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Diner Dash

Diner Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Glu located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i cant playyyyy. i have always loved this game since i was a child and now that its available on android im so excited BUT this app keeps telling me that i have no internet connection. i mean im writing a comment. how can i have no connection? so piced.
The game is okay, but sometimes the levels can get overwhelming and confusing. It just doesn't seem to have a very good flow overall. The notifications also seem to be buggy, as I will get the same notification continuously back to back for several minutes. This will make my phone constantly go off, and didn't stop until I turned off notifications for this game completely.
you only get 3 lives and can only get more energy by getting 3 stars on a level, inviting friends, or asking friends. much like the candy crush games. you have to use the money in the game to pay for power ups but the amount they "cost" to what you get at the end of a level is a huge difference. I "paid" 9 dineros for one power up but only got 1 dinero when I completed the level. if you replay level you don't get energy even if you get 3 stars.
the notifications tie up my phone and the game so i cannot play the game or do anything else. they cause constant vibration for 1-5 minutes and it sends the same notification repeatedly in that time so you cannot even close it to make it stop. i downloaded the game because it is fun, but the notifications are going to make me delete it.
this game is stupid. only way to enjoy this game is to spend a few hundred dollars. I'm deleting from my phone and I will never play this dumb expensive game again. yall need to do better. just charge for the damn game so we can enjoy it.
Horrible!!. Installed and uninstalled three times and it still won't load the game. It just gives me a black screen and then it freezes up my whole phone. Google please get your ***t together!. It seems like everything i download from the store either doesn't work or messes up my entire phone.
years ago, I used to love playing diner dash. you only start with 3 "lives" though but now, unless they're doing a game special, you lose a life/energy even when you beat the level. also, it's way too hard to earn dinero. the easiest way to get free dinero is to watch videos, but you only get 1 dinero per video. it's hard to just play and enjoy the game when you lose lives quickly and it's hard to earn dinero to buy boosters.
What kind of game only gives you THREE energy to play until you have to wait for more to refill? The kind of game that shoots itself in the foot! What were they thinking?!!! The classic Diner Dash was much better... uninstalling
love this game but hate how long it takes to get energy back and how hard it is to obtain Dinero. After greasy spoon everything is worth dinero the coins are worthless. wish i could purchase dinero with the coins i have. only 3 energy to work with with 30min of waiting to regenerate fml. App crashes too much and when it does im usually in the middle of a game, dont get my reward or energy back even though its not my fault. Its like the game wants us to fail. free dinero doesnt work at times.
the game glitches and closes frequently. I contacted customer support and told them i was losing game play and items because it completely shuts down. they didnt really care and said it must be my machine or connection (though i play on multiple devices and at different locations and still have the same issues). they didnt offer to replace any of the specialty items i had lost because of their glitches so i just deleted the game!
I like the game, played it as a kid. Annoyed that it takes half an hour to load your energy back up, and you only get 3 energy. Should be more like Simon's Cat Pop Time (great game). VERY UPSET I spent 9 Dinero (almost impossible to get without paying $ for it) on a Mystery Box, and was given a rug. I did not pay for a Decor Box, I paid for a Mystery Box which is supposed to contain one of the gadgets or boosts for a diner location or the jackpot. Not happy with this lying game.
Fun game, love the simplicity of it and options for achievements to earn extra cash. An annoying glitch occurred with the push notifications one day that made my phone buzz incessantly. There are no options for push notifications in the app, but if you go into your phone settings and turn off app permissions for notifications it fixes the problem!
This app is super disappointing. Diner Dash has been one of my faves since before smart phones even existed but I cant handle this app. It's so glitchy and constantly crashes, sometimes mid game, causing me to lose any powerups I was using in the process. ive also had my game wiped for no reason on several occasions. In short, great game, terrible app experience.
for nostalgia's sake, i love this game! its pretty much exactly the old pc game. the only thing i hate is that glu turned this game into a money mine. i have been faithfully playing gordon ramsay dash game by glu every day for the past 2 years now and i love it because while levels are challenging and can be made easier, which can be earned and i supplement w $. this is damn near impossible to grind and make dinero. there's no way to win unless i constantly throw money at the game. play if rich
I got so far into the game, despite only having 3 lives at a time I got through it. But now it won't even load, all that progress for nothing. give it an update since its been 4 years........ deleting. I don't have time for companies that don't put the work into their product. since you haven't updated it in years just shows your lack of commitment to the game. If you don't care, I won't care to play your game. simple, works both ways.
