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Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA

Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CQ Gaming located at 23 Harbour Rd Great Eagle Ctr Wan Chai, N/A 11111 Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am editing my review from 5 to 1 star. I like the game. However, with time, I am starting to realise that it's clearly pay2win game! A non spending player could play for hours and hardly get any meaningful drops from the game! So yeah, unless you are willing to spend everyday, you can hardly compete with top players!
Promising graphic style. Good gameplay. It was also easy to level up and the storyline is quite good. Keep it up. Might to up later if I'm fully convinced of all the potentials. But for now, I'll try to explore for more. Thank you to the developers.
works good at first then it gets boring when you got in to high level. you have to wait 24hours to get in to dungeon because dungeon has two or three entry per day. im just relaying on offline autoplay to get into target level to have another quest again. so sad!!! good at the start , then lately boring..
Why my account cant bind to email or fb..and i cant use coda shop to buy VIP...also pop up YOUR SERVER AND ID NOT FOUND..can you fix this ..also i addictive in games because of my some friends ...but i cant recharge to coda shop... Please fix this
I dont like the fact that this game is play to win next time try not to give items that will not be fair for new comers and even if you sale some cotumes any types of costumes dont put to much power in it well i give a 5 star rating because im playin it to i just dont want it that its being unfair to new comers to play the game and have to recharge so much amount to power up fast.... You guys keep up the good work by the way im from Server: S16 Name: SworDSainT Thanks for creating this game
1. I Tried for a day and uninstall it after if you player RPG games you will now in 24hours if the game will be interesting appeal or not.. 2.Too laggy... graphics not impressive bit old not exeded on the expectation. 3.Characters lack story. 4.Pay win game? - it depends on you how spend money on games.. Reality game developer need also earn. If game is very good spending money is not an issue. This honest review. , But try It. So you can experience it first hand Score : 1star for me.
It won't open, it just shows the credits at the start and then gets stuck on a gray screen. It's not because of my phone, since I can exit the game. The game just won't start for me for some reason. Was gonna play this but I guess not until you fix this. Smh.
I could have given this a 5 star, but for some reason whenever i close the game and then after awhile re opening the game will result in stuck up in loading screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game which is very inconvenient by the way but the same problem occured. My Phone is on of the Latest model with snap dragon 855 and 8gb and other high end games works just fine, i also have a 50mbps wifi connection and im the only one using it but still in this game im having a hard time.
This is my second review. I decided to install the game again to give it a second chance and guesa what? It still suck! Still lagging even entering the game i cant see my character. I suggest to the guys who check comment first. Dont waste your time and data downloading this game. Believe me this game has a big place in the trash can. Total trash game, this game must be ban in google play.
I quitted but this game is worthy to write a review. In this game i met new friends and people in SEA. Even if it didn't last long because of my 2 ex-guildmates quarrel, i really enjoyed it. My memories in this game will always be forever cherished. The only downside of it i guess is that there is this one player who constantly harasses me when he found out im a girl. It sucks and i hope players like this should get a penalty. Thank you for making this app - Nyx Ascénding
Gameplay is 7/10. Graphic is 7/10. Function is 6/10. There is too many functions, equipments, treasures in the game. This is not a bad thing until all needs to be obtained by slaying bosses and opening treasures. This is also a common game function until the probability to obtain the rare item from the treasure chest or probability of the rare item dropping is so 'rare' that spending a little money won't get you nowhere. Bugs are happening and CS will only 'lip service' you.
The last review for me to increase the star for support free player ( Not pay anything in game ) and balancing them is rare for alot dev, i give 5 Star for that, but the most i hate in this game is the server, why you don't make 3 or 5 server to keep the player stay and doesn't get bored cos another player move to another new serv ???
Pre-impression: The moment i saw the opening graphic page, i thought "ah... I'm gonna be bored" I honestly think the game actually needs some improvement. Too much auto is boring and e mobs are kinda clustered in one area. Also the quest are so mundane they seem similar to each other. I played for 10 mins and got bored. And bored I was
I give it a negative feedback, the merging is not good for lte servers. They merge s93 to new servers. S93 is a month before s102 created not balnce merging in server. You cnnot compete in event even in dungeon quest they always bullying new server. Even our top players is quitting because of not balance merging. Goodluck
Cheapest VIP options. Doesn't require to even spend. Once you start the game you will start slow since you are not familiar with the game yet. Once you figure out that the mechanics it is easy enough. The addition of marketplace makes everyone engaged on farming.
I've been playing this for quite some time and to tell you, the game is great and is easy to play around, never did experience any issue on the game except when the game suddenly run for a maintenance. It would really be nice if the maintenance is announce a head of time so as not to surprise the players. And players will be interrupted on their quest or something. Players would then think there is something wrong with the game, but actually none. Also, I quite find helpful the translate function in the in-game chat, however, for some reason it appears translate function is limited, I hope developers would look into this as this translate function really help us in communicating with other players specially those who have challenges in communicating using English. So for now I'd rate this as 3 stars. This would change depending on how the developers take action on the aforementioned. Cheers!
