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Design Home: Real Home Decor

Design Home: Real Home Decor for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crowdstar Inc located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app! It is the best home decor simulator app you can download. However, I cannot always afford to play because some of items are not affordable. When the requirements to enter your design have a low end of $3000 and a high end of $5,000 +, I can't afford to decorate and submit those designs. All of the table and wall art, as well as floor and plant decorations all require you to purchase diamonds. I can't afford to do that and if I don't have them to design with I end up with low sco
Absolutely love the design aspect of this game but I constantly get an error for internet connection or the app "restarts". I often lose completely designed rooms that haven't been finalized. I do not have this issue with other apps and my internet connection for everything else in my house is stable. Please fix. I shouldn't need to connect to wifi to use this app but it is worse when I don't.
I stopped playing this for a while and just picked it up again. Love the fact you have a chance to use ceiling lamps in most of the challenges now but hate when someone borrows an item from you you only get keys instead of diamonds and you can't buy some of the decor individually, you have to buy the whole bundle.
I enjoy playing this game. The problem is that the trend is very boring and algorithms always choose decorations that are all the same colours. Also, some of the highest scores not even respond the style requirements of the design. Always very modern style for everything with the same colours, that's boring.
Absolutely LOVE this game. Lots of chances to play designer without spending any money but, if you do decide to spend, it doesn't cost enormous amounts... Its up to you what you spend. Lots of ways to "earn" funds to get new stuff and loads of different rooms, styles etc to enjoy. The only thing I would like is a chance to categorise my inventory. That would help when choosing which challenges to attempt.
Fun but really terrible at the same time. Creative and addictive decorating challenges but the downside is the rewards are way smaller that what you spend in game dollars and diamonds so even being really careful and creative you have to spend real dollars to play this game. I kept thinking after i built up inventory i would not have to spend real dollars but most of the challenges require specific brands, colors, or styles so you end up needing to buy something. You can blow a lot of $$ fast!
I enjoy but it is glitchy. Trouble with loading and connecting eventhough there is nothing wrong with my internet . In addition, in order to be competitive you have to spend real money to compete. The voting is absolutely absurd! As I said before my room can look exactly like a top design and it will receive 4.2 stars!!!!!!
Like this a lot at first, but now it's jerky and I can't scroll through the options smoothly, sometimes not at all! Cache cleaned every day so it's not that causing the problems.
As a wannabe designer, I'm thoroughly enjoying this "game" although I do have a couple suggestions. One would be to make your owned inventory more easily searchable, just like you can when buying items. EG - by color, piece or requirements, etc... As well, it would be nice, when looking at others' designs, to be able to scroll view as opposed to having to open each design. Additionally, I don't understand the "Prize" designation in my inventory...
The concept of the game is amazing, it let's you play around with styles and colours. But in order to play you have to have cash and diamonds which are very hard to get unless you actually pay for them. There is an option to complete 'tasks' to get diamonds as a reward, but it's so annoying and frustrating. You basically have to download a bunch of games and play them to whatever level is specified and then you get diamonds. It really takes away from the actual game!
I love all the designing you can do but,,,it takes to long getting to each level...please try to make it a little easier...Thank You😁Love The App.......... ... Sense of updated your app is not working at all keep telling me I'm having Internet connection problems it's not me it's y'all app..please get it fixed I do like this game
This game is so relaxing. And it doesn't feel like a game. I love the REALNESS of it, and how I get to feel like a designer with clients. The new design packages for each series are very affordable. The only things I really disagree with is any pastel or the neon design series. The color schemes are nearly darn impossible to create a truly pleasing visual aethestic. Also, we should not be so limited when we are at certain levels to ONLY buy what the game makes available to us.
I absolutely loved and I can't emphasize loved playing this game. That is until for the third time I've been ripped off. I go to purchase an item either with my diamonds or with my cash. It deducts the amount. Then, when I go to design my item isn't there. Take for example I only had 1000 diamonds today, go and purchase frosty for 800. Then, when I go to design using this item it's not there. It may not sound like a big deal but when they go to gouge me for 3.99 it adds up. Rip off):
Love the game and find it very entertaining especially during Covid. However, I wish there were a bit more variety in the challenges. I'd love to design a bathroom, for example. Decor is also expensive and rather limited. To do well you really need to spend real money to buy access to themed decor sets for a limited time but only a few are available so every design ends up using the same colors/decor for weeks. If you look at the winning designs they're usually all variations of the same thing
Lovely interior design game but it does get pretty pricey. It would also really benefit from a better sorting system, so when selecting items you can pick by price (low to high) rather than scrolling and searching for ages. Plus it would be nice if items didn't cost so much just to have better deco. As it makes it near impossible for better scores. The game would highly benefit from having less pay to play items.
Its great fun. If you are careful you don't need to spend real money. Having been doing it for sometime now, the accessories cost as much as a piece of furniture. Who would spend 800 dollars on a plant for example(1diamond=1 dollar) and can only be purchased with diamonds I enjoy it though.
Loved the game before the latest update, the spring items have honestly been my favorite so far, but then they added the 'Deluxe Townhouse'. I had limited backgrounds on my old townhouse, and honestly, it was my dream home design. Maybe like Instead of a replacement, why can't you add both!? Honestly, I'm playing the game, still...but I'm not going to be as happy playing it now as I used to be. If you don't delete the townhouse then maybe I'll leave 5 stars, but until then, it's staying as 3.
