystals and timers and stuff like that. Imagine a good discgolf game and this is it IMO. Some things could be better (replay cams and few cases of hitbox discrepancy) but a very solid game. I quickly bought a in-game cash pack because I felt like they truly deserve it.
Experienced a glitch that was reseting my disc bag to a previous loadout whenever I tried to challenge the valley. Great disc golf game with terriffic physics and very familiar and fun courses!
Was amazing, then like everyone else said this last update has made the reaction from every contact the disk makes with the ground or a tree or anything incredibly unrealistic and frustrating. The rolls are ridiculous and their paths often make no sense at all. Before you used to be able to make it through trees with some redirection and reduction in speed, but now even hitting the edge of a branch is like hitting a brick wall with the disk dropping straight down. Disappointed.
Won't let me start a game at all. Everything loads fine and all. But when you click start nothing happens.
I love this game because it is so realistic. I'm not saying if you play well on mobile you'll play well in reality. It doesn't work that way. But the discs on the game do exactly what they should do in real life if you throw them perfectly. Great game, love the tours.
Really great game. Has helped further my understanding of disc flight/release angles which I have been able to use in real life! Love the daily open and pro tour giving a reason to play everyday. New courses being added consistently has made this my go to video game.
I love this game!! Let me start with that. Great game play, I love how real it is with the choices of discs with different speeds. Although I Google rewards you can earn so much money to use on the play store, I REALLY wish you could use money to buy more coins!! I really don't understand why that's not an option. It would bring in so much more revenue.
Good job dev.s! This is a surprisingly fun game. Would be a 5 star rating, but if it is your intention to make me buy the disks - like a good driver disk - to clear the obstacles than you lost your soul for the game for greed. I was rewarded with many 5 speed disks but nothing higher.
I love the game. It's very addicting and pretty realistic. My only complaints are there should be a short tutorial of the controls and how they work. And a power to distance range gauge would be nice.
Overall this is a good game that's fun to play. There are some problems with it though. Mainly the amount of times you hit the basket dead center and it comes out. I play Disc Golf in real life and that does happen sometimes but not nearly as often as it does in this game. It might happen once every 54 holes, not three times in a 9. Also there are far too many shots where your disc lands in a good spot but then it skips, rolls, catches a bus if it has to to find water or go out of bounds.
A horrifyingly feel bad game with inconsistent physics, terribly designed courses, and requires a ridiculous amount of play time b4 you are allowed to get a decent driver.
This game has consumed my friends time and mine for awhile now, I love it! Not to bad mouth, but, with most sincerity this game is the best out there pertaining to discing. Everything I hate about d.g.rival is forgotten like; unrealistic playouts, bots, HITTINGTHEPOLE, forcing disc in throws. Need a relaxing game still? Try this one. Offline, party options, challenges, it literally has it all. Cant wait to see what else they can do!!
Going from a 2 star to a 1. Some of the holes are stupidly impossible. I swear some of the developers are sadistic. And after a reset of our ratings, I'm right back in the Pro Division. I DON'T BELONG THERE! Maybe if I throw eagles and aces consistently, but I don't! I need to do that in order to keep up. Uninstalling for good. I'm done. Waste of time. Don't bother.
Game is great at first with matching the experience of the real game. However, the gaming experience "plateaus" as you get into the latter courses and have to navigate ridiculous boundaries. Some of the courses seem to require better drivers but there are none to be had.
Good game was made very well I hope to see more drivers introduced in the game and more maps tbh it would be mind blowing if you redesign the front page as a world map and have locations of the best courses in states and have the options to play real courses in game idk cool concept
What a truly great game, no adverts, and tough but not impossible, I think a tutorial might help to understand the various frisbees but aside from that it's really good, and I keep coming back to it, solid online mode and decent offline ai multiplayer - this is the best game I've downloaded since pixel dungeon.
