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Diamond Capsa Susun

Diamond Capsa Susun for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by K&T Studio located at 10 Anson Road #23-14p International Plaza, 079903, Singapore. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I play this game and i liked ... but i think more fun 💑👫 if there is chat voice fiture in this game 🔊... that we can swicht on or of to play 🔇...
curang, selalu bangkrut, selalu terjadi kartu kita 4kinds, lawan bs royal flush. kl kt rf lawan lbh tinggi lg
on mission game, when you win two hand and lost to one hand, why the payout is not accurate. i suppose to win to one hand right??? 2-1=1 and i should win 1 hand. but instead i lose to the one hand...can u explain why????
Damn.. Trust me this game is super bad... I invite 3 friend to play this game... As state, I will get 1 m for each friend play... But I didn't get it.... I wish I can rate 0 star for this game... My friend and I already uninstall this game
I have to uninstall this game.. At the first i thought this game was interesting... Then i calculated the percentage inthis game 80% is lost... Even they tell you there was a randomly card... The more u top up u play the highest chance to lost... Wasted my money to top up.. And waste my time..
Game is so bad, waited for daily bonus only to lose to straight to six pairs, three flushes non stop. This game is rig, each time get cards only manage to put pair , pair and flush or straight. Had to put 1 star so that can post my comments, Game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Negative 5 stars
Got internet connection but it keep saying no connection????? Before update the apps was just fine but after the update.. omgggggg uninstalled for sure!
Interesting to see how the bonus is always rigged to 10k-40k whether using freespins or diamonds. Secondly, overly powered cards certain table/players get on consecutive turns. You claim its set at random, but apparently random is your term for fixed/rigged.
After update i recommend to uninstall this game because when you show prediction maps in the right side is same meaning this game is just for baby. No top up again for this game...uninstall
Always got BAD CARD. Why it's very suck.. Always lose, lose and lose again. So.. You will bankrupt with fast no matter what table you play at. New update no more create room. Really? Fix i will uninstalled
I love the prediction card. But some people not like it. Maybe server may upgrade options on or off the prediction card. The prediction is very helpful
actually in reality i like this game. It really fun. But this game apps for me not so good. Because the money pair went we win very dumb count
Bru daftar pake email, gak pake facebook, trus beli gold juga, abis install ulang gak bisa login katanya id pasword salah, gmana caranya resend paswrod?
Very dissappointed.... just updating the new version, i forgot my password for log in, but there is no "forget password" option to recover my password... do i need to just play from level 1 again? And loss all the thing from my previous account? Also the new update is suck, the prediction useless... not fun at all
Habis sudah diamond saya pakai daily spin...sial punya game capsa susun..menipu.....semua kartu yang di ancak tidak betul...kartu teruk..menipu...menipu......menipu....!!!!!
Can't create room, did not receive any coin after payment, connection problem. Please fix this issue.
The update get worst bc even if its bad arrange it wont notice. Then if you exhange the set it becomes bad arrange. .
I got 4b + coins but suddenly disappeared and my coins turned 0.. I was playing 1m bet.. Even if my opponent won dragon coin still wont be enough to turn my coin to 0.. It disappoint me, I was playing hard to get my coins
I have a problem with coin purchased. Until now i didn't receive the coin that buy. Pls fix this bug. And give me the coin or give my money back.
The worst game, always give bad cards and there's nothing you can do. Wish I could give no star at all, uninstall it right away
why my newly added friend can't enter my referral code? its says code may not correct or no longer valid..i only hv 2 friends entered my referral code..tried few times still cannot..lol..
Game njing dasar minta top up negara miskin bikin game pun minta nya player jadi miskin... Kata kartu acak.. Acak kontol lo.. Bwa billion coin pun kalo sistem dh mau lo bankrup bersiap aja lah.
10 game I playing also can't give me win..what the hell..I think better I uninstall this game because it's boring
come on man.. don't fool us like "everything done randomly", there is bad algorithms in this game, and you say "this is fair game", come on.... you could fool other, not me
Very wrong, the diamond card win all type of flush even if the flush only a small number. same goes to the pair or the two pair, if the player own a diamond card theres no use the third pair card n the combination of the two pair as long as u have the diamond card you are the winner, even if ur pair third card n the two pair combination card defeat the other player.. You should learn from CLASSIC CHINESE POKER game... In this game U should value the other card as a same equal.
I was supposed to win the jackpot 5 pairs and a trio 3x, but not a single one have i get my rewards. Its so infuriating...
uda unsintall dan install lg.tetep aja box gk bs ke buka padahal uda 15 dlm nya.knp ya? saya suka sekali main ini.tetapi knp gift box gk bisa di buka.tolong fast respon.! tq
its a good game..I once bought coin but never come..but I admit it..its really good game..I'm not sure to give you 5 stars..so give you 3 stars..unless you give me coin that I bought
We dont need suggestion of card arrangement.., the art of this game is how to make the best arrangement.., you treat us like a baby.., disappointed..
