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Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PIXONIC located at 243, 28 th Oktovriou Street, 7 th Floor, Apartment 702/802, at Christiana Sea View Court, 3035 Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Like the detail, but not nearly enough to do. It's the same thing over and over, just different players. "Kill dinos take a tower" kinda boring. Not enough levels at all. And trying to earn enough gold to buy a decent dino is exhausting! If you dont spend money you get nowhere, I dont pay to play in anything. I play my way through all games, and this one is by far the longest. And I've gotten nowhere. Pls take into consideration what I've said, I'm still playing avidly hoping to advance.
I honestly love it more than war robots. It makes me feel more active, more involved. I love it. Continue the good work!
It's ok but crashes 5 times before you can even play. The higher up you go the more boring it gets. It's pay to win 100% and sniper dinos are op. Can wreck stronger trex style ones in seconds
It's a fun game to play but a lot of stuff that can be purchased are pretty darn expensive and i really want to support the devs but with this price point? Sheesh
Its a great game its just that the new update with the dinos only having one or two lives is boring the fun of it was that it was a continues Battle with unlimited lives
Absolutely a pay to win game. They did this like how they handled war robots. The game fools you that "you can get the strong dinos through the black market" but in all of my large case openings, i have never once gotten DNA for purple rarity dinos. There is no friend adding so you cant play with your friends today but maybe they'll add it in the future.Everything was fun but then you reach silver/gold league where everyone has max upgrade dinos, also to the bots saying this game is great, ./.
Amazing I love this you have to try it out you would love it try it right now before you feel depressed don't hurt yourself now please try it now!!!
Large dinos are hard o kill and i don't like DNA to get dinos nerf large dinos so they are easy to kill and nerf large dino's weapons so they don't kill playes in 4 secs
First thing I noticed about this game was PIXONIC. I avidly played War Robots for over a year and a half after a life changing surgery, it kept me sane & entertained. I lost interest the further I got into late game due to excessive upgrade times & cost. So, I've played a few matches and this game feels good, it plays and looks smooth and appealing, I'm waiting to give it more/less stars depending on whether or not I encounter the same issues. It is still too soon to tell.
Amazing game! And easy to keep playing over and over again like a battle royale should be! Very few ads if any at all definitely recommend this game to anyone!! So much fun!!
The game is extremely good but the it will be cool if you could produce DNA just like you produce components In war robots and if there were mode like Team deathmacth and Free-for-all just like In war robots and if you could change dino in battle just like you can change robot in battle In WR.
Ok I can certainly certify that this game is a banger. It has a lot of cool dinosaurs to collect like carnotaurs and tyrannosaurus rex which is equipped with heavy war machinery and you also get to obliterate enemies with high graphics and upgraded and customizable weaponry and armory. Even though getting new dinosaurs are a little difficult I would recommend this game to any dinosaur lover who also loves action packed multi-player games. Certainly a 5 star from me.
This game is amazingly fun and addictive,if you find yourself stuck or maybe if you feel like you can't afford the next dinosaur just keep on pushing and once you get that new dinosaur, no words can explain that feeling
I love this game it targeting system is on point the graphics is outstanding but in all reality it's a really good game
This game is super awesome and addicting. Its super grindy unless you pay to play but I love dinosaurs so this game gets 5 stars. There are dinos in the cover that are not in the game and it would be cool to see more variety for sure. Flying dinos? πŸ˜ƒ
Awesome game but I'd love to see more choice early in the game. Another awesome thing I'd like to see in the future is a huge variety of dinosaurs AND upgrades for each of them. 🀘 player level up rewards should also be a bit more beneficial. Being able to change your dinosaurs colors uniquely would also be awesome (no color paywall). Amazing game. I know I'll play it fpr a long while. Keep up the great work.
Another pay to win game. When people saw T-Rex in opposite team. They just afk and wait the game to end. Not worth downloading.
Good game, just I had a lot of lagg and glitches. Took a while to load, but that might be because of my old tablet. Awesome dinosaur and models.
Its the best game u can be the best so try it you will love ir u have giant dino's to kill your enemys super fast and u can face other giants so try it its the best!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
This game rewards you for watching *optional* ads, has actually good load out customization, good maps and animation. You can unlock almost everything for free if you really try, its a well crafted game and its *still* being worked on!
