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Dig Craft - Idle Miner Master

Dig Craft - Idle Miner Master for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Happy Digging LLC located at 807, 1-3 Beattle Street, Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was a little fun in the beginnimg, but you quickly find that this is in fact NOT a game, nor is it fully functional. I log in a couple days later and play a few levels and it tells me I earned $211.32 or somethin.. Forced ads are displayed despite tapping the "No Thanks" button.. Misleading in its ToS.
So, as many other people have stated, the game is absolutely SLAMMED with ads. The gameplay of moving the digger will last probably 15 to 30 seconds at most. To get the rewards, you have to sit through an ad for your ingame cash, an ad for the stuff you found, and an ad "IF" the game decides to reward you with any sort of money. Money rewards I got? $1.92 for the first level and subsequently 0.25 for each afterwards. The game is meant to farm ads from you and pay you nothing. Do not play this.
it's a fun game except, I spend more time watching ads, than actually playing the game and I have not received any cash above $0.27 in game. Also, the game crashes when you try to double your earnings. It also crashes when I try to continue and when trying to add money to my wallet. Over six reports I've submitted, no response yet. I also sent an objection to Google to have it removed.
only pays out when you get to $10. however the payouts become less and less the closer you get to payout. i reached $9.00 and my treasure chests are only .02 and happen less frequently. looked promising at first getting .15-.17 a chest. once i hit payout this game is getting deleted.
game was on its way to five stars for me rather i gain money or not, but will not move on to the next level and somehow showed cash earnings go from almost eight Dollars to thirty six dollars and some change and the redeem feature enters me into a contest . Need more world maps,I have thoughts on this ,$$$$ can do things right techs?
Absolute rip off. Takes ages to get the $10 re quired to make a withdrawal then it says it'll enter you into a prize drawer. complete waste of time and a terrible game.
Oversaturated with ads. NO PAYOUT, WASTE OF TIME, falsely advertised, SCAM. Another swindler the play store has allowed that promises cash but delivers nothing. Not only is the game itself horrible, the advertising so frequent you might as well just call this game "watchads'' and even if you do you still never get to the $10 threshold for a payout. I had this installed for almost a year and $5. Developer is lucky they hide like a coward & don't leave an address. 4-star rating must be from bots.
Ads appear constantly in new windows. They don't let you exit them. You can "double earnings" with an ad button, but even if you press no thanks, it launches ads. Playing for 10 minutes required watching 7 minutes of ads. Game itself is ridiculously basic. You just move and collect until you run out of fuel and start over, which happens very fast and forces ads upon you.
is there an option for 0 stars? this isnt really a game, it is just an advert farm. as for earning real money, that is just a lie. i hope you have wifi or unlimited data because your going to be watching a lot of adverts if you play this "game"
Graphics, gameplay, and controls are as good as you'd expect. Played for a few hours and made it to $5.33, I've collected $.08 (4x), well alleged anyways. I click the collect and nothing, only option was to click the "X." So TF with all that mess. Pretty sad hadn't even had the app a full 24hr.
The payout method is quite deceiving. The developers/owners just want you to play their game and not payout. The game is good but they con you into playing it thinking you'll get cash but realistically it takes longer and longer to build that cash reward. In about a day I had 5 dollars. It took me another 2 days after that to increase my cash to $6.99 and now the money is less frequent and a lot smaller in value And the game itself, there's only 5 levels which is pretty ridiculous. Don't play it
i an not getting my money sent to my wallet ive tried 4 times now to collect money an it wont give it to me from the chest i collect an then ive won 3 money bags full of money it says an i cant collect them either , i dont have any reason to continue to play this game if you dont pay out an only tease if this is corrected i will try again an give vetter ratings an repost a vetter message
Nice game with a good concept but: 1) the more you increase the wallet, the lesser the reward. Reading the review I see that this is a big issue:dont claim that you will pay when u made the target impossible to reach 2) few levels and once you go to the next level, you cannot go back (why put the map?)3) the level of the ads is pretty high, when u decide not to double ur coins or reward watching a video, doesnt matter cause u have to watch the video anyway. Positive review very likely are fakes
I'm a beginner but I'm okay with it whoever gets to read this I'm very thankful and whoever reads this again I will love you and I'll give you ten thousand lights just kidding I'm just a kid I just want to play I just want my family to have some money because we're born can you leave a like on this cuz I need some money pls
Sucks. Will not let you accept the rewards. Too many ads. Not worth the time or patience. Pointless. Why do yall do this to people? Yall need to be reported. False advertising so that you can make money and not the person playing the game. You need to adress and fix these issues. Why would they take there time to just watch ads and only to not recieve anything and not even be able to play the game.