Developers itself send bots or there staff to play for free and to get free VIP's for themselves. So, that the other real/actual players can spend tons money onto this game.
this game has a serious problem on connection. i cant even play properly because of disconnection. ive been disconnected from the game everytime i login. i cant download the resources too because everytime i login i got disconnected within a minute and the download resources progress will be resetted to 0%. that piss me off. i have good wifi connection but the game connection sucks. very dissapointed.
Awesome Gamee😍😍!! This is one of the best MMORPG I have played in a while... There are soo many things to do everyday and it's not at all boring even after a month of playing. Getting VIP is also very cheap compared to other games😆. Moreover you get so many rewards and achievements which give you ton of ingots( in-game currency ) which you can you use to level up. The graphics are also absolutely the best I have seen on a mobile game till now. I recommend you guys to check this game out😆😆!
P2W, day 1 and 2 is level ranking event, and seriously you can even buy level. This game is even worst than previous p2w games. We can't even kill the bosses because it is only for the p2w players. Free mmoarpg = P2W. And my suggestion if you wan't to make this game balance. Make a server with no vip no in game purchase. So p2w will be just an option for other servers.
Bugs are not fixed right away which is making players unable to play and to think i have wasted tons of money since its a pay to win game. Its never balance and customer support does not reply. Waste of money! Frustrating game due to bugs. Good game but lack support to help players fix issues their having.
This is my first time to review a game, the game is good, however it keeps filling up my phone's memory until it says memory low, I keep on erasing files then again it says memory low. This game consumes a lot of memory too fast in just minutes. So I ofted to uninstall it. Please remedy that part of the game that eats a lot of memory so that we can enjoy the game. Anyways I uninstalled the game after an hour of playing it because it eats a lot of memory too fast. Three stars for now, until then
Limited options for f2p players. Unless you have a second and third acct for farming then yeah you will be able to get on the ranks. Servers are slowly dying so merge will probably come soon. Limited boss options. Limited features. Maps are too small and dull. Options for couple are too limited as well.
Great graphic. No stuck or lag. I gave it 2 star because the game play is linear. No proper hero development. This gameplay is similiar to AOD, ROG and similar. To me this is just competing with other players over who has highest damage. Games like this the Guild has no meaning. This gamestyle is boring for me. It lacks true gameplay creativity. Lacks excitement. Im sure there are others who like this kind of game. I waited for this game hoping it would be a different experience but it is not.
Stuck at black screen. I have been waiting for this game for quite some time now. Upon Playstore notif that it is up for installation, I immediately did. To my disappointment, the game DOES NOT WORK. It is stuck at black screen even if I tried to clear the cache, etc. I'm planning to reinstall in a few days. Too bad.
I'm one of paid player in this game and thoroughly disappointed. At first, this game has the concept that I like with lots of freebies to get from dungeons to give even free players a chance to experience features in the game. But, everytime the game doing update, it always caused me problem to login into the game. Furthermore, the game support also not being helpful. I've lost rewards a few times due to 'sudden' maintenance. No rewards to compensate the lost too. So disappointing
Nice game ... But still need more improvement .... And also too many kind of item lv upgrading .. Over complicated .... And pls fix the chatting box ... Cant even type much word .. And some normal word cant even type out .. Exemple : when i type the word member .. It came out me**r ..😓😓😓 ... And also some item or equipment description very confuse .. 😥😥plss make more improvement on the game before trying to earn ...
This game really wasting so much of our money. Evryweek always had an event. That needs to top up really high amount even just for opening a simple chest.. damn it... & No matter high you try alwys random rewards you can get. The lowest one.
Too many dungeons that takes so long time to finish...absolutely waste my time a day plus with overloaded events every week, that requires money to recharge every day...even as vip need to always purchase daily assist every week so can all do dungeons fast and participate in the events....dont waste ur time in this game
This game is purely for the big spender. Item are hard to get in daily quest. Server has less than 15 player and still no merge (0 star review). Too bad play store won't allow me to post without giving a star. Gd bye DH.
Second review and my last. This is my honest and humble opinion. Playing so much just to get to lvl 250 to get the rewards. But it says 0 remaining for the whole server. Such a waste of time. Why do you have to limit the lvl up rewards? Everything rotates for a real money. Get a strong equipment, you need to spend real money. To get strong, you need real money. What a dumb game. Dragon Nest is way better, a lot more better than this game. Need to uninstall this waste of time game.
Not gonna say an outrageous game because the quality of the game is good but the event system are, VIP system is not cool because its not known what specific VIP you are and does not specify the VIP leveling system , game are much similar already to the other RPG. And i didnt really enjoy it. Hoping before it was realeased its gonna be worth downloading
I've been waiting for this game for more than a month only to be disappointed. The game worked fine at first. However it started lagging once I started doing my bounty quests (I'm on the lowest setting too, cleared cached and everything) and it just wouldn't load anything past 17/20. I closed the game and opened it and Everytime I have to change to a dungeon it lags and even stops loading. My internet connection works fine in other games. It's been 3 hours and I can't finish anything. Too bad.
