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Devil Hunter: Eternal War

Devil Hunter: Eternal War for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CQ Gaming located at 23 Harbour Rd Great Eagle Ctr Wan Chai, N/A 11111 Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Graphically, the game looks nice, but the lack of character customisation and not being able to zoom right in to your character and scenery lessens it. Also the promo's for the game had me expecting a lot more of a console quality than what we got. A nice looking game but due to the pre-register promo's, I was expecting a lot more.
Some terrible advertising. The game isn't even remotely close to what they show in their ads. They depict some vast 3d world to explore but it's just another terrible top down button mash game with graphics that are about 10% of what the ad made it look like. Dispicable, and the devs should be ashamed.
At this point in the game there is not much fun left, if there was ever any at all. I suggest those looking to play this to not spend because you won't get anywhere. It's mostly idle and very p2w. You have no chance at catching up to a player who has already spent thousands on the game. There are also players the devs pay to play and grow stronger so that you'll get frustrated and pay or quit. It's got its fair share of bugs and you'll spend months waiting for support to fix your issues.
Tired of the repeating crashes. Just kicked me for no reason. Will not be reinstalling this game. Poorly designed. Poorly maintained. Obviously servers can't handle the demand for players. And I'm sry. But if that's what happens. Without paying. What would of happened if I put my CC on here? And it did that.... Na I'm good. As for a star. A big fat 0. But unfortunately I have to do one
Started up the game and walked away for half an hour. Came back as level 20. I literally did nothing and the game Auto plays itself. I don't see how this could be any fun. Dear customer service, I doubt you will disable autoplay and make the game active just for me. I'ld rather just play something else. The pictures are rather false advertising.
Yet another STUPID AUTOPLAY.. updated: I hate autoplay.. can't stand it, I want console style games, why can't you just give people the option to totally shut it off? I want to feel like I've accomplished something when leveling up, and also when finding new gear, I want to look at it's stats and manually equip it, it ads to the excitement. You would make so much more money if you did it that way.
The gameplay isn't as it was presented before. The character customization... There is none. You just pick from premade characters. Now the gameplay, I honestly didn't even bother to make it far. The graphics are not like you think it would be, idk. I just got my hopes a little too high for this game I guess lol. You can find much better games with better quality too. Try dragon raja or darkness rises! Much better.
I'm not sure why you thought that players would want to watch a game being played rather than play it themselves, but I really hope this trend in mobile gaming vanishes soon. I uninstalled it two minutes after I started "playing" because I was watching this character do everything for me, and at a pace that it was hard to keep up with. We don't want games that play for us. We want to play.
Why has no one mentioned that one of the recent ads for this game shows it being a third person perspective game. In the recent ad you see the guy walking while you can see close up the environment as he walks in tpp. You mislead people with that ad. I downloaded it only to find it's nothing like the tpp game in the ad. It's basically top down so why mislead with that ad? The game has no tpp like in the ad. Shamefully dishonest.
Theres no real challenge to the game, it's just open the game and let it auto-run. Then when you hit 60, it adds offline play. It's also constantly downloading data which takes up quite a bit more room than game install and initial patch. It's like you get to start playing the game while it's still installing then constantly close the game and reopen just to access what wasn't available because of download before.
Guess I've played this app for a few months now and am done. Score goes from 12.6 million to 12.0 million then back, no reason why, barely move. Other players of my level (Peak 106) have 30 million score. No rhyme or reason to anything except that if you are VIP (Paid) you can whoop me in a fight at half my level. So, yeah, I'm over it.
There is absolutely no gaming experience to be had here. I haven't even touched the screen ONCE and I'm level 27 with a mount. That's not a game, that's an animated short. VERY disappointed. Just another clone. EXTREMELY ANNOYING scrolling text in the middle of the screen that you can't turn off. Also no options to turn off the chat box. Just BLAHRG.
Now 1 star and uninstalling since my first review was apparently deleted. This ENTIRE game is auto pilot. You literally dont even have to be online and it will still play...oh...and dont get me started on the ridiculous latency / lagging issues...you'll be dcd from the game every 20min or so. You cant chat the lag is so bad...and the "immortal couple"...gives you no direction on how to even start it.....
