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Dinosaur games for toddlers

Dinosaur games for toddlers for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Amaya Kids - learning games for 3-5 years old LLC located at Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Shayhontohur district, 3 Navoiy St., Apt. 76. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
OMG THIS APP IS COOL!!! I have a 3 year old friend And she loves this when ever I get there she asks if she can go on this app. Great content for kids .the only thing that concerns me is that it glitches when I go on but works perfect after!!!GREAT APP I RECOMMEND THIS APP !!!!!!
I did not liked this game because there are only two dinosaurs and we can't even choose a new dinosaurs. But I liked the dinosaurs that were available so I rated it with two stars.
My 3 year old loves it! Can play for hours if I let him. My only suggestion would be more forgiving touch zone for the wee ones.
Meeh it aint that badb kids like it. But how do u unlock the other dinos without paying. Its littarly dumb.
My grandson loves this game, the only set back is there should be more dinosaurs or something on that same line of things, he tends to get bored after doing the same thing over and over.
My grandson loves dinosaurs, only 2 free and the rest you have to pay for. He didn't understand why he couldn't unlock the others. Not worth it for 2.99 each.
Free for about 2 minutes. Son Gets In to it and then the game wants you to pay for the child to play more.
My three year old son loves this game need more dinosaurs unlocked shouldn't be fair you have to purchase the dinosaurs for a child to play with
First 2 games work ok. Then tried to pay to unlock remaining games but pay button wont work for me on my Samsung S9+ running Android 9. Shame.
Worst game you only get 2 dinosaur 🦕 before having to pay 2.99 usd for the whole game which is for only 6 more dinosaur don't waste your money or time
Terrible controls. You have to click multiple times for it to maybe register that you pressed a button. Would nit install and your time.
My granddaughter loves it but it is difficult to follow from section to section. She knows dinosaurs but we can't easily find the new one.
My 2 yr old granddaughter loves this game. There are lots of different things she can do to "interact" with each of the dinosaurs and she loves going between the many different types.
My toddler loved this game. He likes all the different dinosaurs. He'd like to be able to do the jigsaws more though
fun, but you only get 2 puzzles before it wants you to pay $2.99 per puzzle which is crazy to me since my 3 year old blows through these in 2 minutes.
Disappointing. So many in app purchases. I wouldn't have downloaded if I'd known there was only one game. My 4 year loves the part he could play and if everything unlocked for a decent price I would do it. But not with $3 for every different mini game.
would be a great game if you got more than two dinosaurs and didnt have to oay for each individual one after that. what a rip off
They just give you 2 dinossaurs to play. And I believe that the experience is too short to pay for the hole content
i purchased the unlocable thing for my daughter but she still hasn't been able to do anything else with it and she constanly has to start over.
Purchased the game. Had to reset my son's phone. Lost the purchase. No option to restore . Second time writing this review... It keeps disappearing.
The game itself was entertaining but it was slow and sometimes I would press a button and nothing would happen.
You get to put 2 dino puzzles together then everything else is locked and you have to pay to open up. My 4yr old is now crying cause I'm not paying to unlock each level.
My granddaughter is enjoying your game. But would like to have one more dinosaur for free . Two is just not enough .
My son loves it. You get 2 dinosaurs for free, allowing you to trial whether your child likes it, and the remaining 6 for £2.99. My son who is 2.5 enjoys the puzzles (which I didn't even know he could do as he's not interested in the wooden equivalents we have). He loves being able to tickle and feed the dinosaurs. The fact they spell out the names is a real help for learning them and the info sections are great too. He loves finding out about them all and their individual characteristics.
You don't get long unlit it wasnts you to pay for levels witch I think isn't ideal for a small child's game
Only a little is actually free. And for some reason it won't let me see how much the locked stuff actually cost. Annoying.
It's extremely slow to load and you have to push the buttons multiple times for them to react. I do not recommend for anyone with an impatient child.
