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Dingbats - Between the lines

Dingbats - Between the lines for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Romain Lebouc located at 10, rue d'Odessa 75014 PARIS FRANCE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this BUT....Using the word "one's" all the time, with an apostrophe is wrong. There should be no apostrophe as it converts to "one is" which doesn't make sense. Some problems for us British folks as a lot of American words used, such as fall instead of autumn. There's a lot of puzzles which are incorrect because the author didn't spell correctly or associate the correct item with the picture. Really frustrating. Need someone with good literacy to check before publishing. Ruins it 4 me.
Very addictive game. Fun to play. Sometimes the pictures are obscure and the phrases are odd. But overall really good. Definitely keeps you occupied and makes you think.
The best collection of rebus puzzles - lots of fun. Only downside is that some of the quotes/phrases are different from the original source (perhaps the puzzle creator used a non english source and mistranslated), which can be frustrating.
I like the app. My one complaint is that I lost my phone and had to get a new one and when I recovered my apps I lost all my progress and had to start over. I wanted to remove ads as I had done previously in the app with the previous phone. When I went to purchase the package to remove ads it said I already owned that package. ?? Then why was I receiving ads? So I purchased the secondary package. So far no ads.
Love it! I had a board game like this when I was young and have looked for something similar for a long time. Keeps my mind active and thinking outside the box! Thanks!
Love this app! Great way to burn time while still doing something that is intellectually stimulating. Also, Romain Lebouc (the developer) was extremely quick in response to my concerns about in-app purchases. Had the issue resolved within an hour or 2 at most. (below is my review expressing my concerns)
I like this game. I hope they keep the ads as is. They are not that annoying at this time. Sometimes the idioms are a little different than what I know but it's challenging
Extremely fun! I can sometimes get the answer in just a second; other times I have to skip that one and come back to it. I like being able to move forward even if I can't answer one of the puzzles. Highly recommend! ^_^
The game is fun, but apparently when you pay for no ads, it's not forever. Makes me extra mad because I even bought some coins for hints. So now I've paid twice and still have stupid ads.
I downloaded the game and I used to be pretty decent at these but I couldn't even figure out even one. So I used hints to solve it and it was weird words that I'd never heard and made no sense. Took me 3 puzzles of confusion to realize I was in another language so NO WONDER I couldn't figure out the puzzles 😂
If you get a kick out of visual puzzles. Or have a thing for 'dingbats'. This is the game for you... But fair warning!! Some og the clues... Are... Lets say simple. But the answers hard... Heres one ( without the answer) & what's that? Get the game and find out.
These puzzles are challenging but fun! At first, I got stuck, but the hints do help and after a few levels I started to get the hang of it
Unique puzzle game you play mostly offline, which is a nice feature. I love it. 😷😄😃 I only wish it wouldn't erase your progress when you need a hint. Really makes you think. Would be great for ESOL students learning to understand figures of speech common to the English language.
Excellent app and completely free although there is a choice to remove ads or buy coins for hints. Puzzles are good fun and new dingbats are added regularly. Have spent a good few hours solving these, so recommend the download and giving it a try.
Absolutely amazing. I introduced my best friend to it, and we're really sad because we're almost finished with the game. Great puzzles - some are easier than others, if you live in America some may be confusing because they use English terminology. Stellar anyway!!
it's okay, some of the words/phrases are a bit obscure, the use of Apostrophes can be confusing - the biggest problem however is that I clocked it in less than a week and the time taken to release new puzzles is just too slow.
A little too hard at the start, and sometimes the answers are a bit of a stretch. An exceptional time killer, nonetheless.
Excellent puzzles!!! Keeps my brain going...I killed 75/105 puzzles within the 1st day of downloading the app and the other keep me guessing!! I love it!!
This game has been great for me. As a Senior who wanted to improve my logic and my ability to make sense of jumbled letters to make phrases and sentences, while staying motivated and not getting so frustrated that I would want to quit. My skills and speed have improved and I am still enjoying the game. Thank you to the developers for a great job in creating this game.
