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Destroy Gunners Σ

Destroy Gunners Σ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SHADE Inc. located at 東京都新宿区西新宿2-6-1 新宿住友ビル 44F. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game but why does devilmech killer need gold why not money and i dont like the way that the devilmech killer levels up
this game is awesome..... also want to see pvp via net or lan its going to make this game more interesting
please bring back all the mechs and online please make it real time battle and more content u can work for i miss you guys man
Rated only 2 star got problem on Mission6 Hellrang part cannot open when i start the mission and going back to my homepage can you please checkout the problem thks..
This is The best Game ive ever Played This is actually my childhood game, overall they should fix some stuff, when ever a critical mission on and my power source is at 100 then a Devil mech Appeared and theres a 1 blueprint that i need to get. Its a bad timing but overall it's Awesome. I Reccomend it to everyone
great game gave me the feel of playing any gundam game on the console on mobile the only thing i dont understand is the attack power of the mechs correct me if im wrong is it connected to its punch and pls add a deathmatch (like the one on doodle army mini militia) and some other online gamemodes also a cockpit first person view during missions that would be great everything else its great
Overall, the game isn't bad. Rather hard, though if you don't have the right parts, and it's unfortunate that parts tend to run out very quickly, even when they haven't been used once. One thing I would especially like to see, though, is the ability to search for someone's name to give them a friend request, rather than hoping to get lucky and find them in the shuffle.
This is like dgunners zz. I think it's a bit unfair though that weapons and parts have usage limits. Why can't it be like the other dgunners games with unlimited usage? I'm not really bothered by anything else though. Maybe you could add an option to download adverts so you can still watch them to regain energy without internet.
Really love the game. The gameplay is great, however there isn't really much content to keep a player satisfied on the long term. I would really love to see the PVP league from Destroy Gunners Z back and perhaps adding Raids to do in co-op with friends. Or making an extreme mode with co-op. There is also a bug where the game is not playable after watching a video for perks and you have to reopen it.
nice and smooth gameplay, has small app size has great graphics for a 3d game. A hidden gem. i want me some new functions like mech skins or paintjobs, this game is really good it reminds me of a turn based rpg i loved as a child(i dont remember the title the main character is called lamia idr her mech has the angel word on it i think.) but i want a game like this. adapting the characters and the story of it pls. edit: its called super robot wars..
Loved it before, still love it now cause can use ads to gain something. But something is off, sometimes after watching ads will get stuck in black screen then no item received. Also the google ad banner in lower right kinda distracting hope advertisements is just when you choose to open them. EDIT: ALWAYS MOVIE PLAYBACK FAILED.
Hell yeah this game is awesome now we just need multiplayer, cheaper amount of money to buy Dgunners, and a bot maker so we can create bots from parts of bought bot. And also 1 blueprint bos named chasis and 2 ordinary bots naking them vicer and blitzen
i love really love this game since Z and ZZ version but i think this game is already dead cuz no pvp no multiplayer mission when i played this i still remember my account on my first DGunner that has pvp mech and i hope this game will rise again becuase i'm a really big fan in this game.but i saw the news that this game is shut down ..i really wish that this game can bound any account .execpt Glee account i hate it i can't read Kanji .too many kanji people around me . Arigatou gosaimasu. Gambatte
I miss so much this game.i came here to comment this.the game are highest potential. I hope someday make a huge update adding online where player interact each and a match like deathmatch,teamvsteam,looting boss.global record and lot stuff
There's some missing texture in the games specially for the mechs they don't have color coating they're just some gray colored mech in stock for display frok the featured photos ingame in Google Play they have skin colors but the ones in the game are just plain gray nothing else just plain gray if you don't get what i mean see for yourself ingame
it turns out being a good game and no i have no regret when installing it, the screenshot of this game maybe less attractive since the graphic doesnt looks good, but i see potential in that mech design and try it out. The controls and gameplay really amazing it might not as fast paced game like VSON?or V what i forgot(the mech game that dueling 1 vs 1 in the old era) but this one has story,custom mech, and those weapon variation so its a good game to keep in my phone.