Overall it's a really solid game. Definitely the best disc golf experience you will get on mobile. Good course and disc diversity. Only down side is unless you want to grind hours on end dont expect any good disc.
Really good game! I am impressed with how much like disc golf it is! Easy to figure out, cool courses, and I'm not sure I've seen even 1 ad while playing it which is weird for a free game. Very cool.
Absolutely frustrating. Takes way too long to level up. You as a beginner get matched up with players in the pro level and you have no ability to get the tools to let you play at a higher level. Please fix these issues. The game is fun through the first 3 levels but makes you rage quit whenever you play multi player.
This is one of the few games I thoroughly enjoy. Even after 2 years, I play it on a nearly daily basis. Like in real disc golf it is easy to play but difficult to master. What that means there is no quick fixes, you have to put in the time to get better. This is why I keep on coming back. If it wasn't challenging I would have lost interest within a few weeks. There has been some negative reviews about this game, which I find laughable. Not everything in live has to be an instant gratification.
It's a fun game but it's not consistent. You can have the same speed the same throw and it can have a totally different result. Not just minute, I'm talking vastly different. So with that it's hard to gage how much to account for with wind strength of throw etc. But it is fun when things seem better
Do not waste months like I did on Disc Golf Rivals. Disc Golf Valley blows it away.. More realistic, better graphics and game play, excellent courses, and no stupid bots (so far.) I'm still learning it but it is very fun and challenging. There's a bit of a learning curve. Wind, hills, water, canyons...it's great. Hope they don't FIU like Disc Golf Rivals did with their updates.
Right amount of challenge. Easy holes and hard. Many risk/reward holes. The pro shop was the best update they had. Never play multiplayer anymore. Not enough reward in playing anymore.
Great game, love the intricacy of the holes and courses, most games everything looks the same, thanks!
You play a really weak-arm golfer. You're forced to throw it in from 100' away(field ace), for birdie, which isn't so easy to do. Plus, it progressively gets slower/glitchy as you go. It's way too hard to advance through the levels.
Doesn't work. If you hit the play button in any mode it does nothing. Are the people who made this "game" just trolls?
Definitely a great game to play, bit challenging which makes it fun. But Definitely need to implement distance drivers affordable, and that can go the distance. Hince its name!!!
Disc Golf Valley is my favorite app! Gameplay feels very fluid and natural. New courses are added periodically. Online multiplayer challenges function without fail. I think playing this app has made me a better player. Is that possible? If you're looking for a disc golf app to try, can't miss with this one.
Brilliant little game. Peaceful and mechanically sound. I really wish there was a save replay feature tho
Great game. A match play feature would be cool. Set a score and have a friend/rando match or beat it when they're available to play, then set their own on a different course or set of holes you choose.
It's a good game. Ridiculous coins for bag pouches and discs, and disc sales awful. There seems to be a lot of players with mentally high scores, I'm buggered if I can get those scores without a cheat code. Love the game though, worth downloading and challenging your friends.
Game is ok , until its time to putt than they screw you over. Its touchy at times or its lagging on the release. Gets aggaverating after 2 or 3 times......
What this game shows is that Latitude64 doesn't make drivers. Been playing for a while now and, aside have a handful of fairway drivers, everything I unlock is 5 speed or less. Terrible experience w/ no instructions to unlock higher speed discs or larger bags. Unlocked discs are worth 25 points, but discs and bag space for trade are 2000+. Thanks, but no thanks! If there would be a reasonable advancement strategy, then it'd be 5 star, cause the game play and physics is great.
Great game and getting better with every update. Developer is very tuned in to listening to the ideas of the playing community and fixing problems when they arise.
Fun game but after playing for less than an hour the game stalled out 4 times. I'd make my throw, the disc would land, and the game would not advance to the next throw. The only option was to restart... the entire course. Super annoying when it happened on the 2nd to last hole.