So far I have really enjoyed this app! I like the way it makes me think. I like having to look at the phrases in a new way. I have had to figure a few things out on my own, not sure how I felt about that. Maybe a little additional example. And how can I learn ðŸĪ” the answers to the ones I can't figure out? Right now it is my favorite leisure time!
Really annoying!!! My brain cells want overtime pay. It's not gonna beat me. (Oh yes, it might.). Some teasers were easy (or perhaps I'm smart?), others were almost impossible (or ...?). Congratulations to the developers.
This game is fantastic. Fun and complex but still understandable. Some answers have odd wording but that's my only real gripe.
Wacky game...not enough clues sometimes...interesting though and a real head -scratching game with arcane obscure clues provided sometimes. If you are good with English idioms and short phrases and like cryptic puzzles with minimal clues, this is the game for you
Really easy to use. Can pop in and out easily, gives you a conundrum to think about for ages.......until the penny drops
I like the puzzles but!!!!, You can definitely tell the creators are translating another language into english. There is far too many uses of the contraction "one's" when in almost every instance it should be "your". Or is that just Americanized, bastardized english? "Get one's knickers in a twist"? ðŸĪ”😖 It should be "(don't) get your knickers in a twist", shouldn't it? And!!! They do it over and over. But, the puzzles are fun. Zip one's lip? Put one's money where one's mouth is? your,your,your.
I sent in some good puzzles, but got no feedback whatsoever. The least I'd expect is some acknowledgement for making the effort. A few months ago... from sim1973 etc.
The challenges are very fun to solve. A feature that could be nice to have is the ability to share a puzzle in the format seen when trying to solve it the first time (with the blank letter spots and the letter bank). One issue is that the app tends to crash when I try to upload a picture for puzzles I want to submit. Fixing that alone would lead to me giving a 5 star rating.
very clever, the way you organized the title of the app, incorporating the icon into the name. Well done! Congratulations! You have gone up one level! ðŸĪŊ😝ðŸĪ™ðŸĪŠ
Mostly easy, but some challenging indeed! Just enough difficult, or more obscure solutions, to maintain interest. PS ... Brits and Aussies need to remember to use American spelling, e.g. color, not colour, and gray, not grey. One's location can also make a difference with entire phrases too, e.g. I've never heard of the phrase "Can't spell for toffee", because where I'm from in Australia, we say "Can't spell for peanuts". Same for "Crossed fingers" - we say "Fingers crossed". Love the app though!
Gets the mind working, sometimes you have to think of the obvious. Well worth down loading even with the ads. Unlike some games the ads are infrequent.
Very addictive little game. Once you've beaten all levels, make sure you come back regularly to find new ones, since it's updated frequently.
Really fun puzzle game, allows user submitted levels and new puzzles update every now and then which is great.
The game is too far out of tangent for a fun experience or learning experience because its too hard. Get the level down are make it scalable to also find out worthy things about the user then this would be a fun game. Even a puzzle section to make your own with spatial reasoning assistance to get the formulation of the idea to work.
At first, I loved how challenging this game was. But some of these--First Blood, for example--are so abstract that they can't be solved without using a cheat site. What is the point of playing a game, when it turns into that?
Between the lines is an fun way to brush up on idioms and anecdotes. The challenges increase as you level up by throwing extra letters into the fray.
New puzzles are not added very often and when they are (every few months or so), it can be any number between 5 and 25. That usually takes half an hour to complete, then another long wait. Other than that the game is a good brain teaser and overall the phrases are universal.
I like that the game thinks outside the box. The puzzles are challenging and I spend time on them tonfigure them out, unlike a lot of games that are mindless and you fly through them. This one is pleasantly different.