Lovely game with real furniture to design with and the ability to have your designs judged by other players. Quite addictive in a good sense and with no annoying puzzles. Feels like a really grown up game and very enjoyable and satisfying. Thoroughly recommend it. Joined in December 2020 and playing almost every day it's been an especially pleasing thing to do during the Covid lockdowns!
Actually hooked on this game! Only improvement I would say is to be able to refine the furniture etc by price to save hours scrolling through options I can't afford!
I like this game, but lately there are so many glitches. I'm not recieving the prize diamonds for completing rooms in my homes. It keeps telling me to check my inbox but there is nothing there. Also, whenever I try to open a challenge it keeps telling me that there's a connection issue and to check my internet. Some of the challenges are impossible to complete without paying for diamonds, which I wouldn't mind buying if I knew I would get all the prizes and the glitches were fixed.
The app crashes often making you have to restart your design and/or repurchase items. It's frustrating when you are at the end of designing your room, you've spent time searching furniture and the app crashes and starts you over. This happens on wifi and on data. So I can't blame them. It's the app. They need to fix it. I'm over it. Once they fix it I will change my rating. It's been going on for months.
Why do we have to design 15 rooms before we can work on "My Home"? Five should be enough. We should be given more than 500 diamonds for each additional room. Let us keep the furniture we buy instead of taking it back after 5 uses. How about colorful sheets instead of white. I've been in my apartment since June. I'll be 68 in March. I plan to stay here despite the Coronavirus. This game has helped me to keep a happy frame of mind. Thank you.
Love love love this game. It has fantastic inventory and I love that it gives you a challenge. I give it 4 stars because it gets expensive to decorate, especially with the requirements. I run out of money after 2 rooms and i can't afford to keep buying diamonds or cash or keys. Just wish the money went further. If it did I would definitely play it more. It's still a great game. Thank you
This is a creative game and after a few months, I am still enjoying it. It has good graphics. In fact, it is more a hobby than a game. It's not about luck or dexterity. I highly recommend!
I've been playing this game for almost 5 years now, and honestly, I've never been that much of a "stick with a game" type of person, but this game really got me into it. The interface is always improving and the way that they are always bringing new stuff, challenges, brands, styles into the game is very satisfying and pleasing. It keeps things interesting.
Great game, very fun. Just wish that currency system was different. The money and diamonds make it difficult because, you can have a bunch of money and no diamonds and vise versa, go to buy a rug, chair, bed, etc...., Only to be told you don't have enough of one thing to get the piece for your design. The Diamonds can count as cash but if you find something that is all diamonds and you don't have a bunch of diamonds and have money, you can't use the money to buy it. Otherwise it's a fun game.
Been fun but agree with lots of the comments. It's not real designing, you cannot just create a design you enjoy. The ones that get 5 stars are those that have overused the colour they have suggested and these designs are very gaudy and not at all what anyone would go for in mainstream life. Now there has been an update, which I've done and everytime I try to enter the game it just sends me straight back to the update page. There are a number of technical issues lately.
DIFFERENT LEVELS SHOULD NOT BE RECEIVING DIFFERENT PACKAGES AND THEN FORCED TO COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER ... It's cheating on the part of the developers... Other than that, I enjoy the game but there should be a better way to gain money... the room pieces are expensive and the reward not comparable. The low scores that are handed out are annoying and I repeat ... people who are on completely different levels should not be competing againt each other.
Love this game but it has ALOT of technical issues. I have to restart my games way too often. It's also hard to earn credits to design your own home and to move up levels. Edited: I used to live this game but there are always technical issues with it and it gets annoying. Be careful investing any real money into it because you dont get what you pay for. They really need to work this one out. You should earn more keys to do rooms when voting or charge less keys. Earning diamonds is very rare.
I enjoy this app tremendously and I really appreciate some of the upscale furniture and decor items. Yes, it has its downsides, not enough reward to compensate for the prices of the items required and I think we should be able to "turn" certain items e.g., rugs, chairs, toys, etc. But, there is so much more detail in this app than others I've seen advertise. They look like cartoons. If I had as much money in real life as I do in this game, I would definitely purchase some of these items.
Love this game!! Just wish there was a way to earn more money and diamonds so I could play longer. I'm not going to spend real money on a game. Also would be great on items you're considering buying in a room if they could put a little arrow pointing to it instead of a tag covering it, so you can see what it actually looks like, i.e. lamps & decorations
Good fun. Would have been 5 stars, but only being able to get wall art, floor art etc. with diamonds is a pain, unless you are prepared to pay out hard cash to get more.
This app would be much more user friendly if it allowed you to sell the furniture you no longer need or want. If you don't have real money to buy the stupid required items then you can't progress. This is why I can't hardly play it and if I can't hardly play it then there is no need for it, if you're that greedy for money you can go suck it. I'm not spending money like this if it doesn't even let you progress unless you save your daily rewards for months just so I can progress on one challenge
This is a hobby that I really like and now it's gotten to the point that it's frustrating. The voting system is totally unfair....so many bad designs with 5.00. I was trying to finish up a design, my phone died (first time ever!!!) As I was about to submit my design, the time ran out and I was stuck with all the new specific furniture that I had bought for that game and I lost my design, no diamonds and money and to be stuck with furniture that I just might not need for other designs. 😠
I really enjoy this app, however I really dislike how items l put into rooms disappear if l don't have enough diamonds. I would like to be able to put together an entire room and then have the option to purchase. I also dislike that items purchased are limited. As a new player, my ability to present a competitive design is severely hampered by the lack of access to items.