Amazing game, Graphics and gameplay. It's fun playing this game. It's totally different from WAR Robots if you're thinking it's same. But after certain time it automatically becomes PAY TO WIN game. That hurt's me. Biggest IRONY game name is DINO SQUAD and you still can't play with friends all you play is with BOTS(OP) or some random player thag comes in 1/10 matches. After DNA Box system game was somewhat ruined too.
Pleas pleas please for the love of everything fun fix the lag I thought WR was bad this game make epileptic ceasars look bad. Just fix the lag please.
Never rated a game before, however this is so pay to play or completely miss matched. I'm fighting trexs with a raptor. Yead good luck plus everyone seems to have one more lazer than me. Needs balancing bad. I played at least ten matches so I can be placed on teams that are balanced yeah it was lopsided sometimes in my favor but still to lopsided.
This is the best game ever!!!You can be different dinosaurs and you can also change your skin tone and change your guns!!!And my favorite is of course the Wasp.I love Dino Sqaud and the skins too.
The best game of the whole world it has lots of dino even more good than JMW you should try this freaking game of the year!!!! Its just 588 mb so if you have lots of space check this out faster before you dont have a space
Great For Fast And Easy Team Takedowns!!! Dont get me started- they milked whatever they could for graphics; just amazeing. The machanics are easy and fit perfect with the finger placement. No joystick lag and the swipes are flawless. Not jokeing, never rated a game in my life, and i thought this one was worth it. Takes space but totaly dominated all my old games on here. 9 stars if avalable but sadly no. Competive players (Rock On)!!
Cannot provide a refund when an honest mistake was made. This game is a scam. All applications can provide refunds as per Google. It's just their choice. I'm a single mother and my son is 5 who made the mistake on clicking repeatedly on an application. This left me broke and Irene knows this. She refused the refund.
It started out as a fun game, now it's at a point where it is ubsurdly expensive to level up your dinos and heaven forbid you go against someone who paid money to get a high level dino cause you're not gonna win.
hey...... you should lower the prices well not that low like in the middle because i been working hard to get these armor and the guns like really hard so if you could like lower them like in the middle thanks!
Very fun game but could u plz put some changes into the game because it would be really nice if there were different modes to play and also sometime for team plan. I gave this five stars because if u at least make yhe modes update l would be pretty happy.
This game is amazing but it need improvement in graphics more dinos and more maps. If this development is made on this game then it will be the best dino game in the play store. Please everybody like this comment to reach the developer.
I would give it a 5 star when i still had my account but for some reason i cant log in anymore it just keeps saying no internet connection but when i make a new account it works just fine i dont get it but i want my account back
I would love to rate this game a 5 start. However there are few things which disappoints. 1. Takes a long time to search game 2. Rewards are very less 3. Very high prices to buy anything 4. Season pass tasks with the rewards 5. More dinosaurs needs to be added 6. To upgrade any dino, it's hefty price for which lots of gold coins needs to be spent
Was enjoying the game till I realised one player who seems to never be offline, is either on your team or the enemy team with the ability to kill all dinosaurs in a minimum of two hits each. No point playing if that's how the game works. *UPDATE* The Fresnel with its gun at level 4 is unbeatable, it is near enough wiping out giant dinos in a matter a seconds, what a pointless feature and poor addition to the gameplay.
This game is so much fun I have not witnessed any glitches or anything wrong in the game it does take awhile for you to get super good creatures but it's definitely worth the wait I hope you all enjoy this game it is so much fun
This is amazing, like dinosaur who would have thought, I've only been playing for a few hours and this game is intense, just not that many game modes that I've seen so far but definitely a must play.
This game is good but needs improvement specially on the slot IV dinos or the t-rex's they should be nerfed a bit or a lot because they have so much health and damage at the same time they also walk quick like normal faster than the tank dino who has less dmg and health than the t-rex. Also please implement into the game, the part where you could invite other players or add friends because its annoying when you are playing solo and your team is feeding. Its a pay to play and grind to play too.
Slowly becoming a bad game. Like war robots Pixonic has made this game progressively worse in terms of pay to win. Today a new system of dna has been introduced making it more of a lottery to get the dino you want because it is awarded randomly by crates (rather than saving up gold for the dino you want like before). I'm guessing I will get tired of the game because of this pretty soon and will uninstall eventually.