The mecha in the game are humanoid, but they feel like real machines. Only problem I have are the controls feel unfinished.
Its a good game but everytime i play the hellrang mision i get kicked out of the app is that some type of bug?. Please fix appreciate it. John 3:16 for god so love the world thst he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.believe in jesus and repent.
Loving the game but whenever I use my data the game goes blank,I have to go back to my home screen in order to play the game again
I do like the mech combat, and this game def benefits from a controller, but the mech customization is meh. I get to choose weapons and auxilary items, but the fun part it's lacking is building your own mecha not outfitting one. This essentially makes style of play nonexistent from the get go that this game could really use.
I find it funny how it says this isnt compatible with my phone although i was able to play this game like ~4 months ago
Gameplay is almost the same as the old DGunners game. Same graphics, almost the same mechas, same upgrades. The difference it has is that this game can be played offline unlike the older one :) The only complaint I have is that there are no new mechas. Like, even if I have unlocked newer mechas, it still is the same design as of the older ones. Please update. Thanks
The game is super fun i wont deny that but personally after coming from a ton fps games i think this would work better as a pc game or mabey add an option for users like me who are used to the middle of the screen crosshairs, i really HATED the upgrade system i beat a bunch of levels to get a better gun that i can only use two times?! Id rather just punch all my enemys(an actual option), the times for the missions are too short too but if you can move past all that its really fun
I rate it 3 stars because of the graphics,control,and the animation of all mechs,but it make me upset cause when I unlock all the mechs and I saw the design are still desame....please change it......
This game is very nice in handling and graphics but few issues still hold this back, Customization and actually having different tools or mechs, will have to be worked on long time to have something, but also the aim and shoot control ,should definitely be separate button ,since it makes it clunky to aim and conserve ammo, and enemy s would be more tolerable if they were shaped similar to our d gunner and also the current designs as well, but some improvements in controls and gameplay ,can help
Game is good but start of my mission 6 is keep on crashing other missions are normal but i dont know why i cant play mission 6 cant proceed anymore please fix this :<
i like this, but the Hellrang map we can't play it. Fix the one bug and this will be popular again also, ive been playing this game for over 4 years (1678 days)
This game is great but the screen turns black when i play in Hellrang pls fix it and the enemies could you please add more challenging enemeis more bosses and small ones and add more objectives like supply escort or rescue. bcuz it's a little bit boring if almost all of the missions are about destroying I mean battles are fun but please add some more objectives and make the field bigger like you will have to fly for a bit to reach the objective and more rooms and make missons longer.
Love the game. Its challenging and there is a wide variety of mechs to choose from. My favorite is the Falchion. Overall great game.
Nice game i like it can you make destroy gunner multiplayer wifi hotspot or online my friends like this game i wish u make multiplayer bacause this game is realy fun if u make multiplayer and thanks to developer making this app this is my top 1 game in all my game im determined to destroy all enemy i forgot to say can u fix mission mo6hellrang i cant play if i start its back to main screen why icant complete all mission because of that
this was the first shooting game i ever download and i have played destroy gunners 1 when i was 8 and i have to download and u have new games i love it u have to play this game
the game focuses a lot in pay to win formula if you didn't played ZZ when it first came out thrn you'll have a difficult time to keep up with the game
An actual storyline, increased variety of mechs(even though it's always better than previous mechs, it was the same way with Sp Alpha), in-app micro transactions compared to being a trial version game. Try it out. Mm I find there's bugs on watching ads for coins though. Sometimes it gives me "Movie Playback failed"
Love them game alot but every time on mission 6 hellring it crashes and refuses loade up the level I have bin trying to git it running for the longest I'd like it if you guys would fix the problem
Ok i love the game but i have an update.. Played it for almost 4 days. Im now at level 70, Finished all the campaigns twice over. (M29 Aden is the last campaign), opened 2 dungeon endless campaigns , and i have a +528 Cresta. So now what do i do? Can you come up with more campaigns devs? Thank you. Great work on a very good game.