I like the idea of this game. Nice way to learn new phrases. One problem I have with it is when I choose to reveal a specific letter, it clears out the words I have already guessed. Please fix it
Use your knowledge of idiomatic expressions and logic to solve these puzzles! If you find yourself drawing a blank, you can use points earned from previous puzzles to obtain clues.
Very clever app! I'm am enjoying these puzzle very much. The only thing I will say is that it would be nice if it recognised a correct word or letter input before the whole phrase is complete. I would recommend this app to anyone who loves puzzles.
mind-bending! love the double entendres! it is wonderful to be able to add puzzles and share!! thank you for this game. I look forward to more games from you
There are lots of British sayings. Wordplay isn't always what it should be, especially in Your Puzzles, which I assume means players created those.
Straight forward game of solving dingbats, picture puzzles, word puzzles, etc. Two IAP options to remove ads and to buy coins, which are used for clues. (Option to watch video for coins always shows unavailable to me) Many levels available to unlock.
This is a good truly challenging game. Played it on vacation with a friend & found that enjoyable too. You can approach it from any number of ways & even when you recognize what the symbols are you still have to get phrases into the right form. Try it! It's great.
I only wanted to point out that one of the phrases has an error. "Forever and ever" should be "For ever and ever". If the writers aren't native English or just young that would explain it, but it does confuse those of us using the language as it should be used! Or was it deliberate....?
Very hard for the first level. it would help if there was an answer huyton to press if we got stuck like I did. I found answers on internet. I love the game but this was hard for novice.
Amazing game! Love it! Took a few puzzles to get the hang of it but once you learn how to decipher the meanings it becomes very fun.
excellent game for both english and french speaking people message to the author: you should add a button to send you extras... j'adore mec !!!
Enjoyable. Less errors than other word games. Puzzles at all levels so some may seem remedial to some players yet be suitable for others.
I think this is a very good game, some puzzles could use a little bit better of a hint for the solution, meaningful some of the pictures/clues didn't really give the saying/phrase, or what have you a good context clue. Other than that, I found this to be thoroughly enjoyable and would highly recommend it as well. It really makes you use your brain and I absolutely love that!
Very fun, but once you get started, there's no turning back! You HAVE TO figure these out! Perfect balance of challenge but not too hard to do at least a few!
Finally finished all the levels, some of the later levels had me totally stumped. Fortunately as you play you gain money which can be exchanged for letter hints! It is challenging and fun and I found it very entertaining. It is very creative and will puzzle you right up. Think Dingbats or if you're from the UK or Ireland, think Catchphrase. Say what you see.
This is a really fun game which could also be used as an educational tool. For a person who likes puzzles and likes a challenge this is for you. Although I have to warn you that some puzzles are a lot easier than others and vise versa. But I encourage you to get it. I feel a lot smarter (and I'm really smart) :) ;) Just kidding. But no, you should really get it. It's really fun.
I enjoy this game, challenging in the right way. But I don't like that I paid for no ads and I still get asked to buy "coins" or watch ads to get hints. I would prefer to buy the app outright for 5-10 AUD and have hints be something you earn by solving puzzles. Desperately needs a dark mode! But definitely worth your time.
Excellent game. The easy ones provide instant gratification, the medium ones make you think, and the hard ones provide serious satisfaction when you finally get them
The puzzles are pretty fun. Some of them are pretty hard. Some are pretty easy. I'm really ticked though, because on one puzzle I had several words that I'm positive were correct, and I selected hint because I couldn't get any further in the puzzle, and it erased everything I had put in there and put in a letter that I already had in the correct space. So how do you solve a puzzle without wasting hints if you get stuck? There's got to be a better way to do that. This is why I rated a 3.
Good variety of challenge, but written for a British audience. Some phrases are not used and perhaps unknown in the US. Will enjoy nevertheless.
the puzzles are usually clever, and fairly fun, but it seems the "religion" category should be renamed "biblical" or "Christianity."
