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Detective Masters

Detective Masters for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok the reason why I give it 2 stars because when every u get to like in the 100s levels it restarts some of the stories that u already started and it's way to much add like why can't y'all have a game without ads and plus some of the ads are very inappropriate and some of the answers are inappropriate on the game so I don't recommended
This game has so much potential in my opinion by the fact that there's too much ads I'm forced to watch another ad just to unlock a level and when it's time to interrogate the suspect it's very slow on loading I understand that y'all earn money from ads but it's so much that it's barely playable now
The game was good until level 47, there was a glitch and after I collected all the stuff, it show a another object that I already got. It wouldn't let me leave and I was stuck on that level forever. Also if you wanted to recive a reward or go on a date with your gf, it wouldn't let you do that either. If you would fix the glitches, that would be great but until then I'm deleting this app with a rating of 2 stars. With all due respect.
One star im not putting any more want to play the app and it just does not play it gets stuck at the name/title then this pop up appears this app keeps stopping send feed back or restart app im trying onelast time but no matter what one star and if i could i would do 0 stars
it doesnt work! when you get to level 2 it doesnt want to let you play at all. even the ad is inappropriate because all it talks about is having s*x. if it worked i might have given it a 2 or 3 star review. please get this fixed
What can i say? To many ads, after completing 1 mission, i hit play for the next mission to interveiw a potential suspect, and it doesnt take me to the mission. It just keeps me on the main menu just looking at the missions.
This game is horrible! The game always glitches when I press play on the second to third part of a crime! And the main reason I Uninstalled it was because it glitches out do bad, that it only showed the hands and lips of the witness!
Sure this game looked pretty interesting or fun on the ad but NOT in real life I literally just downloaded this game a few minutes ago and when I passed stage when and was TRYING to get to stage 2 it wouldn't let me no matter how many times I kept clicking it or exiting and going back in or even deleting and downloading it back it still wouldn't work! Which is why I'm giving it a 2 star review!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Ž
I love the game, however it repeats after level 125. You also get an ad every other level. Needs improvement.
Idk what it's like because it says it's loading but it's been on 100% for a few mins now and when I get off and back on it says the same thing please fix it it sounds like a good game.
This game is absolutely HORRIBLE and inappropriate. Detective Masters should be banned from the app store. First of all the game is VERY glitchy, and there are WAY to many ads. Second this game gets boring after a while. This game ads are EXTREMELY inappropriate. The ad is talking about having s*x. It's very inappropriate for young users.
Tbh this game is good. It's a fun way to waste your time but there is a problem. On level 51, (a clue level) it gives two of the same clues so you cannot find anymore. Level 51 does not work sadly
It was all good until level 6. If you want find out for yourself. Also it says "E" It has bad words. There is nothing else to say.
This game annoys me sooooooo much! EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAY THEY ALWAYS HAVE THIS GAME AND IT takes me back to my home page which annoys me so much!! Im only on level 2 and I already hate this game. On level two when im on like the last question, It shuts off my game and its really irritating. Don't play this game. It sucks.
Why does it freeze all the time?! More ads is better than no ads! I can't play the ad levels cuz everytime I click on them it says "no ads available". Even the adless levels are glitchy and takes ages to start and sometimes they don't even start! The game is great but the glitches are on another level. PLEASE FIX THEM
This game is alot if fun because not only is the main story fun, you also have other things to do like dating and the special suspects. But after level 125 things start to repeat them selfs.l, but the game is so much fun I can't really be mad.
I would've given this game 5 stars but it keeps freezing and keeps saying "close app" but other than its a great, fun and addicting game which I totally recommend๐Ÿ‘oh i edited because i forgot to say please get rid of all those sexual ads thank you๐Ÿค—
This game has the potential to become a great game but there are a ton of bugs. I can't even enter level 2... Edit I finally got into level 2 but it took a while plus this game is bombarded with ad after ad after ad after ad etc.
This Game is very confusing and gross on the add as well because I can't even get in the game and the add is so gross I needed to look away because I cringed this game is by far the worst game I played in 3 years!
If you want to know why I wrote it one star because this is horrible it won't let me play it I'm uninstalling the app do not download horrible do not download I do not like it and also it's not letting me play it at all even when I reset my tablet or turn it off and on or delete some of my other games it still doesn't work like I said do not download
Just downloaded and begun playing it, managed to encounter a glitch immediately. Trying to go to the next part of the game but nothing happens after pressing it. Hope this get's fixed. Thanks.
It is a good game and I like it, but at level 51 you need to find something that you already found pls fix it so I could play again Edit : I found it was the needle pls fix it it might confuse people and delete the game
This game is really intresting till level 50 after that it is glitched i cant find the last product so if you can fix that it will be a really good game other than that i am uninstalling coz i cant continue other levels.