Loved this app until recently. Now when a new collection comes out, you can no longer buy individual pieces, (a painting or vase, etc) you now have to buy the entire collection to get any items, using real cash. This is likely to stop me using app completely. I have used this app for a long time and have spent money on it, but ONLY when I want to, not because you have to!
Love the game, but haven't been able to play since the last update. The app opens to a blank page for a few seconds, and then crashes. I've reinstalled three times, cleared cache, restarted etc., which has been ineffective. Based on similar reviews, this seems to be an issue for many, so I hope there's a fix soon. Update: The newest update (Nov. 30), has not fixed the issue. The game still crashes. I also tried another reinstall, which didn't resolve it either. Very frustrating!
I love that you can design without having to play silly games. Best part. But my frustration level is increasing. There are many glitches, it's difficult to earn cash, and waiting for results takes a long time. What turns me off the most is that they don't tell you all items in inventory are not always available to you. I would say half my inventory doesn't show up while in designs. They say it's because it doesn't fit, but that doesn't make sense. Categorizing items isn't consistent either.
Love playing this game. No ads in between but gives you the option of watching a video to earn diamonds. That being said however, $ and πŸ’Ž are very difficult to earn, especially diamonds which in some way forces you to buy the currency which I don't think is fair since a lot of us cannot afford to pay out money when we have difficulties paying our normal bills. That being said, well done for a great refreshing game. One of the best design games.
AWFUL - watching video for free gems doesn't always work (you watch the ad for no reward or no ad loads), it wouldn't link up my FB account, I registered my email address to get free gems they never came, when I asked customer support how to delete my account they said they needed a receipt for in-app purchases (which I've never made) - when I said this & that this was unacceptable I got no more responses from them. Now it says there is a game update to keep playing but there isn't. I give up.
This game is absolutely amazing but it is impossible to create any meaningful designs without spending ridiculous money every day. At least Β£10 if you want to get any decent ratings. I would not recommend at all, the money thing is ridiculous and financially dangerous, they should give more rewards or have less prescriptive briefs for each design.
Going to leave this here until I get some kind of assistance. I have a huge disappointment for this app. The first few weeks went well. No problems or issues whatsoever. Made purchases a few times, no problem. Just recently I had made a purchase and I did not get what I had purchased. I had emailed the listed email address since over weeks ago and still no response. Dont waste your money. Once you enjoy it and purchasing becomes one of the main things to do, you will get ripped off.
Update: as of Sat 29th May the app does not load. Clears the opening screen then goes straight to loading page and automatically closes. No use to anyone. The game itself is good, expensive for what it actually is but its fun. Occasionally it tells me it has a connection problem, give it a minute and it clears. There is plenty of variety of rooms to try, maybe diamonds as part of the prizes as well as the cash would be better.
I love this app, and it's very entertaining, however it is very difficult to progress without spending real money, also the voting system is unfair as you are paired up with only other person, not shuffled as it should be. If the other designer you are up against in the voting process is spending money to buy great decor then you have no chance of good ratings, but I will persevere, because it's great fun, albeit rather frustrating at times.
This is one of my most favorite go-to design games. Been playing for years now and ever since I started I feel I've gotten consistently better at interior design. It's given me great insight as to what colors look good together, how much is too much and how important it is to have matching types of materials. I've always had a passion for interior decorating and now I feel like I could really have a shot at becoming a really great designer someday!
I love getting to use my imagination. I really love it when I get a 5 star and yes disappointed when I go below a 4 but I do have a few suggestions. If you could have an option for buying, ask do you really want this because many times I have ended up with something by accident and was unable to buy what I really wanted. Also could you divide the diamonds from the cash items and put cheaper first on list I waste a lot of time trying to find a cash piece and only looking at diamonds or visa versa
NO Originality! DON'T THINK YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT! The game sells little packages (color schemes) every week or so. All the new challenges are built on these forcing you into them. If you create a lovely original design, 9 times out of 10, it'll get knocked out by color blinded judges quickly flipping through who just sees the "color of the week". There needs to be a moderator to look for this happening. If the game is forcing a color scheme--- give us the items or extra diamonds! Bye...
Well... This game is great. But I have got so far and I don't have enough money to meet the requirements and I can't just use some of my old already owned stuff to finish it and get more money/gems as I have none of the requirement items in my inventory. So in a way you could use this game as a strategy game. And if you are willing to pay money to design then this game is for you. But if not, maybe invest in a little bit of a not so good game where you could whatch adds to get money.
I enjoy the app and the different options it has for furniture etc. However it's very hard to make the money you need within the game to buy the things you end for designing. If you don't earn 5 stars for a design you don't get "paid" you just win a piece of furniture. It is very hard to play the game without using your real money to purchase extra game money so you can buy furniture etc. So that's off putting, so I tend to play Redecor more because you earn game money for each design.
This game's the worst. I'm trying to do one of their challenges, went to check out a feature that popped up, that didn't happen. Went to try to get back into the challenge, the challenge seemingly disappeared but hey they gave me a rotten review on a room that I didn't even get to finish. Tried to do another challenge where a certain piece of furniture is REQUIRED, couldn't find it anywhere. Searched for brand and color found them but not the item itself. It's as if the item doesn't even exist.