I really like this game, but I still feel bored because there are no events and also a few enemy characters and map, and create monster-themed enemies, not only robots and make different weapons visible while playing, and also create make PvP mode, that's all
Very great game I've ever played freely and it's very cool that you can have a wingman with you but there three fatal problem the devil Every time you killed it means that you need an even stronger wingman than before The power source Every time you do a level it erased 100 power which is very very big so please turn it into 50 The wing man it sucks that you can only have 2 but it's better if you have 3 you know And if you fix out all of that it will be a very perfect mech game
it's a good game, but for some reason when I gotta watch an add it shuts down and completely wipes away all of my progress, making it a little tough to like since it just kills my phone, could it be because I don't have an SD card? if I could get any answer from the devs I'd be very greatful
I though this was abandoned, nice to see updates again. This game is becoming really outdated though, graphics and sound effects won't attract anyone anymore. The extremely strict energy system and mission timers still need to be be a bit more lenient. The part usage limit is also still an issue that limits non endgame players severely. While its nice the devs haven't abandoned this game yet, I wonder why they are so dead set on making a remake of a remake of destroy gunners z?
the menus and stuff could use some working out, cause its all confusing but other than that the game is still fun if you like giant robots
The game and the rest are fast paced and awesome! I hope it rises and have a dynamic multiplayer! Meanwhile.. In the lore, humanity seems to have one problem with the mechas, and it is ONLY ME who is sent in, when there are my friends who are like LEVEL 18 PROCYON, what I'm trying to point out is, HUMANITY IS HAVING ONE PROBLEM, WOULDN'T THEY CARE ABOUT THE PLAYER WHO GETS THROWN IN IN DANGEROUS MISSIONS ALONE?! THEY HAVE MASS PRODUC AT LEAST LET MY WINGMEN ACCOMPANY ME IN THOSE MAIN MISSIONS!!
THIS GAME WAS BEAUTIFUL. I try to find gundam game for android but i found it. Great graphic, stable ram usage. Maybe you find some difficult on play the game, yeahh you have yo manage your money. Buy new robot, don't but the weapon
I like this game even more if you add in a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight other people's mech . If this happens I'll give this game a 6 star rating ^_^
The only problem is the getting game credits by watching ads which I love. It tooks days to get 20 credits before the next. Please fix the said feature. Thank you. I'd prefer the old version before the recent update.
Models are gray. Might be a problem on newer phones. Please resolve. Would love to play this latest installment of DGunners. Other than that, controls are solid, new contents are a welcome addition, but the gray models are game breaking. Again, please address this. Thank you.
4 STARS FOR BEING PLAYABLE OFFLINE AND MY NEPHEWS LOVE IT, NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED. Only issue I think is that it's a little difficult to aim to your target, have to get close enough.
The game is awesome has a lot of diferent mechs. It would be great that you add a way to make lower mechs stronger or thay they can have more slots. Personaly I like the Nemesis model a lot but it has a little amount of slots. But anyway the game is great :)
please make the energy souce unlimited because after every mission a large energy is taken on a single mission... son please make it unlimited i enjoy playing this game
Can You Fix The Error when you buy With Coins On Any Mech I have 1598Coins But I still Can't Buy AURIS It Saids "Error Communicating At The Server(-4007)" "ng request!" thats my problem
I'm an Armored Core fan, and this game reminds me very much of it, but with much simpler controls, optimized for mobile devices. It's a very fun game.
As much as I love this game, I am no longer able to play this game. This is mostly due to the fact that new devices are unable to play the game for some reason. It's a real shame concidering this is one of the best Games out there while on the go and a real time waster. Please, update the game so android 9 and up can play this game! I use to play this religiously!