I did not have problems while playing the game. (like glitches or unable to tap) But i must say it is inappropriate as there is kissing (you do not see the kissing but it is place in the text clearly) and bad words in this game, i think its because the creator wants people to keep playing until you reach a level that you can " date " this girl for yk people..but still thats not good for underaged kids that want to play this game. Besides the negative part, it is a fun and easy game.
this game is really, really fun, But might be innapropriate/ )how ever u spell it), for some user. But i really reccommend this game for some older users, Althought theres ads, but its pretty normal for offline games to have ads so its fine, Overall recommended!
Saw the ads and decided to play. First of all, the game is highly inappropriate for children. Second, THE BUGS! I CANT MAKE IT TO LEVEL 2. UNITLNSTALLING NOW.
Stupid, sexual, ugly, inappropriate, stupid, bad gameplay, ads, stupid. Take it down and remove the stupid YouTube ads!!! No one with at least a little iq wants to download this or see it. This generation of mobile games is stupid, offensive, greedy, and tries too pull in kids with sexual content. Why!!! Why can't why go back to pzv and subway surfers and stuff like that instead of sex games!!!๐Ÿ˜ฅ
I really don't like this game every time after an thing ya do it comes with an ad then sometimes you can't even past the level because it's froze. Ok edit my review and I can't even get past lvl 4
Really good game but I was able to play it before but after like 11 hours of not playing it, I try to load it up and it keeps kicking me out of the game
Too many ads, I know that ads are part of it unless you pay for them to be removed but this if is just ridiculous!! It makes it more irritating to play than anything, too hard to have fun and enjoy the gameplay!
Bad. Constantly lags unlike the other games I play, when I clicked the add for 50 gems it took forever and the x button never appeared. I'm not playing this ever again.
I have a mixed experience about this game.On one hand it is very good at killing time,that's a plus.It is an ad based game with no "remove ads" option,that can be a mixed bag.It frequently says"no ad available" when you want to watch ads for the reward.Then right after forces you to watch an ad with no reward after,that is a HUGE negative.There is also glitches with the scenes and people,i.e your girlfriend only has lips and hands visible.The biggest downfall tho is that after lvl125 it repeats.
The reason I'm doing a one star is because everytime I press the shop or another level it freezes there and I tried to get out of the app and get rid of it from my recently played and still the same thing happened
I can't open the app for some reason I open it see the logo then get kicked out of the app could you please fix this or a way too then i will give it a 5 star
The game is really good. There are more and more levels just a bit to much ads for me but honestly the ads for this game are pretty inappropriate if you haven't seen them already but the game is good overall these few things so yeah! I guess I reccomend it but if you really hate alot of ads like me I dont reccomend. Just like 2 of the levels have curses I'm pretty sure. Like the 2 first levels I think.
It constantly crashes, freezes, and takes a really long time to load. The entertainment you get from the game doesn't justify the constant lagging and crashing because it's not that fun either. The developers really need to do some work in the next update
I really enjoyed the game for a while, but it just stoped woking when I was about to start level six. It's been a week and half now and tbh I'm disappointed. It's sad but am gonna have to delete it...
Hi so heres my review, thare is no add removal button, i am at the level 128 and it just repeats the levels its like realy ive seen this guy before twice and then if you go on a date, by the time you get up thare you get the same 1, totally a waste of time, and i evan have to watch an add for evary date, now i will say what could make it better, i think ot could have an option to ware you say ur own word choices i think it would make it more fun, i think its ok for preteens2 HopeThisHelps
Its a fun game but there were some glitches from here and there but they don't bother me, also can you make more levels?
Hm. First off, there's LOTS of levels with different stories, and there's clear effort put into the game. Props to you for that. Second, it usually doesn't get boring, which is a main problem for games. Third, usually move games in this style have 100 ads per second, but it's an actual fair amount! I also like the gems system, it's fun to try and get every item. Overall, it's a decent and fun game, and I recommend it.
This is a disgrace I cannot open the app so much for a good app I would give it zero stars if I could do not recommend I hope the makers see this because it sounds like a good app if it works I will give it three stars not one but not five for the inconvenience this is two days later I am so disappointed by what happened I expected more from one of my favorite creaters I love your other game crazy labs and I do recommend them but I am really sad with this app
I immediately uninstalled it after finding out something. When i pressed the option to not watch the ad, it made me watch the ad anyways! A total deal breaker!!!
