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Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Free

Dirt Racing Mobile 3D Free for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Windowed Universe LLC located at P.O. Box 73 Willards, MD 21874. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
...... Needs damage to the cars so then when your racing you smack into another car then you get like a popped tire or broken steering and damage to panels or frame.
I love this game. As others have written before me, the physics of the handling of the car are great. And that is from someone who has done the real thing. But the interaction with the AI cars needs work. They have no give and never make mistakes unless you are involved. The sound needs some work, but I just turn the volume off. As others have suggested, a career mode would be great, but not a necessity. Work on some of this, and I would gladly pay for the full version. Maybe an option in the free version to watch adds to unlock a try at another track? Thanks for the great work.
The first time I downloaded it, I had a really fun time with it. Probably my favorite game. But then it froze, so I reinstalled it now it won't even let me play the game. It takes me back to my homescreen. Please fix. I really liked this game when I could play it.
Great game I do enjoy it graphics are good not to much that it slows your game down missing a driver tho and love the in car .... sound effects are not very good damage from wrecks would be good along with cautions and heat races adding dwarf cars would be great probably be the only game with them
The graphics are awesome on this game, but the controls are f****** terrible. I don't know if I've ever played a game with such horrible controls ever. The concept is great but if you so much as Touch Somebody you're going to be spinning out. If you improve the controls on this game it would probably be one of my favorite games as dirt track racing is like my favorite thing in the world. Graphics are top-notch. But the controls are horrible.
I like it! It is fun and a good time waster! However, there is a common issue when you hit another car and you go flying or spin out. That needs a fix, that's the only reason I give it a 4/5. If this is fixed, then I'd give this game a solid 5 Stars!
When u hit the wall it needs to have realistic damage like the metal bend more tracks and add modified and none of them cars handle like a real race car!!there needs to be cautions and black flags.
You guys first need to add numbers to the cars second u need to add career mode and online mode also add heat races and be able to win money and upgrade cars but so for its pretty fun but needs alot of work definitely wouldn't pay money for it
Be better if someone with actual dirt track racing experience made it! Hit a car you go spinning and not them. This game is bull crap
I really like this game it could use handling improvements so that you don't spinout every time you touch another car and definitely could use caution Flags with single file line up restarts I would also like to see some IMCA modifieds if the game had all this I would probably consider getting the version you pay for
no friggin way guys!! I drive a dirt late model! on the half mile track we rarely lift off the throttle! in this game if ya dont lift half way down the straights ya slam the outside wall!! steering absolutely SUCKS!!!!! wouldn't recommend this to anybody that knows anything about dirt track racin! go to a dirt track or drive one....then you'll understand what im takin aboot! unistalled!
This is a good base for a great game. It takes some practice but so does real dirt cars. The sound is annoying. I'm looking forward to future upgrades. Good job!
You need to add more cars like midget Sprint cars, silver crown cars, big block modified, and regular modifieds. Also you need to be able to set your number and change your car's color to any combination. Also you need sponsors. Another good thing would be to enable the player to adjust the number of laps in a race. After some of that's done then I'll consider buying the full version and giving 5 stars.
It's great, A really amazing dirt game surprised they didn't make you pay for it. The only thing they should fix is everyone should get to use the super late model class
I really do like the game but don't think I will pay 3.99 for the full version for only more tracks and two classes maybe make it to were u can upgrade your own car and add numbers to them plz. If it came to an update with better sounds and more things to keep even busier on the game even though I'm on it 24/7 that would make me consider buying full version
The game it self is great but I think if there were tow trucks and race car haulers in the middle erena that would make it very realistic. Also when you crash I wouldn't mind if there was an option for caution flags to be on or off. If they are on and there's a wreck the wreckers should. Ome out and pick up the wrecker cars. Also when you crash the bodies on the cars don't bend or crash. They need to.
Great game, but you could add more customisation options to cars. And you could add in a lot more options like more tracks, selecting number of laps, things like that. If possible could add in dirt particles when driving. But other than that great game. 10/10
I would give it 5 star but if you just tap the wall or opponents it spins you out and then it's to hard to catch back up because there is no caution flag
It's ok but I think you need to be able to adjust the sensitivity of how it turns. Bc it's so hard to get it to turn and when u do there no coming back. And like others said the whole hitting other people and walls dumps you and it's hard to Catch back up.
