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Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring

Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do not like this app because every time you are done finish with on little thing there is always an ad. and the way the pen moves is not great. Also the app would probably be better if it didn't have SO MANY ADS.๐Ÿ™„ please try to fix the ad problem or I have to unfortunately I will have to uninstall this app๐Ÿ˜”
4 stars. This game is so relaxing and it's pretty much the best coloring game(?) But the thing is there is WAY too much ads. Please fix this asap.
Great game, I play at night to help me sleep cuz I have a heart condition so this helps me relax it. BUT the ads are so annoying every 5 seconds that it no longer actually helps. Rid the ads and I'll play again lol, great game though.
I love this game!! So easy to play! I love all the different pictures available and all the bright colors! I just wish they had a 2ร—2 square option for the pen.
The game is nice but there are so many ads, when I am finishing one colour not the whole level, there is ads after every colour there is ads so please fix it... And if you fix this problem don't expect rate from us.
I love this game it is very relaxing. However 2 or more ads every section of the picture is very annoying. And not having the option to buy the game without a subscription is even more annoying. I get that the game needs ads but the amount of ads I've watched and I'm not even half way done with the picture is why I'm seriously thinking uninstalling this game. Fix the amount of ads and I will give a higher rating.
Not great. The ads are really annoying which is disappointing since the designs are really cool. One thing that annoyed me in general is the constant asking if I wanted to buy VIP. I don't usually buy gamepasses in games unless I really like it, but this game is okay in general. Wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they loved ads!
I would give this game five stars because it IS a great game that I really enjoy. The problem is that when you finish a color in some cases, it gives you an ad. There are way too many ads. I would also give it 5 stars if you could pay money to get rid of the ads. A bunch of people complain about this so obviously people would be happy if they could pay for it, as long as it's not overpriced. If the creator sees this and decides to put In this feature, could you make it a one time payment pls?
So far very fun, but I haven't even had the game 5 minutes and I've already gotten 3 ads too many ads
Pretty good if u can tolerate all the ads. I can lol. I like doing the premade pictures. But whats extra fun is you can take a picture with ur camera or use a picture in ur phone. Its a very fun and relaxing game. U should draw pixel art or find some on the internet and use it in this game. It works really well. The only problems I've had is: u can watch ads for rewards. This sometimes doesn't work. Or if u use your own picture sometimes the colors are different after u color it in with diamonds
Way to many ads. When you are done filling in one number there's a 30 minute ad. Not enjoyable at all
Limited art if you do not get the video and vip cost money and also had limited art because ypu have to get higher vip sooo don't waste your money and time on this game I would give it a ZERO star of I could
It's good but there's way too many ads. Every time I do something as little as filling something in there's an ad. It would be nice if there was one after each level at least.
WAY TO MANY ADS FIX OR I WILL UNISTALL I understand why we need ads but they give you an ad every time you do a color (Note to producers)...if you fix the ad problem I will give 5 stars and a wonderful review saying every one should get the game TO LATE I UNINSTALED YOU PRODUSERS ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE do not get the game
I gave it a 4 stars for a reason you have to turn off the data/wifi for no ads..But it's good and you can still make your own/family/bff/k pop idol๐Ÿ’“
This is a reallllllllly nice game but there are a lot of ads and i had to yuse the on dimand a lot and i think they could has more than 3 optians but overal this is a good game and i deffinetly recomend it
I love it.its amazing and i love how u can change the pen and the colors are so pretty. this app wil make me happy and i will always play this app
It would be a relaxing game if you didn't allow adverts to ruin the game sell out is the word increase the graphics and put a 1 time price to get the app and you won't need adverts I will not endorse this app
To many ads give an option to skip ads permanently. Will change from 2 stars to 5 when this issue is fixed
I really like this game . It is soo relaxing. I even make a pic of my friends and show to them ! They like it! Try harder and make more new games ! Good luck !
I like this app. I'd like this app more if you didn't charge to export our own photos to color. Isn't it enough that you force the adds with every section worked? Fix this and I'll fix your low rating. Have a good day.
