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DiNostalgia Widget

DiNostalgia Widget for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by R. Magri located at PO BOX 99900 EY 951 155 RPO BLOORCOURT TORONTO ON M6H 0B4. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So this truly is the toy you had as a kid. I love that. I think the developers can take the liberty in creating "games" other than rock paper scissors. Keep everything the same just offer more games to play with you little bud.
Thankyou, remember my childhood, all of my classmate had this one, and im just like watching them playing thier tamagotchi all day, and i really want to have my own but i have not enough money to buy one
I love the dino, and you can pick from a couple without having to pay with right button.. only problem is they never live past 12 no matter how good it's taken care of. Mine woke up at 10am, and by 12:30 it died.. 24Β° (love's 25Β°) half hungry, not thirsty.. just broke my lil heart. Woulda spent money on it but why if it'll just die so soon. Not worth spending $$ on, at least not yet. He so cute tho. Got one from store for mean time. Could be more specific, most problems come from temp!!! Or play
It was fun at first but there 2 very annoying things: at least once a day the dino gets sick and you have to spend a long time giving food, drink, playing etc. from 0 stats. This shouldn't be happening every day. Playing with the dino also takes too long, I don't have that much time to dedicate to this and I bought the expansion, set the dino to easiest, reset but there is no difference. Please fix this because I feel like I have wasted money on the expansion.
Missing poop cleanup. If you could add a feature for this then the app would be perfect. For those asking for a tutorial or instructions there is a helpful guide in the app settings
I downloaded this last night and im excited about it, but the manual isn't aupwr helpful. I'm not sure how to read the status bars, so idk what my pet needs
So yeah,this is one great app. I might go buy some expansion pack soon,I hope it won't mess up. Just a suggestion if you can add some background,not as widget's shell color,but the background on the screen of the widget. But overall,great job. πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
this app needs to buy too many items to have a customizable experience. it would be nice if the extra features came as levels bc after all technology is ever growing.πŸ‘ŽπŸ€™
Fantastic nostalgic dinkie dino like the one I had as a kid. The only think wrong is the colour "yellow background" is too bright and low quality. The operation is perfect though!
Best Tamagotchi game available! just wish the creator would update the design a little. like the type of letter of the bottom buttons, and the colour. everything else is πŸ‘Œ
Nostalgic AF! Brings me back to 1996 and the widget is a brilliant idea! EDIT: This thing keeps randomly dying. Full food, full thirst, A+ educated, Happy, 26C temp... I'll check it and LITERALLY 10 minutes later its dead with all the above stats still.. happened past 3 days now. I give up. Cool idea tho.
It's a great app I loved playing this with my Tamagochi when I was a kid thank you so much for making this. There is one annoying problem though. The pet get's sick every day and you have to do all of the feeding and playing all over again while the original pet back in the day got sick like once or twice at max during it's entire life cycle. Also playing and feeding it takes way too long than I remember. If you can fix this please do it and I'll give it 5 star
I was looking for years an emulator app for my old 90's "Tamatgochi" πŸ‘½. I found this after looking and bought for only USD$.099 the Space Alien Creature. Thanks for develop this app. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
This app is fun and entertaining. My only problem is: no matter how good I take care of my pet it dies around 10 or 11 "years" old. Is there a reason for this? Oh, and I would like if you could fix it so we can choose different pets without having to spend money.
This app is simply amazing, a very faithful reproduction of the chinese dinkie pets from back in the day (their tamagotchi-like pet). Same graphics and feel, even the 4 classic cases, and the expansions look amazing (I'm surprised it includes the tako seijin!). Will totally get them later on. The fact that it plays as a widget is also brilliant!
Love how realistic it is to the actual real Tamagotchi make apart from it doesn't have toilet accidents which would make it even more like the nineties versions also it hatches too quickly so there's no anticipation of meeting your little buddy . They're the only suggestions I have to make it better and more like the original versionsπŸ‘
This is amazing! I had exactly same one when I was little, in Russia, and I remember playing it so much. I've searched for years to find it, thinking it's called dragon tamagotchi and could never find it anywhere. Now I finally can play it again, perfect for nostalgia 🀩πŸ₯° I really missed this. Also, app itself is great, I dont have any issues. Thank you creator! I wonder if those are still sold as physicals, but cant find any myself
Lemme just say this straight on. I really like this app. Only issue is you have to pay to get anything other than the dino, but that's fine by me.
It's a rather nice app but after a few days the pet is boring contantly (even if you play hours with him) I think this is so you purchase stuff on the shop. Not so well programed
It dies too easily. I was waiting for the pet to wake up from sleep from 1 food left but the moment it wake up on day 3 it immediately died. What a turn off I took good care of it while it awakes
Just like I remember!! So nostalgic, I remember teaching my grandma to take care of it while I was at school because it wasnt allowed it and she had fun with too. I remember there was one with tons of pets, I hope you can add the horse someday, I'll gladly buy that one.
