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Dirt Xtreme

Dirt Xtreme for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Deemedya INC located at 1250 Borregas Ave. #118 Sunnyvale, CA. 94089. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the ads are blocking buttons i have to press, other than that good game, -2 stars for the ad covering buttons i have to press
Please fix. I cant sign in google play games . When i click on sign in the game quit and showing error message . And sometimes when it offline showing "dirt extre has stoped " report . Game superb . I like it . After fixing it i will give five star .
Love the game. Upgrading bikes can be a bit of a grind. Most infuriating thing though is cheating. Some tracks have an issue with the checkpoint spawn locations, meaning that some players will intentionally crash to respawn further up the track. Please fix. I report every instance of this I see.
I'm hooked. I, however, found the game clan race from this same developer. How is it different from this one. Noticed that the latest update was Oct 2018. Will you still be maintaining this game? I've already placed a few purchases and I don't want them to go to waste eventually.
The game is awesome.. But f**thing is ad. **how can I press the button the ad is showed in the middle downward of the screen. We can even touch the button. Just played 1 level I can play the next one. ** ad 😑😠
Your ads are constantly appearing on low screens or I'm having trouble playing properly! Please make changes to the ad space. Thank you
Advertisements are displayed at the wrong position, thus, disallowing me to go back after a game. I have to go Home page and restart the game again and again, which is very irritating.
one of the best game, may you add an offline Of this kind? I would also like see the reduction of the price of the items /spares ,fuel and nitro
Game takes forever to get your bikes up to par to race Unless you spend alot of Real Money.They give you the same rewards over and over again when you dont need them. Theres a glitch where the play screen pans out and your bike takes off out into nowhere where you cant see or control the bike at all and that can put you from 1st place to last place and you still loose fuel and points.The timing of some of the jumps and obstacles on the coarses is so far off it gets annoying.
Good game but the adds down the bottom get in the way of pressing some buttons like after a race presiding garage or continue
It was great for a while. Advancing is kind of slow but that makes the challenges last longer. The thing that irks me is as of lately, players will spawn at the end of the track when I have been in the lead for over half the track or they spawn ahead of where they crashed. Sometimes I see players flying at the top of the screen for the duration of the race. It has got worse after I put quite a few dollars and lots of time into it. Please fix it or refund all the money I spent on your game.
This game is fun! But I seem to be stuck. I have a few bikes, 1 completely updated but can't seem to get any farther! Going to contact developers on the issues.
This is the first review i write. Annoying so many cheaters, it's not a question of the money but I regret spending some on your game something I don't do usually and I won't be buying in again in another game thanks to this one. over and above I thinks its normal that you let this happen as the developers of this game cheats also, with all the ads we don't get what we are supposed to and on the reverse side the devs get paid... it's getting pretty sad the way people act with each other.
Most of the time, while race is loading, i get booted out the game. But the ads are working just fine, never booted out.
If I play for longer than 5 mins at a time the game freezes. The controls are wack. My bike likes to randomly flip over backwards for no reason no matter how much I push the tip forward button. Bike gets stuck on some tracks and wont move. Still wont let me log in with google play. Leveling and upgrading dont make sense. Update to review 3 stars because the support is pretty good. Emailed about an issue and they gave me gears to counter balance what I lost. A generous amount.
I just started playing this game because a buddy of mine said I should check it out and honestly this game is so littered with hackers who I can tell can't play or they're broke so they hack and therefore steal from the players who put time and effort into learning the game and after time and time again of complaints to the company about the hackers the company does really nothing about it. Its sad.
This game is very awesome quality of this game is very good and most adventure in this game so you will try this game they have not play this game
Awesome game! One thing I would recommend is to add a game mode where its 3D and you can steer left and right. But otherwise it's an AWESOME game, Good job!
Uh. Trying to play the game but there's a frocking ad over the continue button!! Making the game unplayable!!!!
Just started playing and so far i think its really fun. Im only at level 5 but i think it might actually keep heing this fun as i keep playing. So many games start off super entertaining but then somewhere along the line they lose me for a variety of reasons. Point being, Its a super cool game and I continue to have high hopes for the farther along content in it.
It's actually a real good strategy game but still fun but you better learn how to play the game you could add a few adjustments here and there but you know you're working on it
Great new game's with unique styles but no accelerator but with just one control optionso it's very hard to finish first in line like, no brakes, just let it go and you crash and you don't know how much far you have reach and how far and who is leading are all frustrating😀 anyway I played a while and everything was fine except for what I've mention above alright. Thanks
Nice games mession level control grafic is asome if it can like left and right buttons it will be so cool .
