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Diamonds Time - Mystery Story Free Match 3 Game

Diamonds Time - Mystery Story Free Match 3 Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PlayMe8 located at 153005, г.Иваново, ул. Спартака, д.13, помещения 127-145. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the different challenges and unique board play. But I can't figure out where all the boosts I earn are so I can use them! Otherwise, nice game!
fun but hard with good graphics and music but relies too much on adverts which is off putting as the emphasis is to play the adverts more than playing the game after reaching level 9 and above.
There's so much in this game, I'm still trying to work out the purpose of many aspects of it, but the general match three gameplay is different to the usual and I'm enjoying it the more I'm getting used to it.
Total Pay 2 Win. Great concept at trying to be different but fail at execution. Constant nags to purchase items or diamonds which you will need VERY EARLY on to complete levels and challenges. Just another greedy Dev. Installed due to the high rating, but after playing for a few days, these must be bogus ratings cuz this game REQUIRES you to pay early and often if you have ANY chance of progressing. Uninstalled, and I advise you to look elsewhere unless you like giving money away.
Game is full of nothing but cheaters. How does someone's score go from 15k to 50k in the blink of an eye. No where to report the cheaters and nothing is being done about them either. Would be a very nice game other wise. But after weeks and weeks of continuing to try to play thinking that it probably was just me, I have come to the conclusion it's not just me. And since nobody wants to do anything about the rampent cheating I will be uninstalling.
Very pretty graphics. Passes the time. A bit involved to begin with but the further along you go the easier it begins to get.
LOVE this game! Easy to play longer periods of time than many other match 3 games. Lots of freebies, xtras...& more xtras if ur willing to watch ads. Smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, & an interesting story you become a part of. Another bonus that sets it apart from other similar games is, aside from regular game mode, there's also a "Challenge" option which allows for online battles against other players; w/entirely different special events & tournaments. Try it! ♡♡♡ Thanks for so much fun!
Fascinating as Mr Spock would say! And intreaging! On level 10 now! Can't wait too open the portal to meet the ghosts! Come find out for yourself 😊 you won't be disappointed 😊 it gets you hooked 😊 thank you team for game well created 😊 wish I could give you more than 5 stars tho! You have well earnt them 😊🤗😊 be blessed always
Nice graphics, no way to tell what level has been achieved and too much information at once. Quite messy to play.
This Diamond's Time - Mystery Story Free Match 3 Puzzle Game App'. Is An Amazingly - Excellent - 👏 - Match 3 Puzzle Game App'.!!., - Although I Do Have 1 Complaint Though, - & - That's That The Touch - Screen Control's Within The Game - Play Aren't Responsive Enough!!.
wOw!!! What a great storyline! It makes for a Unique match-3 game. This one is a keeper because each exploration to a different part of the estate challenges you with new objects to obtain with new weapons to destroy the ghosts in trying to obtain the artifacts. Well done!
look very nice, promising and different from most of the match 3 games. However few problems atleast with my phone. Connecting to facebook gets stuck, must restart the app. When connecting to Google Play, game loses all sound. Please check.
Very good game, absorbing and well constructed, graphics are beautiful. And you can just keep playing, occasionally ads come, but don't spoil the game play.
Great Game! I Love the graphics, how easy it is to play the game without any interruptions glitches or time-lapses with in the game. It's definitely better than the majority of the other games that I've played because there are a lot of problems with the others! This game is just a pleasure and very smooth Im really enjoying it very much!
Gave up and uninstalled at the first 'hard' level. It was genuinely too hard. The game just stopped being fun, which is a shame because I was enjoying it. Yes, I realise I could buy or acquire through play various power ups, but I don't feel I should require optional additions to enjoy a game. The story didn't grip me. I didn't know who I was or what I was meant to be doing. I only knew one character's name and absolutely nothing about them. I've unfortunately run out of room. Game is OK.
This game is very relaxing and I enjoy a game with just a match 3 and the story is awesome and like that I have to find things to move on I would recommend this game to my friends
Really cool so far. With all these games will see once I play for a while. Just where they stop letting you in advance and almost. You must pay money.
Once again starts out great then you hit the money wall. Must spend money to continue effectively. Was fun. Should only have to spend money to enhance, not to continue.
I really enjoy playing this game. My only issues are that there is no consolidated inventory list to see what items you have or might need and the only thing the help explains is the pieces on the board and modes.
If you don't hit the skip button after a session, it never goes away till you close the game and reopen it. The game is fun and I enjoy it till that skip button sticks. Get that corrected and I'll take it to a 5 star
it's a little glitchy when trying to move chips on the bottom. it is switching to another screen, an app I have. then i see the logo and it stays there sometimes a second and sometimes i have to close the game to correct it
Love the graphics, making matches and the app is fun and addicting! Make sure to have a way to charge while playing or you'll be out of fun!
For some reason the skip button Is stuck on the screen. It makes it difficult to see what color of gems are behind the"SKIP" button. Please fix this problem, I really like the game but if I can't see what's behind the button I'll have to uninstall the game. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES TO PLAY.
I enjoy the game. I like that it's a combination of match 3 & doing different tasks to get to other areas on the map. I just started playing the game. I'm only level 6 currently.