Update on my issue, its been a few weeks after my review and I'd liked to say just uninstall the game, your wasting time and phone battery ive been stuck at 9.65 cents forever and I've played for months nothing changed. After i reached this amount after all the time and ads watched you basically just stop here. The "winners" are fake too.
horrible game. not earning anything. I'll press "save in my wallet" but it won't save. terrible game.
OK I've had to change my review, I was willing to deal with it at first but now the game literally crashes every single time I try and play, namely when I'm supposed to get the real money rewards, and Funny enough, the rewards aren't there or even reset when you reopen. I really liked playing this game even without the prospect of winning anything, such a shame.
Don't waste your time. There is an ad every 10 seconds. Want fuel? Ad. Want to collect your loot? Ad. Out of moves? Ad. You literally have to watch an ad just to keep what you dig up. I played for 30 mins. Earnt 1.50$, need 10$ before you can cash out
I think there must be a glitch in the game. You bring up treasure from a dig and tally its value. They ask if I want to add to my wallet. I say yes, the game stops. Every time I try to save or store any accumulated treasure the game stops (and saves nothing). Every SINGLE *TIME*!
it would be awesome if I could redeem the $70.16 so far in my wallet...all there is is a draw for $10 under the redeem page...if it was put in my PayPal.. I would be a very happy player.
game suck only get change too much ads not worth the download its a waste of time. it dont move where u want it too move . ads for every little thing u press on its annoying and no fun at all i dont know who made this game but they should consider deletling it i just downloaded and i already got annoyed by how slow it goes and the sound i would not recoomend this game its no good try something else and actually make it worth your time like fishing for money games u make more fast i have $7.86
The game was fine until I hit $9.46. Not amazing, I ran out of content very quickly so it was repetitive, you can't even go back and play previous levels for a change of scenery, but it didn't crash or lag and it ran fine. However, I have been stuck on $9.46 for a couple of weeks now because it now crashes every time I hit a cash level. Every time without fail. It seems like a built in flaw designed to reduce the number of players who get to their $10 payout. Complete scam, stay away.
Typical ad watching game. Play for awhile watch an almost unescaplable ad. The problem is that they have ads and they have the ads that "pay." While you are on a new level these ads give 40-70 cents. When you get close to "$8" it slows down to 1 cent. Same ad different pay out. Even for the free ads they are getting the money and we have to watch it.
The game starts you off with big rewards to hook you in then dangles the prize once you're close to the end. The gameplay isn't bad at all and pretty addicting, but it gets boring when you've beaten all the levels and have nothing else to go to after maxing out your stats while only earning a penny every ten rounds. I emailed the developers and would really like a response.
They keep releasing the same scam with different names. At first, it will look like you're making easy money just watching ads and playing a game, gaining 0.75$ - 0.50$ here and there. But as you approach the minimal amount to withdrawn of 10$, the progress is gonna get way slower and you will eventually get stuck to an amount around 9.50$ without any possibility to withdrawn. I would suggest you don't let those people scam your time and pass on this app.
It actually holds true and gives you real rewards but the game is so glitchy good luck collecting any. The adds freeze which theres a billion of them it forces you to close the ad which makes you lose rhe reward certain buttons dont work no matter how many times you tap rhem. But dont get me wrong if you can handle that without wanting to throw your phone the game is a blast.
well waisted alot of time on this game and got to10$ and cant even get it if u dont win the draw bs i deleted it....dont bother downloading it i don't know why i gave it a star it dont deserve that.....
This is complete bloatware. All it does is pay the maker, and it doesn't even give you anytime to play it. After one or two runs it makes you sit through an ad.