Such a great game, I literally play it everyday so addicted! Would be awesome to have a number on the cars and maybe a season you compete in! A paint booth? This game so good! I Put fortnite down sometimes to play this lol, that means a lot
Great and fun game when you get used to it... need to upgrade where if you hang up on it it does not spin you out or even the wall need numbers and maybe some graphics other than that the game is great... JUST NEED YELLOW FLAGS !!!! 👍👍
Great game, I just wish it had yellow flags. Also dont listen to anyone saying the AI is immovable.. If the AI runs into you then they're the ones that go spinning/flying, it's just that those people are the ones always the ones ramming into the other cars so they're the ones that spin out.
Free version is fine. The full version on the other hand is well overpriced. The AI are glued to the racing line and if you make contact with them you will fly off them or spin. Please lower the price of the full version and fix the contact physics. The free version also has too little content to be worth playing. Love the game, love the handling, hate the AI, hate the price.
Great game,absolutly love it it doesnt kill battery and is smooth on my samsung galaxy s3 the only problem is opponents are to 'solid' and if you hit hem.you just spin
Discouraging at times. Touch another car and you'll spin. Another car touches you and you'll spin. It's a good game but just needs some actual physics applied to it
Barely tap anything and you crash, and the controls are way to sensetive. And very limited all the way around. Cant run a full race, cant pick more than one track or car. Just their way to try to get people to buy the full version
I will be flying down the track straight and a car bumps me and I go flying while he didn't fase a bit or when you tern like every one and you can't straten out even letting go of the gas or braking can't save you. I would rate 5 but you can't even let us have the 1-2 mile track to race on, that with more details to the body like panted numbers or sponsor, don't care if the sponsor s name is fart its so plan looking.
It's a fun and addicting game. But I just led 8 laps straight and the steering system wouldn't respond on the last lap for some reason. And if u get near another car u wreck but if they hit u wreck. It's not a very even playing field. And if u get turned around in front of another car they just keep driving and pushing u down the track instead of stopping to let u go.
Very unrealistic. If you touch someone, you spin out. If they touch you, YOU spin out. If you are in last and touch the wall you're ok, but if you're placing and touch the wall you spin out. No yellow flags because only you spin out. Then the other cars have way more acceleration after an incident. Time killer: yes, but if you have any understanding of basic physics or any racing experience, even if you just watched it on TV, this app will aggravate you
The physics are awesome, except it could use better graphics and I would also like it when you crash or go off track, they have the cars like e up again like in real life. I will give 2 stars for each problem solved.
The game runs surprisingly well on my nearly two year old phone, but it has some issues. A simple caution flag mechanic could make the game great, and the current crash physics are terrible. Overall the game is great though. It's challenging and fun, even with the limited amount of features available in the demo.
i like this game alot but it would be better if there where cautious because the whole race you just race though the cautions. unless you flip then its red. just add cautions
This is a sooooooooo unrealistic I can't even go around a corner with out spinning out. And the AI system is horrible if you make it around the corner the ram into the side of your car forcing it to spin out. And there are no cautions
very challenging and to hard to control around the computer cars. also there always taking me out but if i clip them they keep going and spins me. sound is horrible and not sure if you get to qualify on the one you pay for but if not if needs to be allowed along with cautions. I've always adapted to any racing game but have yet to get this one figured out enough to win. I've had the lead of 5 opponents cause I could never get there with a full field but every time I get there 2nd place spins me out.
You need to listen to the people and do something about it 1.NO YELLOW FLAGS CMON!!! 2.IF I GO IN TO SOMEONE I SPIN AND IF THEY HIT ME I SPIN!!! 3.MORE DETAILS LIKE NUMBERS WRAPS STUFF LIKE THAT in THE end tho it's a decent game
I love it it reminds me of iracing bit on mobile, I wonder what it would be like if there was damage. Another thing I kinda thought about is what if the ai was able to crash. I also think there should be flags like yellow and green
Excellent physics, graphics: engine sounds need tuning. Sensitivity of steering was solved by making steering much less sensitive (by moving the slider to the left) and using the tablet's gyroscope to steer by tilting the tablet like a steering wheel. Additionally, I love the in-car driving perspective.
So hard to control the car. So much as touch someone and you spin out. Make n asphalt version, one that allows you to actually be able to race instead of in a somewhat controlled spinout all the time and I'll buy. Graphics are great.