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Diggerville - Digger Adventure | 3D Pixel Game

Diggerville - Digger Adventure | 3D Pixel Game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by AppCraft LLC located at AppCraft LLC 16 Kalvaryjskaja Street, office 280, Minsk, 220004, Belarus. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a cute game and I like the idea of it but you have to buy the tool that actually get you somewhere. Also it does offer you the helpful tools that you need for a second. I tap on the hammer tool and used it once then it broke same with the drill. You can fix it by watching an ad but no one wants to watch a hundreds of ads just to get threw a small rock. You could also buy it but no one is going to want to buy something that lastes not even two seconds.
Has potential. I'm a bit of a collectionist so i like to have everything and will often pay to be able to complete things. However $6 a week for this specific game is a but outrageous. $6 a month would be more reasonable for such a basic game. For pricing alone is why I only rated 3 stars and will be uninstalling as I will never be able to finish a world on my budget.
This app is bad. It asks you to rate the game before you play it, all of the OK tools you have to buy, and when you finish the first level, the app asks you if it can collect your personal data and track you location for ADS. This app is a waste of space on your phone and I wouldn't be surprised if you end up kidnapped in somebody's car trunk because of it.
It is an exceptionally fun game and the devs should be proud of what they've produced. The BIG downside is that they're trying to COLLECT MORE DATA THAN WHAT IS REQUIRED OF A MOBILE GAME. The LAST thing I need is a mobile game seeing what websites I visit and what apps I have installed . . . I appreciate them being upfront about it but it's all too shady for my taste. The say that I can "opt out at any time" but there's no menu so I can't seem to find that supposed function . . .
Gotta love having the very first thing you see be an ad for the premium version. The game is incredible slow, as the pickaxe only hits one block of dirt at a time, and doesn't always destroy it in one hit. You have to repeatedly tap to get anything done. The other two tools are better, but their durability drains too fast. The jackhammer lasts around a minute and the sledgehammer only gets in 5 hits before breaking. To restore, either buy premium, watch an ad, or wait. Seems like a money grab.
This game is insanely greedy. I wasn't going to leave a review but the responses this company has towards it's customer s more critical reviews shows they don't care about anything but making money. Don't waste your time. There are few games that I play that are completely ruined by the paywall, and to top it off if you do pay it's a subscription not a one off thing. This game isn't designed well enough to be worth that. And now they've proved my point.
Look it's alright but expecting people to pay 6 dollars a week for the other half of the game is ridiculous. Even voodoo's games aren't that bad. If you want any form of continuous players then get rid of that garbage payment and think of something a little better to keep people coming back instead of basically 24 dollars a month, which I don't think anyone would pay for even an amazing triple A mmo. Just fix it.
A pure money grab, it only asks for you to pay every time you want to do basically anything in the game and then the price for the membership is also unreasonably high for what the game is, don't download this game it's only made to take your money and it's way too easy to accidentally press buy on the membership.
A great game. I love the idea of it. However, it takes so long to mine with a pickaxe. Sure my tools are regenerating and all, but its just too slow. And for unlimited? 6$ a week. That's ridiculous. If it was a 1 time payment that's 1 thing, but its a WEEKLY PAYMENT! The adds, they're just there. I dont really care to much about them. Those google add banners though, I dont like those because I cant see my whole screen. I need to see my whole screen otherwise I don't feel safe in the game.
The fact that it gave me the option to buy the premium version the first time I opened it seemed innocent. But when I actually started and got tasked with opening a rock, I found out that the basic version only gives you a pickaxe, which takes 5 hits to break a single pixel out of about 40 or 50 other ones. This game is intentionally designed to play with people's patience and basically forces them to get the premium version if they want to ever get progress in less than a month. Do not install.