OMG... at first I was intimidated! Once I learned how the phrases were combiled, it became a bit easier. Still with many challenges. Mostly with victories. I qatch MANY videos to earn extra coins!!!
Keep in mind that this is an international program, so not all of the answers are common phrases, sayings, etc. in every region. However, it is still a great game.
Pretty satisfied with the ease to difficulty contrasts only found a few so far that have made little sense until I figured them out . I'm only on set 8 and have a couple of them that still are a bit clever for me. Nice job so far.
Some sayings I've never heard of and some are worded oddly. Like 'crossed fingers' instead of 'fingers crossed'. Someone might need help with translations on here.
Love this game! I've loved these kinds of puzzles since I was a teenager, and this did not disappoint! A few of the puzzles did't quite make sense withbthe clue to me, but otherwise, amazing app! Love that I can play offline and that you don't have to pay to unlock the levels, you just have to be able to solve enough of the puzzles in one level to unlock the next! My only complaint is that there aren't more levels 😔 Great job guys!
It's okay, I guess. Though the illustrations could be made to better represent the phrase. Improve on this and 5 stars are guaranteed
Clever and a good level of difficulty. Help is available for each phrase. Good game. Really sharpens the grey matter, innovative and a wide range of puzzles......Excellent app....well done.....more please
I love this game It really stimulates my brain and I love that it makes me think deeper to find the answers and know that things aren't always as they appear
A really entertaining game - easy to use and very addictive once you get started. There is good variation in the difficulty of the puzzles, and very few instances where you won't kick yourself for not knowing the answer! Highly recommended.
The phrases are so stupid, I've given up. When you realise or find out the answer, they're just long winded and ridiculous. Delete.
Fun game, not too many adds, and they are skippable after a short period of time. Makes you think outside the box.
Enjoyable especially once you get a feel for the clues. Some are more abstract than others, I guess that's the point
Reasonably amusing. 85 percent or so are quite easy. I do seem to spend more time tapping letters and waiting for the game to recognize that I've tapped them than I do figuring out the answers, though.
I love clever games and this is a great little game that presents a great challenge. Doesn't make you pay through the nose or suffer too many ads.
I was really enjoying this up until recently when the adverts started freezing. I'm stuck on a level and I can't get more coins to help get me clues. It's the adverts I get if I click "get coins. watch a video". It happens every time and freezes the whole game and I have to close it and re open it. I've just discovered if switch to another app and then open it again via my open apps menu that it will play them. It appears to be video ads.
Love it! A puzzle and a word game in one.... what my heart was looking for! Finished the whole english part, it was awesome!
Was looking for something other than the ubiquitous match three games; something to exercise the mind. This game is perfect. Easy enough so that you don't spend hours trying to figure out one thing, but challenging enough to make you think.
This game is awesome for those that love solving word puzzles. My Dad loved doing these types of puzzles everyday in the paper. Sure wish he was still around to show this one to. Recommend for sure! 👍👍😊😊💙💜💚
I love these games. Been along time. Did them on team trips with my girls. We had friends that loved them also. We even had certain verbal ones that were great brainteasers. Back then people didn't put video players in their car. Parents had phones kids only used if the were going to be driving somewhere.
Strange phrases more complex than the clue. 'have eyes bigger than one's stomach' is not a normal version of the saying. Incorrect images for the answer such as 'a drop in the ocean' when the 'a' isn't in the ocean, its far below! Adverts all the time at the bottom of the page but also full screen at random is pushing it. If you already have filled some of the words in, the random letter clues should not remove everything and place the clues where you airway knew they were. Clay isn't a stone!
I love this type of puzzle! Only problem I see is that after I figure out some simply by trial and error, I find I have never heard the expression.
This particular game seems to take ages to load up each time. I played it a while back and had no problem. Any idea? I have reinstalled it, and then same problem again !!
*EDIT* A new update has fixed the below issue. Was a fun little game, until a recent update ruined it. Game freezes every time an ad tries to play. Hoping it gets fixed someday.