Cost me a lot of money but WORTH IT! Works like a real Tamagotchi! If you don't know the controls, search on YouTube or Press OK when a tab asks you "would you like to know how it works"...
Guaranteed nostalgia cured. If only there is an option for infinity mode... I'll gladly upgrade to that!
It's exactly the same like the original when I was kid. But it mess up the internet connection of your phone.
I loved it! But the game is crashing very often. A suggestion: change the quality of the game. When I use the color green or yellow, it's not so good. Thank you so much for developing this game/app... s2
This is the cutest game, if I was the i would be think of adding a few features add a setting where you can make the widget smaller or bigger and turn it on for the first time you could select a pet and be able to change the colour more. Any ways, it's an amazing I recommend every one in whole the world download it! SUPPA CUTE GAME
Loved it! ) only, how to know why my dino died? I assume it is dead as it looks like a happy angel and i can feed it or anything. Did it got old or because I woke up later than he did? The stats were good last time I checked. It's t rex 11 yrs old.
I really like this game.. brings back so many memories .. to bad the memories are all nightmares of my best friend dieing.
This was my fav toy as a kid! Soooo excited it exists! And it's exactly as I remember!! However I can't get the sounds to work 😭😭
Simply wonderful!!! I loved the experience of playing with it again! So nostalgic! I'm such a big 34 year-old child here... That's addicting! Also got touched when I saw the baby dino being born... haha. I couldn't be more thankful! It aroused great memories in me! You deserve thousand stars!
It seems like the progress on widget do not sync with the app and vice versa. So its like you are taking care of two tamagotchis. The concept of the widget is actually good if not with the syncing problem.
I love this app/widget! Im a tamagotchi collector so this is perfect! Just like the actual dinkie dino pet, not a rip off!
the widget is soo brilliant idea. but the graphic design of your virtual device is poor. if u need help to make u desig so well u can contact me. i'll help u for free if u want to change you virtual device more unique.
This game is unlike all of the other virtual pet games. You actually have to take care of your pet or it will die. I think this game is good at testing your responsibility. I 100% recommend this game. Oh and quick question, how long can this thing live?
The complete nostalgia package with the exact same features and with a slightly customizable twist! Thank you! It's cool to look back in time ❀️
This really, really takes me back to the days where everything was simple. Thank you for this sweet little widget. ❀
It's just like Dinkie Dino from the 90's! β€οΈπŸ¦• And it's super cool to have it right on my phone's home screen. Much easier to care for than the original, which I like a lot. Great widget!
This game reminds me of my awesome times playing with my cute Tamagotchi, at home, at school, anywhere I went! And now, thanks to the app designer, I am reliving those priceless moments! Thanks!
Exactly like the one I had as a kid. So nostalgic! I ever purchased more, and I never make purchases for games.
Great little app. But I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the thing after awhile. I tried everything. So I just uninstalled. Kinda downloaded it for nostalgic purposes.
Loving this! Love that there is a widget, love all that you can do with your pet, especially love the addition of education! I was planning on buying a tamagotchi but this is honestly better, and on my phone! I just wish there was an option to make it blue instead of just red, yellow, green and white. I would even pay for this option, thinking I'm probably gonna donate to support anyway though just because this is such a perfect digital pet!
I used to have the real deal back then and I missed it very much, so I decided to try to find an app. I'm so thrilled I found it!!!!!!!
I enjoy this game a lot. Reminds me a lot of the ones I had when I was a child. It would be cool if there was an option on the aging to turn it off so that he can age any number of days.
Flashbacks to childhood big time! My kids and I love playing with the Tamagotchi on my phone. Only thing is the rock paper scissors game goes for 6 rounds not 3 and then doesn't actually show you what the score was by colouring the relevant hearts. Other than that great game!
love it! i had same game i think when younger. i use to overfeed it lol. anyways this game is awsesome thanks for bringing me back to childhood.
I am very happy, this app was better than expected. The only thing is I wish it was on the apple store as well. My brother also was excited when I told him about the app until he discovered that it wasn't available on his phone.
Why I downloaded this j don't know. Trying to bring the days when I had a tamagotchi. Difference though the one I had actually worked unlike this one.
omg this is like a blast from the past the only thing I seem to be having issues with is the audio is not working at all, I tried adjusting the volume on my phone, turning off and on the audio still no luck. Also it would be nice to know what everything means when you click on the clipboard icon and even the one that looks like a fan, and one last thing it would be cool to have more colors to change from, but still super fun.
Oh wow! I had this RakuRaku Dinokun tamagotchi growing up, maybe 1996-7. Thank you for bringing some simple joy to my mobile! It's exactly like the original!!!
To do anything fun you have to pay annoying micro transactions. You literally cannot do anything without paying first. NOT A FREE GAME. Don't bother wasting ur time downloading this. Its just a money grab.
It's nothing like I remember when I had one as a kid! I much rather to have the real one than on this device!