It shows a lot that this game is just supposed to be a money maker. The game could be entertaining if it wasn't the constantly "watch a video to repair your tools" or "buy to repair but you have to pay it every month/week ". You can't even star liking the game because of constant adds . And rate 5 stars! (but they just direct you to here, without you wanting to rate the game, because your only option is an "ok" button)
The devs are massively greedy, asking you to pay $6 every week to play what they consider to be the full game. There is no way in hell that any phone game is worth paying $24/month for, but especially not this boring manual clicker. Some ways to improve would be to unlock QoL features with a one time payment less than $5, make floating dirt fall off once it's fully disconnected from the treasure, and add something for you to do with the artifacts you've found.
It was entertaining but not for long, especially with the fact that the rest of the content is blocked behind a paywall. Perhaps couldve made them as watch ad per artifact. Either way, an ok game if you wanna pass the time.
It's alright while it lasts. A few ads here and there. It's really just the same thing over and over and it's not that fun. Still a decent game, needs some work. The biggest issue is the subscription. Its $6 a week. Weekly subscription? Seriously?? No one is going to pay $6 for this game. I sure wont
Well, I like the game. I didn't play it much. But when I saw that you basically have to pay for everything. In order to dig, all you have is this pickaxe, which barely does anything. If you try to get something else, forget it. I loved how it interested me, but I do not have the money. If you are going to make a game, at least make 80 percent of it free, otherwise, it will just get bad reviews, and no one will play it.
Apparently a new update changed how the tools work. Before, you could just hold down on screen and the pickax would automatically break rocks, but afterwords, you actually have to press every time to break a block. Too much work for a basic game. Uninstalled.
This game has a very good and addictive concept but the developer is just a money begger I guess you could say. The second you get into the game it asks you to upgrade to premium and then instantly after to rate it. You cant even "beat" the game unless you pay for the premium. Plus I finished the standard version in under 20 minutes. Love the concept but dislike the way the game is.
This game is way to limited if you dont spend money, you have a tiny and simple tool to do dig, the WHOLE POINT of the game, you get done with it very quick and then have NOTHING TO DO, so you uninstall, and you wasted your time, and i can understand the tools but atleast make it make the free tool a bit better, and not make it basically pay to still own it, maybe like add one per day, i aint a master programmer but they have the stuff to do it, i think.
This is the whole game? An hour of content with the other half behind a WEEKLY pay wall? It's fun for the hour you get but without a bit more it's just not worth the download. Skip it unless you're killing time once.
Even on the startup a pay if you want to enjoy the game message appears. Even before i started to make familiar with the game. Clicked on the first rock on main screen and an AD appeared. After that i started playing with an AD banner. Clicked 10 times, uninstalled... Not good approach!
There is ad no matter what. You use one thing only twice you have to watch another ad. You get done with one dig you watch and ad. It's annoying and you have to pay to dig some things. Maybe make things last longer or to get to certain things make you watch a certain amount of ads, just fix the money thing and the ads and it'd be a great game
I got through like 3 obstacles or whatever you want to call them before I gave up. Tapping on your phone over and over without even looking at the screen an optional way to play this because it lacks any real use of your brain to make it more than an empty shell of a tap game. Maybe it's not aiming to be a tap game but that's definently what it is. And not a good one either.
This app is basically a tap simulator that will drain time and for some reason thinks it's worth 5.99 per week to have the stuff that will make it go faster last longer than 15 seconds could have been done differently and better that fit with the game. Waste of time.
The base gameplay itself is sort of fun, just mindless tapping. However, the majority of everything is locked behind a weekly subscription service, which is hilariously overpriced, and pushed at you at every turn. For those who don't subscribe, expect adverts every two minutes, and half the content.
Seems like a blatant money grab, they asked me to review the game after one level which involved me digging out a coin from a rock 1 voxel at a time if I didn't watch videos to renew the tools with a video. Really boring gameplay. Hope it improves, at least the graphics are okay. And after the review they send me to another one of their apps.... Toxic. Features are locked behind a paywall and lot of ads during and after levels.