They took away bag expansion and put it behind a 6 dollar paywall. I had enough coins to expand my bag at least several more spots and was just about to do it and then they update it and make it cost real money after I grinded for coins to expand my bag. Couldn't be more disappointed with this decision. Until they change it back my rating stays at 2 stars. Sad to see this company go for the money grab like so many others. Makes me worry for the future of the game.
Really solid, addicting disc golf game. Love the no ads. Need the option to see the distance to OB for layups. Completely unrealistic in multiplayer, absolutely no reason people should be shooting -13 or -14 on a 9 hole course.
Near-perfect disc golf experience! FEELS like disc golf. Only one paid DLC, and while it will speed up your progression, is not at all necessary (other than to show your support!). Collect discs, unlock new courses, play tournaments, and best of all, feel like you are out discing! My only complaint is that progression is a bit slow, but I want to play it constantly so that's not really an issue. Tip for beginners: jump straight into online multiplayer. You will progress much faster!
Kind of fun for a bit. Cannot get past the first stage. Can get 2nd plenty of times but 1st is needed to pass. There is also a putting bug, the disc will go really slow and move like 2ft on random putts. This also makes it difficult to pass the first stage as the competition (simulated) is shooting like -15, -16. I finish one back for 2nd place but had two putts glitch out. If no glitch I would have passed level 1 a long time ago. Fix the putting glitch
Good graphics. Pretty realistic game play. I mainly downloaded it to be able to play friends online. I was disappointed that we aren't able to see each others throws like we can in other golf games. Hopefully that's something they will add.
Very unrealistic controls. All this will do is make the avid disc golf player mad. The game makes no sense. Nothing like the real sport. Just some college punk trying to make a dollar off of a sport which requires close to no money. Well done you price gauging shrimp.
Really fun game but there is a glitch that freezes the game when you hit the chains and it doesn't drop. Chains away in the wind and it doesn't allow you to take a shot. Fix and I give 5 stars.
I love this game. The only complaint is its impossible to advance in the game. There are no stats to increase and only get better with better discs. It's not easy to get better discs either. Even spent 4.99 and I still can't place in the top 5 on mid-level tournaments. Somewhat frustrating. But the game is awesome, highly recommended for any disc golfer
Good game. So glad to finally have a decent disc golf game to play. Just wish they would make it where I could buy any disc, and make a bag just like my real disc bag. It's also hard to get distance drivers in game for making long Island holes.
Great disc flight mechanics. Now for the bad. Having no run up in shots is missing a key factor to distinguish between a tee shot and stand still. Very poor disc shop and selections. Having to play the courses over and over to get stars is boring. Sadly, being a gamer and disc golfer, this does not satisfy my desire to play the game on my phone nor in real-life. I was hoping that the Latitude discs would be on better display, but the game gave out discs that were the same model, just different.
I love the game. it has some things that could be added to make it even better. like the option to save replays and different kinds of gameplay. Doubles tournaments. Side games like worst shot or throw them all
What a truly great game, no adverts, and tough but not impossible, I think a tutorial might help to understand the various frisbees but aside from that it's really good, and I keep coming back to it, solid online mode and decent offline ai multiplayer - this is the best game I've downloaded since pixel dungeon. For those struggling with putting, I just switch back to backhand at the cup and pull back like a normal shot, way easier. Also do the daily comp and the 4 round to get coins quicker.
Beautiful game with amazing mechanics. There is no purchase necessary to be competitive and progress through the game and there are no ads to deal with (the game itself is an amazing ad for Latitude 64; genius) so it's easy to get wrapped up in the game for a long time. They even add new courses to keep things fresh and challenging. Keep it up guys!
The game is well made and enjoyable at first. But the courses ramp up in difficulty way too fast and the scores needed to get stars are just way too frustratingly hard. I'm now at a point where it's no longer fun to play.
The best disc golf game available, it's fun and accurate to the real sport. In game purchases are tastefully done and progression feels rewarding. The newly added courses are awesome and working to 3 star all of them will challenge you.
