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Désiré for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Sylvain Seccia located at 18 BOULEVARD DE BONNE NOUVELLE 75010 PARIS. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Nudity/Eroticism, Sexual Innuendo, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack fits perfectly and the plot is very interesting. You need to pay attention at the details to make progress and the whole storyline is very reflective. It's my favorite game at the moment, it makes me feel melancholic and nostalgic in a good way. The only flaw to me is Désiré being complacent with pedophilia, but maybe I just misinterpreted it.
I found it boring at first but when i started to play more, it became exciting this is a really good game . The game is black and white but it does not bother me at all! Pls download this game its WORTH IT
Interesting game. Story was a bit confusing at times. Some disturbing things added as well. But I guess it's there to spark debates. I guess when it comes down to it you should find people you can confide in. Not all people messed up in the head act out their desires. But where can people like that get help? Who can a disterbed person talk to about things, without that person jumping to conclusions with the first word out of the disturbed mouth. Again I say this game is to get people talking.
It really is a great game..it is deep and emersing..there are a lot of similarities between desire and rest of us..that is each of us are lost in our own way..I am eager to see the next story update..you have my full support..keep making these kind of games:)
It's a masterpiece! I love the story of the boy and the characters.. in the end of the story, i'm kinda pretty curious about the boy's writting on the egg when on the beach scene... and in the end désiré didn't find a fully colour of his life its kinda pretty sad.. good game!♡
I learned alot in this game. Not only just I was challenge but also it teaches me some lessons. Love it and the arts, story, graphics, all of them!
Sylvain Seccia -the writer and director of this game- desire. Has brought something hilarious.. To feel and experience the goodness,must play this game.. This game has got wonderful story,mesmerising performances of characters and soundtracks.. I would give it an Oscar nominee for sure.. Friends,you must play this game.. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
It's an awesome game, really do enjoy it. I do get a little frustrated when i can't find the right answers, but that's my impatient self😂. over all, this game has alot of meaning behind it and is a game i will defenetly play again.
AARGH! Improve the controls. Continuous delays due to not being able to immediately pull up Inventory. While blindly tapping the general area for the backpack in upper right it'll eventually flash on but until it does Desire walks towards that area. Tapping again will bring it up but when facing off w/ hungry homeless guy it takes too long & must restart annoying conversation sequence. After the 3rd time I'm too annoyed to keep playing. You have potential. Fix the controls & Inventory please.
This game is amazing in many ways. I would complain about controls if the game wasn't free, but it is free, therefor i have no complaints. Great game.
Pretty much the most French game ever. American players may be deterred by the open discussion of sexual themes, nudity etc., but that's what you sign up for when you expose yourself to French culture. It's a great visual & auditory experience, but annoying when you can't move forward in the game b/c you didn't select something that isn't clearly selectable. Plot wise, it's a cool premise but leaves much to be desired due to confusingly incomplete sub-plot arcs. Idk, maybe I just don't "get" it.
I was amazed by how the animation is made, and to the voice over. It's relatable, but I need to uninstall it because the MB is big, and the stuffs are in hide-and-seek mode( I really hate cheating, rofl). I understand, I understand the graphics cost too much hard work, patience, and time. I know how hard to start a storyline, and the developer made it! I downloaded this because I'm curious, and sad. Anyway, here's my 5 stars before I leave.
Not done but so far it's really good, pretty smart on puzzles, no weird nonsense logic for the most part
A game I'd definitely pick as best in my lifetime. So good. A creative concept and the stortline and dialogues give a lot of wisdom. It touches my heart. Also love the soundtrack.
This has to be one of the best point-and-click game I've played so far. It's a complete story and dare I say it's meaningful and beautiful. Emotional rollercoaster, that's what this game is. No spoilers, just get ready for some shockers and confusion. To those who've played it and are complaining there's no instructions whatsoever, there's a walkthrough on youtube. To those who were disgusted, either you are homophobes (eww) or you just don't prefer/like this game (which is fine). Good job!
Something might have been lost in the English translation, but I felt that the constant philosophical commentary and seemingly irrelevant musings felt out of place and tedious to read. There are a lot of deviant sexual themes that are touched upon, but they felt a bit random and are not really followed up on or play any important part to the story. The main character moves slowly and expect a lot of backtracking. Some clues were quite obscure and I needed a walk through.