I really hate that I enjoy this game so much because it is definitely PAY TO WIN. You get access to more furniture choices when you level up. You level up based on the monetary value of the furniture you used in your design. You only get a small prize for completing a design so you're tempted to make up the difference using real money in order to level up and have access to more furniture. It's a very fun and relaxing game, but I can't recommend it because of that.
As others have said, this is now a poor game because the best items you have to pay for as a bundle. That's not something I'll be doing so might have to stop playing, which would be a shame because I've loved this game during lockdown. Please consider changing it back to being able to buy individual items without real money
I wish I could chat with the game designers about a few things. I wish there was a way to sort the items by price, as price is my biggest constraint in the game and I find myself scrolling endlessly just to find a black chair I can afford for a particilular design. There should also be a sorting option for the items affordable only with diamonds vs the dollars. Lastly, the app crashes anywhere from 2-10 times during a single room design. But I love the idea of the game and hope they update it.
Was fun but you can't really play this without forking out real money on a regular basis. You never make enough diamonds from challenges to break even in what you had to spend, so it's not very satisfying. Also, theres loads of criteria to filter items by but no way to filter or sort on price? So much scrolling to find something for what you're willing to spend. Fun and graphically very satisfying, but progress is real slow if you're not willing to invest actual money.
Fun, but.... too many diamond requirements when shopping. Hard to design well when things are so expensive. Too much like real life shopping. Too expensive. Discouraging to play more than two challenges per day. Lower the costs and maybe you'll get higher ratings on your app. Game is entertaining for about 20 minutes. If you cant afford to buy, playing is a waste of time.
Absolutely LOVE this game. Lots of chances to play designer without spending any money but, if you do decide to spend, it doesn't cost enormous amounts... Its up to you what you spend. Lots of ways to "earn" funds to get new stuff and loads of different rooms, styles etc to enjoy. But I wish the decorations, art, plants etc were available for " money" as well as for diamonds. Everything else is.
It's a fun app to play. BUT when you buy stuff you can only use it 4 or 5 times then you have to re purchase it. Which I didnt know at the start. Spent quite a bit topping up my diamonds to realise its a waste because the stuff you buy is never actually yours. Aside from that it's a good little time waster.
For gameplay itself, I would give this 5* - it's very enjoyable. However, it's very expensive to play. You have to buy diamonds to spend on furniture etc, & they run out VERY quickly. If you don't buy, you'll have a very limited range of stock, plus won't be able to play most of the challenges which require specific items. Also, it constantly has issues connecting to the internet, whether on WiFi or 5G. If prices were lowered/diamonds went further, and the tech fixed, this would be a 5* game.
This is still my favorite!!! Ad free unless you want to see them. Sure keeps you up to date on furniture trends, as well as puts you in contact with great company's. So this past time is a win win !! Still playing and shopping for my home. I play almost daily , have never had to make a $ purchase . Enjoying the new DH store, a must see !!! #HappyHolidays2020. Enjoying all the new holiday decor.
Have been playing this game for years! It definitely has improved. The one thing that would be great & make things so much easier, would be to have a filter to put the prices low to high / high to low =D instead of scrolling endlessly trying to find something in your tiny budget.
2 updates and the app has not given rewards. I play this on another device and after 4 rooms, have been rewarded. Went through customer services, and had a nice conversation, but no help. Sooo, considering that it can be a challenge to move ahead, the latest changes leave much to be desired. I used to give this a 5 star, but now it is a one star.
I have been playing Design Home for a couple of years now, and have mostly loved it; however, the "connection issues" over the last several months have gotten out of control and made the experience tiresome. I never had issues until recently, and I don't have any other "connection issues" with anything else I do that uses wifi or data. It seems to me that these issues must be specific to Design Home...
Always nice to see your work and decor ability when it's done. One of my favorite apps, I've down loaded many different games and have never found as much enjoyment as with Design Home. Its just about your ability to decorate not matching objects or guessing a pattern. Or buying insane amounts of products you don't need. If you spend money on this you usually don't mind and find more enjoyment out of what you create.
I've been playing this for years. It's a form of relaxation for me. Before I would have given 4 or 5 stars, but for the past couple of months it is glitching so much. I start a room, need to buy an item and it closes and blanks the room out so that I have to start over. Or I design a room but choose a filter like color or brand and it just spins, then "tech difficulty" and closes. Sooo frustrating. Please fix this.
Lots of fun, but constant connectivity issues. It costs too much. The voting process is incomprehensible. Maybe you have to be on Facebook for that? A lot of the winning designs are just hideous, so I think there must be groups of friends on Fb controlling the outcomes. I can't figure out how they come up with the winners. I can't see or vote for the other designs. Also, stupid things like toddlers fond of solving geometric puzzles? Designs are supposed to meet requirements. Disappointing.
Game is very nice, but the most frustrating thing, in my opinion is the voting system. I see lots of nice designs with very low scores and on the other hand, really ugly ones with high scores. I understand that perspectives might differ, but anyway... This really has to be improved. Later edit : I have just received 4,18 for a design that is almost identical to one of the best rated. How is that not frustrating?
In the game I do not like the fact that alot of the better items to design with are ones you have to have diamonds to purchase. And basically you have to buy those with real money. You do get a few from playing the game but nothing compared to the price of the items. They also have the same boring wall hangings and not very many at that. They do bring out others temporarily but those are packages you have to actually purchase pretty much.
