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Digger To Riches: Idle Mining

Digger To Riches: Idle Mining for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by BHome located at Park Haven, 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game keeps freezing , when you close it out thinking that might help and ipen it up again the load screen gets stuck flashing between 52% and 54% this is the third and final time i will delete the game and reinstall it.
So I'm just curious if the developer of this game is going to be active this time or if its another scam I've had this game before its a great design especially over the others out there but the last time it was up here I ended up screwed because they removed it from the play store instead of fixing what was wrong with it and lost all of my paid upgrades hoping the developer reaches out and resolves this. I'll change my rating once they do
I use to love this game but now there is way to much ads👎👎👎👎. So please remove all the ads please please please 🙏🙏
Keeps glitching whenever I get into the travel part. But good up until then. Just had to uninstall then reinstall. But after I lost about a days work.
Just downloaded, and so far it glitches and freezes up. Been playing ~10 minutes, and it's frozen up about 6 times. Hopefully it improves. Otherwise, it seems like a better version of Idle Miner. You can upgrade the managers in this one, which is a plus, and why I gave it a 3rd star.
This feels like a straight-up copy of Idle Miner Tycoon. From the sounds, to the background, to the concept feels like a cheap copy of that game. Also, there are misspellings in the game.
This would be a five star because i get a few min. in and i get Inf. gold and the people with the carts to hold gold stop collecting gold when you have at least inf. gold. Otherwise, it is a good game.
Game breaks if I try a ND play one of the mines through the airport. If the gets fixes will give more stars. Now lowering stars more paid for x2amd didn't get. Game will be uninstalled and not reinstalled this time to bad was fun when worked.
Keeps stopping when loading at 50-52%. The game looked promising. Plus needs more bonus time past 16 hours..
Terrible!!! App freezes as soon as you reach the airport mine level. Don't waste your time and certainly don't pay for anything. I tried uninstalling and reinstalled twice.
Fun game but have had to remove and reinstall it 3 times now from locking up. Fix that and it would be great
The game is really lovely but it have too much ads. Please fix the ads problem. Over the game is good ☺️🧡🤙
Ranking doesn't work. Click and freezes game. Seriously Devs £32 monthly for VIP and still with all the ads to watch for bonuses. No thanks , less greedy games more deserving of more affordable prices. Shame! Update......7 days later and no reply. Am I surprised? Not at all. Dropped you to a deserved 1 star as no minuses allowed.
It's a fun game to play. When I'm in the car or somewhere without internet I like to play this game. Even if I do have internet I still play this.
Bug found. Mine torich has more progress. That hurt ok. Also bug. When airplane unlocked wont load game past 50-54 fluctuating.
Pretty fun, a better looking idle miner tycoon. So far no bugs, ads are reasonable and gameplay is pretty standard for an idle game.
Having played this game for 3 months. After a software update the game now freezes when loading at 90%. So frustrating as had all mine open and level 2 medium on ocean. All that time wasted playing what could be a good game. There is a lot of ads but refuse to pay any money for ad ons. 5 or 10 sec ads ok but 30 sec ads are far too long to make this game one of the better ones.
Really enjoying this game up until the latest update. Now it just freezes up and won't let me in. Please fix this.
I like this game. I just hope that after I have been playing it for a while it doesn't stop working like all other games.
Was really enjoying the game until the stupid forced unskippable interstitial ads started popping up. Considering the amount of ads you watch anyway, to have forced ads us just too much. Also there are spelling mistakes and lift in 1st mine on second island us bugged and does not work when max is selected. Shame.
Just Amazing!! Extremely Time Killer... So addictive and Well Build Game, Just 1 problem "Unwanted Ads" There are so many Options to earn rewards By Watching Ads and Also There Are too many unwanted Ads. 4 stars For that... Otherwise everything is Awesome, Perfect!
I love this game so much on day one i got 4 shafts. Its so easy to play i dont see why you would not like it. try playing it you might like it. And if you do have fun!
I Like this game and downloaded it to see if its ads were real and for the first time THEY WERE. And the game itself I would reccomend.