Love it. It is like having an old school tamagotchi... The only issue I had was figuring out how and what the controls do and then after all that I discovered a sub menu I had completely missed it also took a while to figure out what he (phill) wanted. And I couldn't figure out the temp control and shower button for ages... So a quick page for what does what and how would be lovely. I love that it is just like the tamagotchi I remember as a kid that I killed constantly with my forgetfulness.
Good game, but you should change how some things work. First of all, none of the sleep patterns fit my schedule. You should add a custom sleep pattern, and please make it free. Secondly, could you add a pause button?
Love this app, just please change the font style. It would look so much better with a simple san serif font!
pretty close to a giga pet (not really a tamagotchi) but the timezone is out of wack so it sleeps during the day! (in new zealand) how do i update the internal time zone??
Very cute, but not intuitive. Also the ending is too sad! It would be great if it could be updated. Details: ~There should be a pop-up notification when you first open the app, telling you how to find the tutorial. ~If you complete the game, your pet will turn into an angel on day 11. And then it will die on day 12 :( I remember one of the tamagotchi type toys I had as a kid... I think the pet like went off to college?? It put on a little graduation cap and waved goodbye or something lol.
Nice widget, fun to play around with. Cute pixel graphics. Like a Tamagotchi for your phone. There' a bug where rice doesn't feed your creature, otherwise everything works. Features I'd like: 1) a tutorial because figuring everything out is difficult if you've never had a Tamagotchi or sth. like that, 2) feeding one portion filling one food meter slot, feeding currently takes annoyingly long, 3) a pause gameplay option for those of us who can't constantly be on their phone for a virtual pet
So good,but sometimes I don't understand his symbols if he wants me, but it's okay..and my tamagotchi is big nowπŸ’• I love it this app
I love the game,my mom told me about the tamagotchi app yesterday. I saw real tamagotchi at a game shop. I like it because it is like a virtual pet. Almost like talking tom
Guys, can you please tell me if my dino's dead? It woke up today smiling and with wings, and I can't do anything to him. He's not hungry or thirsty or sick, what can it be? πŸ‘€ Update: he was not dead, just froze. He died next day with his hunger and thirst meters full. Disappointed af
Listen. I really like this app because I use it to help me decide if I can look after a real pet, but I need the pet to stay alive as long as you look after it well enough without it dying of old age, because I've set myself a goal of keeping a virtual pet alive and healthy for at least a year's worth of days to decide whether or not I can look after a real pet, and with the getting sick possibility, this is the closest I can find, so please add an option to remove old age death.
please refund et. purchase. thought you got a different game with creature instead still stuck with same rock paper scissors boring. plz refund.
I Think this is one of the best vpets (virtual pets) that is simple, fun, and nostalgic. I absolutely love how the app is very small only taking roughly 5 mb once installed. And the widget capability is great! Once you find out what all the menu items are the pet is easy to manage. If you want to find out what these menu items are just simply check the description of the app on the play store. I recommend anyone who has enjoyed Digimon/Tomogatchi type games, to get this game! I think its worth your time! :)
I love this! It reminds me of the 90's. Back when I was a kid! And with it being a Widget, it makes it even more better. Thank you so much! ❀
its good does what it says not much more to say and if you do want to spend money 10 euro and your sorted
Guys, can you please tell me if my dino's dead? It woke up today smiling and with wings, and I can't do anything to him. He's not hungry or thirsty or sick, what can it be? πŸ‘€
will be 5'stars at least with few modifications. zoom option requires fix as the default normal/small zoom is permanent no matter what you select! ** at least 1'option should be free - the wake & sleep time! ** i feel that the widget should take the full size allocated by either new 2x2 or the 3x2 it provides. ** indicator idea: T=Toilet/Dirty, D=Drink/Thirsty, F=Food/Hungry, U=Unhappy/Bored, Also New! - E=Education, Then - H=Hot, C=Cold & S=Sick .. so that we see & know! Forgot Star Change!
Only on day 1 but been lots of fun. Is there a way to turn up the volume on the sounds and notifications? changing widget size didn't seem to work for meet. Overall though, gameplay just like I remember it.
Omg I love this game I used to play it a lot with my Tamagochi when I was a kid and sadly it broke but now after so many years I can finally raise this cute little dino all over again. Thanks for bringing my memories back
very similar to the original. Options to buy more pets, change waking hours and more! My pet died overnight because I don't get up that early but it had evolved once(2/3 gameplay days) . so that's kinda good for me (i never had an original live long either. Samsung a40 widget player
my 90s memories cherished..only for those who had virtual pet Dinkie Dino in mid 90s , miss those time ..i was in tears... you all need to take very good care of pet...make him happy..feed him full..play with him... feeling sad when he dies after 10 days 😒
I cant believe I spent $ and unlocked EVERYTHING, replace my phone and redownload to have NOTHING I paid for... Google should remove this app. Edit: Fraud report sent