After about a year, I think I have finally had it with this game. The voting system is such a joke and for the money I spend, it is not worth it anymore.
You will be given instructions on the design style and sometimes the furniture brand to use to decorate a certain area of a home. Then, using what you have and sometimes buying what you need, you decorate a room/areas of a home. Other players and you will vote on the best rooms between several sets of two choices. Some players choose the "prettiest" room over the instructed style (tropical instead of coastal) or common sense (a poisonous plant in a baby room) but players judge other players.
Love to design, however would like to win credits for products! I play another game that gives gold , stars, and cash. So not everything is out of pocket for me, and I have to wait forever for my ratings on voting. The other game has like face-offs , with much minimal times ND you can pass levels so much faster. Love this simulation but not paying anymore πŸ˜•
I love this game. There's only one issue it tends to drop internet connection. This is on their side as my internet is absolutely fine. It can be quite annoying but apart from that I think it deserves 5 stars ☺️
Excellent app for creative "home" designers! Gorgeous real life graphics from across the globe. Exciting design challenges. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the voting is of course, subjective; however, at times it makes no sense how some designs received top scores. But it's a very well thought out, creative, intelligent, beautiful app. The customer support is excellent too. Best app ever!!
Somethings going on, I completed 2 rooms in my house and haven't seen the results yet. Are you guys still having glitches or something, plus If I don't finish a design and still have plenty of time to complete it but I close it out and go back to it- it makes me start all over again...not like before when if however you already started your design and you close it out, your design would still be there...what's going on, I'd really hate to have to delete this game
Its a really fun game if you like decorating. I love how realistic the game is too. However if you design a room in the style they ask you probably won't get a high score. Other people vote your room & choose rooms that color coordinate or have a theme. So if they ask for you to desgn a rustic room & you do but someone else designed that room in say a luxe style with prettier furniture they are more likely to win even though they didn't follow the style instructions. So its pretty flawed there.
I just downgraded my rating because I am ANGRY! The voting system is crazy. I've been playing for 4 weeks and have spent over $200 buying for the styles the clients want, which seems to be disregarded. In over 90% of top designs key pieces such as rugs and sofas are NOT in the style the clients want. These designers should lose points for items in the blue bubbles that don't comply. The winners are those who use the new decor and duplicate all the pieces. Creativity is not rewarded. $$$$ game!
Game support is awful. Now the game is getting too expensive to play. Cannot afford to buy new stuff with real money. Takes so long to get anywhere. Unable to do a lot of the designs because items expensive and need diamonds to purchase. Really DID enjoy this game. Not anymore. Do not play much now. Cannot afford the new stuff. DOES ANYONE READ THIS!!!??????? NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN YEAR. !!😠NO. IT APPEARS NO ONE DOES. WHAT IS THE POINT OF ASKING PLAYERS TO REVIEW???
I love this game!! It's super fun and addicting. Edit: still an awesome game, however, conveniently enough after giving it a5 star review, I can't get the game to load now. Never had any issues with this game before. Keeps telling me to check my internet connection, but my internet seems to be working just fine on other devices. Changing rating to 3 stars until it's fixed.
I love this game it's so addictive. I only wish I could win the floor plants! They are expensive. Still a great way to past the time during this pandemic. Watch your coins though! It can get expensive if you want your design to have all the bells and whistles. I do think if your design gets 5 stars, the reward should be greater in diamonds. 125 diamonds for a 5 star rating really doesn't help when a rug costs $2100. This is my opinion. Very glitchy today.
In order to have fun and to be Creative, you have to spend an easy $100 that should last you a year... but it works out to only last a month with all of the items you need to purchase for every room. The in game rewards to not high enough and this is just super expensive... which is too bad because the idea and layout is pretty good ... oh well ... delete
Would be nice if we worked with client's budget instead of our own. Everything is so expensive to purchase as some items I like I can not get as my level is low. Wish we could place furniture where we want opposed to pre-mapped out. Would be nice if better and faster ways to earn cash or diamonds. Also wish plants and decorations could be paid for in cash because they use way too many diamonds and can not be borrowed. Scoring should be done by equal levels in the game to be fair. Addictive game
Do not spend REAL Money on this game, like I did. It's a fun game and I got sucked in quickly. 1st month no problems. Then it says No Connection (when I had Connection to Internet). Now completely locks up and can't get in game at all. If you can play this game without spending Your Real Money then you will enjoy it. Customer Service DO YOU READ these complaints and issues that Myself and so many others are having??????? Can You please just fix this game????
I enjoy this game!! I have improved how I design a room..its given me an eye to see designs in a different way. I really love playing each day and competing with friends and family. I really loved my homes, but they are getting rid of that..I am really sad, it has taken away some of my enjoyment of the game. I wish they would bring back the my homes
New voting system has destroyed the game. Tacky, slow transition animations between each vote, spending 10+ minutes a day just on voting! Then the most ridiculous part: can only use an item FIVE TIMES before you need to buy it again!! Talk to your UI/UX team, spending more time voting than designing. Only 3 keys for 5 votes, which take forever to load and accept. Mind numbing. Impossible to create multiple 5* designs on the tiny daily amounts of diamonds and cash you build up. Total money grab.