The game literally crashes every new mine and only loads 52% to 54% going back and forth, I've tried letting it sit for a few hours and nothing. This game is a cash grab at best, dont waste your time.
I can get rich if i got a tons and tons of dollar in this game, and i cannot stop playing in this real future. The best thing is you can win any mines you want in the game. And don't forget to have a big smile in this game.
They look like cowboys and its diffent from the other one its refreshing to have differnt scences makes it more fun love it
All the sudden the game will freeze and then you exit out of the game and then you can't get back into the game you have to uninstall and reinstall it had to do this three or four times and even when you connected with the Google place you can't really get back to the game you already started
It is a great game but I gave it four stars because it is not really a challenge you need to give it more of a challenge because my first day playing the game I'm already on shaft five!
Best game ever. The thing is it is kinda a copy of idle miner. But other than that 8d is a good game. 😁🙂
This is really fun and I like the graphics so much more than the other mining tycoon games. My one negative keeping this from a five star rating is the vibration whenever I upgrade something. This is super annoying to me and I would like to have the option of disabling the vibration.
I spend for some of my progress and love the game but then it freezes me out of the game and stuck on 52 to 54 back and forth loading screen and never let's me in so I reinstall the app and it made me start all over and my Google account won't even back it up, so did it just cleaned out the account or maybe developer's wiped my account is my best guess why rob then do that is a thief and violations to Google Play rules they should be banned unless this immediately resolve this issue...
The ads dont bother me as much as others. However, the stopped progress does. Ended the game one day setting up to break one of those 10hr barrier things to progress more later. Left the game for about a week because I forgot about it, came back today, the barrier is still being worked on with the full 10 hours left and counting down. So...what, I have to leave the game open for those several hour long barriers to make progress? That's pretty bogus.
I played this game after it was realeased and the name of this mage is Mine to Riches..Hm sadly I lost old acc :(
Good idle game. Reduced stars to 3 stars. Small GUI in some areas make it hard to play and WAY too many ads. Basically just a carbon copy of the app Idle Miner Tycoon. Still good but with all the ads it's a cash grab. Nothing more.
I am so far and it freezes and it won't load past 54% so then I have to delete the game and then redownload it so that a way I can continue playing but I have to start over
Very awsome game but the stupid annoying ads always like when i press a button an ad just pops up please fix this dam problem about these stupid ads
Was a fun game until today the game froze when i clicked on the paper airplane so i exit the game click on the game to have it go back and between 52% to 54% of the game loading screen after several im uninstalling not interested anymore in stuff that aggravates me. Goodbye it was good game though
1 star. Guy pops up for ad offer. No way to close without starting the ad. forced ads equal automatic uninstall and 1 star review. Why ruin a good game with something like that? I would willingly watch the other optional ads for rewards
I loved the game so i just started the game over to start from scratch and this time i paid for the 2x income forever, 2x idle boost forever AND the trailblazer boost. took my money but none of the packages works. tells me to contact customer support. I have the google receipts to prove i paid. fix it or give my money back! I have emailed yall and I still haven't heard back! now the damn app won't load!
Thanks again, the first place to find the contact us at our new site is now in a couple. This email and any files which I think it was the only thing you want. I think it was the only thing you want.
Good game but it keeps freezing and the only fix I can find is to reinstall. - Same issue TY Brown described.
Third time uninstalling and re installing, I get the gold mine prestige and start it over and get the "travel" unlocked and started and it just freezes so when I close out of the game and open it again the loading screen bounces back and forth between 52 and 54% and does nothing and I have to uninstall and reinstall and it's very annoying.
Revising my review again, dropping the rating. Been well over a month since the last update and nothing has been done to get past the 50% loading screen 😠
It would be great if not for all the ads. I watch them for the air drops and speed up but the pop up that you can't not do sucks.
This is actually a pretty decent game, until it stops working. Which it will. You'll know you've played as much as you can when your load screen goes from 54% back to 52% endlessly. Don't bother installing, you'll just uninstall frustrated like I did.
The game was playing fine last night when I played during break on the night shift. However, this morning and this afternoon it won't load beyond 54% and jumps back to 50%, counts up to 54% and keeps reverting back to 50%. The game appears to be stuck.