Fun game but, when you finish half of the game they try and get you to pay for s WEEKLY (that's right) a WEEKLY subscription just to be able to dig up the other "artifacts". So I uninstalled it. Because no one will be willing to pay 6 bucks a week just to dig up some stuff
At $5.99 a week this game is a complete rip off, poses as a free game however the instant you start the game it attempts to sell you on a weekly subscription. You only get a single pick-axe which makes the game in itself grueling in order to use any other equipment you must subscribe, if you deny the subscription you then are bombarded with ads. If I could have rated this game less than one star I would have. Everyone should avoid this money grubbing developer at all costs.
Within seconds of opening I had a notification pop up to confirm my payment and subscription for $5.99 a month for "premium" I hadn't even started level 1. That notification popped up several more times as I was attempting to play the first level, I say attempting because while I do enjoy this type of game there needs to be actual progress (especially at the start so you actually want to play more) otherwise it is not fun and frankly I didn't finish the first level and deleted it within 20min.
For a game that advertises a quick idle time, it does that. But 5.99/wk for a subscription service that only gives you more content??!!! No thank you. I played a bit and enjoyed what I played but I will NEVER pay a subscription service for something like this.
This game is absolutely horrible, and filled, and it nearly made me spend money unintentionally by opening an in-app purchase as soon as I pressed play. I didn't even have the app for 30 seconds, if you know me, once I get a game, I progress, enough said. Bad game, would not recommend.
Uhh well you can really only do one thing without paying $6 a week. And you have to watch like 5-6 ads to get through one level unless you feel like clicking your screen thousands of times. There is also NO real point in this game. You don't work towards any objective. You don't upgrade anything. Just ads.
A bad idle digging game. I played one level, saw how tedious it was to use any tool besides the basic one that requires you to tap multiple times to break one block. Needless money grab. An example of a good idea that gets handled badly for no other reason then a bad company. They don't even actively look for feedback from reviews, they give copy paste responses which shows how Little they actually care for an original idea and user experience, and how much they do care for the money grabbing.
I would give it higher, but I have a problem with inapp purchases. The game doesn't rely on them, but you can't do certain things without them. You should either lower the prices, or get rid of some of them. Other than those, great game! No ads unless you want special rewards which is great for me.
The game is great but the having to buy the unlimited pack every week seem like to much work for a game, and that's way the game needs to be completely free of all purchases, so that's way I give this game 2 stars. Read at once.
This feels like a scam, It would be more reasonable if buying the pass is for unlimited acess of tools, but having to buy the pass in order to complete the artifact collection is rather unfair. Don't forget that the goal is to collect all the artifacts.
This game sucks because it takes so long to mine if you don't want to spend. If you spend weekly, you can dig very quickly. It's not fun when games do that. I think the game should be changed so you can get other tools as you mine more artifacts. Or they should at least add a lot more to subscribing. They could also lower subscribing prices to under $3.00. I've seen games that were free without ads, but they're greedy with money. Do not play this game if you want a game without in-app purchases.
A weekly subscription, really? If you don't pay you can only use a pickaxe that removes 1 of the Weakest blocks at a time. There are extremely frequent ads, and you will make almost no progress in the game in a reasonable span of time. Not worth your time at all, don't pay or install.
It's functional, but you have to subscribe to a WEEKLY charge to unlock all the features and blocks, you have to remove ALL the dirt to remove an artifact, and it's not all that fun playing for free.
This app is so greedy! It is very ridiculous to think that someone's going to pay $6 a WEEK! for this app. Yes, the free version of the game is still fun to play but you enjoy playing it all the time when the tools break and take way too long to reload. If you guy want good rates how about make it $10 a month than $6 a week. Because it's not worth $24 a month.
Could have been good, but 6 dollars a month to get rid of ads and actually get some use of the good digging tools is dumb. Having to use coins to use the better digging tools and unlock rare items wouldnt be terrible if you got more coins from the actual digging. I would come back to this game if the ad removal and tool unlock was a one time six dollar fee or if you made more coins to go towards tools and rare finds