This game is fun, plenty of challenges. I love the your homes addition, too! Just one thing, I have a glitch that my daily reward doesnt always come in the inbox when I have been online and done challenges... so I'm basically broke on diamonds and keys all the time. If you can fix this, I would appreciate it! Great game, though! :)
This game is great and I find it very relaxing. However, and as other reviewers have said, it absolutely rinses you for diamonds. Yes, you can earn diamonds through playing other games, but these games are the most ad-riddled load of bull you can find. For example, one of the farm games has a 30 sec ad every turn, the whole game moves if you merge anything on the edges and it doesn't save your progress; you're shackled to your phone for an entire day making sparkling carrots. Please improve, ffs
Exciting but too time consuming. It doesn't give more tokens to play and have to wait long for the next challenge or results to pile more money. More options should be given
Update: I'm still getting kicked out of design home app for the 10th day in a row... I tried the new update and it still didn't let me in... It closes before it even opens... It's really frustrating because I love this app but it just is opening for me anymore. It's sad to say, I might have to uninstall it. 😩
I love this app. It is actually my favorite, but I cannot always get it to load up. Sometimes it tells me to check my internet connection, but I am connected and all other apps and games load with no problem. It is frustrating when you want to check on your rooms or to design more and it won't load up. Otherwise I would have given it 5 🌟.
Love this app! It certainly has a ton of designs & is a great way to learn about designing. Unfortunately it is lacking in diamonds, need more $ options for purchasing....It is a lot of fun! This is a great way to spend time. I look forward to the new events daily.......Having similar designs selected for voting is much improved. It would be great to carry the # of items & style required on the design page.... Love it!
Love this game in that it doesn't have mini games you have to play. I would give it 5 stars but for the fact that it is very expensive. Update, had to lower the stars to 1!!! I have an update message and it's not updating and I can't play. Since I have a lot of money invested in this game I'm very upset. What is happening ??? Help! Cannot get app to finish installing!! Lost a lot of money, so bummed out, anyone who wants to help, please contact me. TY!!!
I absolutely love this game. I can happily play designing away without having to use the in-app purchases
Nice alternative to other design games, as you have more flexibility in what/how to design. I wish the design ratings would take the style/requirements into better consideration; but is just based on other players reviews (popularity). It is difficult to afford to design and rate well without paying for premium items. Still prefer this to other design games.
This game is so addicting since I started a few months ago. There are a few things I wish you could do on it like favorite items and save them to a favorite list. This would make it much easier to recall the items that I like as I'm scrolling. Also if we could filter by price of items, that just makes sense to me. The prices of the items you can purchase with $ or πŸ’Ž are extremely expensive, especially decorations. You can tell they want you to spend money to have fun.
I love the game. I just wish things weren't so expensive. Or there was another way to earn more money and diamonds. Also, I don't understand the voting. They're people who DON'T follow the directions and score a 5. People use outdoor furniture inside, do a boys room when instructed to do a girls room, don't follow the guidelines of the style the room is suppose to be. I try and follow the design instructions 100%. Just wish people were judged on that.
Used to love this game. It was my end of the day wind down. But now I can't play. I can get my daily rewards but when I try to enter a challenge or design a room in one of my houses, it tells me to check my internet connection. I've tried connected to wifi and using my network. Nothing works. No updates waiting. If the only answer is uninstalling and reinstalling the app at the risk of losing my progress, then I simply will find another similar game. I spend money in this app.
I love the game, it's super fan designing in this game, there are many available designs to choose from and different furnitures I can choose. But the problem is the diamonds. It is super hard to get diamonds and I can't always play or enter different designs because of the lack of money or diamonds. And especially the game logs when I'm playing the game at night. So annoying. Kindly fix it.
This game is so addictive, I'm having a hard time putting it down. You need to spend money, because it wouldn't work if you cannot buy the items you want to use in your designs. It's really easy to rack up the spending, and just as addictive as going to the casino, only with the promise of winning NOTHING. It would be nice, if participants could enter contests to win, at least the use of the items! Even though I LOVE this app, after spending over $100 in 2 days, I decided to uninstall.
It is a good game for persons into interior design. However, there are a few things that could make it a better experience for players. 1. Carpets are optional. Yet, if you do a design without 1, you are sure to get a low score. That needs fixing 2. I'd recommend that item searches be filtered not just by colour, material, etc but also importantly by price. When you are buying on a budget, it would be convenient to shop based on affordability. It would save some game time. Fix those, make us :)
Really enjoy playing when it's not having connection issues which is happening multiple times on a daily basis. I've got so sick of it that I am not paying much atm. Please can you sort it out!
Shame so many prizes that are never on the challenges but would save spending...... ive had lots of less than 4 too..... otherwiseGreat graphics and locations but definitely geared to people who spend money. The prizes are also not apt to the challenges very rarely used in the requirements and no 5 for those who can't afford to purchase diamonds....The Wayfair and prize challenges are only for those with money. A crying shame ...hence the low rating...
Would like to be able to add some items to a basket to compare. Its frustrating when I'm trying a few different items and have to go back through the list looking for one I tried earlier. Keyword search for specific item would be handy too. Would like to search by price as well.
I like this game. But i would like it better if they make some improvements such as: 1. we can sort or select range of furniture we could afford to buy when we were short of money. Bcs i hate scrolling till the bottom just to find which one i could afford 2. Improve the rating algorithm bcs it is kinda unfair sometimes. 3. Lots of things (furniture we select) failed to load if our internet connection's kinda low even just a lil. thankyouu for making such a fun game!