First of all, the pictures don't even look that good when you finish them!!! Second of all, THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY ADS!!!! There is AT LEAST 5 ads every level!!! I hate this game. I would not install it ๐Ÿ˜’
This game is really good and it has really good ASMR but it has wayyy to many adds but it is still a really good game ๐Ÿ˜
Great game! There are a lot of ads but you can skip most of them. I play it every single day it's super calming.
Too many ads. They come up after every section I have coloured. Uninstalled it till you sort all the ads out.
Liked it before the update. Now eveything i had already did is now gone. I dont care to do it all over again. Nor am i paying a monthly subsriction for a coloring book. Id do a one time payment but monthly no thank you.
I love to idea of the game. Just way too hard to enjoy with all the ads that pop up after completing each color. It's frustrating!
Way too many ads, I get watching ads after the level is finished but not after every section of every painting
Extremely expensive ad make this game annoying. I would rather enjoyable if it weren't for the fact that it gives you an ad almost every time you switch to a new colour within the same picture. That just ridiculous. I can deal with games that give you an ads after every level but having to skip though anywhere from 5-20 ad in a single level (possibly depending on what size of picture & how many colour) is just insane. I'll try it without the network & internet. If that does not work uninstilled
I would prefer if there was a 2 stick option instead of having 1 diamond, 3 diamonds landscape and 3 diamonds portrait
Good app lots of fun pictures and colors. The reason that I only gave 4stars tho is because of the adds not too many but just enough to annoy you. But otherwise good and fun game
Ok so,This is a great game but there are way too many ads,Example:after I'm done filling the yellow part,An ad pops up,It's super annoying :( but the game is great. Good ๐Ÿ‘
Brilliant game but can we have different designs to the pens as this one is abit boring and could do with less adverts as soon as u finish a gem it goes into a advert
So many ads!!!I would have liked to pay for the game rather then to see so many ads. Very annoying for my child. Otherwise game is very nice.
It's a fun, relaxing game but, there are too many adds. After each number there is an add. I would give this five stars but, because of the adds I'm only giving three. The adds are very aggravating.
I really like this app, but the ads are out of control. For example, every time you get done with a color, there is an ad. One other thing I don't like about this app is that sometimes the pen thing that drops the diamonds, it goes too fast.
I would really like this game, but there are so many ads just doing one that it ruins the fun. It would be better if I could just buy it. Uninstaller as soon as I finish this.
I love the game. Very relaxing however there is too many adds that pops up every minute and also it lags and crashes the game. I hope you can improve quickly
WAY too many ads. I think I watched 20 of them just completing one picture. Don't waste you're time installing this game. Other coloring apps have way less to no ads. Will uninstall.
This Diamond Coloring App is awesome. I love how easy it is to color the pictures and the colors are so beautiful. Challenging and relaxing .Recommend it to anyone who likes doing Diamond Art. Its a fantastic App.
It's a relaxing game/app(?) however the ads are ridiculous. The only way to play it without interruptions from the ads is to put my phone on aeroplane mode. An ad every 1/2 colours is insane.
Ok hello, now this game is really bad for 3 reasons. 1) THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADDS AND I HATE THEM AND I THINK EVERYONE ELSE DOES. 2) All of the good pictures you have to bye and it's like 'do you think we are made out of money?' 3) I dont know if it's just me but my game is so laggy and none of my other games are. Ok that's about it... oh yea so I'm sorry but I wouldn't recommend this game
I love this game and uts very relaxing. I honestly play it more than some of my most favorite games! The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because there is so many ads that I can't get rid of.
It's a really good game! I give five stars because I've seen people saying that they we're lots of ads but I didnt get none! (Maybe it was because I was listening to spotify while playing) but overall it's a really good game. If u have too many ads just go on airplane mode or disconnect you're wifi๐Ÿ‘
Terrible game. After every coulor completed you get an ad. I do not recommend this game at all. That is why I rated this game a 1 star rating.โ€ขNeeds improvement.โ€ขRemove ads after every coulor completed.โ€ขJust terrible.
I love the fact about the painting and all that, but PLEASE reduce the amount of ads. Once after every colour there is an ad. And sometimes it can get really glitchy at one stage.
Way too many adds if the adds were not every two seconds after you play a color or finish a picture the game might actullay be enjoyable.