Love this game! Perfect level of difficulty and easy to get clues to solve the puzzles that I had trouble with! Hope you come out with more levels!
This is an excellent app! It's easy to solve,especially if you happen to know a lot of catch phrases but some levels can be a little more challenging. I really like how after each puzzle is solved you get the definition of what it means and that there were many puzzles to solve. It really helps the brain.
Good game. Does what it's supposed to. Has lots of puzzles, which is cool. I really see no room for improvement.
The game is ok but if you are from the US you'll find a lot of phrases that make no sense because they seem to originate from outside the US.
I like the app alot, but some of the phrases are wrong or just outright made up. Otherwise, it's rather good.
I enjoy the combination of brain teasers and a word game. Lots of levels. Hours of fun. I share the easier ones with my 5th graders and go back to the ones I can't solve over and over again.
Love these type of puzzles and there's a really decent amount of category/themes although wish there were more and the layouts okay but not very interesting. The game speaks loudly and we'll for itself it's just slightly to simplistic so it's underwhelming. A touch of interaction or more excitement via competition or challenges would elevate a great game up a bit and mark it among the legendary or the most memorable. But regardless even without it's at heart a solid game which most suck
This app was enjoyable, but now every time I open a puzzle it takes me back to the app home screen so I can't use it.
Highly addictive. Cause you to think, actually tests your abilites. It can get frustrating sometimes being as some clues don't make any sense but it's still so fun to try to figure out. If the team reads this, a great feature would be to ask a clue as to the meaning of the idiom. I had no clue that HSBC had anything to do with a Bank
It's a great way to stimulate your brain to pass time! As a brain teaser lover, I could be on this app all day!
Game can be simple for a puzzler, but nice app. I have enjoyed it. I did have to look up some. I like it for when I am waiting somewhere. Thanks
For some puzzles the answers jump out at you, for some you have to think a minute and some are real head scratches. Overall, a very good puzzle game, keeps me coming back for more. Each level has 21 puzzles, but you don't have to complete a level to open the next one. Recommended.
This is a mobile version of the game Whatzit. Some are harder than others but you can use hints and you only have to complete a certain amount to unlock the next level. Great way to keep your mind sharp!
Awesome game! Well designed clever game play! Just the right amount of challenge with enough success to keep you in the game. Fun to do with another person. Highly recommend!
Your coin total is not on screen while you do puzzles so you can't keep track when you consider using them to buy hints. There are no solutions that I can find. The puzzles range from easy to hard in each section. There is not a gradual increase.
So is there a time frame which the no ads purchase is active or something, because I paid to get rid of the ads but im still seeing ads. So what is that a way for you guys to just take peoples money or something? Don't get me wrong I very much enjoy the actual game, I just expected to get what I got charged for and I didn't which is disappointing.
Many thought-provoking puzzles. Only a couple were 2 easy or 2 difficult, & all but 2 made sense 2 me 1ce solved. Explanations r mostly derived from Wiki__. I wish the dev would've used a wider variety of & more direct sources. Ads aren't terribly intrusive & most can be muted. I had some trouble with the YT app working while playing this. IDK how much the dev can do about that. In-game items r more reasonably $ than I've seen on other games. Still 2 much 4 digital products, IMO. Enjoyable.
Really creative and fun. This is a real mind twister. It gets you thinking and sometimes things are just literally what they look like.
Edit. Still seeing unnecessary letters, despite option in settings. I enjoy the game very much. However, I have noticed a wee issue. In preferences, I have chosen not to see letters that are not in the answer but I am still seeing unnecessary letters. I would like to make a couple of suggestions. 1. The shuffle button would not remove letters already in puzzle. 2. Being able to see clue by using coins or watching a video.