There should be a 'clear all' option, so that if you choose to completely redesign a space, you don't have to remove the items one at a time. In addition, sometimes when you remove all of the items because you don't want to continue with the challenge, it still shows "design in progress" when you exit. If you go back into the challenge, the items you previously removed are there again πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Wonderful game. Fun to play but like others already stated, it is expensive to play design with things costing a lot. Cannot complete more than 2 challenges a day and collecting cash and diamonds on a daily basis is not too practical to be able to design freely without paying. Game needs to be a little bit more lenient especially since there are so many levels.
The Design Home 27 November update which I was forced to install on 4 December 2018 has ruined the game! Since then I was not recognised when I logged in so the game did not load. I had to uninstall & start over from the very beginning. Now 2 years on, after clearing the cache Ive been froze out again. It happens everytime the developers change ths game in some way. Such a shame because I adore this game.
Enjoy spending time creating rooms and accessorizing the designs. Would be nicer to be "rewarded" more often and with higher valued items. Addicting. Also, "price" of accessories(plants, lamps, paintings, etc) should be able to be purchased with $ also instead of just diamonds and at a lower "price". My sister 50+ and I 60+ play this and try to complete on who can get the highest score/ 5 🀩 stars!
VERY Addicting. I started playing and all of a sudden I've been playing for 2 years. Always has great updates, never corrupts the game. Some are challenging, some are fun. You can customize your own homes in the game. AND THE BEST PART IS NO ADS!!!!!
I like the app and it's fun to do the designing. A lot of the wall and floor decor must be bought using diamonds, which you get a small amount of daily. You have to pay to purchase additional diamonds. You can convert diamonds do cash in the app to buy things, but not the opposite. It should be an option to convert cash to diamonds (I always have plenty of cash, but not enough diamonds without paying).
I like this game but the diamonds are hard to come by and expensive to keep buying. If you cant buy the new items then it wouldnt be much fun. Another thing is they only give u 4 to 5 designs in a day. I hope they change that soon. It would be great to design 8 to 10 a day 😊 Im hoping some changes are made soon. Help out with the Diamonds Please!!!!!!
4.5 * Very nice graphic and realistic designer products. I am addicted to this game. I would like to have the serie challenges available on a separate tag (not under the challenges tag where all the challenges are available), for instance the 4 runway challenges (i couldn't find the 4th one. My 4.5 stars is because it is difficult to earn diamonds (I need to install various games to learn and play to earn free diamonds and it is time consuming). Love this game anyway!
I've enjoyed this game for almost a year and spent quite a bit of money on it. Too much, really. And all the constant voting; I worked out that it's c200 a day. I don't even judge any more, my votes are completely random so that I just speed through it. Both of these things - plus the whole thing around diamonds that otheres have described - are off putting in an otherwise enjoyable game. Now, this latest update is causing me to ping pong btw Google Play & the game & I can't do anything now
This game is fine. The options are very limited to just affiliate brands, the furniture placement often feels unnatural or too symmetrical, and I wish there was a social aspect to this game, but my main gripe is I've been playing for years on different devices, and the app has always been so slow, it will keep giving me a connection issue notice, even when all my other apps are doing fine or with a brand new phone.
I have enjoyed the game so far and the review used to be 5 stars. It has been over 24 h since for 2 rooms in my penthouse it says the reviews are in my inbox, yet no review (and no diamonds) are in my inbox. 2nd time this month. This is frustrating! Later edit: another day has passed and I am now waiting on 3 reviews of my rooms (and 1500 diamonds) which have supposedly been in my inbox but are in fact nowhere to be found. Emailed tech support. No answer. I am considering uninstalling.
I loved this game. It got me hooked and I've spent a bit of money too, but after a while I lost interest. It is too time consuming and expensive. Improve it. Make it more enjoyable and worthy of our time and money πŸ˜‰ Voting system is not fair. Higher levels have more options therefore better designs. Make voting on levels. Decorations should be all available and unlimited. I want to trade unwanted rewards. I want a favourites folder so I don't waste time scrolling.
It's fun, educational and addictive. It's still everything I said above but, there's a big problem. When there's a problem with the app and it stops functioning properly, there's no one around to resolve the issue. It's truly frustrating to purchase items and not be able to use them. Update: its now been a couple of months and I have yet to get a response from customer service other than "thank you for your patience".
Can't find anything in my inventory anymore and I have to reload game so many times to get anything done. Please fix the bug or it's time to uninstall.
I really like the concept. The prizes do not inspire me to do much beyond the daily. You only win a piece of furniture with a score of 4.5*. Score 5.0* you also get $125, however that is like someone handing you a dollar to buy groceries with, thus no incentive to earn 5.0*. The game itself is enjoyable. No stress, no alliances to join with a constant push to do more and more. Biggest complaint is the frequent need to reload game as others complained. My WiFi is fine, so it is a server issue.
Game support is awful. Now the game is getting too expensive to play. I cannot afford to buy new stuff with real money. Takes so long to get anywhere and now most of the new items are only purchased with diamonds. Unable to do a lot of the designs because most of the items needed are bought with diamonds. Really DID enjoy this game. Not enjoying the game anymore. Do not play much now. Cannot afford the new stuff. DOES ANYONE READ THIS!!!??????? NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN YEAR. !!😠
Awesome and addictive. Unfortunately, their internet connection sucks. You will go through series after series of rebooting the modem (which the phone does not have), clearing caches, forcing stops, removing and reloading the game, only to be told by the second , third, and fourth support you are transferred to do the same things again. Connectivity was poor in the beginning. It is absolutely atrocious now.