This game was really fun to do when you just wanted to relax but there was way too many ads. It seemed like everytime you would finish a color there was an ad that you could not skip. It really ruined my experience with this game.
Super fun game and relaxing the down fall is you get waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many adds and way to often
Way too many ads!! You're latest update says bug fixes for undisturbed hours of fun. How can you say that when play is interrupted by an ad every 30 seconds. It would be much more productive if you could choose to watch an ad to gain coins or unlock levels/power-ups etc. I'm afraid I will be uninstalling this until I see the ads have been reduced to no more than at the end of a level.
Getting ads after every 2-3 colors is irritating and excessive. If there was an ad before and after each picture, that would be tolerable. But getting interrupted every few seconds is too much.
To all app players if you hate ads so much then wait till the creator add the no ad icon so you can buy it for 2.99 or 1.99ยฃ and then you can enjoy your game in peace forever.
I love playing this game its good for when you don't want to buy an actual Diamond painting kit or you don't have enough money but you should definitely add in a 2 Placer because there's always space for 2 to go
I like the art of the game but the ads after each color is completed is a real put off..will for sure uninstall it
This game is actually really nice! I love the Strawberry Cupcake one, this game is so cool i mean...we cant make anything or put any colors on the wrong numbers but if you make it all correct it will be so nice! Its an A+
I was asked if I wanted to rate the game and as soon as I responded with "never" I was flooded with ads.
its really good i love how you dont have to tap on the spot you have to fill its like a color number! but i dont like how it vibrates when you put a diamond on..but thats just 1 complain! its awesomd! 5 stars!
Ok. Stop. There is a lot of things wrong. There's so much ads and whenever you finish a sheet of the picture, there's an ad. I would like if people could actually play the game. Make it to where there's less ads. Or I'm going to uninstall this. Edit: Excuse me? These ads are uninteresting! Why!? There are tons of people complaining about this TOO! Stop! This game sucks! I might just uninstall this stupid app! I am tired of you ignoring these people and continuing with your ad games! STOP!!!!!!
I like the fact you can upload your own picks to do but having adverts pop up after every section it gets a bit too much can you reduce the amount of adverts please
This Game Is Really Good, Seing the Diamonds And How They Sparkle, Its Really Cool, But The Only Thing That Bother's Me Is That Their Are So Many Ad's, Everytime I finsh a Color An Ad Pops Up, Its Very Annoying At This Point, Please Don't Add Too Many Ads, Overall This Game Is Great
Great game and would be very relaxing. However, there are just far too many adds. They are pipping up around every 30 seconds and between designs too. Often showing 2 in a row. Ispend more time tring to get past the adds that use the app itself. I know you need to advertise but thats too much.
Is so relaxing and it's really calming if you turn the background music off and by the way there is among this one because someone says that there is there's so many fun ones that you can do they're really easy and it's really fun
It's a very fun app but it just has to much ads and also when you just finish one of the diamonds you get a ad.
I give the game 3 stars. at first I loved it. There was an add like every 10 different numbers to paint by. But after a few paintings there where adds after everything. I personally don't enjoy games with design but I was told this one is amazing. And that was correct!
You need premium for every thing good, heck I doubt any of it is even good. You add a new feature and guess what, PREMIUM.
I love the game but the fact an ad comes on after you finish every single colour is very annoying. Tempted to unistall
It is a pretty good and satisfying game you should definitely try it but there are a lot of ads they come after finishing every colour so that's why I gave it three starsโญ-_-๐Ÿ’ง
Amazing game! This is so enternaining. I sugget if your looking for a relaxing game to play. You should downlaod this. I am now rateing this game to 4 stars because this game as way to many adds, after every single section you color their is add,adds,and more adds.๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ธ
A Great app, and wonderful for kids ages 6-12. Super relaxing, and fun. The only thing that really annoys me is all the ads. SO. MANY. ADS!
Its a very nice game,i like it however there are too many adds when i finish one area an add pops up but i like it so mush i play it every single time the best is if u put a photo u can Diamond Paint it i will give it 4 stars but if it didnt have alot of adds i would give it 5 stars.