This game's amazing so far. The story, art, everything! But for some reason I can't continue to the year 2003. The game closes itself everytime. How can I fix this problem?
OMG! really! HOW IS THIS GAME NOT FAMOUS YET?! the best,beautiful,wonderful,lovely,amazing,awesome,nice story ever I have seen!! I hate that people rated it 1 star only because of the adult content but why don't they just really support this game? It's one of the best story game ever founded in play store I swear! I wish this game was really famous...Love you to all the creators who made this game💝💝💝
This game made me feel like no other mobile game has made me feel before. This game is not for the faint of heart and are times where I almost felt despair and disgust playing it but that was the point I believe, The experience of feeling a powerful emotion, whatever it may be. Excellent but large trigger warning before playing
One of the finest point n click adventure game. Really meaningful and realistic. Has matured content. Have to touch every part of my mobile screen to get the clue while playing. Smooth gameplay, soothing background music. One must try this game.. 🙏😌😍
Excellent adventure game with a fantastic plot that adds some serious depth to the overall experience. That, combined with the art style, lighting, music, and dialogues, creates an integral whole of the highest order. Brilliant work!
This game is by far the weirdest yet the most entertaining experience I've ever come across to in such a long time. It never occurred to me how the story could progress like that. Sure it's a bit confusing at certain points but for a good reason! It allowed me to think out of the box to finish one task to the other as well. I'm considering to play from the beginning just so that I could feel the nostalgia all over again.
The game is so mind blowing and touching,,full of life lesson...I loved it alot...I hope you are intending to produce another Part...The games is truly absolutely fun..Thanks for the game...
The story is intriguing and nuanced but I found myself losing stock of the plot. Not sure what the point of the beach level is. Puzzles presented some challenge that kept me interested but there is no real momentum with the game and I could see less patient players getting bored easily. I did however enjoy the music and art style. Not a bad game considering it is free to play. One thing that kind of bugs me is that the backpack menu doesn't stay open once you click it, took me forever to find it and it's annoying having to open it every time.
One the most beautiful and touching games I've played in a while. There are however certain issues specially with the controls and the inventory was a nightmare at first.
The gameplay is frustrating because it's so easy to miss small details and I'm currently stuck at the part where Desire is at a hotel after leaving the Congos. I think this game wants me to feel sympathetic towards Desire but I just can't since he's a complete sociopath and I don't understand why he's friends with a dog r*pist and a pedo. If this game gets improved I'd probably try to replay it.
Good game with great adventures.loved it from the beginning of the story to the end.i would really love to what's next for desire's adventure.
This is a good game for adult especially man and art lover like me (i'm 33 years old artist) , this game contain sex phenomena, life tragedy, and many things that actually happen in a real world. This game is very beautiful with the French cinematic style and also this game is free, no ads, no lag and no bug at all. Thanks to French peoples who made this beautiful game - Love from Indonesia
A very good game! If I could rate this out of 10, I'll give 11. My only problem is that I can't play it when my parents are near me, especially to some parts (I'm at the age as the disclaimer said). Thank you for creating this game!
I found this game impossible I couldnt get the printer card even after watching like 15 tutorials fix the game please I would like to actually finish they game or even make it a bit easier
Purely meaningful and somewhat realistic game. It's deep. Very very deep. Recommended much. If you have an artistic and curious personality then go for it. It keeps you going till the end if you are curious enough to find the answers. Amazing. Controls are a bit here and there and sometimes you have to ransack the whole mobile screen for searching the required objects but it's interesting storyline makes up for that drawback.
although the controls aren't perfect, I'm still giving five stars because it really teaches me a lot about areas that we can hardly learn in life but ARE important issues esp discrimination against some things people favour. Love the graphics, music and story. Thanks for producing this game!
Wow! This is truly touching and searching for the true meaning of it all. They touch on topics that no one need to discuss and topics that some cant open up to after the fact. The lighting is frustrating at times, but plays into the whole journey involved. I read alot of reviews before diving in and good and bad they were all correct, but it's your personal life that makes this game what it is. Well Done, is all I can say. Thank you for your vision.