Just reinstalled this game cause of how addictive this game was. The game moved pretty good as how it was, however all of the mechs and enemy robots are all in grey color and all of the items-to-get are all in square shape. Please fix this and I promise I'll give you 5 stars afterwards.
Oh my, the grey coloured mechs has been fixed but...there's one problem that I saw before, when you stay longer or staying shorter at the home screen/multitasking screen and you came back at the game, the black screen will happened but you can play while the screen was black, please fix this.
In the beggining its fun and your strong but when your in the high level, you need a strong equipments to stay strong but you need a real money to pay for that equipment which is you cant continue the story
Not as expected. Customizing is not good. Showing unnecessary calculations in grafs. Game play is also not good.
the game is smooth without lag but needs new types of guns and more models of mechs i think there mechs should have specials such as a missle barrage etc i think a hotspot connection should be added to play against friends
not bullshitting here, greatest game ive played on a phone so far. im a huge mech fan and this games does it right. thank you.
I went from a crappy mech to the best mech in the game in less then a week playing hard and no real money! Great game very addictive and lots of fun if your a mech warrior or Armored Core fan. Love it! Make it pvp muliplayer lol now that i have the best mech..haha! I would live to put my mexh and dg skills to the test and whipp some people with my mech i worked so very hard for!
Its good and all but their ir one issue I think should be changed. You need to use up much off your time in playing just so you could unlock another d-gunner.
The game is pretty good for a mobile game but the controls to me feels a little hard. Well its understandable since its on mobile so its hard. Could you try adding a crosshair shooting instead of tapping in the screen it could improve the game.... For me atleast.
Excellent Graphics! It reminds me of my favorite anime show, Gundam Wing. however it never shows on TV anymore. now I can live my dream of being a Mech Pilot in a 3Dimensional Mobile Suit Gundam kind of game. I just about to post a video on Facebook that will enable other people to be Wingmen for me.
the game is great.....I hope it can support a game pad cause that would be awesome....anyways the game is super cool and awesome kepp up
Hands down the best mecha game on phones right now. The robots look great and customization is great too. Has simple easy to learn controls and is very addicting to play. Definitely grab this game if you are looking for a good mecha game let alone a good mobile game.
it's good but i expect the game to have a online multiplayer or coop lan so it'll be more epic than usual
Loving the game so far, but I wished you make a "claim all gift" and please make an option to be able to paint mechs. I feel the game isn't quite done and I feel a little disappointed. Add more tech to the buttons and change the controls to be challenging. Make each mech's control unique. I can see that thus game has potential. Keep up the good work
an underrated game but has good gameplay,graphics and many more I would like it to have an update (I hope so) please make the odds of devil killer higher
Love this game but the sounds are annoying(sound of the missile).I can give 5 stars if you fix that annoying sound!
Good game but need coop multiplayer system and boring when you finish the game , verosa modal looks more like final machine and cresta seems stronger then falchion. But overall its a good game if you take your time to play this play instead of rushing yo finish this game .
this game is way more awesome if add multiplayer battles,some ranks,support drones and add some chapters. also im imagined something you can CREATE NEW MECH... A SAMURAI MECH lol by the way this game is awesome and were all waiting for the next update. BEST GAME EVER!!!
Let me just say that running the app time with the phone's time intead of online time is a completely bad idea. I used to play this game a long time ago, then decided to play it again today then it said that I needed to fix the time of my device I never had anything good after that. fix this problem or people like me will uninstall this app and never download it again
wow i like your game and its fun add more weapons and D.GUNNERS or add a multiplayer in wifi five stars for you
at first its so fun especially getting a new Dgunner but the missions got extreme especially at the M06 the enemies are just too strong and you added three humanoid Dgunners with swords i was using the Gladius type my gear was fine i have maxium protection and weapons but its just too hard but i still love the game
I used to play the previous games, I only started playing it again when i saw that shade made a new one.... I really like mecha games. I enjoy DG games but it needs more improvement and please keep improving this game. I hope future Destroy Gunners games can be played in VR with a controller, im sure many will play the game. a PVP would be a nice addition to the game! I am going to keep supporting you guys! I will recommend this game to my friends and to other people!
