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Dictator – Rule the World

Dictator – Rule the World for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary located at Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 Munich, Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence, Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the most greedest game I have ever seen After 10 moves ₹50 ($0.7) got automatically deducted. By the way, The game is nice, But it's not worth 8$. That's too much. There are many enjoyable games out there who charge very less (1$, 3$) as one time fee or dont charge at all.
Take your own decisions if you can't so please don't play this game. And One star because ads irritate me very much or else I would give 5 star. Whoever is owner of this game please remove ads or else no one will interest this Amazing game. Oh yeah bro Wassup. With amazing game
It's finally happened. A game that was doing a great job was finally forced to rely on ads. I guess that's fine, but NO ONE needs an ad for the same thing every turn. Seriously, I can't click away without having a game pitched at me. I hate this so much I've started to play other games instead of going to you guys. Fix this, or you'll lose more business.
I absolutely love the actual game play, however being interrupted every other turn with ads really destroys the game experience. I considered paying to remove the ads until I noticed it wasn't a one time fee, but rather a fairly pricey subscription considering how simple the game is.
8 dollars a week for an ad-free experience, or ads in your face constantly. 4 times the price of Netflix for a mobile game with garbage game play and unpredictable results. Skip this game and find something else, you won't be missing anything.
Uninstalled the game 5 minutes in. Lietrally unplayable. Ads pop in after two decisions are made. And the membership. 8 dollars for a WEEK? Are you out of your mind? I'd think this is an elaborate scam than a game if anything. Lots of other games offer the same experience better.
To the people saying it has too many ads, I agree, BUT there is a very simple way around that. Turn. Off. Your. Internet. Not hard. Otherwise, good simple gameplay.
Ads are too many and are rather intrusive, but the gameplay is fun and the variety of choices and decisions are very unique and interesting, and challenges your willingness to sacrifice. Would recommend!
Crappy app. Has the potential but is plagued by ads and constant reminder to buy Premium. Disgusting.
Yikes! Downloaded it to see if other reviews are right. Oh yeah. First thing it did when I downloaded it was try to get me to buy a TEN DOLLAR A WEEK membership. $45 a month??? The game is 3 buttons! Go buy a Steam game instead. One of my daily tasks is to support the creator's Instagram. That's just embarrassing. Too bad, the concept is kind of fun (basically just Reigns but less complex) but it's butchered by the usual nonsense that apps made purely for fast turnaround and profit enjoy.
This game is a nice, casual game to play on your free time. I've noticed many people complaining about ads, and I understand where they're coming from, but I don't think the ads are that bad. Because I play on Android, the video ads that pop up with the white circle in the top right corner can just be skipped by pressing the back button before the timer even reaches 5 seconds.
Very much liked the game. I like the choice of watching an ad to get a free boost. But recently they added 30 second ads that pop up between EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE. it's completely unplayable now. Uninstalling.
Why do you make such a good game into an ad shill? With a renewable subscription just to remove ads makes it really hurt to consider this as a good game again. Ads constant, paying for them to go away weekly for a game you won't be binging and isn't that complex isn't worth it. as well as dailies shilling out to the creators rather than being GAME RELATED makes this once top 10 best mobile games (imo) just be ripped off of it's pedistal and thrown to the trash due to greed, Just play offline.
the game.is cute and simple, but the developer is greedy and disdainful of the user experience. The number of ads is disgustingly high and the option to get rid of them is a weekly subscription rather than a small one time fee. I've never seen, not even in P2W games, so much little concern for the user experience and such blatant greed. worst of all, the game is very simple and plain, the cost of development being slight so the developer greed is that much more obnoxious.
It's a really fun app and makes me really think, good to pass time. Just would be better if you set the amount of ads to play to be much lower, it's upsetting to be in the middle of a question and an ad pops up and changes the question at the end.
Was fun at first but the something is empty thing is so annoying and the stuff is so expensive I hate this stupid game!
After surviving the first couple of wars and amassing more than 2 million in currency, it is then practically impossible to lose. The game becomes too easy if you: - just pay off any unhappy factions to keep them happy - play factions off against each other to gain approval across the board - prioritize army and people during war - say "no" sufficiently often to factions with high approval to avoid bias There needs to be some added challenge at this point otherwise it becomes monotonous.