There must be a parser automatically looking for negative comments so they can send out their canned remarks. I know this because their comment appeared only seconds after I posted it. What they said is absolutely true. What they *didn't* say is that in order to actually get these items, you have to beat the levels. In order to beat them, you will have to buy their expensive boosters. Word. First things first, these 5 star ratings are false. if you rate the game 5 stars, you are rewarded with in game resources. I play a LOT of match 3 games. I've been playing them for years, and I'm very good at them. This game is the most blatant money grab I've seen in a very long time. The demo levels are insidiously alluring, providing false hope that this game is beatable. It isn't. Not even close. After about level 10, they are very near impossible to beat without purchasing boosters or energy. What a huge disappointment because a great deal of time and thought went into the design. Esthetically the game is gorgeous with much to do. However, this is so typical of the greediness of the devs, who are clearly going for the quick kill, rather than developing loyalty to their player base. I'd have gladly supported the game with purchases had I seen even an inkling of fairness in terms of beating the levels. they've given us nothing here but an internet shopping mall disguised as a game. So unhappily, that's what they're getting from me. Nothing... uninstall...distant.. memory. Avoid this one folks.
This game is fantastic but it as no offline playing mode one can't play it with out internet, it bad that i wish to play this game most time when i 'm bored and and not in internet area.... Offline play mode makes other games better off this one.
Game dashboard leaves much to be desired, ugly to look at and not easy to navigate. Storyline is muddy and unengaging. Levels are passable if you watch enough ads for extra moves (one ad = one move, max 3 extra moves). Overbalanced without watching ads or buying tools. That's not challenging gameplay relying on skill+luck, its driving users to generate ad revenue and hard currency by making higher levels impassable without. I don't mind watching ad content for free games, but this is too much
I don't rate unless I love or hate the game and you are winners. Gameplay isn't mainstream match 3. Originality drew me in. Vibrant colors of gems and bombs are different. I like the mystery aspect and spirits you must vanquish too. Thanks!
love this game! lots going on, easy to understand, yet it has lots of twists & turns, great graphics & story line, great job people!! 👌😁
What i love about this game..unlike other games...this is not a money grabbing game.. watching ads is optional... they never randomly pop up longest ad is 30 seconds watching every ad gives you diamonds etc you dont have to wait too long before you can play... match 3 games are challenging but are do able always great rewards for completing the challenges competitions with others also give great rewards... by far the best match 3 game ive played in awhile...great work Devs...luv luv luv
Great story, graphics are fun, easy to follow. Most of these storyline match games work the same, so these aspects are the only things that set one apart. Nice job!
so far so good but I wish I could understand things better. like what the things from the chests where. like the bottle or cards but I am enjoying it so far!! Thank you for answering my questions so quickly,. I respect that!! As I played more I got more information thanks again
I love this so far, but a little confused by why it shows u rooms, tells u to locate the item but u dont go into that rm to look for it. u instead play match 3. which I also love that game. but still confused by its telling u to locate an item.
This was a really good game until they stopped adding the area on the map. Hint: there is No Time lord. All you will do is make them money with all the ads. Then they won't answer questions, thanks for nothing
Great addition to the genre of Match 3 to reveal a story games that there are a lot of at the moment. Many of these become repetitive quickly but this one is more polished, fun and makes me want to reveal more of the story. great little game.
Definitely a fun game game! Action from the start;unlike most games. Love the graphics and load time is fairly decent for a large game. Good storyline too. Usually don't rate games this early as I just started playing ( around level 11); but this one was definitely worth it! I definitely recommend this game😁
Graphics are a mess. The skip button stays on the screen, blocking the bottom row. The diamonds don't show when they're powered into a boost. I really want to play this game, but as stated...messy graphics.
dont understand where the gold coins go when won!! bit confusing you cant buy anything and dont know how many you have, waste if time !! why all if a sudden am i getting bothered with constant adds popping up every 10 seconds ¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!???? not impressed at all gonna uninstalll its rubbish and anoying !!!!!!!!
So it's a Match3 game to unlock places on the map. And to find items that make things. That unlock other things. You can enter a PvP mode to win some other items. You get a lot of cards with symbols. Not sure what they are for? You get gold with gem symbols on which after (don't know how many?) turn into a gem. There are so many tasks and quests and items to find that I really am a bit lost as to what the story (and there is one!) is. I shall continue for a bit more to see how it progresses and how much money they want me to spend to actually achieve anything - the 3 stage mini game to open a "LEGENDARY" chest already hints that money needs to be handed over, ie 1.79 for 5 moves to complete the board. We shall see.
Player vs player is completely unbalanced and is either pay to win from buying item boosts or you get screwed over by having 1 move repeatedly gaining 0 score until it resets the board, the campaign is also completely luck with some levels intentionally making you lose. If you're old and have money then buy, if you want a decent game look somewhere else. To be clear the levels aren't challenging its intentionally unwinnable, ignore the devs responses if they tell you otherwise.
The different tasks with rewards makes the game more challenging and sets it apart from the other gem games I've played in the past. I find it difficult to find a stopping point with this game. Love it!
I'm uninstalling this fun game because of the unrealistic price of gems. For 2.99 you get 100 gems and it takes 60 to 100 to get 1 tool. Too bad cause I would have gladly supported the game with up to $20. A month. Probably A lot of my friends would play too. Oh well, on to other games. Your loss greedy losers.