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Destiny Heroine

Destiny Heroine for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Enjoy Fun Tech Co., Limited located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun but looks like it may have been poorly put together for a quick cash grab. For example the weakness wheel will show sword characters as red with a symbol of a sword and esper characters as a blue snow flake but if you go to character info your sword heroes have a blue snowflake as their symbol and your esper heroes have a red sword. Nothing matches up.
This game is interesting enough to gain my attention, but there are many things that can make this game better such as better events, a lot of the rewards for completing the eventa are not even worth it such as the bag expansion event, like cmon guys, you can do better than that. I spend money on this game so I would like at least a little something more in return, if you want to gain more supporters and more money spenders, you have to satisfy the people including the free to play players.
Great game but at the main screen and opening cheats it's kinda buggy. And please add more characters from other animes as well (lile full metal alchemist, seven deadly sins etc)
The game was good and i have played for a week but it now wont open the game anymore. It just closes as soon as it opens
Realy enjoying the game so far I like how I can close the app come back in 2 hours and have loads of rewards.
Attractive and exciting. Can't wait to explore more of the contents n hopefully it will become a game to play for a long term. Keep up the good work!
Great game system. Seriously not pay to win game at all .. with simple 10$ you can earn huge buff to your team and I am talking about 300k more power, as simple as that. extremly friendly players and positive chat enviroment. every item and icon being well explained and easily get acess to information as fast as simple click on the icon. many of your favourite anime characters are there. and even F2P can reach up to SSSR characters which are second strongest. I highely recommend this game.
I love the game as it is not boring like the other similar games. It has good discord and i love it because my favorite anime characters are in the game!! Hope to have many more of them in the future!! And it is exciting to have some heroes like iori saber luffy because its hard to get them and it gives thrill to the game.
Since I can't put zero so have one star, because I can't enter game. Why? Because it says that update patch is falled.
Game is so much fun, like the characters but SSSR rank character are hurt to get. But could be redeemed with shred so it fine
Totally useless game. There are no buttons for players for attacking. Its like we are seeing video and the game is played auto-mode.
I like the game I just feel we need more characters. Maybe some demon slayer or more of an anime that's already in the game. It's a fun game I just think we need more
Awesome AFK game for people with a busy life. Great recognizable characters from many big titles, together in a fun, playable platform.
Really cool game. I like it because I don't need to donate money to leveling. Only one thing is sad that there are no other positive comments because the game is really cool
This is a great and fun game i love playing it but the characters models well a few are terrifying like vegeta and a lot of there abilities don't really match the character likeandroid 18s skill is destructo disc with a little more of a background check you'll find that her main skill is hyper energy cannon also theres a large lack of ability with the characters as well
Guy's Who Bitching About This Games They are either no money spender guys or are Impatient.. This Is An Idle Game which requires Time if you are F2P.. I Know The Story Is Same as other Idle Game but I Know @the_developers Of the game will eventually Make this game better by our Feedback.. Goodluck Developers For Future Hardworking ❣️👍
Love the heroes, and am expecting more heroes to be released in the future. You can give this game a shot, good game for killing time. There may be some parts where you will get stuck on a certain level, but patience is the key if you're in a bind. It is an idle game after all.
This game is effectively another version of Goddess Silver Lining in every single aspect... But with more copyright infringement. That Google allows apps like this is a nightmare.
I love it but can you guys implement some free costumes or different avatars to choose from.. The guys costumes are cheaper then the females. Idk why that is. It's a simple request. But, it would be nice.
an anime chibi idle collecting game. this is the one im looking for. its looking great and a lot of rooms for development. keep it up
Literal copy of the Goddess Legion: Silver Lining app. Only difference is the characters, but even then, it's just a reskin of the other app's models. It even uses the same story line and stage graphics too. I'm giving it a one star because it looks like blatant theivery to me, and I'm not impressed.
Game is fun and simple and very rewarding. Only one problem. The special offer won't open is bugged, you try to open it and closes immediately. If you can please fix that cause I want to get it.
