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Devil's Attorney

Devil's Attorney for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Senri located at ARKITEKTGATAN 11 215 63 Malmö SWEDEN. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Drug Use, Tobacco Use) and required Android version is 9 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this game years ago when it first came out and loved it. Just remembered it so decided to play again. Same great game but it keeps crashing every time I try to go into my apartment. Very disappointed
This game is very enjoyable - Graphics are at the point, i found most of the jokes hilarious, and in the end, i might replay it from time to time. This game is definitely worth purchasing for its fun story, hilarious jokes, great visuals and pretty interesting gameplay.
The intro to the game, alone, is worth the $4.99 I paid for it! I love the game, the gameplay, the graphics, the humor, etc. Game was really well made. My only complaint is just that it is so short. I would love to see an update with some added content or even a sort of sequel game. I'd definitely buy it.
This is a Exceptional Game! I have always been a HUGE Fan of Turn-Based Battle Games, this One, is up there with the BEST of them, Like BattleShip & Many Others like it. a Few Other Reviewers have Commented about the Game, Crashing etc .. To Those People I would say, that is not the Fault of the Developer & STOP! Blaming their Product for the Crashing, Look at your Device, 90% of the Time, the Device is the Cause for ANY Crashing, or ANY Type of Failure, VERY Rarely it is the Fault of the Developer. If, You ENJOY Turn-Based Battle games, as I do, GET THIS NOW! You will not Regret it & Have FUN, Be the BEST Lawyer You can Be! :)
This is a really fun game. even though it has limited replayability, i would still recommend it to all. I really wish they had come out with a second one. The voice cast is well done and the quips back and forth make the game.
An awesome game with an amazing story and engaging characters. Come for the 80s style and humor, stay for the voice acting and innovative game mechanics. A true gem!
This game NEEDS to be updated! Spent 5€ to buy it. At first it was working fine. First installed on an S9. Worked at the beginning and now the arrows in the corners are none responsive, which means there is no way to continue this game!
One of the best apps. You owe it too yourself to buy and play this game. I wish more apps were this good! NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS!
Good, but is too short. It really is a nostalgia trip of some great 1980s games, and the patter between characters really funny. You get the opportunity to level up and win cases before moving on to a new scenario. However, as there are only three scenarios, with no option for sandbox gameplay, it feels like it's ended all too soon.
Please Make A Sequel! The playability of this game never fails. It truly needs a sequel with updated graphics and scenarios. Love this game. I hope they didn't just neglect making new content for it.
So fun!! A nice strategy game, gets harder as you go. The lawyer and the headlines make me laugh. Overall worth the purchase and I recommend. Graphics and speed are also top notch.
Fantastic graphics. I love the puns and witty banter that carry over from previous cases. You can skip through the banter scenes however if you're not into that. My one negative is this game is a rng game, and you'll lose the case if you need this one attack to do 3; you use an ability that does 1-5 only to get a 1 or 2. I do think this game is worth a try, and worth the money.
So, it's a clever and funny game, however I think it could be so much better, the potential is there. Here's an idea, with the witnesses and evidence and even the experts, the game should go more into detail of how each piece and person plays out in the case, this will make the game much longer and much more worth the experience. Is this game worth the $5? No, it's too short and not expanded enough. This game should be more in depth and expanded.
I used to love this game. But there seems to be a bug and I can't fix up my house anymore. It just keeps kicking me out when I attempt to upgrade my home
Good, but far too short. The game's mechanics would support a far longer game if the devs hadn't committed to full voice acting and script for every court case. Would've also been nice to have a new game+ option or a Freeplay mode after you finish the main quest rather than just shutting everything down.
Funny, brash and all sorts of quirky! Devil's Attorney is a blast to play with its simple, pick-up-and-play controls and easy to understand rules to abide by to succeed in the courtroom. The story and characters are outrageously original and each case is a hoot to play just to hear the clever back-n-forth banter between lawyers. The game's not particularly long but otherwise it's pure comic bliss!!!
A really entertaining game. Especially the fully voiced dialogues are hilariously witty. The only downside is the short playtime of 4 hours. Or, as Sun Tzu said: "Opportunities multiply as they are seized."
This is a different take on some card/strategy games. You go into each challenge with the same skills each time that you can level up, and try to beat out opponents while keeping health up. It's fun, the dialog is incredible, and even the opening music/song is great. I keep coming back to this.
This game is very simplistic and a enjoyable way to pass the time, however there is a bug on my samsung galaxy note 9 where I have to click either a lot farther left or right of the "X" button. This may haps be a product of creating the game for smaller devices and not taking the window size into consideration. I've found a temporary solution until the devs fix it. Excellent game nevertheless!