Best representation of the game of disc golf while still being arcade enough to be an enjoyable mobile game experience. It uses all latitude 64 branded discs so it feels realistic with real life specs. Tons of maps with technical and bomber courses. The best part is no ads, multiplayer when you want, or solo gameplay as much as you want. Very recommended. My only concern is that it takes a while to get some distance driver discs. Stick with it and it gets better.
What?! A single player mode and the game is fun! Thank you so much! Controls take a little to get used to but so far it's great. The fact that I can have peace and just play rounds alone and not be rushed or cheated makes it so relieving and enjoyable.
If you can't at least birdie every hole on every course every time don't expect to win any tournaments. A.I. players are way too perfect for average players. Makes the game unenjoyable.
I just started it and it is way better than Disc Golf Rivals. More realistic, better graphics and game play, excellent courses, and no stupid bots (so far.) I'm still learning it but it is very fun. After Disc Golf Rivals update their game TOTALLY SUCKED! Criticism in their FB group for you thrown out. Download this. There's a little learning curve but you won't regret it!
This is the best game that I can find that involves a cell phone I just wish that they would make more of these games more realistic this is the only one I found is that all play
THANK YOU FOR MAKING A FREE GAME WITH NO ADS I hate playing online against people and I hate when the game centers around that. This game not only has online play though, but a large part of it is completely single player and against AI's. The controls are smooth, takes some knowledge of disc golfing to understand, and is just overall so pleasing to look at. Thank you guys for making a single player golf game. I've been playing for months now
By far the best disc golf game I've played but I do wish the prices for getting disc space wasn't so high and to sell discs you get only 25 coins and its costs like 3grand which I don't think I'll be able to get so idk loses 2 stars for that cause more space will help so much but still the best game out there. Will give 5 stars if space or disc's get cheap or easier to get.
I keep giving this game a chance but honestly it just isnt good. Cant get my fix anywhere else on these rainy days. Bout to just buckle down and grind out the other disc golf game so its actually fun. Far better than this game.
This is such a fun game! More and more challenging courses requiring a wider arrange of discs. The game has a very realistic feel to it...the satisfying clang of the chains and the frustration of a wrong choice of disc or throw resulting in a disc going ob or ending up in a worse place than where you started. Love it!
A lot of fun and challenging, just like real disc golf. I'm not much of a gamer, but I can tell you that this game is a lot of fun, and will keep you coming back for more. There are daily tournaments with real life players, keeps track of all your aces and eagles, you get all sorts of different discs. I could go on and on about all the great stuff about this game you just have to download it and play for yourself
While the game is fun there are still aspects that will make you want to break your phone. Throwing disc's without the accurate attribute is very frustrating as you can put almost full angle on it and it will still come out straight, and with being level 40+ I've yet to see a ballista pro with that attribute. Its almost the opposite of disc golf as putting is much easier and driving is more of the challenge.
This game is fantastic! My one wish would be if the 2 newest courses (backwoods and frozen valley) were added to the online & offline tournaments!
excellent game! buy the disc pack to support the game as well as getting some essential discs for low scoring! one suggestion would be to increase the "tap in" to at least 15 feet.
Great combination of simulation and arcade style play. Would love if they incorporated other Trilogy discs, like Dynamic, Westside
Im really disappointed you dont alternate turns where you can see your opponent or friend play their shot in head to head play. The games pretty fun, but missing that important aspect of a game like this is a deal breaker for me. Its really inexcusable in this day and age.
Awesome game. There are in-app purchases for some specially stamped discs, but the same discs (stat-wise) can be acquired by playing the game. All of the best discs can be unlocked through playing in tournaments (AI or against real players) and using the game currency.
*bug report (I won't use reddit) When test driving a disc, the range overlaps the throw selector. Very fun game, lots of time wasted playing. Do the AI tournaments to level up and get better discs early on.