Note this is edited Since the last update my problem is resolved like I was frustrated to get new Dinos or to get better gear for the dinos I have but now it's resolved and I'm totally fine plus the new map is awesome we needed a good sniper map for a while now and it's now Fullfilled as well so yea 5 star from my side πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Despite the challenges you face as an F2P in War Robots I somehow continued enjoying that game for 1 year and 2 months by now. This was until Pixonic decided OUT OF THE BLUE to make THIS game. WR and DS have similar rewarding systems in place and you are given just as huge of an advantage when you pay for stuff in Dino Squad; otherwise you must be punctual in collecting daily and weekly rewards if you play for free. So this is literally just War Robots in a Jurassic Park setting.
Good game. I love the fact that playing skill is more really a factor in how well you do. Good graphics, good controls considering its being played on a tablet. Four stars rather then five because its a bit unstable: I have a cable internet connection but still get cut off from the server and the game crashes every now and again. It is a pity ingame purchases are so expensive: I would like to support a game I'm enjoying playing, but I can't afford to with this one.
It's so nice game and this control, graphics is really nice. Big big dinosours, small dinosours is nice nice nice. Good game.
So disappointed in this new update. Everything was looking good, but almost everything was changed to be purchased with DNA now. I've been GRINDING +4month's and saving up for some stuff, but now gold is worthless. I don't even feel like playing anymore sadly. **Also, still can't see paracelsus blades.
This is the most outrageous cashgrab I have ever seen. The game itself is amazing, but now the dev's greed has taken over. They keep adding stronger weapons and dinos and making those more and more expensive. This has basically become a pure Pay-to-Win Game, that lures you into spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Absolutely ridiculous. I suggest you stay away from this game, unless you're in love with dinosaurs and willing to spend multiple hundred dollars to have some fun.
I saw the add on Facebook and knowing add are mostly fake. I was hesitating to download. But oh boy I'm so glad I downloaded this app the graphics are sweet the gameplay is amazing LOVE THIS GAME. This I would love as a xbox one game
It's very easy to control butttt it's so expensive to buy the large dinos so can you make it cheaper next update And thank you for the best game ever
Ridiculous. After a few matches, then you are put in with all levels. Die in under 15 seconds and you don't know how or why. This went on for 5 matches in a row. Then I quit and uninstalled. Freaking Ridiculous.
I love this game.The point is that you should buff the small guys and nerf the health of big guys.Even then I love the game and if you have pack of op small guys u can easily destroy the enemy.Very good graphics,game and just the matches are a little bit long.
Great game, fun and a good time killer. I wish there was more of a variety of dinos and resources were alittle easier to get but other than that, awesome game.
prices are too high, a free to play player can't survive coz paid dinos have significant higher damage and durability.. please bring some balance, don't make it like war robots
Paid to win game. Those who gave positive feedback are probably didn't play the game long enough. Its started you winning most of the games, and when you level up, you have to save or played at least hundreds of games fighting some of the developer bots in the game which you can't imagine why they are so powerful and almost invincible at their level which they don't even need to upgrade when you need to spent hundreds or thousands of money to even think if you can over powered them. Good luck.
This game is awesome I would recommend it. All my first game ever playing this I got 13 kills and 0 deaths and became Most Valuable Player. There is only one problem with this game is the quality but everything else is game is awesome I would recommend it
Fun and interactive but pricey! Do not get this game it is gimmicky as EA, everyday it changes and now there's microtransactions constant ads asking you to buy things as long with season passes which they just want to take your money$$$. Nice game Was giving them five stars until you realize you're getting stabbed in the back
Fun gameplay that gets super repetitive extremely fast. A large assortment of cool dinos, abilities, weapons, and armor, 90% of which you need to pay a ton of the premium currency for. You can earn the premium currency "gold" through gameplay, although it's an EXTREMELY slow earn rate, encouraging you to buy overpriced packs. Would be a really neat game if not for the devs/publishers greed. Not worth your time.
I love this game because when I got into the thing, they got me an animal and then when you start playing to it for like like, 5 games are for I don't know they will get you a free pet like, I don't know what type of pets you will get, but just have fun enjoy the
Okay its a really good game at the start but when i hit level 6 i experienced so much lag teleported everywhere, and my hits didnt register most of the time and of course i died alot because of lag, level 6 is where i found people with like level 20 dinosaurs of course i didn't stand a chance my teammates were like that to level 20 dinos i had a level 7 reaveling, level 6 primeling and a level 11 planc at level 5 i domenated won every round people didn't stand a chance until i reached level 6.