At first this seemed promising but I was still skeptical. After hitting around $9 (seems to be the mark for all of these) the earnings dropped to 0.02 or 0.01. Then after a certain point it would just crash on cash levels. After about $7 i was at the last stage, and always hitting the bottom of the mine. There is only 5 levels. Waste of time.
this game is full of ads I had high hopes for this game but not I changed my mind it's rubbish u can't save money there's an ad every 5 seconds and the music will play even if it's muted so don't waste your time with this game
The first few days I racked up $7. Once you make it to $9 you make $0.01-$0.03 per video. I'm now less than $0.25 away from a cash out ($10) and not a single money box appears, tried with a full tank of gas... Nothing. I just want my $10 I earned so I can uninstall and block this from my memory. $9.72 and 55+ games and no money chests!! FRAUD!!! TOS link broken... Privacy policy link broken. Made in Hong Kong
Only 3 levels does not keep you interested. You can apparently earn gift cards, but averages 5p every 9 levels. With a 30 second ad after every one, and an extra 1min ad before each 5p. Would be fine if there were more levels to keep you interested. Then You get to £9 (£1 before pay out)... and you get 1p every 9 levels. (Each level takes a minimum of 30 seconds). I'd rather just watch ads consecutively to make up the rest of the £1. Playing the same level over and over is painful.
I don't write reviews but this is so bad. I opened the game and got an ad before I even saw game. Ads ads ads. Would rate 0 if I could.
BEWARE!!! this dame is a rip off, I got $33.33 dollars in my wallet , tried to redeem my winnings only to be told you have to enter a raffle , and if you dont WIN you can reenter the chance to win, so i tried to reenter the next raffle , and it wont let you reenter , DONT WASTE YOUR TIME PLAYING THIS GAME !!!!!!
Was great to begin with earning abit, but as you get further and further, the amount you earn decreases, i'm now get maybe $0.05 for each chest I encounter
So I paid out coins to get ten minutes offline which I presume means no ads for ten minutes, yes? No, it makes no difference. Can I did deeper than 58 m? Pretty much never. So don't see skill involved at all, just luck. It says get more cash the deeper you get, well good luck with that. Basically if you hit the fuel guage perfect on your first go you'll only get 25%, although lord knows what that actually equates to. Next time maybe 40%, very much hit or miss..
Started off good. Finding chests and amounts inside were good but the closer you get to turn in amount to actually receive any real money makes the chests appear less often and less amount inside. Plus there are so very few stages. Not to mdntion it is super easy and fast to max out all the stats of the miner. You gather in game money for no reason after a few days of playing
advert for this app noted real rewards (paypal, amazon, etc) but no implementation appears after an hour of playing and constant bombardment of ads. absolute money grab from advertisers and time thief to users.
Played for 3 minutes and it starts crashing! Got $1.61 and it starts crashing, SPAM APP!!! Tried force stopping the app a couple of times, over it! Deleted and you get the 1 star! I have a brand new tablet that has many other apps on it, none of them constantly crash! That's all I'm saying, anyone who gives this app 5 stars is LYING! Probably paid a little gift card from the developer for a phony review! WASTE OF TIME!!!!! LOL
it is a really bad game. when I get a treasure and try and save money into my wallet the save money button does not work and this app is full of ads so thank you for wasting everyone's time and being such a disappointment
I have a crappy experience with this game. I can never use the continue part of the app and it wont let me put more than $5.71in my wallet and it wont let me put more money in my chest cuz it will only let me pic. When I see the game portrayed as a game app when I'm playing a different game it shows you can win alot if you get big boulders and gas cans and the chests only at the first of the game as you break through the bottom hole at the top of the shaft. not very good rating because of this.
three times i won money as in cash and all times i havent been able to collect i have to close the game since i cant get passed after opening the treasure chest, how lame ..cant even collect the money i won feom the chest..have to close the game after just to play again ...just lame
The money is a lie. They would try to basicly scam you to keep watching ad and would not promise the money. After $5 the money just comes in like 3 - 4 cent per ad. Don't play this is nothing more than a scam just to waste your time. All the people on the score board are just lies since their money didnt even increase after a month.
the game is fun but the payout is not what us expect. i have been playing for three days and have like under 3 bucks. as a player of games i think that the rewards should be better. but overall its a good game to pass the time.
