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Dink Smallwood HD

Dink Smallwood HD for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Robinson Technologies Corporation located at C2 Kyoto 333 Kagiyacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, 600-8178 JAPAN. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game. Decent story, no vulture monetization. "A gem" of the play store. A few frame rate issues was the only problem, but not common
It is oldschool, and a bit antiquated, but done by someone, who really cared. We play the adventurous pig-herder on his way to become the needed hero of the realm. With some villainy and sorcery along the way. ;-) Great example of how to implement Windows games into mobile (tablet) gamerlife!
I have played what I know as hilarious Dink Smallwood for almost 20 years, thanks to finally finding my favorite classic point and click adventure game for my Android. Thank you for allowing us to keep playing. I really hope you have made more great ones. I'm on my way to check. (When my son was young he'd get a kick out of making Dink run around with the axe chopping up all the birds and pigs he could find and oh joy. They regenerate.)
I would rate better if I could find a way to fix the chest bug that makes all of them empty. Kinda hard to play the game with that.
The game itself is great and ported well but the controls are not great on Android. This is compounded by the fact that when you leave a screen, the fight is reset and monsters are back to full hp. I rage uninstalled after I whittled down a monster to low hp after kiting and hitting him with 30+ fireballs, only to accidentally leave the screen.
Retro classic RPG from my childhood with a great story and clunky controls that keep making Dink run off screen. Ouch.
The dialogue feels somewhat lackluster. Maybe it's because having too big of a dialogue would mean that you're going to have to wait a while since the dialogue box is small. Maybe it's because I'm still very early in the game but I don't think I want to keep going just to see if the writing improves
Great gem of a game. Adult oriented funny look at classic rpg games and i loved playing it. Hilarious moments.
It's great to have Dink Smallwood on my phone here! I feel somehow rejuvenated, safe and secure having this awesome little RPG quest here to play. It's been a long time since a shareware play from late 1999 to early 2000. All the "DARK" humour, sadism and life choices that Dink makes are all here. For the time it was controversial and it still might be now but no more than any other game nowadays. Dink pushed the bounderies and was way ahead of it's time yet at times is overlooked?! Perhaps now on a phone the game is immortalised?! It was quite a welcome shock to find this on the Google marketplace but a great one. Everything is as it should be here, game is abit off course via touchscreen play but I don't mind relearning it again in all honesty. Dink Smallwood is now legendary and that's great as I hope more players find out about this game, it isn't for everyone especially the SJW woke crowd but it sure humourous. One aspect I don't get is why the game needs more access to personal media and files here?! That's it I guess. Having Dink Smallwood is coming back to an old friend minus the sometimes shaky touch screen controls?! Download and support Dink so that he may live on for a new generation of players!! Download Away fine (if a little messed up?!) Sir!!!
Beautiful, old-school PC game now in Android. Comedy is very clever and gameplay is fun, highly recommended. And it's free!
Could not believe my eyes when I saw this freeware on playstore. Reminds of the good ol days. A big thumbs up to the devs. Your efforts are appreciated.
Could be a bit more polished as to ui and controls and what not, but I manage, it's still fun to play but could be better implemented
Nostalgia. Played this a ton as a kid. Decided to google it and it's on the play store! Give it a try, it's a blast
Great game! Remember playing this as a kid, super nostalgic. However, I can't save or download dmods on my 2 devices that run the latest android, but it works on my old tablet. So if you cant save but have an older device lying around that could work.
I absolutely love the game, but the controls are basically unusable on Android... 5 stars for the game, but with the controls being so terrible I can't actually play it.
Why this game doesn't updated anymore? Are they as a developer is abandoned this game? I hope when you read this comment, you can improve the control of this game because isn't very comfortable.
Great retro PC game ported to android. Though i've enountered some minor issues with control, all in all, i'll say the game is fun
played this game ages ago on pc. it was a little ahead if its time back then. The game hasn't lost any luster and is must play.
The game is really great to play and fun only issue with the game is dink getting stuck in the buildings and not being able to move
DUDE, what is to say, it's goddamn Dink Smallwood! This was a cool game before indie was a thing! Awesome!
I love this game! So far it is the best game I've played from play store. It reminds me of Zelda, which i love. I would give 5 stars but something keeps happening that i don't understand, every few days i have to reinstall the game again because when i click to play it, my tablet says the game is not installed! I have had to reinstall the game twice now. I don't lose any progress, but I've never had this happen with any other game. Could you explain why this is happening?
The controls are terrible and basically the thing that makes the game challenging. Combat is hard and repetitive and you will die a lot until you learn to run away (but not accidentally run off screen!). The dialog is sometimes funny but fairly juvenile and occasionally slightly offensive and game play is quite linear. I played as far as the duck place though so there was something vaguely compelling about it, although I think the overwhelmingly positive reviews are mostly nostalgia
Cannot believe I just finished playing Dink all over again on my phone having first played it back in 97!!! You rock Seth!!!
Can't believe I randomly found this! Excellent work Devs. Exactly how I remember the game! Nostalgia galore!!
I played this game as a child and am inexplicably happy that it made its way to Android! This is probably the best RPG you'll ever play and considering that it's now free (thanks RTC!) and can be played for months with a massive amount of free content made by brilliant people, even The Witcher can't beat Dink. I really wish I could give this game more than five stars.
When I turn off audio in the settings, I shouldn't have to go back into options and turn it off again with every screen change. Uninstalled.
I played this game about 20 odd years ago. The game was awesome took me 3 days to download and it was like 28mb file. I kept having to restart because some would ring on the phone and it would cut off the 56k internet and back in those days you couldn't resume the download. This game is perfect. Brings back memories. Took me a couple of tries back in the day to complete.
I am having a problem where when I use my steelseries Stratus xl where when I hit the "A" button aka the attack button on my Samsung note 10+ it brings up the Samsung keyboard. It seems that any external controller brings up the Samsung keyboard when the "attack" button is pressed! The same on my Samsung Tab S4.
The game is pretty good but the controls do my head in! It might juts be me but I keep walking out of the screen and when you do you the gold or hearts that were on the floor from your kills are gone as is the progress on defeating the monsters left alive in the room.
Absolutely love being able to get in touch with my childhood, playing this game is amazing. Only problem is, I'm on a newer device I can't save at all or do much anything at all. I never have enough time to play until completion, so I'm hoping if anyone sees this you guys can look into the newer device save issue?..
This is a perfect adventure game compared to thw modern ones and if you wanna play a modern adventure game which worth playing just as Dink Smallwood try Swordygo
Can't save. I tried several times and I gave up. Not gonna play a game I have to start from scratch, every time I open it. Deuces
Horribly clunky controls and a lack of a tutorial about the transparent overlay menu make this a 👎 for me. Download the original computer version for a far superior experience.
Freaking double duh wonky blah...doing the same mission over and over because you get killed in some other encounter immediately after...naw...uninstall