I just realized this game made by the same developer who made war robots and I was kinda shocked, and I started to try out this game after few days I found this game and I feel really enjoyed the game and I really hope this game doesn't turn to Pay2win game in the future like war robots. Also I have an idea about new dinosaur, maybe add new flying dinosaur with ability flight for 10 seconds and cool down 10 seconds, and during flight mode speed is increased and damage increased by 30%?
I love this game because I never glitch or anything and the fights can sometimes be hard or easy but mostly easy
Used to be a lot better in essence with more than one game mode and before the whole dna lootbox thing. Now its being thrown off balance even more by allowing more than one of the same dino as well as putting any of the 4 ranked gear anytime (was dino level based). Bots are still the same overpowered impossible to beat in later ranks, and still no squads ( irony much? ). All in all a decent time waster, though not worth the constant grind or even throwing money on that the game revolves around
The game graphic and concept is very good. I think it is best so far. But.... The weapons power are so imbalance. If you have laser weapon, basically you win the game.
This looks like an awesome game, and I really like the gameplay however, Why isn't there a way to use a keyboard like in war robots?? I can't play this game because of this (it's practically impossible) Can you guys please add-in the ability to use a keyboard? I really wish more game developers added keyboard compatible controls more often.
I love it! The Raptors are for me. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this. I'm also pretty good with the teal ankylosaurus. Also please add a friend mechanic! I've made so many friends but I know I'll never see them again. That's why I want the friend mechanic and maybe a friend chat too. Onto bugs. Bug 1: I played this a while back and I remember going into an Ally tower heals you, but it doesn't for me anymore (Unless that's how it works). Bug 2: I got some Monarch DNA, but it says I have none?
Best dino game ever I have been playing this for months and I havent experienced any lags or problems but why I removed 1 star?its because sometimes I get bot noobs teammates and pro bots enemies most ridiculous and stupid choice of Pixonic if u get this message u should better fix it I will just give it a five stars if u could have friends
I gotta say, you guys absolutely did a master piece job for dino fight! You put jurassic world like it was nothing. I love the gameplay, music is great, but can you make it like Doom Music? Prize for the top up is awfully high and please add more free gift. You're almost close to becoming "The Game of The Year".
Game is not P2W, you can get the needed items to advance within the game by watching Ads. Ads are not intrusive & provide useful stuff but since recent update the egg crate no longer provides the additional bonus after watching the ad. I have had a few connection issues and resulting game crashes on my wireless internet service, but for the most part the game has good stability. Graphics and movement control are good. But 500 keys to unlock the larger dino dna crate is too many, I'd suggest 300.
Great game and a dino lover have to try this once and also they just don't give all over powerness to only premium and yes it would be a great game if you guys can arrange the same level players you know you can add bots too in pvp fights.
Pretty decent game over all. Capture the flag halo or cod concept. That being said it would be cool if the expanded on that. Would also be nice to communicate with your team and add a play with your buddy feature so friends can be on the same team
BROKEN BOT'S! I've been GRINDING +2month. Upgrades don't seem to matter. No fun anymore cuz crazy FLAWS! 2min match load, pricing is unbalanced, matches are obviously one sided, opponent's will gain health as being shot. lv13 Marconi(no mods) can out gun a max heavy lv36 Marconi(mods)w/ shield 1v1? Airstrike area isn't clearly marked! Being no where near them they will almost one shot me. The worst is; when the red team already has all the towers when you spawn. PLEASE FIX!
I'm personally a huge fan of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, and guns, which this game puts those two elements together and its actually done in an entertaining way. It's pretty simple to get used to, the controls are easy to use, and I personally enjoy slaughtering the enemy team relentlessly without any remorse whatsoever. Lol. I just can't wait to get a t-rex and stop around the map blasting and eating everything in sight.
This game is awesome overall but one thing. Can you produce pieces or cpmponents for dinos just like war robots. Also the prices are so high on stuff. Like one medium armor costs 1,300 gold WHAT?!