This game is fun. I like the gameplay, it's simple, and reminds me of a classic game on pc called motherload, on the xgen studios website. If this game had less, and I mean WAY LESS adverts, it got rid of that crappy money scam, and made their ads-for-stuff more obvious, I'd actually consider playing and actually paying money on the game. But the clear lack of care for the players experience, and the previous reasons, mean this game deserves a 1 star.
I was going to hold off rating until I reached the withdrawal minimum, but I wanted to say that I've reached stage 4 with $5.70 in my wallet and my average payout per reward has dropped from 25 cents to 6 cents. I believe this happens to everyone so you keep slowly inching toward $10 but never actually reach it. Do not trust it. Uninstalled.
it's barely even a game and only exist to show the ads in your face. I'm guessing the reviews are bots because this is not a four-and-a-half star game. a blind ape could make a better game than this
Prepare to dig into the exciting world of advertisement! If you are bored with the mundane world of gaming with little ads, then we have the fix for you! Now featuring the same 3 ads that will play over and over again, so you are sure to get the most for you advertisement addiction.
At first, I saw this and thought of it as something fun to pass time. Once I saw that you could "win real money" on the screenshots, my mind thought "Why not give this a try? Even if it's not real, it's probably fun to play". It was fun at first, however,; do not be fooled. This game is most likely, if not 100% a scam. After playing this game for around 2 days, I managed to get to the $9.72 mark, only for the chests to completely disappear (most likely with a 0% of spawning). At the end, nothing is gained. Although, nothing is really lost asides from the time and effort one puts into the game. If you want a game that can be very addictive, and have some time to waste, then this is definitely the one. If you're wanting to play it because of the fact you can win some "real cash", do not give into the temptation.
Same as the rest of the reviews. game decreases chest $ based on your current amount. at $4 you get -15c and by the time I got to 5 I was getting single digit cents per chest. Also has Either the most obvious glitch or an intentional cash grab where watching an ad for reason X doesn't complete it the first time. Forcing you to research and give them more money. Can't verify the claims that the cash out is actually a raffle but would not surprise me based on the rest of the game
got ro level 5 easy and stuck on £6.00 and cant collect till i get to £10 and thers no more chests for me to collect and when i do find one its for £0.04 each
It's okay, but there really needs to the option to revisit previous levels. Got through all the available "worlds" in 2 lazy days & to the point where I can get to the end of the last level with no ads needed for extra moves. Would be great to have more. The whole "more cash the deeper you get" is a lie. you can only get to a certain depth before you're through the level & get less once you're out. Stuck at ~$5 for almost a month now, no "get cash" for 2 weeks. Forget it, I'm bored.
Only five levels, pay outs ( when they happen ) are a joke, and payouts earned wont save to wallet - two .04 cents, three .06 cents, and two.07 cents. Going to delete.
I like the game my only issue is I've been stuck at £9.95 for over a month of playing at least an hour a day, it's as if it's designed to stop paying out intentionally, which I think is classed as false advertising so wait and see creators have to say in reply. I will change rating however if it pays out
Game is ridiculous. Every time and I do mean every time you click on the screen you have an 80% chance of getting an ad. If you choose not to double your reward you still get an ad. When opening your findings you get an ad. I have 5 ads in a row from 1 dig. Avoid this app.
Agree with the others. The game is a con. When you get to the $9 mark, the trickle of coins vanishes. You can play the game for hours and nothing. One wonders how those 'top' players managed to get $50+ . Maybe they are not real???? Maybe the 5* reviews are fictitious too?? Shame, coulda been good, clearly just done for the ad revenues.
At first was letting collect my money to add to my wallet. And now it wont let me collect it and lost over 5.00 worth of cash. Im uninstalling this game. Hopefully in the near further they will get it running right. So people can actually collect there money. And will freeze all the time on me too in middle of digging. If it wasnt for that it be alright game for sure. I dont mind it freezing once and awhile. But ita like every time i get on the app it freezes and wont let me collect my money too
On the general concept this could be a good game. Problem is they've developed this purely as a cash generator for themselves. It is overly filled with Ads to increase their revenue with limited gameplay for 7s the users. They rely on this basic notion that because they state you got real rewards you're going to just keep going to win cash. Personally I'd rather have good gameplay with the occasional Ad that rewards in game features that make the game more enjoyable. Not worthwhile!!!!!
false advertising!!!! this game will not let me get up to 10$ to cash out ive been playing about a month and have $9.64 but cant collect anymore money. ive put alot of time into this app and it was a waste.