Not worth your time. Restricted to practice putting. No other features work. If they do. You probly got to pay. I'd say nice concept tho. But the game is a bust if it dont work
Love the game. Hate that physics change for every course, and disc. Wow, I wish I had a disc that went the opposite of what you threw it.
Updating my rating from 2 to 4 stars. This is the game I always come back to to play. It is just a lot of fun. It can be very frustrating at times, but real disc golf can do the same thing - rollaways, windy days, terrible kicks off a tree or branch you didn't see. Yes, some of the ground play isn't perfect, but it's a free game and everyone is playing with the same conditions. TIP - TO GET DISTANCE DRIVERS PLAY THE DAILY OPEN! You get a lot of coins for those and you can then buy them.
GREAT Game!! FINALLY, a really quality game without ads that you can play indefinitely WITHOUT spending money! Whether you play disc golf in real life or not, this is a really fun game. I bought a disc package just because I love the game so much and want to support development of such excellent products! But again, this is a TRULY free to play AD FREE game. 10 STARS!!!
Well I'd say on the putting where you got to pull back and then push forward there's not enough room on the phone when it's sideways to do so and it caused you to just flop the frisbee. And it's not consistent with the distance that is as far as the disc will go it varies.
At what level do I get an actual driver? Big problem is the way discs sometimes slide way way way unrealistically too far when they hit the ground. 40m slides. It's much less predictable than real life. It's also impossible to throw rollers.
The most frustrating thing about this game is how the disc reacts. One time it'll stick next time it'll slide 300 ft off of a cliff. Even though it's supposed to be a sticky disc. Another thing about this game that sucks is it takes forever to get a driver. A lot of the times of the disc flight is funky and not true. I guess it's a good game to pass the time.
It is a good game and challenging but the weather patterns are totally unrealistic as you have a massive storm on one hole and calm the next. That is unrealistic. You need to pick a weather pattern for the day and not a different weather pattern for each whole.
This game is an amazing opportunity to sit down and play a multitude of courses with several levels of difficulty when it comes to skill level. I see a lot of other reviews talking about the difficulties of the courses and being inconvenienced with having to make purchases for higher level discs and equipment. I think that the new feature may be masking the reality of the point and level up system that was in place even prior to the new course and tournament additions. Every thousand points that you acquire from play will automatically win you better plastic, but you have to play to get these points. It doesn't have to be tournaments by the way, you also get points by challenging others online as well. I personally enjoy and appreciate the fact that the game keeps getting more and more challenging because it forces you to get better and decreases the boredom. I also think that with all things considered, the people programing the game have made significant improvements since it first came out (especially with the putting feature). I would encourage anyone who likes a good challenge to download the game and give it a try! Cheers!
Greatest sports game I've played yet. The physics of the game are so realistic, Its amazing. And it helps with real game by teaching how to toss. Can't wait for more discs to be added or team up with other companies, that would be incredible.
Great game! Pretty realistic and fun to play. We wanna see more REAL courses. The DDO was a ton of fun and I want more events like it!
After playing long enough it appears to me that the dev has built in harder to predict throws the better your score and then gives great throws to keep you interested. It has begun to bore me. Great graphics well set up and really good overall until updates changes the arithmetic
Sorry to have to leave a one star review but in my opinion you have ruined what used to be an excellent game. By making all the new courses ridiculously hard. I have played disc golf for 20 some years all over the country and have never played any courses so horribly conceive. Your early courses were enjoyable to play and I had great fun with this app. Now it has just become frustrating and unenjoyable. I will add more stars to my review if you start making courses that are enjoyable again.
Awesome disc golf sim. Could be more realistic with how the disc reacts off tree leaves and the basket. Putting is too easy. Other than that it is very good.
I've played this game for about a year, and it just keeps getting better. It used to be a good game that got a bit boring, but was amazing given the fact that it was free and had no ads or in-app purchases. They have since added many new features including new courses, tournaments, and the shop. The shop has some in-app purchases now, but they are mostly to support the developers and keep the game ad free. They can help speed up your progress a little bit, but are nowhere close to pay to win.
