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Dino T-Rex

Dino T-Rex for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by NataliLo. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After playing some days I got very good at this game. Please try it. And I also got a dino with black spectacles😎😎.
It's fun for killing time but it gets boring after a while it needs color that's just boring please fix that and 2 more thing it needs levels and it takes a long time to download
This game is awesome,,, but how come only iPhones have the option of playing the game in the notification area, but with any other phone, they don't have that option? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” I have an LG Velvet phone and have a notification area somewhat like iPhone's, but it doesn't have that option of play it there like an iphoneπŸ₯Ί
Amm isn't this the same game which we can use it when we are offline and open google crome you just got 10m download only with that
There is no need to add any kind of features in it. It's already perfect. Played without mobile data, and so easy to open and close and without any online ads, it's just simply awesome..!
Runs at the same speed the entire time, which gets very boring quickly, and also you can only jump a certain height, whereas on the Google version you can change how high you jump depenron how long you hold down on the screen. The best thing about the Google version was that it sped up, which made it more intense and NOT boring. Huge letdown. Graphics are still 10/10
A solid 4 star. It's a good game but to be honest it's not the best game ever. I mean it's could use some updates, THEN I would give it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Funny game Run, Dino, Run! Dino TRex from no wifi game in browser, a cute easter egg. Very simple, pure fun. Just enjoy Chromeasaurus rex ;-)
I love this game so much and it cures my boredom most of the times. Definitely recommend if your feeling sad or lonely. Very satisfying and fun, thank you!
It can get a bit boring after a long time but it's pretty good for passing time when you're waiting for something or anything. It's exactly what it says it is and it's enjoyable, you can play it offline, and it doesn't lag or anything. I really enjoy it :)
Nice game the dinosaur πŸ¦– so cute 🀩 and the graphics is good perfomance the level is challenging and its to fun game i 5 star ✨ rating etc...
My brother got his crome book (laptopt) yesterday, and thatg was on it now I got it and it's so fun, but its so fun playing it on the laptop don't get me wrong!!!
The game is ok, ive been trying to find one exactly like the one on chrome. The problem is, you have to get really close to the cactus in order to jump OVER it. If youre not super close you'll either barely make it or you won't make it.
its really boring like i don't like where's only gray and white & please add more animals like a wolf and fox. 2. add levels please 3. add more obstacles please 4. its a little too hard like 7% hard 5. add a menu please and thank you 6. add animations when you make it to the end for each animal thats all <3
It is a ousume game there was a bug.the bug is that the cactus shape in box it was fully black not at cactus shape.
Do you love that feeling of horrible connection week I do but I don't but this game is so fun you should try the cloud with that umbrella One day too it's fun too because you beat your own score and this doesn't have 1 add but this should be having a add
I see a lot of people say that it gets boring but as a very boring person I love this just amazing I love it it's beautiful it's just YES
It's awesome I always see it on the computer when the WiFi is disconnected I love it so I downloaded it it's awesome!
Its like the best game and it rlly fun like i can right a whole paragraph but im to lazy to but who ever made this game is a Legend! Like i loveee this game like if that game was not here i would have been bored of of my mind and like how the dinosaur looks like its so cute like how can u not say "its not cute" like it is if u think its not then dont read this but anyways is like the best game ever idc if ima like old ima still play it its a rlly good game and ppl came make fun of mefor that idc
Perfect for passing time, or curing boredom! Also brings back memories from when I was a kid and would purposefully turn off my internet to play this :)
i really like the game but every time i get a new high score i die and i have to try and get to that high score again and then get a new high score! FIX IT PLEASE
Please give some Update it is challenging game and low mb I like this game in update I request some color and themes of dino please
Impossible to get past 1600 since even if you jump at the very last second you end up inside the next cactus and if you jump too early then you end up and another cactus, impossible just play the one from normal google
Probably the least-evil thing Google ever did. Just a cute little T-rex, running around with his tiny arms. A great little timewaster if you're standing in line or in a waiting room. There are little pterodactyls on level 2 and it becomes night time. This game used to pop up when Chrome had no network connection, now you gotta get it from playstore, Chrome is now a no-fun zone.
U it's so simple I love it there's nothing better than this game. Video low value but I love it so too really love it no matter what it is.
Excuse me, but what? I want to play, and I'm happy it had the audio, but it lags like hell? This is driving me insane. Also, can't you make the dino jump a bit longer? At least 1-2 seconds longer. I can't seem to past the 3 cactus. And for the lag, it didn't jump when I tap my phone. I don't want to play this anymore.
Its like normal i love it im installing it because its offline and my sim card from my boost iphone seven broke and the sim card wont work in my cricket phone so i installed this for my trip to alabama if you install it i hope you have fun with it πŸ˜πŸ‘
I can just say this game is a little bit boring and not interesting the I saw this is going to be fun and this looks like boring to me I just need to get the highest score and Jump
This game is amazing. I love how there are different things added like the dark gouls that occasionally show up or like the cops. The thing I don't understand is why a random old phone shows up sometimes too. It made me laught at first and I don't mind it but I just want to know why it was added πŸ˜‚
Very good if u dont have internet somewhere then you can play this game I play it almost all with with my brother!