It's okay but theres 30 second adds and u cant skip them aswel as u cant really put the dimonds on the picture it's hard to get used too I'd rather not play unless it's fixed please fix it do not recommend if you dont like adds well 30 SECOND ADDS WHAT U CANT SKIP other than those things its pritty good.
I really love this game it's really like relaxing and a type of thing and I love the name Diamond painting ASMR it's just really satisfying when you put down the gems on the painting it's just so good. A lot of other games out there really bad no offense
Fun game, love the idea. However there is literally an add after you finish one color for one section.
This game is really good and would be really relaxing and enjoyable, if it wasn't for the amount of ads there is. I can't get through one section of one of the paintings without 3-5 ads; which is ridiculous. And then you have to watch more ads just to do some paintings. Cut down on the ads and it will be great!
This makes me want to do actual diamond painting and it is so satisfying. But the ads are really anoing, if there where no ads it whould be a awsome game.
It's so amazing!! He sound was satisfying. But I hate the adds. But it's now ๐Ÿ‘Œ it's like painting a picture
Meh. It had alot of potential unfortunately the ads are ridiculous. I get before or after you finish a painting but during thats just crazy. Fix the ad problem and ill play
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I love to play this game but the clicking photo option we can use only once please change that only I dont like that option
I love this game but the update changed everything, and there are so many dang adds. It's so annoying.
I Love This Game But It's Overload With Ads Maybe Low It Little Well I Like How I Can Diamond Your Face Lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’Ž OH And pls low the ads๐Ÿ˜‰If you low or take out the ads maybe I'll give you more stars but I don't know if its my phone that's overload with ads so yeah OK (pls respond) BYEE!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I am using my note 10+ and this app would be amazing if I could use my s pen. Also I understand the need for ads, but there is an ad almost every few minutes. I would subscribe but I think the price is too expensive for a game like this.
This is a good, relaxing, and nice game but I recommend to turn off u wi-fi or mobile data whlie using it to avoid alot of adds
all I have to say is SERIOUSLY? I thought the game was pretty good at first until ads interrupting me almost everytime you finish a color no matter how long the level is! I mean having an ad after every level is one thing but 5 ads EVERY PICTURE is insane. Don't waste your money on getting rid of them. It's not worth it! I definitely dont recommend this game.
This game has potential but the controlles are hard and there are soo many ads, it seems manageable at first but it just goes down hill it had potential but would not recommend
Sooo good nice game, but WAY TO MANY ADS MY GUY, anyway I think I have anger issues and this calms me down good game WAY TO MAY ADS thank ya--- mAgIc e
You can't stop once you start. The reason why it got 4 star review was because there are to many adds. I'm a kid and I get bored and stressed so easily. This game helps me relax.
The app could be really fun, I can even handle an ad after every piece of art I do. But when an ad interrupts me after I finish one color every time? No. I wished I looked at the ratings first. There's other apps that are the same game but don't throw ads in your face every ten seconds. You wanted me to rate game? Here it is.
Ads are rampant in this. Every few minutes theres a ad. You can't even relax because of the ads, as soon as you get into the picture BOOM AD, switch to a new color BOOM AD!!!
I love this game, it's very relaxing, and there are barely any ads, I don't know why people lie about the constant ads. There are only ads after each one.
Good game and all but because of all the adds, I played the playable adds more than I played the game itself, I didn't even finish the first painting before deleting the app because the adds are so annoying it would have taken 4 hours just do finish one. Would NOT recommend.
Way too many ads. There is an ad between each color. On top of ads when you choose a picture, choose a section, and finish a picture. I haven't even colored two pictures and I've seen enough ads to last a week.
Its a good app to release stress but even single time i do a Colour example :1 i get a 30 second advert i don't recommend don't download this app. I'm not getting as many adverts now. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’Ž
Too many ads! I understand needing them...but after like 2 maybe 3 color changes it goes to an add...and you do sections in quadrants
ARE YOU SERIOUS? The problem was that there were too many ads and no way to get rid of them. What did they do? PUT IN MORE ADS but guess what? You can get rid of them, FOR 5 BUCKS A WEEK! the yearly subscription is 45 bucks. Not to mention all the paintings you aready made are gone forever and you have to redo them! They put in a function where you can make your own art and put it in the app but it looks terrible. I have more but im running out of room. Do not download!!!!