Im a free to play gamer and i have been enjoying the game mechanics and upgrade system. The biggest issue i have is that the game crashes often in the middle of my match, unfortunately my phone is older and on android 5.0 however i am able to play other high graphics games with no issue. If there is any way to maybe allow us to choose to reduce graphics in favour of performance for those with older/ less expensive devices, to be able to enjoy the game fully.
Love the game but I was hoping that maybe you all could nerf the ayers because it is very hard for a noob like me to get close to do actual damage maybe give it lot less damage or reduce a little bit of damage but it can overheat. Please nerf the lazers because they are overpowered
I think the game is fun there's only one problem it share the same problem with war of robots had and they did have a problems but they tweak those problems and now the game is a little more better well a lot better like for instance you have to pay coins to respond which was ridiculous but now you have two lives on each dinosaur which is fine now the main problem I have with this is that get paid too much money to get stuff now that's the same problem of war of robots it's too greedy
Games fun but its only a matter of time before im forced to pay to keep up or just quit. Ill enjoy it till that time comes though.
Do not challenge the king baby! Love the game. Just incredible. My only issue is I want to use nothing but light dino's but it will not let me. Other than that. I love the dinos' the incedibley fast paced combat and the graphics for this type of game are awesome.
i will rate 2 stars because i just downloaded it and wen i opened it load to 99% then say reconnecting and say no internet connection and i got good connection i hope u fix it or reply to me how to fix it
This game is overall good! Its like a combo of Wild Card's Ark Survival Evolved and your other game, War Robots, witch are both good! the only 2 complaints i have so far is balancing issues, i get lv 30+ people on the enemy team while my team and me are still at lv 5+ AND the controls are bad. (and the pay to win issues every mobile game has but how else are you gonna make your money?)
I normally hate games that require you to operate a joystick on a phone, but it's very usable here because of the pace of matches. My suggestion would be to add a toggle switch for auto fire, there's very few times you don't just want the shoot button pressed constantly. Adding an option for constant shooting would free up a thumb to better concentrate on the match. Overall very good game.
Best game ever now since the new improvements. But there's only one problem it's that when we are winning the enemy team doesn't want to come out which is really annoying so could you pls make them come out of the safety zone. Thanks
I absolutely love this game. I rated it 4 stars because it's kinda a pay to win game but if you just keep playing you'll get as good as the people that pay. It's not like you get any special dinos for paying (that I know of) I recommend this game, it's really really fun and time consuming
The game is very very very very awesome... But I think It would be cool if they added a 2nd google play account because (my siblings wanted to play but in the game on my phone but needs a second google slot) and also ADD MORE DINO PLEASE
It is just to chaodic, when you start off, you'll think its good, then you get in a high league, and it gets to laggy
This game would be 5 stars because the gameplay is awesome, but half the time the game never even loads. It gets to 99% and crashes over and over. I've never seen a game crash so much right at the loading screen to get into the game. This is a serious flaw that needs fixed!
I love this game but 1issue you need so much gold for all good dinos like schorcher is for 1000 gold and I only get like 4 per battle but the enemies have way better dinos and wepons please reduce the cost of dinos you have to buy with gold plz if you see this fix it plz lower the cost of wepons and mostly dinos i really liked dinosaurs here's the thing it's super unfair I mean like raptor with lazer vs carnitourous with Flamethrowers raptor dead
Pretty well done, however it's the usual story where game progress slows drastically unless you want to pay a lot.
I played this for a few months. Fun third person shooter like War Robots. The furthest you'll get playing for free and with ads is a team of 4 dinos including a Scorcher T-rex, with upgrades. Progression is slow, gameplay is repetitive with only one mode and about 3-4 different maps. It has Google Play cloud save but still needs Google Play achievements. Completing challenges is difficult because it usually only gives you 24 hours to do a ton of tasks.
This is a fun game. Well supposedly you are a savage dinosaur so you cant really communicate with other players in game so that make it kindda hard to coordinate an organized attack. But i love it when we have team members who just get it, they know what dino they pick n know their role and attack together. The only reason im giving this game 4 star instead of 5 coz this is a game for us in south east asia very expensive. 97% of the item cost me more than rm20 and it goes up to almost rm500!
Not a bad game, but its very money grabbing. Deals for everything and it's all pretty expensive, HOWEVER, looking beyond that, it's a fun little niche game. Could use more maps, and maybe a couple new game styles, but its still fun as is
Extremely fun! The rock music in the background really gets the adrenaline going! I find myself playing for hours to be honest, and it's a great time killer!