The game is pretty fun but way too much dialogue, and this comes from a person that loves cutscenes in games and always watch them without skipping. it may be because the dialogue was kind of boring. Also, having to click in a random spot in the top right to access your items was frustrating. All in all, I did enjoy the game and this game isnt far off from 5 stars, just needs some tweaks.
I love this game. At first I thought it was going to be boring. I was wrong, one of the best games I've ever played
Someone once told me that any expression of art is an expression of the self. I have to say, this game hit that. There's a lot of things that resonate with me, and even a few hours after finishing the game to its entirity I am still reeling. The narrative begs for patients (something I've noticed many of these reviewers don't possess) and much could be (and was) lost in translation. It definitely pushes what society considers comfortable. Probably 18+ if we're honest. The gameplay was a little buggy in some places, puzzles took much trial and error, and it would take from the experience. Perhaps a mechanics walk through in key points of the game (ex. Shifting pov between Désiré and Andy) could benefit the experience as a whole. Overall, good game. Keep creating. Can't wait to see what you do next.
An amazing story but the game often closes on its own and crashes, the overall experience was greatly affected by that
Game won't save progress. Have uninstalled in any case. I suspect that all the character conversations you have to wade through are far more interesting in the mind of the author than in the minds of the readers.
I love this game soooooo much we need more games like this in life cause this is so good the fact that the whole game is free just makes it better
Wow! This game deserves its own unique category within the best of games. In fact, the story turned into a movie would surely bust bolloxblocks
I enjoy this style of game, however this story has involved a lot of objectifying women and crude language. There is a warning at the start of the game, but I don't appreciate the way the first major plot point involves embarrassing a minor for being sexual. Just started, so I'll give it a bit more of a chance, but my initial reaction is negative.
Pretty good so far Edit: A very strange one to say he least, poetic and philosophical without being too heavy handed and manages to be quite nuanced.
this is the best game that I ever played, and it's not only so magnificent but It also as a beautiful meaning...I can't even stop crying...thank you author and thanks to anybody who helped the development of this game...I can't even believe it's free...thank you...really...thank you so much..
Really enjoyed the graphics but it was so difficult to find objects and the story was just weird and incohesive.
This is definitely a very interesting story. My only take away from 5 stars is that you have to quit to the main menu if you want to make any changes to the settings...a very minor inconvenience...but otherwise it's pretty good.
Great game. Great story. Love it. However, I got confused sometimes beacuse of no hint. But it's just me.
This game is absolutely incredible. I thought this was going to be a more simple, childlike point and click game just judging off of the main description and beginning of the game. But wow. What an experience. Definitely a 16+ game haha. The storytelling was incredible. I loved every second of this game. I even think I might've learned a few things about the world. There are so many things that our society ignores, and this game addresses a lot. Incredible. Gorgeous. Love it.
Ok.. so I played this a long time ago and absolutely loved it!! I find myself typing this into the play store search bar alot... trying to find similar games.. nothing compares!! When are you gonna make another one like this?????
I really like the storyline, graphics, characters and all of it. I guess this games should be played for people who is 18+ because there are a lot of appropriate pictures and "things" in this game. I was very surprised when I saw it😂but it's okay. I hope you guys could make many games like this one too in the future! I'll wait for it❤️
Oh my god. I'm amazed, dazed, and in love. God this was.. I cant even the poetic nature the puzzle and message. Amazing. Definetly 16+ but lord The people who made it are genuisis.
Just played the first chapter 1992, and so far its an awesome game! It seems I cannot go any further though? The game crashes everytime I try :(
I can't get pass the locked safe in Damien's house. It was supposed to be unlocked with the collar key from the kitty, but for real, I couldn't reach it. It was blocked by the settings option. I tried dragging it to the safe but to no avail. Been trying to unlock it for quite some time, it's getting frustrating. Ohh okay thanks for replying Sylvain! I really like your game. Will stay tune for more games that you published, you have my full support :)
Fabulous game with splendid art work. Even though it's just a depiction of a setting embedded in black and white tones, it still had lot more to offer than any other games. The poetic and philosophical nuances were delightful. Controls could be a bit more better. Overall, falls into the must play category for sure.