3/5 because 1, when I take a picture of myself, ITS UPSIDE DOWN! That is one thing that they need to fix. 2, way too many ads, too long, and sometimes the X doesnโ€™t pop up, which then I have to press the back arrow on my keyboard.
You can I only use your finger to play, which is annoying. Also, the ads are overwhelming. Sucks because this could have been a great game otherwise.
Not happy!! My son liked playing the game before the update. After the update, we noticed that all of our pictures that he was working and had already done is gone. How do we get the pictures back? Because all of the work that he has done is gone, I am giving this game one star. Fix this problem and bring back the other pictures that we had before the update.
Way too many ads. Not even an option to pay to remove ads. Will not pay for a weekly or monthly subscription. Will probably Unistall. If there were only 1 or 2 ads per section and between each pattern would be better.
I love it that my sister dosen't even care about it. I even โ™ก LOVE diamonds. So that's why I downloaded it. It even had an update in it (I think yesterday). Before it updated, it had a unicorn on it, and now it has lipstick on it. And when it had the unicorn, it didn't have music. In the lipstick (like now), it has the music. Love the game byeeeeee!
Way too many ads. I have played a total 14 minutes and most of that has been ads. I only have 5 simple pictures done.
TOO MANY ADS! After each color you get a ad! I get that you have to make money but 3+ ads in a minute is just insane!
This game makes beautiful art that many people can enjoy. When I started this game it seemed pretty hard but it is actually easy.
I like the game keeps me calm just to many ads but also gets rid of my stress and thoughts on bad thing they should make more games like this
Overall game is really good i have only scored the game 3 stars and thats due to the large numbers of ads literally after every colour you get an ad and its annoying so if you like diamond art and dont mind ads then this is the game for you
I like this game but when you take picture to to import it and do it yourself it's not really that cool and fun but you can stick to the basics and one thing I didn't like about it was it kept deleting a lot of my paintings and my among Us one was kind of good but it deleted it and now I only have a hamburger in there so just be aware of that okay it's good game really three stars because I mean I had two problems so I would give it but the game though I like it.
I do the real Five D Diamond paintings and I love them. It is nice to have one on my phone that I can work on in my spare time when I'm not at home
I have one word to say. Meh. First there are ads if you take too long on one color, second it is kind of boring, sometimes makes me go to sleep. And lastly it HAD to give me an unskipable ad that I had to close and reopen the game to get rid of.
Love it it is so SATASFYING!!!! so mutch fun. Love how you can take pictures and color it! Just have to pick 5 stars! Just wanted to rate Diamond painting as fast as posible!
The overall game is good. However, it's really hard for me to enjoy it because the ads are ridiculous and ruin everything!! They cause me to get frustrated because of how frequently they pop up, so I just stop playing. Unfortunately, I am going to have to uninstall this app, unless the ad problem is fixed. If it can be.
Hi,this game has too many Ads and it gets on my nerve I am trying to to digital diamond art and then boom ad.
I hate this game. I hate this game because ads pop up in the screen every time I finish 5 numbers. This is the annoying part about this game. Why did I give it 3 stars? 2 reasons why I gave it: 1. Because It has to much ads. 2. Because it takes super long to complete a 9 pictured art. 3. It doesn't have any more shapes to color with. Its not like pixel art. And pls make some updates that is what I asked. This is not the suitable game for me. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ด
Fun game but too many ads everytime I compoete a color or tap a color I get an ad. like I'm fine with ads after like 9 or 10 colors because that's what pixel art does after 9 or 10 colors there's an ad.
EXTREMELY excessive ads make this game annoying. It would be rather enjoyable if it weren't for the fact that it gives you an ad almost every time you switch to a new colour within the same picture. That's just ridiculous. I can deal with games that give you an ad after every level, but having to skip through anywhere from 5-20 ads in a single level (possibly more depending on size of picture & how many colours) is just insane.
Great game. But WAY too many adds I would rate zero stars if I could because there is an add every 2 minutes
Would give 0 stars if able. As others have said this game is EXTREMELY ad intensive. Sometimes I wouldn't even be finished with a color before I'd have to sit through 2-3 ADs. Do not install this game, unless you want to see ads for every app under the sun.