I love it! This game produces very high graphics also its cool to play and also i am rating you full star because i would it this game
What happen? All the mechs turn white they've no colors and also I will not play it anymore if you didn't fix the problem... I hope you fix the problem ASAP, so I can rate it 5 stars. If you did not believe me... I will send you screenshots. Please fix it ASAP or your players will gone forever.
This is the best mech game I have played but can u add more skills to the knuckle (like devil mech) to make it more exciting..... It will be awesome slashing through the bad guys....instead of just punching them Thank you
I came to revisit this good game. But pls fix a major bug i have. I cant move on to the section M06. It always crash right when i try to enter it so please fix it asap. Im still at newgame+ 0
Aw man this game is freakin awesome , try it and love it . Good graphics , small size and so much challenge .
Please add the version 9 ASAP so I can play or some of the version 9 gamers to play this awesome GAME
Awesome game. awesome update. I hope there will be an option to build your own mech like combining parts from different robots together otherwise please combine vega''s legs and torso with cresta's head and feet, antares's big gun and back cannon, nemisis missile pods, scorpio's shoulders, rashalgues's forearms and alphards backpack amd make it as detailed as gladius..... Im sorry if ask to much. My cousins and i cant stop imagining how it will look like. I hope you can grant our request ;)
It is fun and excitement and it really challenge me very hard but there is one thing that I don't like in the game, it is bugging , hellrang doesn't work . Pls.. fix
There seems to be a problem with the mission hellrang and that it doesn't work for me. Every time I try to start the mission the game just kicks me out. I tried everything to fix it but it just doesn't work!
I like this game a lot but after I beat the game it wont let me watch anymore advertisements for coins and for the power source.
Perfection! I've been playing this series "The Destroy Gunners series" of games since i bought my first Android phone "Xperia PLAY" back in late 2012. Till this day this series has been a source of endless joy and thrills for me. This one is just epic and my favourite. Although i keep & play all three on my phone. Been doing that for 6 years, and will never quit! Thanks dev! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Solid game but it's just a port of destroy gunners zz. The biggest issue is the strongest equipment in the game requires payed currency that you cannot buy they need to remove it or make it purchasable with in-game currency. Some newer levels would be nice and lowering the blueprint number requirement to unlock gunners would be nice. I hope to see some newer content I love this franchise.
I really love this series but after I switched to a new phone and re-downloaded it of says to turn my terminal sideways if if it already is
please make online pvp mode & co-op modes. . if you can make it .this game will boom to more & more millions installs worldwide in no time. .by the way awesome game.
Excellent?.. why not.. its very enjoyable.. full of excitement for an every battle.. but I have suggestion, please do some update on this game like; you can be able to use ur previous mechs as ur ally for the maximum of two, remove those team with other players instead, your mech owned is your allies on battle.. and another one is.. extend missions please ?. And add more mechs with higher ranks amd blueprints.. new bosses, new hero mechs and devil mechs, or enemy mechs.. new huge arms.. new story
Hello there Shade Inc.! I want you to know this is the best shooting mecha or robot games ive ever played since 2012. If you only continue to make a game based on this type of game maybe can't stop playing everyday. i already played all of your destroy gunners from offline to online. Pls revive the game with Co op raids and multiplayer live. and missions which is not repeatedly. Of you do this,, i assure many bucks will be out from the pocket haha😄! But always remember don't corrupt the game
Amazing game. I have poured hours into it and love more the further I get. Only thing I would suggest is being able to buy junk by 10x and 100x instead of just one by one. I have enough money to buy junk 1000 times and it takes way too long.