Game is great my toddler loves it but it makes me buy the app a second time for her to play on her own profile. Update: customer service was awesome and got the issue fixed very quickly! My toddler loves her dinosaurs! Thank you
It freezes no matter how many times i delete it and upload it again. The last time i deleted it. I lost all mydragons. So upset
Me and my three year old will play this for a long time. Will sit in my recliner and I'll rub her, and when she tickles the dinosaur I tickle her and that's her favorite part for the sake of Oneness with me and my daughter I give this a 5-star it builds our relationship. And also educate you on the dinosaur
Pay to play kids game! Unbelievable. They give just 2 dinos to play with & the rest is to pay. Not cheap either! I can buy my kid many toys instead of spending money here.
Pay to play. Only lets you play with 2 dinosaurs before charging $3 to continue. If you have tons of money, go for it, because otherwise it is great for amusing kids. I like the game, but you deserve a one star rating for the deception. You know what you did.
This is not good You only get two dinosaurs and my brother really likes those ones that you have to pay for Especially The third one
I downloaded this game for my grandson that is 4 years old. He loved it until it started to act out by not letting him pick the choice that he wanted. I don't kn why it was doing that at all. My grandson was so disappointed because he really did love this game at one time when he played it when he was age 3. Pls FIX THIS PROBLEM ITS LIKE THE TOUCH SCREEN DIDN'T WANT TO WORK AT ALL ON IT. And it's not my phone because it's a new phone a Samsung Galaxy. That's why I rated it so low and complained.
Great game for me and my two and a half year old son. We have fun together with this game. Great learning skills he has developed.
My toddlers love this app. It's simple and easy to use. Shame you have to pay for the extra dinosaurs. Great if your little one likes dinosaurs
My daughter seems to really like this game...however i give it 3stars because the control interface seems really clunky ..have to press a button or dino multiple times before the game responds..other than that it seems good (Fyi its not a device issue as other apps work flawless on my galaxy s8+) And for those complaining about the price of the dinosaurs for $3 you get all of the dinosaurs even though it appears that they are $3 each
My 2 year old son loves it. Although he does get frustrated on some bits that need constant tapping of the screen
Two dinos and then you want me to pay 3 bucks? Cmon man....there are more interactive games for free...do not recommend
Very good game for little ones, but the lack of free games included is off putting before paid version is constantly offered.
My 2 year old daughter loves this game, but it's absolutely ridiculous that this game was not eligible for Google Play's Family Library. I bought it once for my phone, then I had to buy it again to unlock it on her new tablet. I've got over $6 invested in this game cause I had to unlock it twice! I should have just been able to share it with her device using the Family Library like I do with other games I've purchased. Come on Developer, you really need to look into that option with your game.
It's a nice app but I would give it more stars if it had more dinasours (I have the paid full version)
Very dissapointing as only 2 dinos free and rest is paid. I hate it when developers lure parents into "free" games but then you need to pay to get any content. My son spent approx. 5 mins in the game before a prompt to pay appeared. Waste of time.
Awesome game for kids. Totally worth the cost. Eagerly waiting for more dinosaurs and more mini games. You guys did a fantastic job.
Kids these ages are not understanding the concept of the game it's made a little too hard if not then he would be a very adorable game if you could just make it easier for the kids to get the gems and things like that it would be a five star game
My two year old grandson loves to play the game. Don't understand why they have the other screens lock after the second one. Let the kids play, what's the point?
The worst game cuz I tried to play it to help my cousins child who is 3 years old with shapes and words but I can't pay to continue to the game so I could only get to the second dinosaur and that's it you have to pay for the rest and the reason I can't pay is because I'm a child but I'm 11 years old and I'm broke
This was a good game until my phone did an update. Then it changed from English to germain and my grand daughter couldn't understand it anymore and just got frustrated!
Seems like it could be really good,but you only get 2 dinosaurs and further levels do not become available after completing previous ones,so you have to pay £2.99!!!!!! for each additional one. DO NOT INSTALL if you're not prepared to have a drying toddler or to pay an extra £30
Wish it was all free, but the few dinosaurs you can play with are fun. My son just laughs and laughs.
This has decently intuitive gameplay for a toddler. Costs money to unlock the other dinosaurs (starts with only 2 unlocked free to play) make sure your kiddo likes it before you buy though.
LOVE it. My son loves it so much I bought the rest of the content. Best $3 spent in a long time. He is 2.5yrs old and plays quietly and independently. No Ads!! Perfect for car rides or waiting rooms.