Pretty good, not great. Direct copy of the google no internet game but thats what I want. You cannot duck which seems slighty odd as it is a large part if the google no internet game this is a copy of. Just waiting to see if it keeps my highscore as that is why I downloaded it.
Really fun and simple game, and you don't even need internet for it. No adds pretty much like at all too!
This is a good game, don't get me wrong, but instead of using up precious mobile data by installing, you could just look up 'chrome dino' and recieve the same experience. But I guess it's easier to go tap into an app!
I love this game it is super fun and u can play it on road trips even win u have no wifi it is one of the best it is also kinda old school the thing that makes the kinda happen in the kinda old school is because its on phones, and maybe even tablets so that is the only thing but I love it my high score it 1800 or more I know it is somewhere in the 1800 u have to get this game!!!!!!!!
The game is so bright I would always need to squint to see the picture clearly pls make it darker not too bright. But I do like the game the characters. My favourite character is pusheen it so cute❀︎ Keep up the good work!
Its not the best, but REEEEALLY FUN when yourep board and have no internet. Also, no adds! Best to play on trips to places in the car because you can play it anyware. Download now!!!
Did you know that the dinosaur when you are offline is actually this dinosaur?And if you click on him you can play it.
This game is great! I like how you can actually make a big highscore. I haven't seen any adds when I first went into the game so it does not have any adds. But the ONLY problem is that when I leave the app, it keeps saying 'Unfortunately, Dino T-Rex has stopped' and I had full bars all along and the wifi was excellent. I don't know how it stopped. It also is too bright. Can you put a dark mode on or somthin? Thank you. I hope this does not offend you.
✨You can play this game in Google turn off your internet and there will be a T-Rex it's kinda different but if you don't follow these extrications you can install This app!. Hope this helps ✨
I love it! Whenever I'm in the 1000's I go really fast and I think "Sonic speed" And It reminds me when I was 8 playing it for hours on end. But now you have to download it. :-( ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (beat my high score which is 1789)
It is good and like the Google one except there are too many terradactils that are also too easy. And when you reach somewhere about 1600 the spacing of the cacti is too close.
Yeah sure its the dino game, however it doesn't get any faster and you cant duck so its just not the same.
This game is good. I like this game the game is so small but lot of fun i like this game very much super
This game is amazing but the only problem is that why does the end have to be so long? I tried to get to it but I cant and is there a level 2 or 3 or just level 1? I love this game but please response soon and I would rate this 5 stars if it got some more updates thank you!
Like the sounds just a good classic game you can also change the cactuses dinosaur and pterodactyl which i like you dont have to use them tho
Guys this is a simple but relaxing game especially when you are about to play game s with high action and concentration for example free fire . You must play this game before playing games like free fire . Cause it is very relaxing nothing in thos game is quite boring or interesting . This game is best for time pass and if you want to play only for a short period of time , for 2 to 3 minutes. Then this the game for you
Such a cool game.. whenever I dont get internet on my PC I wasn't bored but now my chrome is not working so I cannot go offline and play this.. I downloaded another browser.... a gaming browser.. but going offline in it didn't showed the t rex game.. so here it is!!
This is realy good game.But i now that game is for 4 stars becase it's relly borling but i like this game so mutch.It's for 4 stars.I thinck.
This game is so amazing hahaha ... I always play this game when i got no internet connection hahaha keep improving this game
It is soo adictive I love to play it when I'm bored and stuff! Great app I really like this there are a good bit of things to jump but it's good! Thanks for this game!
Offline game. It also have many customes to change like Pusheen etc, it's very adorable. It is also very relaxing to play with.
It is good extract of browser game.. 1 thing i like about it is that it maintains my high score even after leaving the app.... That's a very good thing
This is a good game it reminds me of my school when computers didn't have wifi lol. Also I love how there is not that much ads like other non wifi needed games
Excellent game. 3 stars bcoz you can actually make a lot highscore than actual google game. In google game speeds up progressively and birds are flying at diffrent level but in your game birds are stable thats make them easy to tackle. I hope you make necessary improvements .btw customising feature is awsm.
So I played through the whole game to unlock everything and was awfully disappointed with what was available the carnivous plant skin wasn't bad but everything else was literally just meme culture and dead memes at that. I was hoping for a different dinosaur skin like a spino or a trike anything not peppe or pusheen. And although the hats were cute the meme skins kinda ruined it for me. The game works well and everything I'm just severely disappointed in what was available when unlocked, sorry.
Well, is kinda good, but u should make more skin and don't make to high score because is too high so it will be boring
I love this game! It is a great time killer if you don't know what to spend free time on. And finally I can play the game whenever I want!
very aditing and fun i would play this all day and its so cute like the nion cat and plushin cat its so cute and fun
It's not bad but my only issue is that you can jump but can't duck and both controls are the core mechanics of the game.
this game is fun and all but you will have to agree that its quite a bit like the no internet game. I hope this revew was helpful :) ' - '
It is amazing, I originally only thought you could only play it on Chrome but there actually an app 😁😁😁
Love this game to pieces, my favorite childhood game has came to life! But the slightest issue is, the game really hurts my eyes. Please add a dark mode to the game because I don't wanna go the next day wearing glasses all the suddenπŸ˜…
When your on 1,000 some or 2,000 some it gets impossible, cause you are running fast and you cant even jump over the cactus! πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜€ TIME TO UNINSTALL IT 😑 plus this isnt the real one!
