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Destination - Focus Training

Destination - Focus Training for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by InfinityGames.io located at Rua Alves Redol, 3B 2675-285, Odivelas Portugal. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game completed in about 4 hours total time over 5 days, advice if you can't solve a puzzle in 5-10 mins leave it for a few hours then go back as your mind will still be working on it.
This is a really fun casual game, and had able the right level of difficulty. I got through all 110 levels, and am looking forward to seeing new ones!
Having OCD can lead to a lot of little frustrations and this game helps one to refocus. Great idea!!!
So far so good, I haven't played it long. I love the particles and design of the game. As a fellow game dev, I can say with confidence that this is a well designed game and I am eager to see it develop
Cool game, and the later levels get to be pretty challenging. I need 9 more stars to unlock all the ball trails LOL
I have really enjoyed this so far, it's engaging but also relaxing. My only complaint is the way the screen whites out after winning each level. I find it really breaks the immersion and can be blinding when playing in a dimly lit room trying to relax. If this could be changed to a darker colour I would give this 5 stars. I've just completed level 40 but will have to wait till tomorrow to play more as the flashes of white after each level are really bothering me now.
I don't understand why to these developers insist or ruining there games just to make a extra buck. I can understand putting a couple adds in a game to pay the bills but when they force you to spend more time in adds then the game its to much and nobody should put up with it and let them get away with it.
EDIT1: Alright. Dev/s are making new levels. So i just need to wait to get this app to 100%. One thing that's not working properly is Google Play integration. When i start the app i can go to Leaderboards and Achievements, but when i finish any level and go back to main menu i can't anymore view Leaderboards or Achievements. Also, as i said before, if i get 100% achievements i will give 5 stars.
Great game, if you're not connected to the Internet you don't get ads lol. LEVEL 75 is impossible. Devs, anyone, please let me know the solution so I can keep playing this really fun game 😄
Great game. Very easy to begin with but gradually gets more difficult and needs careful thought. Nice simple concept but real fun.
Finished the whole game in four days.q Loved the graphics! After level 100 the puzzles were challenging but still possible to solve ( I think, I used the hint in 3 or 4 levels in total). Also, appreciation to your customer service representative, who tries to answer every single response here!
I mean, when we want to look for a real puzzle challenge, but instead we have to start at the very easy step which is so boring because of it's easy difficulties, so could u make a way so we could start from the advanced level? *Thanks for being responsive, I appreciate and added 1 more star for it
It was fun til Lv 34... Then every single level has ads ads ads... REPLY TO DEV: I get that, but be consistent.. Teasing me with tolerable ad timers then bombarding me after a little time spent is not encouraging me to pay to remove ads. It's encouraging me to delete and move on.
A worthwhile brain challenge. Ads are rare and can be skipped after the first 5 seconds. No limits on replays. Friendly and easy to see and understand interface! Definitely something I look forward to in the evening! For a 1-person dev team, you GO!
DON'T INVEST ANY TIME! DID really like this game till it freezes up with only two levels to win!! Uninstal and have to start all over. Then 138 levels complete.....freezes again! IT WILL NEVER LET YOU WIN!
Relaxing and thinking. The music maked me relax as the puzzles make my brain think. I love it. Play it every night before bed. Well i play all the games from this dev. Just different one everyday. Just out standing.
I really like the gameplay, and I was disappointed when there wasn't another set of levels to be unlocked when I finished 110. But, it only took a week or so for 25 more levels to be added. Thanks!
Game is really good. Music is soothing and Visuals are very good. Thought, a small criticism would be that Viduals would look a lot better if they supposed Newer High Resolution and High Refresh Rate Screens
Very simple yet addictive game. Only about 12 levels in and some of the levels already really make you think. Good time killer that makes you use your brain. Like the simple design so it's easy on the eyes. Said it was developed by one person.... GREAT JOB!!!
Very nice, difficulty is spot on for me, just passed level 100. 5 second ads between levels is not bad, kudos.
I'm cheap, I never pay for games and rarely play them, but this one was worth it. Not because the amount of ads are annoying, because honestly you don't even notice them compared to most, I paid simply to support the creaters who worked hard to make a challenging yet relaxing game that works great to clear your mind. Keep up the great work!
Played for more than 50 levels. The game is so clean and simple. With nice music and atmosphere. Kudo for the developer. My suggestion is to make the puzzle more difficult. Just a bit too easy for me
Really well made. I love the graphics, not too invasive and very clean. the concept is engaging, and the game keeps adding new elements to the puzzles so it never gets old. also, really appreciate the "speed up" feature. would definitely recommend it.
If you enjoy puzzles that throw in healthy doses of physics to keep you on your toes, this is your huckleberry my friend. Proof that you don't need HD graphics to have a great time. sometimes logical problem solving is more satisfying then a killing spree average.
I just started playing this game I also played Energy aswell. I love the fact that it's sorta calming and challenging in a way were it doesn't make you angry. I do like the fact that you can donate a small or large amount which gives you hints and gets rid of ads no matter the amount.
I'm sitting here, bone tired, but enjoying this game. It's soothing, not too stressful. I like that the reset doesn't go back to start so it's easier to figure out a mistake. The ads are very short, also.
I don't often give 5 stars but this one deserves it. Excellent levels, hard enough to be challenging, but not impossible.