I give this a 1 star because I cant even load into the game, Everytime I try it goes to the loading screen and it just go back to my home screen. I hope you fix this.๐Ÿคž
Very interesting adds thats why I got the app. 1 star because, I don't know if it is just me but evrything I press on it kicks me out of the game! I can't even get to level 2! Please fix this or I willl delette it. ๐Ÿ˜“
As soon as I downloaded it and was done with the first level it would not let me click on anything I could not go to level to and I tried leaving the game and coming back it does not work I really don't recommended downloading this app and I had tones of wifi
So First it was very in interesting in 147th level. the levels are repeating in the 147 it's very fun to play and please make more updates please add more levels these apps ads helps to find more games like this everyone should try this game it's very fun thank yoyouโค๐Ÿ™
it's ok....very repetitive....definitely WAAAYYYYY TO MANY ADS....the "girlfriend" feature is ok but it needs to be a longer playtime....will be uninstalling
It seems fun and all but I don't know if this is anyone else but the fact that you have to wait a big time for the game to load and not the game but the the puzzles to load is pretty bad but apart from that the game is awesome really awesome I like the basics of the game everything of the game so fun game and yeah
So many problems with this. First of all it wouldn't even take me to level 2. It just does nothing. EVENTUALLY I got into level 2., but then level 4. was not working. So i closed the tab but then it wouldn't load, it just stayed on 100%
This game is annoying it was good but not only do u get ads every second my gf is just gone I'm past level 100 but my gf where is she before I was going on dates but now I'm does putting joker and the devil in prison it's not fun anymore
Worst game looks fun on the ad killing and punching ppl then on " ("The bank level") I press on play I waited for minutes then I press shop does the same thing fix it now!!! I hate this don't ever collab with this.
I like this game, but I'm stuck, because level 55 won't start, because is keeps saying ads not available. Seems an update is needed by the developers to fix this issue.
the game was pretty good actually, but there were too many ads, some spelling mistakes, and i got to the point where the game started to loop itself. it was good but it would be better if these things were fixed. i understand tho how hard it is to make games and code tho.
It was fine at first, but then it started to kick me out of the game every time I watched an ad. Now I am stuck on the date option and I can't play it because it costs me an ad, and well, I already explained that!
Nice but this is why I give a 2 stars it repeats the levels when you reach 100+ and when I go press the go button it makes you wait for a long time to enter the level!๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ 
โœจFor some reason it keeps on making me go out is there is update or what is happening I want to play the game but it won't let me play it so I don't know what to do if you know please can you tell me. But from the ad it looks like a pretty nice gameโœจ
Don't take this game this game is really bad. When I try to start the level 2 it stops working so if you are taking this game think twice. Then take another game not this one. And sorry guys who made this game i am just giving my feedback. โ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธ
It's awesome game I like it and make fun to play THIS game to srach the criminal justice system so good but it's one problem that big mistake it stops automatically and back to menu ..it is it big problems please solve it .and start so long time taking Please reset sitting that it cannot not stop and back to menu it is big problems
There's so many ads you can't enjoy the game and there is no way you can pay to have them removed. Also when you finish a level and asks if you want to watch an ad for more gems and deny it pops up and ad anyway.
This game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œand it is very true why it is 12+ . I gave this game 4 stars because of ads if ads were not there I would give this game 5 stars . This game is soooooo gooood..................sooooooooooo goooood nice ๐Ÿ‘and byeeeee
Horrible game I can't even play it I see it on ads I download as soon as I click play it takes me to where it says crazy labs and the other thing then it goes from landscape to portrait and takes me back to Google play do NOT play this game it horrible from my review and the other reviews.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
It's a nice game but when we are finished with all the level they start over again can u pls and more level that all and the ads are not that bad so please and the level and you will get five star from me
I like the game but when i click play on the levels it just doesnt do anything. I know the game isnt froze because the ads still moving and it shows i click the levels
Great game, but when I got to level 6 it crashed. I don't know why though, because of my wifi maybe? Otherwise, I have a question. This game curses. Why is it not ranked 13+? Because you don't know when a child could try to download this and learn curse words from a game! Their parents will suspend them for it and it was all the games fault. You should at least rank it teen! Anyways, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but you guys need to fix the glitches and the rating! Please, it will be a help๐Ÿ
TERRIBLE! I can't even pass number "47" I seriously can't at the stage 2 I need to find like a the Patch thing but I need to find 2 of them but NO I can't find it. It make me exhausting to find it. If you're reading this. Thank you!
This game is quite good , but I think it would be more better if we could control detectives clothes and makeup. This game is awesome you should try it .๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿ“ฑ
I actually want to give a 5 Star but the thing is the level is on repeat, my level is at 200 something. This is why I gave 4 star the date is on repeat every single time the date call * Romantic dinner * this date keep repeating please add some more of it.