Very fun game. Only reason for 4 start review is that I think we should be able to play it in the night mode all the time, not just when it happens every now and then.
It's a very nice game with no music but I'll just listen to one of my favorite playlists and keep playing
This game is a little boring....but! This game is Very amazing and offline U-U Sometimes I played this when I'm waiting for my mom in a salon or waiting for something:) but it's my eyes or the game background is a little bluring ?
The most fun game ever, this really compatible with kids and grown ups, literally the best game better than the other on playstore, I love it πŸ’– and keep it up!
it's a good game but u get board after 15 seconds and it doesn't have much colour and it's still good but it's a 4 for me
this is a very fun game i mean like you can play it when you don't have internet but you can also buy more things in the shop witch is so cool! And in a way it's addicting some how i iust love it so much great job on making this keep making good games!
I love this game πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™ because it is a game that you can play offline and online can you please make more soon ☺️😊☺️😊
Its so fun. The sound is so cute. I love it sooooooooo much. The game is 5 stars if i could vote it 10 stars. My sis has it to. I can ply it on a rode chrip. Its a online game and offline.
so if your reading this and your on a google phone then read and follow this corectly 1.go to google 2.turn of wifi 3.serche anything or go on gmail and click a. ip adress 4.your gonna see a dinosaure 5.if on a computer then press space if on ph one just tap to jump 6.btw this is clickbate!!!!! why make an app w hen you could just get it with out downlaoding and wasting slace on your phone/computer!?!.
I like this game because my friend Eden said you need no Internet to play it but you could play it if you have internet and it's really fun
This game is fun but it is pretty hard but the game is not really interesting but I like it i give this a 4 you should maybe download this game its pretty cool
Hi friends how are you This game is awesome you can jump over the cactus 🌡🌡 πŸ™‚ but the Dino lands on the cactus please fix it Goodbye!!!
If you're looking for Dino Swords, this isn't it. It's like DS, but without the weapons and such. Not a bad game, but also not great.
this is pretty fun and classic but can you add where you can crouch from birds like in the original game
I wish it was only the dino game. All the added stuff kinda bums me out but that's not the problem. It is too easy. When I play the browser version I dnt get far but on the mobile version I'm suddenly a king. I hope there is an end to the game like in the browser version too but I wouldn't bet on it. Overall, it's not bad but I still yearn for the original.
Its 4 because it made me mad of keep on failing by the cactus and my brother was playing on our fathers and Mothers phone And have this app called Dino T-Rex he said if your bisaya i could say to you but if not well you will understand go to google translation But here,s the he said kasana yeah i am bisaya Cebu but i like this app i could get new characters when i get higher points i know alot english but not really like 100persent English i am Cebuano alot of tourist is on Cebu City before cov
Love the game,I just wish I was able to crouch like the no internet one.But I'm not going to rate it a 1-4 star just because I can't crouch.Good job on the game!Keep up the good work!I love how you can unlock things!I love the fat cat to be completeley honest.I also hope people don't say "ThIs GaMe SuCkS" or something like that because that would NOT make sense.It's just so great!I finally got the bottom one's!There pretty funny!I like the mask with the toad XD I call my grandpa grumpy toad Haha
This game is the best from all games on my device it's so enjoyable when I dont have internet connection I play this super fun game πŸ˜πŸ˜„
I feel the current display settings under which game is played is too much zoomed. There should be a setting to adjust zoom. Rest everything is fine.
𝙄 π™‘π™€π™«π™š π™žπ™©!!!its so addictive and I like how its specifically for when u have no internet lol,I gotta admit dat its more interesting then modern day games,I do recommend getting app bc it has loads more features like characters,most characters are memes,u can respawn by watching an ad as many times as u want!u can even play it just by going into chrome and turning internet off,updates are everything i wanted!
This game is really awesome i love this game but the think is when i crosed my highest score than i was lost every time and the game show me Watch a add to resume the game please fix it
Great game ! You can never get bored while playing this and its a great game for those who love classic games😁😁
The dino run to slow... update it...then the flying one is flying to high...make it more harder...more faster... Well....stilll good..make a new character....
I would give this 5 stars but I really want to costmize my dinosaur please make it to where you can costmize the dino please
best game in the world because this game we can play offline.. however this is hard gameplay but we lile to play this game
It 's very nice game and we can change character like cat and do any more seeting this game is better to play in aeroplane or without net area
Please add 20:9 aspect ratio as many newer phones displays use this aspect ratio and this way it'll not cut off and add a black border where a notch or punch hole is on the display
It was really fun I love how if you have it in a certain mode then you have no faces ( spirited away if you know what I mean), ghosts and police officers.
I think it's great, and I really like the skins, however I have one problem. I need dark mode to be added because this hurts my eyes. I get sleep, but my eyes are very sensitive to light and this light hurts my eyes.