Beside the graphic, it's just another typical pay to win idle games that claims to be an MMORPG. It even got an offline idle ticket for convenience. No skills needed, just spend some dollars to get the best equipments and materials to level up faster and beat other players to a pulp. Not a bad game, just boring.
This is nice! Well there is some improvements that I'm looking forward to. Oh btw, can you fix the shadow effect when the character is jumping? It keeps visble while doing so and it makes the mood go down for a bit and pls add an option where you can adjust the number of players you can see on the screen not just the default that you choose the quality of the graphics at the same time. I want to play the best quality with less or no players on the same screen cuz my phone will lag.
If you are a non spending player, goodluck. It's clearly pay to win. As if you guys are doing something to make it "balanced". Not gonna expect. If you reach level 300 plus, it gets boring because you don't have enough power level to go against other players. Plus, drops are pretty low. You're really gonna have to spend to get stronger.
Played the game for a while. I don't mind the graphics and the story of the game. What bugs me is that after entering the game for a minute, it crashes and forces to close on it's own. Tried re-opening the app but it still crashes. Changed my mind, uninstalling the game
I like the games very much, but we need to pay to win. They do have a free diamonds/they called it ingots but not all items can be bought using it. If u want to buy other things using the vip ingots then u need to recharge. And most of the event are for the vips. Then the free players like us will stay low down. Please dont discriminate the free & vips ingots at least, make it all fair. Some of the free player will recharge if they really like the games very much.
Wow i've waited for this game and so happy that it was fully released..but im very frustrated in the game..it goes lag everytime im gonna go on the dungeon..and even sometimes it crashes..and it was so hard to connect to the server even with wifi..i have two devices a samsung galaxy a50 6gb ram & oppo a5s 3gb ram..i installed the game on my 2 devices to see if i'll have a better experiences..but it still the same. I'm really frustrated..looks like i wasted my time here..😑😑😑
Nice graphics and not much pay to play but the lag problem is every where some thimes i cant leave from some place bcoz of lag all of that allways happen if your guild have a event and all member gathering in one place it freeze all the time plss fix that dev and another request plss adjust the time of even in 1hour earlier thanks
the graphics not bad, but the game totally played itself so i lost interest after 2 days. i like to afk but not to the extent that i have nothing to do but click claim rewards and advance equipments/pets. at first, i got black screen after installing from playstore. but the game worked well after reinstalling from official site. the size of the file from official site is bigger than the 300MB ++ in playstore
Pay to win.items are very expensive.some features not available unless u put some money on.their customer service also lame..wasted my money on this game and regrets.some other game is similar and cheaper.this stingy and $$ hunger devs.i give away my ID and uninstalled
If you are free2play, you will NEVER win the pay2win players. No matter how many hours you invest, this is a fact. Pay2win get access to so much more content (bosses, entries to dungeons). Events (if you can even participate) are heavily favoring the spenders (most of the "events" are recharge events anyway). Drop rates are also very very low. My server's top player (aka top spender) had been offline for more than ten days, and till today, no one is even coming close to his power level. tl;dr: pay2win game - Now ex-player
They have very low drop rates on all items. Only selected players or same players getting good loots all the time. Specially rare items like r3 and r4 cloak and wings, same person are getting it. But for the players who played all day all night expecting for a good loot got nothing. Unfair drop rate. Never play this game. It's a waste of money and time. All dungeons need tickets for you to enter, so many tickets and expensive. Before wasting money try the game first before you recharge.
My second review.. This game so so sick.. I try contact the developer but no response.. Your customer services nothing just for display only... Hey listen.. This game is good but some of this thing make this game so so not good.. Its sucks.. Please try to fix everything we said..what of purpose for review if nothing happen..
The game may be good but don't waste your time on this kind of game it's clearly for VIP people who pay all the time. We can't get stronger unless we pay. I lost my account (Magic Valkery) (s69) and when I log in with the same google account I couldn't recover instead I have to start from the beginning. After lvl 300 its hard to lvl up. Bug issue where only name will be seen and no image. Edit. 2 : couldn't log into my account Always and everytime. This is the 6th time m creating my account.
I was 34%(597mb) in resources download when the app suddenly closed. When i opened the app again and checked, the download went back to 0%. I have a limited weekly data allocation and this is NOT good. Add in my character getting stuck in a quest to the problem.. So. Frustrating.
Pay 2 Win, don't play if you don't have or not willing to spend money on it because you'll just be a victim for those who spend money especially the big spender you'll die in one hit by them!
The graphics in this game are top notch… Everything is so beautiful and colourful. The game play is also very smooth and I didn’t face any lag till now. I didn’t have any connection issues also even though I live in UK and play on American server. There are many events everyday and you new ever get bored of this. You can also play with friends and form guilds and stuff. It’s a really good game and I give it 5 stars for sure.