The game itself is a good game but it is a annoyance that there is so many ads after every color change I understand that yall are trying to make money less ads please. Will delete if the issue is not fixed
This is a good coloring app but it will play ads while your coloring and it's about very frequent and very very annoying. I get 1 ad per section so to actually use the damn app I have to put my tablet into airplane mode which is also very very annoying
It's fun but WAYYYYY TOO MANY ADS!!!! Take some out fair enough after a painting you do but after EVERY SINGLE part is ANNOYING๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„!!
it's fun and relaxing but there's wayyyy too many ads to make it super enjoyable. there's an ad like every three colors or if the color has a big section
Okay so i saw an review, which said that the add of this game had shown a among us picture. But it also said that, the player couldn't find the among us picture. But somehow I found one, and it wasn't written 'NEW', and the review was also not that old. Coloured it, have no problem with adds. Couldn't find a better game for vacation. Totally recommend it to the reader of this review. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ
So they erased all my progress just to throw up a huge paywall to pay for the privilege of coloring junky 'fair use' pics. No more ad-unlock. Removed the semi s-pen support and the controls are still bad. Cool.
Great concept, horrible ad placement. Every two or three colors you finish on one section an ad pop up.
If there were not this many adds then i would have rated it in the five stars but i didn't because after every picture an add pops up. It would be helpful if there were no adds. If there wern't any adds then it would also be more fun. But it isn't any help if there are so many adds. It is so fun other than that.
Its great and all, but i get an ad every five colors i complete, and i was doing the real simple stuff too, it sucks how many adds were in it, if you did it every time you completed a picture i would give it a higher rating, please fix this, i really enjoy it, but thats the only downside
The ads are overwhelming. A 6 part painting with many colors in it should not have an ad after every color. I am not willing to watch 30 ads to complete one very simple diamond painting when I can color images 10x bigger with only one ad at the end on other apps. I am willing to watch ads, but NOT this many.
This is great that i've never seen this game but i want this in real life....that my wish is real..my mom buy that Diamond Painting this now i like this game foreverโค๐Ÿ˜˜ส•ยดโ€ขแดฅโ€ข`ส”๐Ÿ‘( 'ฯ‰' ) :D
I don't know why , but when i open the app, I can't see the diamond painting designs like, it's just all white. I'm about to finish the big one, but the game just exit suddenly when i'm about to finish it. That's why i'm disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ญ So please fix it ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป I really love playing this game but suddenly this happened and i can't play it anymore...
It would be so much better if it didn' have an add after you finish a few colors you know? The game has a good concept and i could play it longer if the adds weren't so bad.
I have NEVER seen someone take something so fun (real life diamond painting) and turn it into something so bad and so boring. Usually the 'diamonds' are really plastic, so it's only usually a few pounds or dollars to buy them. Also, there are way too many ads in the game. The creators of this game are just the same kind of people who pretend to be a caring studio who loves their users, but really they are just doing a quick cash grab because they don't care about their customers.
This game is soo good and relaxing the reosin i,m giving 4 that bcs there is so many adds but you should download this game now its so relaxing !!!
Overall the game is good everytime I'm done with a number there's is a ad like I'm not even done with the first picture and there is so many ads until the game is fixed will be most likely to give it a 5 star rating
So I like the game but the only reason I don't like it is THERE ARE SO MANY ADDS for example if finished 3 colors then there would be a add and that happens every time so I Recommend you don't download this game ever eny way have a great day and stay safeโ™ฅ๏ธ and try not to get pranked cause it's april fools day
Omg the number of ads on this game!On my 1st photo,I got something stupid like 9 ads..FROM ONE PICTURE?!I swear if there is no NO ADS button,I will freak out,Like I would have wasted my whole morning playing a game full of ads,I dont even think that this is a game !Its like a ad that u can actually play forever.if u fix this problem I will give it 4-5 stars.
When i am trying to do my first puzzle it takes around 10 minutes to load the puzzle after about 4 adds. FIX THESE GOD DAMN ADDS
It's a pretty good game. My only issue with it is the sheer amount of ads. It's becoming annoying. This game is supposed to be relaxing, but it's becoming infuriating. I want to listen to my music and play, but my music stops every 5 second for a damn ad.