Satisfying game that both keeps one entertained and the brain simulated Recommended to friends who also are enjoying these types of puzzles Definitely worth checking this app out if this type of problem solving is your thing
I could spend hours playing this game....... my sister too. We love puzzles and the like and we thoroughly enjoyed most of them though some didn't quite make sense. More levels would've made it even more enjoyable.
Fun, creative riddles a cut above similar games, no ads unless you want more coins, and those are not really necessary to progress, and very playable without spending money
I love this game, but new levels are rare. It would be cool if they'd add new levels every week or something, rather than 5 new puzzles every couple of months.
Fun app that really gets you thinking. Cleverly designed puzzles. Feels great when you crack a difficult one. Just wish there were new puzzles more often. May have to delete app if nothing new comes up.
Very clever idea I happen to be predisposed to cliches and it's like a combination of Wheel of Fortune and cliches what I like about it is very user-friendly you set it up very well but I do have a problem with some of your Clues there not clear enough and somewhat sloppy and they assume too much so I think you've got to fine tune this but you have enough in it that keeps my interest and I think you I gave you all of $7 to get more clues essentially very well done concept fun relaxing
Clever and a good level of difficulty. Help is available for each phrase. Good game. Really sharpens the grey matter, innovative and a wide range of puzzles......Excellent app....well done..... More puzzles have been added, took a while to solve and had to get help with coins but this is a well thought out game. Keep them coming
great way to get those brain cells working. some really clever ones. enjoyed doing them and waiting for more. 👍😃
love the game. Had fun playing with others and trying to beat them to the answers! Would like more levels soon please!
I have to say that at first the puzzles were stumping me. After I got familiar with the way the puzzles worked they became a pretty rewarding challenge. Great game!
An EXCELLENT game of phrases! Very clever and lots of mind-fun. High recommendation all around. Try This!!!
Great game, quite ingenious and just the right level of difficulty and only occasional short ads. Love it!
Tons of fun! Would give 5 stars if they were more careful distinguishing between Brit English versions of expressions and American English versions, but otherwise very enjoyable!
Some of the puzzles make absolutely no sense. The relation between some phrases and their pictures is a stretch sometimes Some phrases are also in a strange order, which isn't how they're normally used while speaking. It has potential but could be way better in my opinion.
Noisy ads! I get that you need ads and don't mind it in general, but noisy ones utterly ruin the experience and make the app frankly unusable. I like to chill with a podcast or audiobook and a puzzle game and these ads completely mess that up. Surely you have some control over what ads you have and can go for something silent? The puzzles are otherwise pretty good and interface is nice.
replacing pronouns like "your" with "one's," for example, is super confusing also, the Dev modified the phrase "can't see the forest through the trees" to a British version of the phrase. However, there are also phrases like "uncle Sam needs you," which makes the intended audience of this game super confusing. Is it American or not? You need to pick an audience for a game like this, cause regional dialects are confusing and make the game unplayable when you have phrases from diff countries
This is a great game. I wish there was more coins available, and I wish the levels were endless. Those are my only issues.
Low-key, not very visually engaging or inspiring. But this is my favorite kind of game: the subject is the star. The player, ad revenue, in-app purchases, and tutorials all take a backseat to the simple process of the brain work. This game focuses on language.
The game is a fun concept and implemented well. I do take issue with many of the phrases though as they are often slightly altered from their traditional alliterations/wordings. Some of this stems from American vs. British heritage (Storm in a Teacup vs. Tempest in a Teacup), but other wordings seem to be modified simply out of unfamiliarity with the actual phrase and use. The puzzle designers might find that some time spent reading The Elements of Eloquence is well spent.
Tres bien mon ami! I enjoy using different phrases in everyday conversation, and this game helps me to remember some of those which I don't use as often. Watching the ads allows me to receive more clue coins so I can still play the game if i need a little help.
Great game with very thought provoking riddles. There were just of few that I thought did not actually have the solution in them, I had to look them up online I must admit. But overall very creative and wonderful game.
