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Dirty Money: the rich get richer!

Dirty Money: the rich get richer! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Danko lab. located at Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Drug Use) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
3 stars because u cannot just tap screen and get money, u have to swipe everytime, which makes your arm and hand tired. Will give more stars when i can just tap screen to get money
It is a good game but it does take a lot of time out of your day. WARNING, WARNING, THIS GAME IS VERY ADDICTING!!!
Its a good game for the most part, except the financial investments tab keeps comimg up blank and cant click anything to upgrade on that tab. other tabs still upgrade fine.
It's a cool game to pass the time when ur avoiding something, bored or just wanna feel like a rich superstar that's having fun making if rain on ur imaginary friends, family and fab fans. The reason why I didn't hey give total stars is because I hate when I'm tapping/sliding and it doesn't actually let me make it rain and it stays in place for a bunch of slides because then I start sliding my fingers all over my phone frantically like a wild person lol. But other than that love this game to bits
I dont like the "wheel of visitors" because i waste my time on adds,have to pay for 5 bribes or subtract cash, i dont think it helps you become "rich so you can be richer" but i like everything else about it
this game game is so awesome my experience has been like kind of just been like going by so fast with this game I love it the only thing is I wish that ads wouldn't pop up
Good game kinda but the reason I gave 3 Stars is because it said you mail money but there's no obvious way so please fix or just tell me but I would recommend fixing it so other people don't ask for help
It would be good if we just had to tap the money rather than swipe it but it's a good game and i have had some fun with it.
I do enjoy this game but the wheel of visitors is annoying because you can lose money you're trying to save, or watch an ad, I've spent over ten hours on ads alone, it can get very infuriating quickly
can't scroll down to get the upgrades, fix and will rate higher, also having to slide my finger for a "clicker game" is annoying but won't affect the rating.
entertaining.. not sure if it's a way to make real money or not but it deffinetly keeps you not board.. but your hand does start to hurt.. but would be worth it.. if your actually getting paid real money..
Entertaining though but waste of time and energy because wow,no option for payout which means just for fun 💔🥺
On the most part a decent game. Ruined by a banner ad at the top of the screen which you have to be very careful not to click on accidentally whilst swiping
This is the best game because you actually get a whole bunch of money in there when you do that you spent it on stuff and I want to spend it on stuff but the bad thing is that these people on pay you you got to pay them and if you don't you have to give into our money so that's the bad thing about the game
I was lead to believe you get money for playing this game, yet l can't see any payout options so l guess it was all for nothing after 24rs straight
Iwas really enjoying the game and then as i was going to buy something (in game money) like better tapping amount the shop goes blank it jusr shows the blank shop like nothing no locked icons just nothing. I can open all the shop tabs but they became blank... Seems like fun i was enjoying it so far... But i cant do anything now. I restarted my device, restarted the app, even uninstalled it and reinstalled which sucks cause it resets me. Uninstalling was only temporary because it happened again.
The game is a five star game but why did I rate 4 stars the ads that why you look like you are thirsty for money 1ad per 12 min and you can't get bribes for free. It is a pay to win game that is not ideal for the downloaders satisfaction.
I'm giving one star not only because the"gameplay" is terrible but also the amount of ads. Everywhere. Seems like the developers of this game didn't want to make an enjoyable/fun game but rather an app that generates ad revenue for them. I didn't even talk about how BAD the controls are, and UI is just 💩
First game that actually forces you to watch ads at gunpoint. Let's be honest Devs, not really a game is it. Just a stream of ads with something to link them together. Uninstalled.
Its like every tap game except if you dont slide a certain distance it doesnt register you hitting, a bunch of random negative events that set you back too harshly at times and yet still addictive but not the type of game I could play more then a couple weeks
Just strate up fun no complaints and stoo with the cat bribe I hate giving ratings but cat needs milk
It's so cute when you get to give the kitty milk you have to download it it's so cute and and you get an infinite amount bundle of money
Fun and Exciting.. Have only been playing for a few days. Will give another review at a later date. So far So good..
I only did it because you said that if I rate you guys 5 Stars the kitty gets 5 gallons of milk and it's a pretty cool game because you swipe and you get a lot of money like a lot yeah a lot
Financial investments are buggy. It will not show anything at all in that category but will show everything in the other 3. I have quit it and reopened and still nothing as well as uninstall it and reinstall it. Would not suggest, super buggy.
It's a very fun game but I feel you need to fix or remove the spinning wheel because it really doesn't add to the game and make you lose money always
No options menu, can't mute sound. Also banner ads across the top at all times. Edit: and random full screen ads out of nowhere, dropped it from 3 to 1.
This game is really fun and is great when you need to kill time I really recommend this game to people that get bored fast and like games that aren't filled with ads! Yes this is a real review for you people that think they are fake.
Customer support is a joke! If you feel the need to completely waste time, this is a game for you. Otherwise, find an app that teaches or earns you something. This game does neither.
Wheel of Visitors ruins what would be a 4.5 star game. It takes a massive chunk of your money more often than not, after having swiped a nice ammount very annoying and pointless.
Potential. But what is the point in watching ads for rewards when other forced ads kick in. And ad has one D. Not add lol
Well it's fun flipping money I'll never have but I like flipping the cash not sure what its really about but I'll do it anyway just to see how high the bucks goes...
I like this game, but it requires you to keepopen the game for 24 hours then only you will be able to make money and complete objective to earn. Fix this glitch ASAP.
Decent concept, similar to other games on the market. There needs to be a way to turn off sound. Also, I don't like the wheel of visitors. I get that it's suppose to be a way to generate money for you, but it's too much. Find a better way to do that. Not worth installing in my opinion. There are better games of this style on the market.
An extremely annoying amount of forced ads. Even if you click to watch ads yourself, they'll force you to watch one anyway like every minute or so. Would be a great time killer if it wasn't for the many forced ads...
Good game, but the way you do ads is abismal. There are way to many and instead of giving ads the regular way, you push the app into the background and open up a new video file with the thirty second unskipable ads. If anyone else is reading this if you wanna skip it just open up your "app history" and close the new video they opened.