Beautiful simple design. Relaxing and not too challenging, the ads arent too bad either. Definitely fell in love with this game in the first few rounds, even better its great for kids too! My 7 yo stole my phone when he saw this game so it's great for kids and adults!
Cool puzzle game that focuses on trajectory. Id paid to clear the ads because good content deserves that much. Tired of the in game purchases that don't have much thought behind them other than money grabbing. This game avoids all of that and challenges the mind; win, win.
fun puzzle game! simple controls, easy to pick up. ads don't actively disrupt game play, which I used to think was a given but recently that's proved rarer than I'd hope. I slightly wish that the player was allowed to complete levels without gathering all three stars, as "do it perfectly for bragging rights" bonus, but that's a very minor quibble.
Way to many ads! It's just an ok concept for puzzles but they're not challenging and there's and unskippable 30 ad ever 2 levels. I can easily finish two levels in less than 30 seconds and get punished with an ad for it. If you want me to pay for pro, give me a game that's interesting or challenging. If you want free ad revenue motivate me to CHOOSE to watch the ads, don't force them in my face
Way too many ads! It's the only thing holding this pretty and relaxing game back. Every other level, you have to watch a full 30 second ad. Ruined the game for me.
great game. get your mind working to solve the destination path. not too taxing. achievable. soothing music in background. recommended.
very cool and relaxing. I love it,and hope this game continues to evolve. more customization and a level map would be sweet with some challenges for unlockables
It's a teaser for sure. By level 10 took me 10 seconds altogether I had to watch 4 ads that maybe took 2 minutes altogether and answer "no" to buy the developer something.
Nice clean logical play. Easy to understand instructions & play. Little bit easy 10 min 30 levels. Maybe they get progressively more difficult, will update later...
Really enjoy this. Quite relaxing and good for destressing. Would love if there were a "dark mode" option for the level transition screen. As it currently exists, theres a bright white screen between every level and since I'm usually playing at night, it can be quite jarring.
I did all 110 levels while on vacation and at the end it just shows a screen that says "Thanks" and locks you out so you can't go back and play again. It's like your favorite Netflix series ending- sad :( But a fun game 🎮
Very Good game. I really enjoyed game and completed all levels. It's really tricky game. It's very useful for brain. I hope the more level will be added in this game. Nice worked by developer team.
I like the premise of the game, but I'll admit i haven't played it beyond level 5. That's because the game is buggy and Lewis flickering, going completely dark and generally lagging. I can get out of the game and my other apps and games are running fine, but this one is just buggy and broken. Am incomplete product.
Fun puzzle game, simple and repetitive but satisfying when you get it right. It would be cool if you could slow it down on practice runs.
the gameplay is simple and easy to pick up and I love the music which is probably my favorite part of the game to be honest so far
Game is good, but short levels combined with an ad break every two levels is pretty disruptive and makes it hard to get into the game.
Unlike most games of this genre, I felt that the levels got increasingly difficult after each one and it wasn't too much or too little of a change. There was so much variety. Absolutely love this!
After level 10(IIRC) there is an ad after almost every level. It is not enjoyable at all, since they are pushing you to pay rather than suggesting it. Thanks for the waste of time.
Good puzzle game. Gradually introduces new mechanics at a nice pace that keeps things interesting without being overwhelming.
Just another ad generator. The game part is just obvious and easy. Might be difficult for 10 and under, but not for anyone with half a brain.
Simple controls with a smooth minimalist design and relaxing music. Puzzles are simplistic at the start but as you progress new pieces make them much more engaging.
Game has lots of potential, the game itself is fun and interesting. Screen keeps freezing in game though, only made it to about level 40 and now the screen freezes almost once per level. Haptic, touch and sound all still going, if you hit the play button you can hear the ball bouncing around but the screen is frozen and you can't see it or interact with anything. Great game but needs work
Great game, chill. It's like those puzzles you do in your head as a kid where if you bounced a ball off 1 wall and then that bounced on another and it'd come back to you. It's like that. Shout out to you 1Passionate developer
fun game. played something similar before and enjoy the concept. will play more and update in the future.
Very challenging in the best way possible. I find myself progressing further each time I play. I'm up to 5 rounds in a session. Great way to keep my brain working, if you are 50yrs+ I recommend it.
Fun, especially the later levels. Yes, there is an ad after every level, but they are short and cheap to remove. The levels are well-designed; often there is only one useful rotation for the first few or last few pieces, and a little logic dictates the remaining rotations. The assortment of pieces is interesting: permanent, temporary, pieces that activate only after being passed over, pieces with rotations linked to other pieces, and teleportals. I particularly enjoyed levels 99+.
its got me thinking and when you do it wrong it has a very polite way of letting you know.and leys you try again.yhe music fits the activity well.this is actually refreshing to do for 10 min before that other thing you got to do.or for 30 because you owe it to yourself and those who love you to relax.at least it relaxing me.good day friends
intelligent game for quiet, but not passive moments. it activates your mind in a subtle way. nice music, relaxed atmosphere. you will be not playing against time. love it! Now, go collect some stars and create galaxies!
So far, brilliant game, it is not your usual "stressy" puzzle game, this has decent background music and backdrops. Changed to 5 stars, I am even going over some old levels, just need the devs to hurry up with more.
Well I have beat all 140 and out of every game I have ever played I need more levels please this game is amazing relaxing fun its everything u want in a game just perfect PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS! Thanks for the ones I did play