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Dig Master

Dig Master for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Applecheer Studio. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
awsome game but can you put a skin pack for the little guy and the drill just a thought oh and the laser hope this is helpful
Cute and fun concept. Don't know if I want to keep playing though. it gets bogged down by ads . I really hate that sometimes you're pretty much forced to watch one if you want to upgrade something. Can't I just choose to watch the ad or spend money? It really bothers me . Anyways I'll probably just remove it. it's fun but the way ads are placed make it unworth it. Revised to two stars. I get the neccessity of the ads but this just ridiculous.
Deleted this game for its cancerous ads. Watch an ad for a prize is fine, but immediately following that ad it forces another 30-45 second ad that you literally cannot skip. It hides your on screen buttons. Then if you try to swipe up to bring your buttons back, it brings you to the google store page from the ad. No way around it. Just another cash grab that keeps you from getting any kind of enjoyment.
Gameplay is fine but the people behind this software had made it so the ads appear randonly throughout the day even though the app itself was shut down. While browsing on my phone today, around 4 different ads popped up.
One star was awarded for this game despite it being a fun straight forward game satisfying gameplay to it. the reason why 1star was awarded is because it needs to be played in airplane mode or you WILL BE BOMBARDED WITH ADS. The other reason is that YOU ARE BEING BOMBARDED WITH ADS WHEN NOT PLAYING THE GAME. Had these not have been here, would have given this a 4stars but in its current condition, no. One of five stars is quite fitting for this ad-bomb filled game.
worst game ever, the game don't have sounds, ads pop up on screen everytime and the game is exactly the same thing every time you can only dig 15 times and no more, it's so sad see games bad like this one get so many downloads and review's and good games get no attention.
Uninstalled the game after 3 minutes. this game abuses of ads, and are very intrusive. I finish my digging and have 2 options: cash normal $ or double it by watching a ad, i chose to take my money without ads, well this works once. every 2 diggin' run they shove down on your throat ads even if you chose not to watch one. 1 🌟 because of the ads abuse. 3🌟 for game. but my main score is 1 🌟.
Ads just randomly pop up through the whole phone when you install and play some time with this. Even in games!! I always get interrupted and when the ads pop up, it's the exact time I'm doing significant progress on my certain game. At first I didn't know what causes ads popping up but good thing on my phone, when the ad pops up, i notice something different, a game optimizer, but it's an ad, though i saw the name of the game, and it is this thing! I hate it, don't download this game.
More ads than game play...super lame! This is a common issue and the dev replied to other players, however their replies are generic and from months ago. They arent changing anything, they want to flood you with ads. Not worth playing only to get taken hostage by ads.
would not recommend to anybody. core concept is simple, fun and addicting but after a day I'd unlock my phone to see an ad from this game, while the game isn't even open. super scummy and it isn't even worth the single star I have to give
I love this game but why so much pop up ads? I am getting pissed off and you need to watch an ad to upgrade, That is so annoying and I will give five stars if you put less pop up ads!
Do not download this game! you will get annoying pop-up ads EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THE GAME! For instance I had completely shut down the game and was watching a movie when I got a pop-up ad. Companies like this should be banned from the store. Never downloading anything from this company again! Applecheer shame on you!
the way too easy just set time settings to 1/1/2000 and then set time 1/1/2020 and you got many money p.s. I pass all level in less than 1 hour xddddddddd
Good game, however it keeps crashing whenever i get an ad, and...thats like 50% of the game update: i had like 110,000 for offline earning, i watched an ad to double it and after the ad my game froze and i had to quit, i came back and i didnt even get the original 110,000, going down to a one star
Love this little game! Great time waster. Do think there are too many non-reward ad pop-ups for how long a round is. It also closes after many reward giving ads, losing both the reward and restarting the double cash bonus. And that is why I gave four stars.
Game is goid but constant adverts are annoying, but the worst thing is the adverts on the bottom of the screen, right above the controls. Ads on the top are more logical.
Oh HELL NO I know that you are showing pop up ads AFTER I CLOSE THE APP. OH YOU REALLY OUT DID YOUR SELF. I try to be nice but this is unbelievable. your company is just stingy for money. now go bankrupt and never make games again until you learn that money shouldn't be your #1 priority. Go to hell.
1. Left a 1 star and it got deleted.......... 2. The ad for the game does not represent actual gameplay. In the slightest. 3. You play for 30 seconds and watch an ad for 30 seconds. You aren't playing a game. You tap the screen a few times and give them money by letting an ad play. Sad.
Would rate higher but you can barely play the damn game with all the non stop ads. Every single little thing you do, ad. Completely unenjoyable and ruins whatever "game" this could ever be.