Very similar to other games of this style. Nothing really unique about it. That being said, the storyline so far seems to be well planned. Controls are simple in that you don't have to really do anything. Graphics are good. Having the one camera angle seems a little outdated though and not having any character customization really limits individualized gameplay to just the gear you pick up
While the game is quite refreshing i must point out that it tends to crash rather frequently on my lg k20. That is very annoying. Also this game is a renamed rerelease of one i played a while ago. What people really look for in a game is originality. I am happy to revisit an old favorite but am not inclined to give a lot to something ive already seen before. So only 4 out of 5 is the best i can give.
Game completley deleted charecter had it saved through facebook and now cant fond it reinstalled game . avcount is gone spent money and now gonna loose guild do to this . was kinda fun but whatever .i went to play it . it loaded up but my charecter was not . i went through facebook like normal but still no charecter at all reinstalled and same .
The servers merged and I forgot server name. I had used auto-generated character name. Support couldn't help me find the right server by my Google Play account. uninstalling...
Just another crappy game does everything on its own. No player needed.... i tapped the quest after logging in, then the game walked me to a NPC, talked to NPC, completed the quest then proceeded to walk to something else and complete that too... sooo yeah, no need for me. Uninstalled and forgotten.
After playing the game for a little bit, or rather if you want to call it playing, I've decided that there is no point in downloading this game. I've seen some reviews complaining about the game being pay to win, but you don't even need to play to win. Everything in this game is on autopilot. I started the game and decided not to tap the screen at all and by the time I hit level 20 I quit the game. There's no point in playing a game that plays itself. Overall, the music was okay, that's it.
People might pay a monthly fee IF THEY COULD FIGURE OUT HOW !!! I like to PLAY the game. If there are was a way to permanently disable auto play, maybe you might have a game. Graphics are alright. Voices are cheesy but that's ok. Lmk when you let people play the game and i might come back.
I give it a 4 because it's one of those speed level games, but it's not so overwhelming with tap in 25 spots then be level 100 by the time you're done. Graphics are good, cinematics are good, characters are very unique and fancy looking. Bright, colorful, so whoever did the artwork is very talented. Enjoyable and having fun so far.
I wanted to give 5 star but developer have to think about non payable players. Because there is no crowd in server and only 5 people are proper online in my server . rest all good
the game itself is fun, and the rewards are good, but the game crashes repeatedly. Also, not really happy to pay $6 for a chest package then having to spend more money to have the ingots to open the chest I just bought. Double dipping is not a good business strategy. I won't be spending any more money, and will be deleting the game
That's it. I've had it. The game crashes and freezes all the time. I am top power in the server I am in, and I am getting killed in events 1v1 by people MILLIONS in power below me. THE LAG IS UNREAL. I won't be spending another cent until the lag is fixed. Why bother paying to be the best when you cant kill who you paid to be better than?
i really like this game , but im lagging so bad , in game settings are on lowest - but still im lagging bad , its even distorting the sound , ps im using bluestacks to play the game , hopefully someone can suggest something to fix this issue.
Games like this are getting old. Same BS afk mmorpgs that are released everyday on mobile. Except this one only has 4 classes, No customization, an just feels like a copy paste of all the other mobile mmos. Companys like this ruined the market. Top ups are seen moment on getting into game so I going take that as it's probably p2w as well.
Great game but has several issues...fix the constant crashing and the frozen chat keyboard issue and ill rate 5⭐
Game is okay. Not competitive at all. You're going to tap auto play and watch or just set your device down. Doing the same bosses and dungeons becomes boring quickly. Every character basically looks the same. There's no way to out grind people who spend money because of the offline autoplay. Boss drops are pretty bad for the time spent on them. I'm on my 9th day playing and I'm level 326 and I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue. Overall I dont recommend this game.
I spent a month on this game and it is an almost direct clone of Wartune by R2 Games. It's the same tired model of pay to win in order to progress. I did not spend any money during this time and I had a hell of a time getting to Lvl 345. I haven't decided if I'll give up on the game yet. I have no faith that the developers will modify or change from their monetary set-up, but if they want to keep their non-paying player base then something has to change.
Events are broken. They changed the game clock in a patch and it's a disaster. I'm giving it an extra star for graphics. But everything else is frustrating. Icons that show up at reset do not register until the next day either. You have to be extra cautious when playing this game.
Hi, I have been playing this for a while now I was peak 26 and your new server launch kick me out from mine and am not starting over by charging from the beginning. Help please
Not the biggest fan of auto systems but it's better then some of the mmorpg I've played so I will give it 4 stars for now.
It didn't live up to the standred that it was presented in or the way it looks in your prevous example before the game was out.In this one instance I'm very disappointed but you might be able to change my mind. if you made it more lifelike and made the characters closer or bigger ,so you could have a more realistic game experience,It would also draw those computer gamers to you.