The start of the game is quite fun but later levels are designed to be very difficult to pass without powerups. The in game items are very expensive to buy and the game seems to give you no way of earning them, nor much of a way to earn any power ups or extra items that are likely to be needed to pass the later levels. after the first 30 - 40 levels it becomes very obivious that everything is funnelling you down the spend a lot of money to pass route.
Fun game. addictive.. BUT crashes WAY to much!! Seems to crash more often when I am using boosts that I've spent in game money on, whether earned or purchased!! Would be willing to offer a better rating if these problems were addressed.
yeah this game is very dumb. fun to play. but so many issues on the development part. for one. i get a notification every 2 seconds...and i even turned the notifications off and that changed nothing and it wont let me log into Facebook. why it asks i dont even no. i have said a few things. They dont seem to care about the customers i take it sense u heave heard nothing. So fun game...not worth it and am uninstalling it. dont waste ur time like i did mine
I found out this game is only supported by selected devices, which takes away one star. Ever since I bought a new cellphone, I can play it with no issues. The only details I find a little annoying are the small amount of energy given and their regeneration time, and the app sometimes crashes unexpectedly.
extremely fun. I love it. It was nice to see a full game for free for once. But for some reason, when I get out of the game, my phone NON STOP vibrates from the game to where I have to mute it for an hour before it stops. (please fix that). Other then that. Great game
I have an LG Xcharge when I downloaded this game which i absolutely love and when i tried to play it all it does is show a black screen, it looks like my phone is off. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and the same thing keeps happening, this saddens me so very much. please fix this ASAP!!
Beware Android Users, I have the SAMSUNG J7. I've always played this game. for years, I tried downloading this game about a year ago,... maybe a little less then a year ago and it won't load. it will literally stay black... that's it. I've tried leaving it there to see if MAYBE, just maybe it was loading slowly but, it wasn't. I have super fast internet and it won't load up. please, please, please fix. I want to continue my game progress. I have a lot of things already on my map and upgrades.
I was enjoying this game but. now I'm about ready to uninstall. This game crashes way to much. I have spent my money to purchase dineros to have extra energy and boost. I can't not tell you how many dineros I have lost over crashes. just like now I got a boost to try and pass a level and didn't even sit 3 people before it crashed once again. this is really not fair. I have left feedback over and over again but y'all don't wont to credit me any dineros for what I lost not to mention my money.
Edit: App has gotten even worse. Doesn't even open on my other phone just a black screen. Went to open today on this phone and it just keeps freezing and then makes my phone vibrate a ton. Uninstalled. App is super buggy. Keeps freezing often and I keep losing stuff because it does it mid round too. Also, the other tasks offered to earn cash will not load for me.
The game is very fun however I believe the app develepers are greedy. instead of a flat fee to purchase the game, they keep charging you money to play the next level. and the only other option is to download other sketchy apps to play the next level. its rediculous and greedy. it takes the joy out of playing the game
5 stars for the childhood memories, but 1 for the lack of upgrading. Its crazy hard to earn money, but lets say you finally do watch enough ads and get $60. The items aren't even worth it (i.e. turbo order), plus you have to repurchase similar items for each level. 3 bars of energy every thirty is weak. As an adult fan, I can play 1 or 2x a day. At least give 5 stars...then again based on how difficult the level is you're at, that's still not enough.
THIS GAME SHUTS DOWN MID-PLAY ALL THE TIME!! It's a fun game but you save up dinero, or pay actual money for dinero, and the game shuts down midplay. You waste dinero, actual money and/or lives. It has happened to me no less than 10 times.