If you are looking for a game that will make you want to break you phone look no further. It was a pleasantly challenging game but the new courses are just frustrating for the sake of being frustrating. It's obviously made by the guy that hangs on the disc golf course and always moves the baskets to the hardest position so no one else will have a good time. Like others have said the physics are off and it's hard to play. Oh and hole 2 on the newest course (desert) is awful.
Less owls, more distance drivers. A camera mode that works like the putting camera for backhand and forehand throws would be nice too.
Physics are mostly the problem, specifically the chains for the basket, it can bug out and make u miss an important shot. Other than physics.... lol...... it can be enjoyable, 3 stars for now.
This is getting better with every update. The chains physics is strange when a disc crawls out like a slinky crawling down stairs.
Very good basis for a great Disc Golf game. If they continue to improve the game it should be excellent in a year or so. Bit glitchy at the moment, but the gameplay is great, which is the most important aspect. Wish it didn't take forever to get a Driver disc, hopefully they will make it easier to acquire in a future update. Keep up the good work, whoever is developing this game 🙂
This is the best game on my phone. A game of trickshots through an intense maze of deliberately detailed green scapes, lush forests, lakes, and every climate you can imagine. I line up my shot exactly how I would in real life, I'm rewarded with amazing realism!
Pretty good. My previous rating wasnt good, but really this game is the most realistic action as far as disc golf games.
What a fun game, play with your friends, teether it with facebook messenger and have that on course experience. Physics are good, not great but good. Bunches of equipment and courses, if your a disc golfer you'll love it.
Updated my review after re-downloading, still give it low marks. Finally getting a distance driver has helped a lot with making the game playable since you need to be able to get eagles and aces to be remotely competitive and most par 4's are next to impossible to eagle without a distance driver. I don't get why it's so damn hard to get distance drivers.
I like this game, I really do. I have over 20 hours and no disc over speed 10. Can't throw over 350 ft. The new courses are great but I throw OB because I can't throw far enough. I have ZERO distance drivers. Edit: Game completely changes when you reach level 10. You have to grind online tournaments. The game doesn't mention this at all. Now I have speed 13 discs and can 3 star almost every course. If you love disc golf, this game is the best. Just expect to grind in the beginning.
Awesome game, very realistic physics. Love that game is not pay to win like almost every other game on market, instead, you get what you play for.
This is a wonderful game with plenty of challenges. There are superb players, mediocre players and all sorts of players, just like in real life. The folks who have given this game a bad review, clearly aren't cut out for it and should try something less adventurous like Candy Crush. The developer of this game is a great guy who will help players in times of need. There are great tournaments every week. Within the past week or so, UDisc has been involved in tournaments. Don't pass this game by.
Update: 2/4/21. This game use to be fantastic. It is now the most consistently inconsistent game I've played. Since the last update, this game has become the most infuriating, phone breaking experience I've ever played. Fix the mechanics!
Needs to have a way to practice on specific holes. In offline practice mode you should be able to practice on same fairway target to learn where the disk breaks. Changing distance and target direction makes it difficult to learn anything. You should also be able to choose conditions that stay the same for entire tournaments.
Great game, the one glaring thing that is missing though is the ability to do a flyover of each hole. I know it gives you a preview at the start of each one but a manual one would be really helpful. Also showing the max distance of a disc while you're throwing would also be a really welcomed feature to prevent so many overthrown shots. All in all though the game is fantastic
Pretty fun. Looking forward to more courses and textures within the courses. It's about time that was a good disc golf mobile game. Loving it so far
They have really made this game so much better then when it was first created. Good job guys! I love this game! They always are adding new maps that are more challenging each time.
Great game. Feels the most realistic of any disc golf game I've played. So awesome design. But I have one major issue with the app. I often will switch to another window on my phone and when I come back the game restarts. I've lost a lot of great rounds this way and its always super frustrating.