It only lets you get 2 dinos for free and then you have to pay 299 for the other 3. Its really not worth it because uta not a dun game. And i have a 2 year old. Smdh. Uninstalled quickly!!!
My 2 year old loves this and the other one (bought both) but the balloons that spell the dinosaurs names are extremely unresponsive. My son taps them a ton but they only pop if you touch them in a really specific place. Otherwise the app is nice for dinosaur loving little ones but the balloon thing needs fixing because my son is too young to understand why they don't pop 95% of the time when he taps them.
money making machine, only have 2 sinks the rest its all paid and expensive...stop making kids games like that this is stupid...
My little brother likes it very much but he wants another dinosaur like a T-Rex but to get another dinosaur it's 2.99 dollars that why I think so little kids like it you have to make the dinosaur's free
My daughter really likes this game I wish they gave you more than two free dinosaurs it's the only thing holding this game back
Needs a more content even for a free demo. Buttons aren't always responsive. Loading sometimes takes a bit long.
My son really enjoys this app, however I wish there were more learning activities attached to it like spelling out the name of the dinosaurs.
The game is very good for toddlers to be fair, but come on 2 games then you want 2.99 for the rest don't be greedy.
No way to unlock more games by leaving a review or anything. Must pay for the rest. Would be nice if it unlocked one or 2 over time or with a review...
You have to pay to play within minutes! A response from the creator says there are 8 dinosaurs. Ok yes but 6 of them must be paid for! The 2 unlocked at the start of the game takes only minutes to be done with them. So unless you want to pay instantly to play with the other 6 or if your child enjoy endlessly tickling and feeding the same exact 2 dino's then I suggest you look elsewhere.
Hi. It's a really nice game but only two of them open and the others are locked. We can't pay it in our country and it's sad because my sons crys and likes to play with the other dinousors .
Nice game but very slow and also there are no options to open other dinos. Only two are working .My kid wanted to open the other ones however they were locked.
Fun for toddlers My only problem is I purchased the content on my phone for my toddler but when I downloaded the game to his tablet the purchased content didn't crossover.
Horribly unresponsive buttons. Works slightly better on data than WiFi for no good reason but still doesn't work well. Look elsewhere for a good dino game.
This game is so fun I just wish they could make dino island 2 and you did not have to purchase all the puzzles I still love it though its a really fun game.
my son loves dinosaurs, but the the free version only has 2 dinosaur options. really dont think it's worth the price to pay for more.
Paid but it's still locked! it's a great game with a lot of potential but I paid, the next level was still locked. I exited the app to see if it would help, but upon returning, the levels my daughter had beat were not open anymore
Only comes with 2 playable dinosaurs and the rest have to be bought? Not exactly kid friendly bc of this aspect.
My 3 yrs old daughter keeps on giggling while playing with the dinosaurs! Lol Definitely an educational and entertaning game. Worth it for paying for this game. Thank you
My 3 yr old found this boring. Theres only 2 dinos everything else is locked so deleting. *To response: You can give gifts, feed the dinos, tickle them, do a puzzle, get facts, maybe there's supposed to be 8 but they didn't work for us & there's only so many times you can do the same thing. It's nice you created this, others seem to enjoy it but my 3 yr old has older siblings & asked to delete it & chose something else. No point arguing, we rated based on our experience compared to other games*
You only get 2 dinos then they want £2.99 off you for each additional dino. Rubbish game and not a lot to do to keep children entertained.
My 2 and a half daughter loves the game, it was very simple for her to understand what to do and she had a blast for almost an hour. Would be good to add more dinosaurs, she got half of them in the first sitting 😁
My daughter wanted to play this but I couldn't even get passed the accept terms page . Absolutely rediculous if I could you all would get 0 stars
Horrible app, paid the funds to unlock & in 10 minutes my 3 year old played all the games finished. She has no desire to play the exact same games over & over. Really disappointing 😕
Is there a reason this game needs permissions to delete or modify my SDK card? Especially when it's my 4 year old sons? I find this to be extremely dangerous , why would I allow someone access to my sons cameras at any time?
Payed for on my phone, put on my sons tablet under same account and have to pay again to unlock. I've paid i shouldn't have to pay again
My son loves the game just wish he could play all of them not just two. Shouldn't be listed as free if you have to pay to play.