Super fun game! Simple playing style, and lots of choices. I have noticed that this game has gone from around 4 stars to just over 2, mainly because of adds. There's a stupidly simple way to get rid of them: before launching the game, turn off your WiFi! Then, no more adds. Seriously, people. This game is amazing! Totaly would recommend to anyone! 😃😃😃
This game is amazing.Simply because every decision has an impact on other factions.Its easy to understand whats good and what not.And you can even risk your own for the sakes of getting the highscore you so wishwd for.But my favorite aspect of the game is how it punishes you for being overpowered.Thank you.It rewards you for balancing everything out and i love that.Really! Thank.You.Developers.
Overall a great game. Has a couple issues: achievements don't unlock, maybe you have to pay for that to happen? Also, occasionally daily challenges will not reward. Too many ads as well... again, if you pay those go away
I thought Dictator was a fun game. It reminds me of those old text style games you know what im talking about. But with sweet grapics and not in a dungeon . Alas after playing about 25 or so mins total, opening the app several times. I have now found myself staring at PLAGENDARY from the opening credits. Overall an fun game that reminds me of my youth text games but this ones new and it crashes more often.
I liked the game. Yeah it's addictive, even with that repetition of questions but, adding something more to this game may make it an incredible game
I do really love the game! the graphics are cool and simple, same to the plot of this game. It's very good made, I always get too much into that game and spend hours of playing and cheering ',:) the only thing I would like, is that it might be available in other languages. It's annoying to do a fatal decision only because I didn't know one word. but if u don't do, that's alright too :3
Garbage game; not only do you have to pay a MONTHLY $8 FEE for the full game, if you don't, there are ads. Ads by themselves would be fine, but a membership? You're a mobile game, maybe worth a dollar to download. not 8 dollars a month
Really, this is the best time killer. If you doesn't want to make decision, this is not for you. At first, I feel very hard to decide, but I just need a few minutes to take part with it! Overall, nice game developers! And for people that got annoying ads, you can try Lucky Patcher, it can help you remove ads in just some minutes! Don't give them 1 star or none haters, you already have Lucky Patcher - an essential part of rooted phones that can help you hack, remove ads and buy pro stuffs free.
Only played the game for 15 minutes. Within that time frame I saw 5 advertisements, constant popups about paying for ad free version, and the stupid narrator popup for everything. Good grief I would enjoy this game but unless all of these issues are fixed I'm uninstalling.
I believe this game has great potential, but there is one problem I have, advertising. I'm not protesting the advertising, but they just appear too often, slowly lowering my overall experience.
I loved this game a couple years ago. Still a fun game, but it's about a 60/40 ad to game play ratio. Way too many ads
disappoining a good game but its so filled with ads it makes it really hard to play not only does it ask you to buy premium when you lose not only does it have an ad bar but about every 2-4 turns ( which isnt very long) it forces an ad down your throat im okay with ads a company needs to make money but thats just too much .
See, I love games and there are few games which dont have ads at all, does that mean they suck, no right, so a humble request dont run after the money, provide the people with what they want and money will automatically flow towards you. To be honest this game has potential. I hope you guys turn this game into something much better.
It was quite fun for me but a few problems here and there but I would suggest you buy it. It is a very nice experience
I liked the game, BUT its too easy. My second game I reached 91 level and maxed out 2 of the factions cuz I got bored. The idea is absolutly amazing, but the game is too easy and packed with ads, wich I avoid by turning of the mobile data like any normal human being. Im gonna go play some fortnite now...
This app is really cool! I mean O saw it on an advertisment,later on I was like : "yes imma download this!" And that's how I came to install your app,As I'm writing this,the app is still installing,I hope it is worth it!
I don't mind the ads. Try to lower the ads a little bit so the experience of playing gets better. Lower the price of the full version so people would buy it and maybe put it at $5 every month. Just suggestions that will probably give the game a 4 stars rating other than that it's okay.
Very fun game i liked it a lot but its up to u if u want to take my word but its only rl for ppl that like haveing control over things
Take ALL the ads down, and ill play it. I dont care if you dont do it, multiple people say that you need to take them out, and I would take em out. its a ridiculous amount to put into the game, and 2 minutes in, AD. Dont get this game, its the worst.