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DinoCraft Survive & Craft Pocket Edition

DinoCraft Survive & Craft Pocket Edition for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Survival, Explore and Craft Games located at Ukraine,040800, Kyiv, Oleksiya Terekhina st. 8-A. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was fun is just a few minutesbefore you get to actually do something and then you have lots of ads coming up and doing a lot of stuff and they come so that's why I think you should really play this game just forget about the answer
This game is awesome πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡ from the controls to the game itself the things that they added blueprints so that if your in survival mode you can make a house like that at the snap of your fingers also the fact that they added dinosaur it is a welcome game and who looks at this game I recommend you to play this game it is lit.Also dino craft has many events like right now where there are boxes and you can get different items from swords to xp, armer , flint and steel as I recommend this game !!!
Well this is a great game. It would only be better if the adds only popped up in the main menu or creative, because it is harder to survive with those interruptions. However I fully understand that adds are your main sorce of income, but banner adds are visible, and don't disrupt. Also, I realize that this game is not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft. I was simply comparing it to Minecraft because of it's popularity. This is a great game in it's own right. Thankyou for your quick response.☺🐊
I personally love the game. There are only 2 things that bothers me 1. Dinosaurs doesnt attack each other 2. The number of dinosaur species. I would be more happy if dinocraft and jurassic craft is just one game. I would like you to add many more dinosaurs. But overall I like it, its a good game
This game is TERRIBLE!!!!!First of all it is WAY too glitchy and you cant go to bed if there are mobs around you and mobs are around every corner in every cave!there is barely ANY flat land for you to build your home and this game is NOTHING like it is in the youtube video! So I say to all of you people,DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! It is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬
I like this game but their is alot of ads and also me and my brother tried to find eachother on the game and he got to the exact place I was in I didn't see him and he didn't see me so that why rated this game with 3 stars.
DinoCraft Survive & Creative game is realy fun!! you can enjoy it anytime anywhere and this game is so very cool you can fight against dinosaurs and you can build buildings as you want!! try to play this game!! it can complete your day!!
At one point in the game i was literally just flying with a axe hacking things. I only played it for ten minutes. Everything is unlocked. No real goals. I didnt understand it really. And it asks for permission to your google paly account wich is kinda weird.
I was hoping for something fun, exciting and adventure but i was quite disappointed because of the controls and i ventured so far and yet i haven't met a single ankylosaur.. I met different monsters/vodoos/dinosaurs but the ankylosaur..so no, i won't install this again..to think that i had high hopes for this because i love dinosaurs but really disappointing..also, it quickly drains my gadget's battery..
"me thinks it be ok ROARRRR" said the dinosaur, but, when you ride the dinosaurs, can yiu make them so that you can control where ypur going,oh and also add some How To Train Your Dragon skins, people and Dragons please, thank you. ;D
Do add more dinosaurs and fix a glitch where the pteranodon goes through blocks add aquatic creatures like the mosasaurus and the dinosaurs are too small make them bigger like their real size.Also make hybrids like the indominus rex, ultimasaurus and carnoraptor.also i wish you people to update sooner like once a week or month.
The game is great but the dinosaurs are small and low health and wont fight each other if you would do this i will give you 1 star so it can be 5 stars also its hard to move without breaking other blocks and the gameplay is so laggy
I love dino craft it's so cool I could give it 10000 stars if I could again super cool its addicting I can't stop playing it amazing get it now please read this have a good experience and love life omg so fantastic get it please you don't have to pay get it again spawn everything you will love this game like I do so get it build brake repeat from Ava
I love this game now but I wish there's a nather update to make the dinosaurs bigger and more dinosaurs
Nice game . I like the game but I think some more missions should be added. You should add other crafts
This game is best for timepass but there should be new mobs and should replace vudoooo! And should add a new mob for archery
This game is awesome. It is the best crafting game ever. It is even better than minecraft. Since I am a huge fan of dinosaurs, this game is perfect. So many dinosaurs. In fact, im making a dinosaur park in the game right now. Congratulations to the devs of this game.
Nice game I learnt many things about dinosaurs and our earth I also learnt about where the coal, iron core , etc,,.. are present . This game is about our earth . This game was my favourate game . So , I like this game ..................
The game is quite nice but I don't accept ads during the game, even worse, ads I cannot skip. I accept ads before I enter the game and after leaving, but not DURING the game. Please solve it and I will come back, because I did like this one.
I the game I really like it but I want animals like dogs or cats or dragons It's good we're having pets T-Rexes and stuff like that I want like T-Rexes you can ride it's cool but I really want to have some stuff and I want some like she get money in the game and you could get stuff when you get killing dinosaurs cuz when you kill dinosaurs I want them to drop money so we can get stuff like dragons and dogs and cats and the dragons have to cost 50 money and the cats cost 5 money and the dogs 5
This game is game does not need internet because it's free and my brother and I played it on our tablets πŸ˜‚ We delete it because we thought we didn't like it :-| but we will definitely have to download it again, it's fun rate me yes!!!!!!! If not I hate you but there is still some time for our game, soon we will use it all day, we like this game because it doesn't need internet, and the other game, planet craft needs internet, because it's not free you have to pay it in a moment search that game
New update puts an ad along the top of the game, in addition to the full screen, interrupting ones. This new ad makes the game choppy, glitchy, and I don't want to play it as much. I understand wanting ad revenue, but if it makes the game not enjoyable, you lose ad views or clicks. -edit- I have since purchased to remove ads ($1.99), but I feel like the ads in the "free" version are too much now. If I had just started playing, I would have uninstalled.
I really love this game. It's fun, it's creative and survival and I love how i can just build a design of a house of my own choice. It's a pretty good game and although I enjoy it, I still feel like it could be better. Like maybe, the characters can sit on the chairs and toilets, to have more stuff to add to the house like a couch and updated beds and doors and more decorative things, and maybe add an umbrella for the weather. (Sorry this sounds like a wishlist) Amazing game by the way!
Overall I think this is a good game. We should be able to backup our created worlds. Twice my phone froze while I was in the game & after the reboot the first still showed up but the seed was 0 (lost it)& the second was just gone (lost a lot). Oh well, rebuilding again. Adding a map feature would also be great.
I think need to be more develop because in this game we needs mod and add on of more dinasours an we need more types of creatures and water dinasours and other and some more graphics like realistics and need some types of people that make our house and all thing are fine
Laggy and is too easy too break things. I would give it a better review if you fixed that and maybe a tutorial? Other than that this game is great and have the BEST graphics, thank you for reading this!
There is alot of fun and good games but this is one of the best crafting block ever seen!!. Also dinos sad we cannot feed them😒😒
This game has potential, however the controls are really bad, ruining any potential fun I could have. i respect how you respond to each review I've seen, and it gives me confidence you could make this a truly great game one day. Make the dinos a little bigger, improve controls and graphics. then 5 stars.
Its fun! Just make some dinosaurs larger! Only if u can, its optional.. I love the new update and i love this game!
I like it and I don't I don't like it because it was glitches so much and I like it because at least you get to do more and it takes forever to download
I want to edit my review. Before I was a little upset because the Amazon Fire version is unfinished. But I have to be more honest, I love this game. I play it on my Fire every week. Glitches and updates aside, it's a really fun game with awesome gameplay and graphics. The endless world is breathtaking. It's free, which is amazing, and gives players a chance to try it out before they decide if they like it or not. If you have an iPad or other tablet, get it. A phone's screen is too small.