Great game, all the graphic are amazing. But at certain stage like stage 73 the boss there is hard to defeat. It keeps on regenerating and my team couldn't defeat it. I repeated the stage like 10 times already. I don't know whether is it bug, but please fixed this
I was going to give more stars but I can't load it after the load screen it just whirls with loading,worked earlier..so don't know why it's messed up
It would be nice if you could actually play the game and not just sit on the loading screen all the time. So far it only works when under wifi...
Too lag. Always stock on loading. Poor rates on sssr char. You won't finish 7 days trial if you have dont have atleast 3 sssr char and thats too hard for beginners
Played it at the same time as my boyfriend. Every single draw was the same, including a level R later on. We gave it 5 or 6 draws, but on a coin based random draw, what cemented it was TWO characters that were the same Was made to seem like a Gacha, instead it's a straight up linear path
really nice game. just wish for more events and more gifts 😍 my best part of the game is the shard contest. its really fun
generic asian game, has WoW protodrakes in it for some reason so it looks like a cash grab. boring as well, no manual fighting.
Any reason I'm stuck on lv 154 from the boss taking 0 damage for 2 days. Then as soon as I lose, the reward for free 7 day naruto is times out. The boss dies instantly. Was this a bug????
Good game and not a typical boring game but i hope you add some more hero like the new anime like the 7deadly sin,fairy tale and many more and make it less p2w and free to win atleast
I love this game becoz of naruto and bleach character and easy to play don't need too much time..great time killer..:)
I smelt cash grab and oh I'm not wrong. Simple play, no real in game currency w/o BUYING, forced tutorial, and meh models, gender locked class with option to buy a reskin (male sword female mage). I've played adventurer managers before and yours at 450ish Meg's doesn't tread the water. Let's not forget the recruit you get 10 pulls and ONE HERO!! Others are lvl mats not even star boosting mats!! This is a LAZY manga skinned cash grab ppl hold out for better. Also I'm going to get an auto sorry!
Had this game for 2 weeks now and haven't been able to load past the home screen without being on wifi no matter how good my service is at the time. Also pretty bootleg and you can only play on auto.
I keep getting a pop up at start up saying Announcement is abnormal and then the game doesn't load, or when I do get into the game it constantly goes to the loading screen.
Game is good so far. But once you get past the first rebirth, the game is super hard to progress through, and there isn't a sorting option for guilds to sort, power, inactivity, etc. But overall not bad so far
Didn't work never got past the first loading screen 😒 money mongering games have gotten so bad quality is lacking severely copy and paste
I like the gameplay of this game / and i really like the fb page and dev. He/she always active for my suggestion and others question thumbs up!!👍👍👍
This game has a lot of characters from a bunch of different anime and it can be quite fun to collect them up, but I really wish they'd put more effort into making the characters act like themselves. Luffy for example won't shut up about a very ill-defined tier system and it's very out-of-character. Similarly there are team-up bonuses that don't make a lot of sense. Not much to describe in the actual gameplay as most of it is automated. It's fun, I'd just like a little more effort
surprisingly fun for how simple it is! i just wish it could explain things better sometimes, but other than that, it's very fun
Great game but it can be improve by putting efforts for the character images Also the characters movement I felt a little bit hard Overall great game
So far loving the game a lot but is their any chance that maybe u could add my hero academia or JoJo bizarre adventure characters or even all the popular ones that are not in the game.
It's so good so far it's a new game btw and there's something need to fix but over all it's so good the fb page is always reply a message 2-5 hours if not online and 0-2 hours if online so all I can say is that keep up the good work and God bless you.
i only rated this as my game is really bad but its quite fun i rated this since everytime i get a hero or go to the heros to equip my new heros i always get kicked soo i guess its a bug or something if you guys know whats happening please tell me so i could enjoy a fun game
I enjoyed the game so far, it is a best game after all... I wish there are more events coming and I'm excited to play the events for more rewards
Customer service was quick, helpful, and knowledgeable. Game is very fun and overall a great experience!