Too many ads !!!! I would love to be able to play this game but there are far too many ads every 2 digs you get a new ad that you cant skip !!!!!! honestly just fix it. if you were to put in game purchases in then we would buy them instead of you having to get money of off so many ads
WAYYYY too many ads, Forcing ads upon a player is very tricky, but you guys need to rethink your strategy, don't prevent people from upgrading unless they watch an add, don't force an Ad every other dig, don't force and AD when you complete a level. Having Ads for the doubling is fine and how it should be done: Extra not necessity. Apart from that, great gameplay and idea
3 star for now, great game, time killer. so far this is the best for me but those annoying ads make me feel to uninstall this game. 5secs ads is ok for me but 30secs ads really make me angry. some of my games have ads to upgrade but optional this game have a no option you need to turn off your wifi/data to play it without those annoying ads.
POP UP ADS some games are fun like this one the gameplay is solid and i love to play it BUT IT GOES TO FAR WHEN YOU HAVE POP UP ADS!!! why cant all games have no pop up ads greedy greedy people take what money you can get WHEN people play your game instead of making them have to see it.
I love this game actually just finished the first 7 levels and nearly freaked out when i saw the game was done. Thankfully i came on playstore and saw that it was updated. Its a great time killer for sure but please add in some sound and a part that is unlimited meaning u can dig as far as u can without worrying the level is gonna finish.
I love the game as well. The problem is, after my first gameplay, when I open the game again, I waited for long long time. Not sure what happened. Maybe the developer or I need to fix this problem. It's an easygoing game though.
great game but having to watch a 30 second after every second dig is insane. the digs only take 10 seconds each so you spend more time watching ads then playing. You already have the option to watch an ad to double your find, leave it at that.
cool game but... ADS EVERYWHERE. even the ads have ads. Had to uninstall it ASAP to keep an ADpocalypse from happening... completing a dig, got an ad. starting a dig, ad. pressing a button to upgrade anything, AD. congrats, your companies greed and or poor design, like many others before you is scaring off your customers. Rethink your ad placement.
Too many ads that you can't skip to enjoy. Ads for boosts I understand. Small banner ad at the bottom I can live with. Being forced through an ad every single time is excessive.
Game has an appealing art style and gameplay mechanics are up to par for idle games. The problem is in the ads, had to choose to uninstall as when viewing an ad the app found a way to click the ad for me thus bring me out of the game and unimmersing me even more.
i know what you are doing trying to get more money you keep showing ads while I don't have the game open so I'm uninstalling it would of been better if they was lots of ads in the game
Great game, but you know the adds are really too much when... The game isn't even running and you check your email, messages or any notifications, unlock your phone and it gives you an advertisement. Way to aggressive on advertising, really getting sick of advertising in games that's so aggressive that it destroys the enjoyment of a game.
average game, but thats not the reason for the low star. played this game not even 10 mins after installing, and its closed itself 5 times, so im uninstalling. not sure if its my device, or the game (none of my other games does this, and theyre bigger games).
There is practically no point to this game. There are WAY too many ads that continued to constantly pop up even when I didn't have the app open. The only change I've made to my phone for a week was uninstalling this game and I've had no ads since, so I am glad to be rid of it.
fun game but ads pop up constantly, even when out of the app. I'll be watching youtube or scrolling through Instagram and ads will pop up. The ads pop up (out of app) about every 30 minutes. It is also a violation of google play developer policies that ads pop up out of the app and they can delete your apps as well as suspend your developer account. I reported this app for this violation as well.
It shows up ads even though the app isnt open. Shows me ads while watching YouTube, calling someone... I'm deleting this game. Do not download.
Game idea is good. Rather enjoyable when not being bugged by ads every other dig. Way too many 30-45 second ads. Uninstalled because of this.
ADVIRUS WARNING - THIS GAME INFECTS YOUR DEVICE Installing this game will infect your device with ads that pop up even when not using it. App cannot be shut down fully and is constantly running in the background. I'm immediately deleting all games by PLEXONIC.
Some how shows ads when I don't have the app open, like a ad pops up on my screen, and I press the show all apps button, and it's up, showing me the ad. On top of this it's a boring, basic game
The game is very fun but literally unplayable with the billions of ads they've crammed in. The opt in for extras ones are fine, but I get banner ads that cover the field below so you cant see where to go, and random ads that play at any time including directly after an opt in ad. The banner ads need to be 100% removed as rhey damage gameplay. I will watch tons of opt in ads for extra money or perks but this is ridiculous.
I think u have successfully created the MOST BORING GAME EVER. U clearly haven't put any thought into this and just forced out a game that makes no sense and is absolutely pointless, filled it with adverts and thought, oh well just get a lil bit of money for this. This is an embarrassment tbh.