Fun and relatively easy puzzle set. Few United Kingdom sayings, but you can solve these if you save your hints.
Left it installed but forgot about it. Finally got around to playing it and feel really bad because it's magnificent. Such intense satisfaction when you get one of these puzzles right. Reminds me of catch phrase but more minimalist. Oh and it's bloody hard you'll need those coins for hints
I am loving this app. The puzzles are really clever and quite challenging at times. Only thing I would love to have is a dark mode.
An expansive collection puzzles based on common phrases. Fun and challenging, with the occasional awkwardly worded phrase.
Ads are short. Challenging but not impossible, although some answers are a real stretch. Overall a good way to kill a little time.
Fantastic brain exercise! Just challenging enough to make you think, but gives ample opportunity to earn coins for clues. Progress opens new levels even if you don't completely solve each level. I rarely give a 5 rating, that's how much I enjoy this game!
An amazing app that keeps you guessing, makes you think outside the box and gives the brain a workout. Bravo to the developers, a job well done.
Love it! It's true that some of the puzzles are awful (it's "YOLO" not "yloo") but they're still fun to do. Some are easy but others really make you think. One thing I really would like is a progress indicator at the top, percentage complete or something, it's a bit annoying having to scroll through to see if there are any new puzzles.
An awesome app that gets your grey matter working. Be nice if there were more levels to enable users to enjoy using it for a longer period of time.
A great distraction. Challenging yet satisfyingly able to be worked out. Answers are sometimes obvious. Sometimes unclesr (however the hints will get you there if you need them). Sometimes simply a matter of letting your mind do the work. Take a break, come back and you'll wonder how you missed it. In my opinion this is a great app. Well worth the effort.
Game is OK, there are a few phrases I disagree with the wording and a few clues that you have to really push the boundaries of reality to match up but not so bad that you can't figure them out.
Very enjoyable little puzzles. A bit cheesy at times but some of them are very clever. A great way to spend a few minutes at a time keeping your wits honed.
Some puzzles are easy . Some puzzles are hard . Most are just plain fun. This is my go to app for my simple pleasure.
Challeging, quite easy sometimes, but overall, these puzzles made my brain works them nerves a lot, especially for those puzzles that need out-of-my-country references.
I kind of stink at these kind of puzzles, but it's nice to be challenged and they're fun to figure out. The interface is quite acceptable though, and the hints are mercifully priced and you can buy them with your time by watching videos.
Great game! I love figuring out these word puzzles. Some of the phrases are a little difficult to solve because they're British based but trying to figure those out added a whole other level of difficulty. Hope to see lots of updates!
Love the app, gets you thinking like Dingbats. I'm not so keen on the new, updated graphics for the letter spaces. It's harder to see the spaces as the grey is a weak colour, and I don't like the flashing line, it draws my attention away from the puzzle. Can you change it or change it back?
Great game, great brain teaser. I really like it. The only thing is that not being a English native speaker makes clues a bit difficult to understand, of you can developed a spanish version will be great!! still, great job with the game!!
Absolutely brilliant. Some of the "clues" are easy, some are way way weird and some are just very difficult to figure out. But there are extra clues to be had and this is one game that doesn't constantly interrupt gameplay with ads. I would give it 6 stars if I could!
Really good fun brain teasers. Ads are not too intrusive, bit you can pay a couple of dollars to remove them anyway. Thanks!
My main complaint is common: many of the phrases are obscure, or slightly off from what is actually heard.
This app is enjoyable with good level of challenge. The puzzles are unique and stretch your brain and I am rarely frustrated and unable to get the answer. Bonus is that they continue to add new puzzles!
I like it, it's challenging but after you've done like 5 levels, many of the "pictures" do not really represent the word or phrase; the illustration is poorly done, just for the sake that it has some illustration for that particular word or phrase. I guess, they intentionally made it that way so you will opt to buy coins.