BUYER BEWARE: As many others have stated, it is impossible to use various controls; especially at the right side of the screen. Accidently went back to previous chapter, & now i can't progress. Unacceptable!
Do not use with Samsung!!! buttons on the right side of the screen dont line up with where u have to touch to activate them. If you touch further to the right they will work however if you accidentally go back a chapter there is no way to go back forward as there is not enough screen room to activate the right button like the others.
This game needs DLC, the dialogue in court and after purchasing upgrades is well written and very humorous. Every upgrade "card" in home, chacter worn, or placed on a personal item has funny names for their effects and those effects are extremly balanced, better than any game I've played. The answers seem so simple but the path may not seem clear at first; however, after playing multiple times, there are many ways to finish the cases, but, the final case is certainly a well deserved plot twist.
Kind of hokey but still funny. The game mechanics are pretty basic and easily understandable. Unsure as to whether it si really a game or just humor, seems like more humor than game really, but thats ok too. The theme song is terrible, like 80's themes were.. I know, I was there. But in all seriousness, the game needs more cases/randomization, because every game is exactly the same the replayability is none, isn't really worth the $4.99 pricetag, even the original 2.99 is kind of steep all things considered.
Having same problem others have reported where I am unable to use many buttons. Most seem to be tied to the "right" directional button. Now stuck at previous chapter and out 4.99 for a game that was fun while it lasted.
Boring!! You basically press buttons to reduce stats and try to reduce the prosecution's stats before they reduce yours. I thought it would be more like Ace Attorney where you actually interact with cases. Essentially, you watch numbers go down then buy furniture.
The underlying game is basically like a simple, turn-based RPG combat system, trying to destroy the "credibility" (hp) of witnesses, attorneys and evidence before they can ruin your case (your hp). It's not hugely deep, but it has a lot of style and is fun and diverting.
really enjoyed this. cheap price and no ads in app purchases. simple gameplay, but requires some strategy to win cases. great artwork and characters. maybe a little short, but for the price can't complain. hope we see max's adventures in politics in the future!
This is how I like games: espresso execution. Not too long but fun all throughout. The banter between the characters is hilarious, the case description is well written, and the gameplay itself works well. 5 out of 5 stars.
Great 80's vibe. Almost verges on repetitive, but challenges become tougher as you'd expect. Would recommend for casual play
This game is so good that it will always be too short. I literally played the game constantly my first time for hours. Very entertaining dialogue. Game play so entertaining that I searched the company and the internet for similar games, to no avail. Loved the 80's theme. There needs to be a sequel, and it needs to be a bit longer.
As an English learner, I was looking for a game which helps me improve my English. In that sense, this game was a good choice. I enjoyed the conversations between the protagonist (attorney) and the rivals (prosecutors). English subtitles helped me understand unfamiliar words.
Didn't have high expectations for this but it completely surprised me. It's a well designed, creative little game all wrapped up in charming graphics. The humour is on point and the combat is surprisingly fun. Definitely worth the price.
A phenomenal game that remains one of my favorites. one of the few games on mobile that I replay yearly. It won't be like anything you've played before and you'll want more when it's over. Please make a sequel!
I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The art is perfect for the game & as other folks have said the voice acting is a lovely touch. Not having any issues switching between cases like other reviews have mentioned (Pixel3XL).
I'm playing it for the second time. I had it on my old phone and while searching endlessly for a game that's actual amusing I found this again. There's only a handful of games worth downloading that are both funny and clever. Maybe it's not for everyone but I like it.
Fun and simple, fun items and upgrade your crib to unlock new skills in the court room. No bugs so far and am having a blast!
This game is fun and I loved playing it. It's challenging and amusing. I gave it three stars because I finished in two days, playing only after the kids were in bed. If there were more free play levels after the main story, I would rate higher.
2 star because its not much bang for the buck. it's a really great concept plays well and everything. my issue is the game is far to short for the 5 bucks i spent on it i had it beat in a little over an hour of play time.... kinda looking to get it refunded. if it were a longer game i would have rated 5* but for 5 bucks its way to short
This was one of the first games I installed on my first Android device 7 years ago. Just played if again and it is still awesome. The voice acting is superb and the dialogue is wonderfully witty... would love to see more of Max in other forms. Where did you go, Senri?
It was fun, but it was just the same thing over and over. Story and dialogue was awesome, just falls a bit short in longevity. Finished the entire game in less than a day, so what else can I do other than the exact same thing again.