This game is interesting and the concept is nice. However, some UX improvements are needed: filters are missing price range and currency, the items are displayed in such random order that is painful to go through the items to find what you need. Ordering them from cheaper to + expensive would help a lot. It's a shame design results take so long to come out and you get paid so little for each challenge. It feels like this game is a gold digger. If you don't spend €, there's not many nice items.
It's fun decorating but my biggest gripe is the game freezes up a lot, it says, "check your internet connection", so I have and my connection is fine so this is a glitch with the app. This happens everytime I'm using the app, which is frustrating and distracts from all that is good about the decorating experience. I like the graphics and choices of furniture and decor and they are adding more all the time, but like all games it wants you to spend real money to get the higher end items.
Have really enjoyed playing with creative ideas. Fun and relaxing. It's frustrating to not be able to design because I'm wary of overspending. Could you put in a feature that allows you to budget per week or month what you allow yourself to spend on this hobby for people like me who are a bit hazy about keeping track. Then I would feel safe as the game for me is very addictive. Moto game time helps me limit my time and this means I have trained myself to one game a day, which I really enjoy.
Awesome app love designing new rooms and winning new furniture to design with, annoying having to earn keys but that's all part of the game.
It is fun to play. Through this game I have come to understand what furniture styles and colour combinations I like and dislike. Initially it did cost me a few dollars to buy gems to get started but it is not near as bad as many other games that are constantly requiring funds to keep playing. The game gives numerous rewards for playing and viewing videos. The customer service team is absolutely the best. They respond quickly and are customer focused and helpful.
Used to be good but now either won't open challenge ( I get error check internet connection - other apps are able to connect) or when it does i can't add items ( says item cannot be found in warehouse). Please fix! - if anyone else is having same issue clear cache under profile setting
I don't play many games, but this one got me hooked immediately. It's not cheesy like other design games and you have lots of options to decorate with. You get a small daily reward and you can either buy game currency with actual money or watch videos to earn a few. The past few days, I watch videos, but it doesn't give me the diamonds. Hopefully they fix this soon and I'll make it 5 stars!
I am soo aggravated at this game. I love this game and cant go an hour or two without it. But its constantly freezing up on me and now I havent been able to load the game. AFTER I JUST SPENT MONEY ON IT. It's always telling me to check MY connections as if it were my fault that it has trouble loading. Come on now.
Been playing since 26/4/21 so far I have had 32 5.0 scores, I have no idea if that is good or bad, up to now I am enjoying the game, but I do have issues with games that require a lot of expensive items, think it would be better if until you have reached a certain level you are allowed to borrow more than 1 item in 24 hrs.
I do really love the concept of this game and the wide range of properties and design pieces however it does seem very difficult to maintain cash flow, it seems very geared towards getting you to spend really money to furnish rooms and continue with the game. You receive minimal reward for winning a high rating on your design which doesn't cover even one piece of furniture in most cases. Very frustrating and the only option is to stop playing the game unless you constantly spend real Β£!
Fairly fun, but be prepared to either spend a lot of real money or spend a lot of time going through others games to earn gems. They're essential to having fun with this game because it's the only way to get the better accouterments for the rooms. I've enjoyed the game though, but it makes me wonder about the things others like in rooms :-)
Well the idea and concept is good , but I have a little bit of issue with the game in total !!. Also I have some few questions as well.. ?? Why can they make it more affordable in getting diamonds and cashs.. ? They should make it affordable to purchases items in here ?? Why do it has to be all about real money..! Why can they make it fun and affordable???..
I reduced my ranking twice. I'm done. I've been playing this game for years. I love the game. But for years it cannot be fixed. No matter which Internet connection I use (and I tried A LOT of options, even through VPN), the items takes bloody AGES to load, and eventually, the app crashes. The error message suggests to check my Internet connection, which is perfect. I just end up wasting hours to wait till everything is displayed. It drives me nuts. I guess it's a goodbye for me. Shame.
In October there was high praising for all of it.Now it's Dec.and all is changed the designs are so odd one has to purchase constantly to finish the project completely .Now the more you spend ($200+@mth)the worse the prizes & score's so low you don't even get the prize.Which now are not worthy of the effort. I'm done wasting my money.Too bad.
One of the best design games I have ever played! It is a very well made, lifelike and very entertaining game. I can play this game for hours & never get bored! Keep up the great work, bring out new items, different design challenges, & wider selection. P.S. I liked the idea of when getting down to your last items that are outdated or whatever, that you could sell them for $$ or send them back to the manufacturer for $$, that was a great idea!! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ One of the best games I've ever played! πŸ’―
If you like to look at pretty furniture and imagine you might be wealthy enough to afford pretty things, this game is for you, at first. Once you spend the money you start with, it's impossible to keep playing w/o spending your real money or watching a ton of ads. It makes no sense that each room you put together for your "client" only gives you like $500 to $2,000 of in game money, but you have to buy all their furniture? Shouldn't the client pay for their own furniture?
Design homes, love this game. Wish i could make more money faster so I can play longer stretches. But really I think this is great Edit- still playing, still love the game. Wish you could filter by price when searching for items in a challenge. I dont always have stacks of money lol Still playing everyday, love the game. Would LOVE a filter for diamonds vs money when searching inventory Also, CAN WE PLEASE use money to buy diamonds. Even if one diamond was 2 design bux, it would be nice!