This game is P2W it used to be balanced and you could mostly grind to progress. Your clan tasks are always to high and after months of opening crates that deliver nothing that upgrades your bike. It's clear you only care about making money and very little for the people who play your games. I give you one star and that's for fixing adverts making the game crash, well done on that it only took you a couple of years.
After they started using Google ads, they ruined the UX. Google banners appear over the claim buttons so you cannot claim your achievements anymore. 1 star for that!
Why is it when a race starts people wreck on purpose right out the gate, then it starts them a quarter way ahead in front of everyone?
Can the developers look into fixing the Madagascar checkpoint glitch. At least 25% of the time if not more when racing on this track one or more players will wreck and then be pushed forward to the next checkpoint closer to the finish line rather than falling back to the most recently passed checkpoint. Tournament racing on that track becomes very frustrating very quickly when you can be in the lead and no one passes you but you end up coming in 2nd or 3rd because of this glitch.
I'm done. I've played so many hours of this game and loved most of them. But I can't take the obvious cheating. I'm not even including the guys who fall intentionally to spawn in front of you. It's the guys who spend most of the race hovering in the air next to you spamming the emojis or boosting twice within a couple of seconds. Update: People are cheating so much they are starting to put Cheating before their name to brag that they're cheating! Update: And now the game is crashing.
The game is very fun. However.... People intentionally crash at the start of a race and during the race in order to respawn near the end and win. The developers or whoever needs to fix this asap. It is very frustrating to be in the lead just to have this bug happen in almost every race. PLEASE FIX !!! I would give the game 5 stars if they would fix this bug.
Terrible controls and camera, as if it's a clone by a different team entirely. I can see why you stopped producing games.
This should be a 5 star game.I have been playing this game on and off for a couple of years now. After returning to play it appears the developers have got greedy and now this awesome game it flooded with bloody ads. Do not install. I will be uninstalling as the ads block the screen and buttons you need to push. You guys are idiots
Fun gameplay but its a real grind. Also the prices are ridiculously high, come on, 10 tiers of VIP? That totals to a couple of hundreds of euros. The phobos bike set for 60 euros for example. Way too high prices for a mobile game. And trying to get all the parts needed to upgrade your bikes without real money will take a lot of time, enough to get bored of the game really fast. Also the multiplayer feels fake. I just cant believe im so good to win 90% of the time against human players.
It takes a long time to get things for the bike witch is a waste. The game boards are almost all the same. You should be able to get extra points when you do flips in the air but you don't. There are better games then this
Thank you!! Uninstalled it for recalculating the rewards everyday, last 3 days. Saving you some work if you choose to do it again.
Am considering deleting this app because the ongoing problem (ever since i first downloaded this app SEVERAL months ago) of the crash/spawn error doesnt appear to have any effort applied toward it. You never know when you'll be spawned at the beginning of the course or at the end, alot of players has it figured out and use it to cheat because cheating to win must be acceptable
Constant ads which lag the game, prices are stupid high for small stuff. Did enjoy at first but the game has gone down hill
not too happy with the fact when the opponent crashes. he gets advanced to the front of pack. unfair advantage, not sure if it's hackers. If you wanna win in this game. Crash your bike at the starting gate or within the beginning. I've reported riders and haven't heard anything from anyone if they gonna fix this issue. They better fix it because I feel bad if you're spending money in this game.
Your solution to ads that freeze your game is too not fix the problem, but to ask for more money? Do you feel that you've earned that trust? The good: fun game. Good graphics. Fun items. You race against similarly powered gamers. The Bad: Ads. Ads. Ads. After every race an ad takes over the screen. The worst part is that they often lock up and you have to close and restart the game. Ads to earn is a reasonable revenue model. Just make sure they work and don't crash the app.
Fix the ads! After all this time, you can still watch multiple ads before they pay the reward! Occasionally, if it's the same ad being played, it won't pay at all. So sick of this!!! Other than way too many ads and the rip-off of not paying the reward for watching EVEN MORE ADS, the game itself is fun. FIX. THE. ADS. EDIT: Quick response from the Devs. Hopefully they'll get this fixed ASAP so I can get back to crushing the competition... :-D
Very realistic gameplay graphics are very nice too and it is a fast game you don't get bored too quickly
**EDIT** Have had to uninstall this game, too many cheats that crash just to spawn upfield, even when using the report button nothing ever gets done, admins are a total waste of space, such a shame as its a great game except for the minority that spoil it. Love the game, but far too many glitches and way too many cheats on here, even when reporting the cheats nothing ever happens, people die deliberately and then regenerate further up the track just to gain places.