This game is fooling the player. They give money than give a bad card to make us lose....this happens all the times
Change back the old cards. This bigger cards makes me dizzy.. Cannot play the game anymore cause I cannot adapt to the changes
This game is stupid..wasta my time...dont download it..to many ads n bugs.if there are zero star i will rate it..
Just want to say, 'mindle finger' for thid game. Very poor. My card always 2 pair... 😠😠😠😠
i lost 6 million coin. when connection is lost. and i don't know what happened. sorry.. i don't like it.
cibai game indon...bagi balik coin aku..asyik bagi bankrap saja...bodoh punya indon..lanchau..indon miskin..sudah banyak complain pun x pandai ubah,otak kat lutut ke?
Do you think its easy to raise chips? Why this games now more unfair? Too many cheaters in this games.. !
"Nak tanya,bleh tolong cari game yg bleh PLAY ka"... Plizzz...Help this GAME.sy x mau bergabung dengan kami, sy tidak KENAL...
Stupid game.. I purchase diamond, and spin the roulette, 5 time i got 10k only. Not interesting game. Not recomend to people. Already uninstall the game. 👎
The last update sucks. There are no fun when you already get the prediction on the right side of the monitor.
I always go broke because I play during hot deals, and always buy coins using credit ... The game should allow both ways buying and selling coins with credit. When we need coins we buy coins, but, when we have a lot of coins we should be able to convert it into credit.
I dont like the system .. if you had a less coin in one of the ranked room and ur coin is equal with limit of the coin in that ranked, u instanly lose .. please fix that system, that make more easy to get bankrupt
Except onseveral occasions playing the 250 , twice I got the 5 pairs and 1 triple no jackpot received. Another time twice dragon but no jackpot. Why
This game is awesome before the update . But after the update, I cant play with my friend anymore because there is no more create room function. We have to enter the room randomly. I would want to uninstalled this game, because im so disappointed with the new patch.
When you're good at playing cards, you'll feel stupid playing here. So, to feel stupid, just install and play this rigged game. Good luck on your bad luck.
game unbalance.. if u got more money.. get ready to go bankrupt.. even with nice card other will get nicer then you.. never get 30 m money just got till 20 m and now zero.. such unbalance gameee.
Lose a lot if you didn't buy the currency with real money until bankrupt. Win big after you top up with real currency, for long term, expensive game.
So disappointed! What happened to my almost 700m? Last time i remember i got disconnected from the game. After i relog in, all of it was gone. This was not my first time being disconnected the only difference was i lost all of it this time. Please give my coins back.
Tolong perbaiki servernya, dissconect mulu!! Finally game bagus makanya saya kasih bintang 5.. obat menunggu
Bankrupt at every first round for 5 times a row, how bout that? Spin chance, not need to look at result, mine always stop at the lowest number, great. Need more cips, yes, buy em, and lose again to other players. This game is totally greedy to players money. Play it but don't spend money on it, otherwise, you'll regret it later. It's not like you will gain anything from the games, only to burn your money anyway. Uninstall.
New "hot time" isn't fair because getting more chips than special hand. Are you intends to bankrupt everyone easily and buy your chips? If thats your business strategy, you wrong... Uninstall. Done
New update is bad, cant create our own room, can only create vip room. but still the minimum requirement to create vip room is 1M? Uninstalling for sure.
Click to join tournament room 200k but suddenly the page shows i enter 250k normal room with no exit button. Lost around 20m coin in a minute because of that
best memang best tp game lain yg lagi top tidak juga teruk line cam.gini..jap2 restart alamak kau sdh susun cantik2 sekali masuk balik sdh berhambur ..alamak kau
admin i want ask something ... why this game like cheating .... i win 5k loss 200k u even is very make me crazy ... its suck playing like this .... mby u take random player to make loss and i feel this relly unfair game.....
Need to fix some issues, such as poor connection, due to exit from game, last arrangement of card must be consider of last arrangement instead of first distribution of card, dont update the game if not necessary, fix the issue rather than update someting not important, game are great but look like this GAME has cheated to player by purposely give very bad card, please be fair
Unfair Results! Whenever you buy coins, they will eventually give you "the so random bad cards" to make you bankrupt. Also whenever I won during hot time 7 x 10, I only got small winning coins. But just now the opponent swipe up my 45 millions coins during hot time 6 x 2. It's totally UNFAIR & UNACCEPTABLE! The more you spent, the more you lose. Developer rigged for money.
Its a good game but sometimes needs a strong connection.. so that i always bankrupt..and i give only three star
Just give you 1 stars, cause I cannot play with my friends.. can't the company create a room that I can play with my friends only and not by some random people.. its not fun if cannot play with my firends
Sorry to say.. This game is very annoying n stupid.... Always have bad card...... When got a better card.. Others player got special card.... I think u dont make any game anymore.... Just hate it... Wasting time to play.. Just play between your staf la
this game suck..already top up and they give lot of trash card...100m lost in 1 hour...hope this game broken....
Why my money gone?? If internet bad conection and game still playing.i return back with same card with no time to do! Bad arranggment.why????
The most annoying game ever, the card is not randomly given to the "player" but they always giving the bad card and if you play on amateur or expert, good luck with that.