There is a bug that really fatal, black screen appears EVERYTIME after multi-task window used, then its unplayable. I cant save my progres to cloud because its use Google Account for username and thats when the bugs triggered
I don't know what to do anymore I'm not sure if I'm gonna make you happy with me but have you ever since the whole time you saw me I was :) mad 😡 but you know makes me feel better my heart beats 💓 This
preety good for a offline Game plus dis old and. its like these really old ipad games. But REALLY FUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! plz add a Online content in da next update Plzzzzzz
guys it's a great game but im having a problem in buying a new mech please fix that. so for now this is my rating for your game.
Just updated my phone's software to the newest one. After that I can't play it anymore. Seems like not compatible to the newest android software (Android 9)
its a great game for start may i add up a suggestion?.. can you guys add a control adjustment system or maybe refined your control system...i will make my purchases until i see some real improvement
Love it, an improvement over previous installments. The fact that resources and equipment are finite means that one is forced to put some thought and make some serious tactical decisions.
Im playing through this for the 2nd time in about 2 yrs. Unfortunately they did an "update" about a week ago that made the game crash when you try to enter ANYTHING. Today "fixed" it so you can enter the store and some missions, but attempting to enter other stages still crashes the game. Heres the wierd part. This isnt the first time, and I cant help think its intentional for some reason. They havent added anything to the game in years, they just do "updates" that break the game, then fix it.
great game gave me the feel of playing any gundam game on the console on mobile glad to see that the devs haven't abandoned the game my only nitpick is the energy consumption sytem and the part expiration system i do have a suggestion pls add a custom color for the mechs instead of preset colors other than that i dont have any other issues continue with the great work devs
Enjoyed it ... but the Hellrang mission seems to be a bug, Game keeps on closing itself. Fix ASAP I want to experience yhe game fully
Great game! its been a long time since I played this kind of game( d gunners Z was a great game until it was shutdown for unknown reasons, damn you for that the online system made it more interesting)
Once I played this Dgunner on my friend's device and it's really exciting. Edit : Could we get more time in pre-battle mission instead of 100 seconds? It's unlike Dgunner Sp : It has option to pause while selecting weapon. Please fix bug "indestructible" huge cannon in Pamul. (It remains invicible even I've used stronger weapons)
Brings me back when I played destroyed gunner back in middle school good as always but there is one problem tho it keap crashing at stage 6 in campaign only both on story and the battle I even turned on the anti crash option and still doesn't work
This is awesome good shade inc. the graphics are good update mode is good this is great the best game make more games and please publish now th destroy gunners z here and make more games of mechs and if you update this game pls add a pvp mode new offline events and make a event like giant assault and the pvp give some 50 coins on it plss. Thanks shade inc.
this game is good but it could be great if we get to costumize our mech with desired colors and please add a view option of our mech... please make the knuckle button available already on the screen and not include in the weapons selection so that if ever we engage close to the enemy or vice versa, we should be ready to knock them out and dont panic our fingers on the change weapon menu... a lot of thanks if this would be granted...
This is one hell of a game! It has decent graphics and gameplay for a mobile phone game. Mech fans (esp Gundam fans) would really love/enjoy this. The only problem is: the missions are a bit difficult, but it's ok since it makes it more challenging and fun. Though a little improvement will make this game superb, like mech paint customization, PvP battles, and team or multiplayer missions. For now I'm giving it 4.5 stars. And please lower the energy cost per mission, I almost forgot. Lol! Thanks... Keep up the good work \m/
best mech game i played so far considering the size of the download. i hope there will more powerful and bulkier mech and weapons in the future. im so glad it remains offline. i hope you can consider improving the graphics... best regards and more power!!!!!!
I'm so glad that you have brought Destroy gunners ZZ back (as a newer, updated game) !!!! I played through all of the games, and DGZZ was my favorite!!! I was sad to see that this game was discontinued back in 2013, but hopefully this one is here to stay. If anyone reads this review, THERE WILL BE A PVP MODE. It is called Dog Fights in the , which features a real time ranking system with good rewards and exclusive D-Gunners. I am looking forward to the future of this game!!!