Great game so far, upgrades seem to be kinda easy to earn also brilliant job on the bike sounds, pretty realistic sounding and the bikes look good. I'll edit this post in the next few days after I've played some more, peace out ✌️
Good game, but constantly force closes mid race. Watching ads doesn't always get free rewards. Lots of cheaters literally flying to the finish line. And there's the idiots that purposely fall to spawn in front of you.
Fake multiplayer its just bots and any game that limits you to like 5 mins of playing then god knows how long of a wait to refill fuel is trash. What moron makes games like this?
1 star for making the game slow. The game itself is amazing and so nice, but there's no specific place where you can buy new things or other bikes. The process is too slow. The rewards are small. Also when you crash, it puts you back on track 200 meters behind.
The game is fun. It's challenging yet the upgrade and currency system is fair. Other similar games the upgrade and currency system is wacked. The courses are somewhat realistic as opposed to other games where they are just unrealistic. The physics of the game are closer to reality than other motorcycle games which makes it more fun than the others. Only complaint would be the a few blind spots built in to some of the courses. Graphics are okay, but nothing special. I'd say give it a try.
loving how fun this game is only annoying thing is some bikes are like bats out off hell and just savagely take off n u cant catch the posessed flying rat
The game is very fun with a great competetive element when you first play. However, beyond the first 1-2 hours the amount of races allowed per hour combined with the increased rarity of items needed and the increased level requirements to take part in the next races make the game frustrating to play. A game designed to make it more difficult to level up but limits the amount you can play serves only to push you into spending silly amounts of money.
Game is good and addictive. The problem is the progression system, at first I was unlocking upgrade items constantly but as I kept playing it got harder and harder to get those upgrades. The ads are also galore. I personally don't mind ads but this game has one of the most annoying ad- the wipeout or whatever themed game ad it's so annoying that everytime it come I feel like I'm going to murder someone which will takes more than a minute to play......
Out of all the games I've played (and trust me I've played a lot!) This has got to be one of the most enjoyable by far....yeah there's a lot of adverts but I think it's a small price to pay for a game that is ultimately free ... you don't have to spend real cash to be able to compete TOP game πŸ‘πŸ˜€
For me, to many nitrous, should be limited to only 2per race. Also, the whole crash & end up in girst place bit, fix asap!
I really appreciate your time and effort in making these games I'm sure it is not as easy as these younger kids ,, say, APPπŸ‘½πŸ‘€πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘€πŸ’,they know everything, &their never wrong,, I was young once, I wish I would have known know what I could have done w/then,, but unfortunately I lived past 50 years old!!!! πŸ€”πŸ˜ŸπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜©.. know what?!!?!?!?
The game has a built in issue where a player can fall down at the beginning and skip half the course. This is b*!!$hit. I can jump out early and get a lead just to look up and other players half skipped half the course!
I liked the game to start do I put in $15, on two separate payments to get vip and remove ads, still have to watch ads for daily rewards and the courses just get choppy, your not racing other players live... Just there recorded race so they make you think your good... Also the landscape blocks your field of view... It had pontentail but il be requesting my money back and deleting the game... I will be forwarding this to the playstore as well as my real money payment was not as advertised..
There are stupid glitch like when you crashed, you'll respawn further on the track. Stupid because when you're leading the race, all those behind you crashed, the suddenly respawn in front of you and you end up as the last to cross finish line. There's also glitch where a racer is jumping like crazy across the track, and never crashed although he's upside down, going under the ramps. Crazy. Fix this.
this game is fun but has a massive glitch. crash at the beginning of any section and it puts you at the end. so a lot of punk cheaters rather crash and move up than race. sad cause complain to game but they never fix it!!!! still not fixed yet they say email them. why? still not fixed and have to lose to cheaters who crash to be put at end of stage. SMDH do somethimg!!! atill no change the game maker does not fix any issue i have pit in so many complaints. could be great if they fix it! doubt
Game is fun but severely limits play time with fuel limit in order to sell micro transactions. VIP tier system is ridiculous. Shame.
Really nice game, however it also make you feel like a "gamer-begger"!!! The rewarding system of the game is the stingiest ever!!!