This is a very odd game. There were so many sexual predilictions in it that I thought were a bit gratuiitous, but perhaps the twisted world we live in twisted the protagonist, too. The gameplay was good; I had to have several (well, ok, more than several) hints to get unstuck as I played it through. I did not like the twitch puzzle near the end (I won't say what it was); but nearly all the rest of it was peculiar but satisfying. One other thing that I really didn't like was the mechansim for bringing the inventory up; more often or not it would simply move our protagonist instead of opening the inventory. And, when the inventory was up, it covered several items on the screen so you couldn't get at them. But really, an interesting, thoughful game.
I have no words of how beautiful this game is. I, rarely, comment and review games, but this is a different story. This game tackles common issues in life that one overlooks. It's something a lot struggle with, but they, most often than not, turn a blind eye to deal with it. This game is truly an eye opener and I highly recommen playing through this game until the very end. It's completely free and there are no ads. Such a remarkable work of art.
I love the game. It was touching and everything. Very sensitive but meaningful. I like Désiré for everything. Despite of his difficulties, he seemly didn't mean anything about it and just wanted to find his purpose. Satirical yet truthful. I never find a game such dark and plotwise good as this one. I like these types of games which are dark yet has a good meaning to every detail. I hope of having these kinds of games in the future.
Truly astounding. All details aside, the plot thickens along the time line smoothly, and scene by scene, dialogue of NPC is thought-provoking. Particularly enjoyed the conversation with Pablo, funny and sensible at the same time. The piano soundtracks, as well as the vocal, are gorgeous. Really created a vibe of misery and solitude. Monotonic colours brought immersive experience in protagonist's view of world. Definitely a 5-star.
Everything was really nice but i think there might be a bug where you earn how to get on the elevator i tried evrything but it seems like ot wont work i even went on you tube but everything worked out for them but when i did the same thing it doesnt work o would really like to continue to play this game once the bug is fixed i hope you fix it soon!
This game is kind of okay to play. It keeps you interested but sometimes there are less/no clue at all to solve the puzzles in the game which makes it boring as hell as i keep wandering in the game thinking about where i screwed up. I had to use a walkthrough at some points in the game. PS: The story of the game is strangely weird but interesting and somewhat connected to the end.
There is a glitch. I can't get up to the psychiatrists office. After 2 hours of walking around accomplishing nothing I finally caved in and looked up the walkthrough. Looked through it step by step. Did it in the game so by step and I still can't get up to the dr office. Brilliant looking game, but I can't go any further. 🤷🏼‍♂️
I agree. Incredible. I was captivated from beginning to end. I feel as if I just lived a whole life..! Just perfect in every way. Very refreshing and unexpected. I will leave there. Wonderful. Thank you
Awesome game and storyline. Very creative scenes as well. Some settings were inappropriate (but funny). Highly recommend!
The best game I've ever played, I played it more than once and I sometimes find myself thinking about it and its meaning. Very nice visuals as well
The game controls, initial goal, and story were all both opaque as heck and not terribly engaging. I didn't even finish the first dialogue cut scene with the unevenly phobic grandfather(?) before I lost interest. The art seemed promising and at least the first scene didn't force you to pixel hunt or anything. Once the first goal was teased out of the inventory, the puzzle-solving to achieve it seemed discernable enough, with just a touch of challenge (ex. where would you find a pen..?)
Wow this game is so fun and creative but the only problem is this game is ridiculously Hard to crack it took me years to finish this game but generally this is a lot of fun the music,graphics and plot wow so hart warming
Its not a game for everyone. It does explore controversial topics and as it says it does explore some +16 (or even +18) tropes. I did use a guide as it was sometimes hard to figure out what to do but overall I really liked the realism of Désiré's struggle to understand colors, it doesnt give a rewarding ending as mainstream games but more of a message that you have to figure out for yourself... Its really well done overall.
Honestly one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, one of my favourites, I keep coming back to it to play again and again. The storyline and the background score just makes it that much mysteriously beautiful, its very rare to see such games these days.
Wow its so good the graphics animations and the story is so so good it may feel me sad ... the game is great i wish the developers make more game like this...
I will say that despite my rating, both the graphics and animation were impressive. The soundtrack is also beautiful. Overall, the game paints a vivid perspective of what its like to be colorblind. I would have liked to give this a higher score, however, the constant crashing of the game, plus the buggy controls and slow pacing of dialogue has made it unplayable for me. It's a shame; although the plot was a little disjointed, I did appreciate the exploration of sexual deviance and taboo topics.