I can tell already by the 3 different types of currency every mobile game has, this is going to constantly stop me from playing and ask for money. What a shame. Used to be a good game. I guess the devs are just lazy thieves now. I'd buy your dumb game like I did for PC, I'm not going to pay you every 3 rounds though.
I would give it a 0 but thats not an option. I can't play the game. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it still goes to a black screen. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION AND I HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE ON MY PHONE. I'm tired of being told it's my phone's fault. MAYBE it's the app itself. It needs to be fixed.
I have always loved Diner Dash...but this game is ridiculous. I like a challenge, but the levels can be impossible to complete. Everything costs way too much... even if you're willing to spend some extra real money. Then there is this annoying buzz thing it does to my phone that won't stop until I close the app. Don't waste your time or money. This has ruined this game for me. Noone wants to play a game that is so hard, stressful, and expensive.
game is fun and challenging but I have 2 complaints. the first is that I hate the number of notifications sent. I get more notifications from this game than all my other apps combined (including social media, phone calls and texts). Also not a fan of crashing of the app. You only get 3 chances to play before having to wait 30 mins to play again which would be fine within itself if the crashing didnt cause the game to shut down completely mid level and then not be able play for 30 mins
though the game is intresting in some levels the parties come with 1 heart and within seconds they leave getting angry ... and also time gap to refill energy is 30 mins and it finishes even if we pass the level .. it could be like the energy could be lost if we fail that level .. but here we could only play 3 games and wait for 30 mins for next play even if we pass the 3 attempts .. and another thing the cash which we get is poor .even if we pass with 3 stars cash is not given ..
i have been playing this version of this game for no less than 5 years now....WTH is up with this level that's "coming soon"??? seriously, if that's it, just make up some stupid end so I can finish the dg game! I'll still play, I've restarted hella times anyway Also, even though i can install, no longer loads on THIS device, just black screen....SUPER annoying
I want to purchase extra dinero, but the store server is done, and the other offers option is down. Any level after 50 on the second restaurant is impossible to complete without the boost, which I need dinero to buy. After that gets fixed, the game is really fun and the story is entertaining.
If it ain't broke dont fix it. I miss the classic game where you didn't need "energy" to play. Still as fun as before, but why must every game now link to FB and require bugging your friends or spending money to have continuous play? 🙄 And it takes crossing the Nile to earn dinero. Ever since downloading my phone vibrates constantly during ads and my notifications flicker. It won't direct me to any offers for earning free dinero. It only takes me to an internet error page. 🙄 Using S8+
I'm sorry to be this person, but I am seriously disappointed. I've downloaded this app & uninstalled it twice. To no avail, every time I try to open the app, the screen remains black & often times, just shuts my tablet off. Not exactly sure what is happening, but this was one of my all time favorite games growing up & this problem sadly disappointed. I hope there's some way to resolve it.
Diner Dash is one of my favorite games of all time but this freemium system is absolutely infuriating. It's almost impossible to get through all the levels without paying for Dinero. Since I'm unwilling to pay the ridiculous fees I'm stuck playing the same levels over and over and watching (EVEN MORE) ads to get "free" Dinero. Let's see how much longer I put up with this before deleting the game.
I remember this game from like 8 years ago and it was fun. ...downloaded it again to relive that fun and it doesn't go past the "downloading" page...not sure this game exists anymore I waited for like 10 minutes and uninstalled. cool man thanks for wasting my time.
Bring back the original Diner Dash! Power ups and decorations cost far too much real money, whereas you used to be able to earn a lot by leveling up. Just not worth it and makes the game less fulfilling than it used to be. Also, so many of the toons are just not as sweet as they used to be so it's less enjoyable visually.
For me this game is very interesting because the level is getting increasingly challenging so it makes me not bored to play it .. actually this game is indeed my favorite game from kid i already know this game i was played it in the nds version .. i will give for 5 stars if it does not use much energy to start the game.. it is very difficult to feel enjoy bcs we have to get energy to start that game. if u want to build energy in this game create it many dont just 3 energy give us 10 energy ,i feel it more comfortable... Last but not least ,I hope this game will be more interesting in the future ...