I had played this game since launch, I had recharge several times to support the game and to get some of the content. But it feels like the devs doesn't care about customer, 98% of the servers population is gone because you have to pay almost to advance which is frustrating. They offer several perks like VIP which is useless since you have to level up using money (genius) Game is dying, servers are low population, events are getting really expensive (some of them offer "Big Prices" but you have to spend at least $60, really!). If you want to play it, go f2p without worryng to much about events and competition, since there is always a guy how can spent $2000 on the game and is fine is their money.
Excellent Fantasy game, I enjoy it very much. And I enjoy these Fantasy games when they are extremely well conceived and made like this game is. I congratulate the Developers for this game, they have done an extremely well game and the Artistry is fantastic
Only play this game if you want to spend thousands to compete with people who have spent even more. The Devs only give out new servers for new whales to play on and events that you have to pay to join in on. They don't fix any of the bugs, they don't acknowledge that they are listening to the players who grow smaller and smaller. Stay Away From This Game.
It looked like a cool game but unfortunately after downloading it. I am as directed to choose a server ( in my region ) tried to select server from the list of servers. (5 listed ) but was unable to pick the one suggested and nothing happened wasn't able to log in or anything and the only server that would allow me in, had several rooms to. Choose from but all were ( busy ) so maybe after the get all regions servers up maybe I'll change my review
This game is doomed, it will fall fast because it is a copy of a copy of a copy with the exact same flaws for almost all android mmo out there, bosses that take10 years to respawn, bosses that takes 10 years to kill, dungeons where you will NEVER find any players to team up with and that's where devs are so idiotic, very few game devs understand gameplay. They come up with solutions for players that will never find help with dungeons because they don't play their own games.
Doesn't look particularly great. first up "character creation" I say that in inverted commas because, you just pick from four premade characters with zero customization. I then log into the game world and the very first thing the game does is auto path me some where, that's where I shut it down and uninstalled. If that's the very first thing that happens you know it's not a game made to be played by gamers. It's an automated cash generator designed to empty bank accounts.
Great game. Although it had kicked me from game in the middle of dungeon run and now keeps telling me to check my network connection. I've tried to log in on my Wi-Fi and with just my 4G data and still gives me the same message. Was working fine all morning till about 20-30 mins ago. I'm currently VIP4 and I've spent a good bit of money so far in game.
Was really looking forward to the release of this game. What an epic fail by developers.. very disappointed that it's not 360°... and with auto everything, Disabiling auto only resets by itself.Appears to be non-open world. Would be more fun watching some nerd stream a game. Uninstalled within 10 minutes of starting game. This game won't last very long at all! Complete garbage!
Seems deep in Japanese culture which is fine but, just not what the pictures lead you to think it to be. Not really sure I like the over all concept. Starts out on auto play/battle. You get a few seconds to look over things before you move on. 1st look makes it seem like a serious cash grab. This is early access should reward for testing not charge. The dark theme shown is not what it looks like in game. It's all flashy. Only see 4 character to pick but picture shows 5.
This game us not only p2w but also p2p. All servers are dwindling and devs are more interested in opening up more and more servers You have to buy vip to get anywhere and then top up €1 to €5 every single day. Customer service interaction is appalling they speak to you like garbage and if you dont have full video of something happening they do nothing. The game is not monitored in any way racism and sexism is strife throughout. No diversity in builds or classes it's just fixed with no change
I like the controls and graphics. So far gameplay isn't pulling me in. I will play again later. Played later 04-01-20. It wanted an update. Sat for hours, and wouldn't. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Still cannot play now. It loads to character screen but after that it would play voices and music, but screen just should the loading bar full but no game. Can play later now. So increased stars.
Good concept, but it ends there. Full of bugs and in fact now the app just crashes everytime I open it. One of the most (out of the many) annoying factors is the terrible English used throughout the game. It looks like it's been run through an auto-translator and hasn't been proof-read by anyone (who knows English anyway). As a result the language is full of grammatical and syntax errors that at times make it impossible to understand. Not helpful when trying to learn how to play.
You did a lot in a very short period and I'm impressed. The crashes have fallen to such a minimum and it loads so fast I barely notice. Chat box also doesn't crash anymore it's slow to load but fully functional. Its Really great work guys
The game is good but there is to much lagging and it is disconnecting everyone if you dont fixed it im going to uninstall the game and i have been lagging