Way too many ads... When i first opened the app, there was an ad. When i started to dig, i went through 3 ads on my way down. Collecting my treasure, i had two options: Get what i collected, or get Double that by watching an ad. I chose just getting what i collected because i was tired of watching ads. I got an ad. Might as well just get double since it doesnt matter either way. Sure the game is fun-ish, and it has auto mining, but the auto mining sucks? Better to do it yourself. Tiring.
is this game real? kinda fun but have gotten real money deposit notifications a few times now and it never goes to my wallet. only have the tutorial balance.....
this game is actually bad. you confused me when it said collect $ and it sent me straight to an ad. and when i found a new item, it would not let me tap the (x) on the screen. dont get this game. this is not a game at all, its an advert. you will not earn any money and most of it is trash anyways.
Are you serious. There is way to many ads if I have to watch another ad in gonna smash my phone. I got to $5 reasonably quick within a couple hours of constant play but them after that the money you get is just ridiculous for the amount of ads you have to watch there is about 30 adds for about 12 cents no thankyou I've got better things to do than make you money watching ads while I get next to nothing for it. Here's a thought for you Ease up on the ads or give a bit more money. App Deleted
It's a decent game, with a good basic idea. But I fortunately does not go very far. The game is limited to five levels, and 4 vehicles. One of which only is usable randomly. Some more levels would be nice. Or a 6th endless level where the goal is to just get as far as your vehicle will allow. Also, the treasure boxes containing real money barely show, and barely give you anything. For how little they show, multiple per stage would be nice.
unplayable. basically an advertisement farming game. 10 opportunities for ads in the first minute. disgusting.
A pretty terrible experience overall, the game is meant to be one of those payout things that you see often, which is fine in and of itself, but after a certain point the amount you'll get from chests decreases drastically, as well as the frequency of said chests, meaning you'll have to play for a good hour to make a dollar. The most frustrating part is that every time you reopen this game, the vibration settings reset, and I despise games that implement vibration settings.
you can not redeem your money to paypal or amazon...you have to join something and hope you when a card....SCAM!!!!! I WOULD SAY...DELETE DELETE DELETE
To call this a game is criminal. However, I give it 3 stars because it's a simple time killer and you can earn some spare change with this app overtime. Though it's better classified as an ad platform than a game.
At first, the payouts were decent. But, the further into the game you get, the less money chests you get AND they're worth less and less. Once I got to $9, the payouts became 1-3 cents each and about every 10 turns. Now, I'm at $9.60 and I haven't gotten a money chest in the last 2 days at all. Very disappointed.
wow just Wow the ordasity of this game pathetic in every way game should not only be eradicated but google should also hold responsibility for allowing this garbage on it market in the first place the creaters of this app knew that they was wasting there time on this nonsense the moment it was release Wow i mean ik games are bad for some but this junk is bad for all please trow this app away in retire from that side of the industry
the game was good . now its not letting collect to my wallet or when i get a bag full of gold i cant collect it . cant collect anything . i hit the button does nothing . finily i x out and loose the item . it needs to go directly to the rite location shouldnt hv to ok winings going to ur wallet or loosing that change . stupid .. spent stupid time for nothing .. work in progress ..
what a scam your supposed to reach 10.00 then u can redeem it to your paypal account. i reached 10.00 and tried to redeem turns out you just are entered into a weekly drawing for a single 10.00 random winner. total scam
The first thing you are greeted by, after installing the game, is about 2 seconds of a loading screen, and then an ad...and the game isn't even done loading yet. The app also assumes you want music and haptic feedback (vibration) enabled every time you start the game. Yes, you can switch it off, but the assumption is irritating. Involuntary ads can be bypassed after they play for 5 seconds, FYI. You can easily accidentally trigger another ad at the end of each dig if you aren't careful.
The game itself is fun to play and relaxing. I like the way you can easily skip the ads, however, if not skipping the ads earns you more money let me know, and I'll gladly stop skipping them. Anyone who says it's hard to get to 10$ is just too focused on the money part. If you go down into the mine every time thinking 'will this round give me the money?' you're not going to get it. relax. Enjoy the game and you'll find that it's easy to earn money. first day, already at 4$!