My expirience: The teamwork is outright horrible, So much T rexs ruining the game for us newbies, Paras can outright kill y without noticing, You can barely hit a raptor thats as fast as a bee, And the 2nd starter dino has a broken ability, Sometimes when im right besides someone and use the ability it doesent work with the opponent being able to kill me with the ability 15 feet away, Either way the graphics is amazing and the weapon usage is outright incredible, Keep it up mates!i recommend it
Pretty fun, problem with some maps tho, some walls have the same texture as the floor giving the impresion they are walkable when their not, can this be fixed devs?
This game is good ngl but there are some few problems like the difficulty of your enemies the longer you play the harder the enemies but still fun maybe if you devs balance the game by the levels of allies and enemies we encounter like for example im level 12 im enemies should be like 12 to 20 level bracket please do this the game will be more fun
I love the machine parts on the body's and can you pls add a gigantosaurus/oviraptor/kentrosaurus/diplodocus/queztal/pteradon and majgonasaurus pls it sound make more dino to play as with many new moves and speed
Amazing. Make more updates on it .The game is too good to compete with war robots even though this is version 0.12! It's right out of the oven! I love it so much! as a Dino super fan I say, ADD MORE DINOSAURS! I'm happy that there are not any hackers. Edit: 2 updates later still 0 hackers and this game is taking off like a space rocket in downloads it is for sure the best mobile dinosaur game I absolutely love this game keep it up.
How could you win when you got a team full of stupid bots,just standing in the base while you face a team full with active players? Fix your system!
Okay Ive changed my mind, It could be a fun game, love the dinosaurs and the gameplay. But.. I really do think that there is very little value in the season pass for the money. I dont feel motivated at all to buy it.
This game is amazing it is so fun. If you like war machines but think it is to slow or dull this is the game for you.
This game is awesome with many different dinosaurs and abilities to collect and also fun maps to play from
This game is fun but yet is very broken, everytime im in a match and im close to winning it starts glitching and stops working plus the map forge doesnt even work but yet the dino designs are amazing and graphics
Sure does! Love me some dinosaurs with guns! Work on that balance thing. Match players by the total drop team value. Not much fun when your team of Shooty Raptors and Baby Tanks are starting down Rocket Slinging T-rexs and Fire Spitting Carnos...
Lots of ads, after playing this game for a few weeks and progressing threw the ranks one thing became very apparent. This game is massively pay to win. It takes weeks to get even one decent upgrade for one Dino. Once you hit bronze league you run into massive waves of people who bought 100$ packs with maxed out dinosaur sitting inside a shield that your entire team can't break threw. Game is nothing but p2w trolling on f2p. No balance at all.
Really wanted to like it. Had potential but it's linear progression. Basically it's who wastes the most time and money to upgrade. No balance where skill wins. Not a game just a business.
I was also a big fan of war robots even though its kinda p2w (no offense pixonic) I also noticed that sometimes when I play I phase through the floor or just insta kill people that are on full i know this game was released 6 months ago but please fix this UPDATE the bots can shoot you when your behind cover please fix that to pixonic
The game is good, but I haven't been able to play it for 2 days because I have run into a game breaking bug. Every time I open the app, there is a loading icon in the middle of the screen even though the game seems to have fully loaded behind it. Reinstalling the app and restarting my phone did not fix this issue.
My god! i love this game it has no issue for me two thumbs up Dev for developing this game but i think it will be more cooler than before when you add a bunch of other dino like hybrid one or carno. that would be awesomeβ™₯️ over all. thumbs up again.
ah i like this app. its so fun to play. i also like to hide in bushes. i think you should fix when We're done fighting. on my screen after I return from the fight, the screen freezes. fix this...
Would be 5 stars but the game will not even open after the last update. Consistently crashed. Feels like a complete waste of time and money if I cannot even play... -_-; Using a Samsung galaxy note 10+
i will unistall it and never play with this developer ever again. if you want to get stronger, you must pay a lots of money. how im gona take down Trex? using raptor??? just 2-3 shot from Trex then i die. very disapointing with this kind of game
Bots being used each game. can tell because they go in same line and do not attempt to engage. max out dinosaur are impossible to kill and stay in 1 place entire game. Really fun for beginner players, but like all games you reach a point where you have to put money in.