Ads are insane, interrupt the game every 30 seconds or so (every 2-4 colors of gems in the pictures). I understand needing compulsory ads in your game, but when every ad is a two parter that you have to wait seven seconds to skip (14s total for one ad that gives me nothing) it makes the game way less satisfying and way more frustrating. Game itself is cute and fun, just can't get over the frequency of the ads.
Enjoyable game but going to have to delete due to the amount of adverts :( ... everytime you move onto a different colour it pays one really stops the fun in th game.
Yes, the gameplay is great. But the only thing that has been bothering me since I had this game since the ad, there is no Amongst Us diamond painting.. I have looked ALL over the app. Also, please add a search bar, it makes it easier for me. Thank you. And I know it is a bit exaggerating about only two things but I was kind of upset about it. And the ad said that there was an Amongst Us painting. Thank you and have a good day.
This is pretty nice game it is relaxing satisfying but 1thing is like evry time I complete a number advertisments starts to play .
I would give this five star but the problems are that there's to many ads and that's not so cool not one bit its five dollars a week and that's to much for me but the other one is for a year is 45 dollars and I can do that so if you can stop the ads I will send a different review
Far to many adds after every colour there's an advert i wouldn't mind if it was every 3/4colours im not sure whether I will be keeping this app
There are ads after every diamond I complete for the number so you get a for if you made this less often happen then it would be a five star.
This game is nice but there is way too many ads to the point it makes you not want to play this game at all. I get so frustrated with the ads that I wind up opening up another game to play that.
Good game but way to many adds. Every time you finish a color, an add comes up. The controls are weird too but I guess they are supposed to be different. Good idea and cool art.
It is really fun,but the thing is that their is adds after you finish a number or letter so it is really annoying ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‘
This is game is really fun, but half the game is adds! The reason I'm not giving this game 5 stars is because of the adds. There are soooooo many!!!!!! Everytime i finish 1 colour, I get an add! It's really annoying. That's why i rate it 4 stars, but other then that, its a great game!
I mean, it's a great game. Relaxing and stress-relieving. But, I'm not fully satisfied. When you've just started, you have an ad after every picture. But soon after every color there's an ad. To make things worse they're at least 30 seconds long. And yes, I HAVE TURNED MY INTERNET OFF, yet the ads are still coming. Make fewer ads or else I'm deleting, for now I'll leave this game until it is fixed.
It was a fun game until they made it so you have to have the VIP membership to import your own photos other than that it is good but I am moving to a different game similar to this one
Good game. Enjoy it and find it relaxing but its so hard to enjoy when your getting adverts every minute. Ruins the game
love painting aps and i like this one but the amount of ads every few minutes is ridiculous and spoiling the fun and relaxation. thinking of deleting unless I can find a way to lose the ads...shame really but plenty more games in the store
I can't get through a single level without having literally 10 ads interrupt me. It is supposed to be a relaxing game, but I can't relax when I have to sit through 10 30 second ads per puzzle. Uninstalled.
The game in general is amazing but the amount of ADS is ridiculous everytime you complete a diamond coloring 2 you get an ad
I would've given this 5 star but i have to give it a 1 star because it has way too many ads like everytime I finished one or two colors it would give me and add and i think it's really annoying that I have to watch an add to get to the next color, I really do not recommend this game
I love this game it's fun and relaxing. Only thing I do not like is all the ads. There is way too many. After I completed a colour an ad pops up. And I really do not like it. Please fix this. I felt relaxed when I was sitting down. I will give you a 5-star rating if you do.
Terrible, I went on and my device completely froze. I can't get past the loading screen so the time spent waiting was a waste. Don't even THINK about downloading this total abomination!
The game is ok. But there are way too many ads. That needs to be fixed. I have stopped playing as of right now going to give it time and see if it gets fixed if not I will Uninstall it
Good game but I would reccomend to put the ads before and after they finish the art because if they just interrupted every time u finish a number it would not make this game that relaxing I would also reccomend to put a sensitivity settings for the pen