This is great to get your mind going. It's not only fun it can be used for training your mind to think outside the box and get those synapses firing. There are not a lot of ads which help to keep you engaged and keep playing along. I also like that you can move along to the next group (pending that you have solved enough of the other puzzles) and come back later to solve the others that you missed. Great game here.
I've played this game on and off for years and always enjoy coming back to it. They have updated since the last time I played and it's even better now. Simple and challenging, not overrun with ads either which is always appreciated!
Great game, great brain teaser. I really like it. The only thing is that not being a English native speaker makes clues a bit difficult to understand, if you can developed a spanish version will be great!! still, great job with the game!!
Great little time killer! Some of the puzzles really test your brain but that's the point. Nice simple design. Overall, a joy to play
At first, I loved how challenging this game was. But some of these--First Blood, for example--are so abstract that they can't be solved without using a cheat site. What is the point of playing a game, when it turns into that? Other puzzles are phrases and idioms that I suspect were made up on the spot; I've never even heard them used on BBC programs.
Challenging but really accessible. It's different and fun. I don't think the writers are from the US so the words are a bit off from American English sometimes but I'm loving it.
Best game of this type I've found - EVER, ANYWHERE !!! In my opinion, being able to try letters at random in the phrase is awesome (& logical) - as oppossed to having to place letters "1st, 2nd, etc". Also, coins required for "hints" are very reasonable. I also like that some; but, not all, puzzles don't reveal the quantity of each letter used. (Please don't change that where all are one way, or, the other). The ONLY "downside", I guess, is not enough puzzles - could work them endlessly. LOL Thx!
Interesting game. I really like it. It is challenging. It is not for people that are not familiar with English vernacular, idioms, and sayings.
A great app for when you can only play for short intervals. Puzzles are the right level of difficulty.
I'd completed 21 out of 21 in level one. Now I only have 20 correct as 1 of the puzzles has been transposed for a totally different phrase. I'd given 5 stars before but have now changed it to 3 stars.
This game is very addicting. I've almost finished all the puzzles and I've been using some to keep my students engaged now that it's the end of the school year. They enjoy it too! More puzzles would be great!
This game is challenging but a lot of fun. I like it more than most other games because it doesn't rely on a lot of fancy graphics or whimsical storytelling. It's just the puzzle and your brain.
Great game. One of my favourites to play. Will there be an update soon with more puzzles though pls? I've pretty much completed the game. Hoping for new puzzles soon.
Perfect. The game play is good and the ads can be put on silent. Fairly challenging at times but not enough to drive you mad. Great work.
I used to love these puzzles in...I think it was USA Today. This is a great app version of the game with a good mix of easy to hard puzzles. My only wish would be an Expert mode without any letters to choose from for the solution, just blanks.
Interesting game including some puzzles created by players. Hopefully more puzzles will be added soon.
Some of the phrases are things I've legitimately never heard once, and some of them are just slightly off from what they should be. Amazing idea, poor execution.
It's pretty good but the constant ads are annoying. Not worth paying to stop ads as there aren't that many puzzles.
Very challenging! Some are easy, some are difficult, and some are nearly impossible. I love the challenge though.
i enjoyed this game. kept me entertained. the only little gripe i have is that one of the advertisements kept freezing. ( can't get a screenshot of the ad as I've finishes the game now and the ads won't appear, but it had a group of teenagers or young adults - seemed to be for a university or something like that)
Really nice dingbats game. A very good balance between game time and adverts and even if you get stuck, you only need to watch a few adverts rather than hand over hard cash to get going again!
I like the setup and functions of the app. But just a heads up, this app has British idioms. Even though the puzzles are good, I have had to guess at some solutions because the saying is specific to British English.
I remember these types of puzzles from school. They would be given to us to solve for fun. A lot of these are easy. Others I have no clue on. I wish it would give better hints. Like what the saying means. I give it 3 stars for my stupidity. I am no good at these of puzzles. 😅