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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game

Desert Riders: Car Battle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SayGames located at 220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Gun needs upgradable damage and or interchangeable with new weapons. Game money needs to be more available or levels repeatable. Fun game but gets boring rather quickly. Force ads a minus as well. Little rewards for videos.
This game like war battle 3 but this game so fun and i like this game so much and one word again is i love the new car
I honestly really do enjoy the game but it gets SUPER repetitive EXTREMELY fast! Also the items in the shop do little to nothing so it doesn't feel like I even need to worry about them. Finally YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN ON THE ADDS! I get that you need money but an add after everything I do is a bit ridiculous! Fix these issues and add some new content and it's 5 star.
Really fun the way you can customise your car can play it and you can you can dodge shoot and see what cars have inside them all parts it's just really really fun 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
This is pretty fun for what it is. It's straightforward. It's got a bunch of ads, I think you can pay to remove them. There are a bunch of guns, my favorite is the Hawk, super powerful. I would like it if the developer made some kind of story. I had a lot of fun but now once i get all the parts and all the cars (just a few days of playing casually) I'm kindof bored. The animations are great and it's satisfying to rip the enemy cars apart. Nice game
Great idea, feels good to destroy cars part by part. Gets boring after 5 levels (5 minutes, since one level takes about 30-60 seconds to complete). Nothing new after it, just different color and shape enemies.
Game glitches alot and closes on its own. Hard to get ads to load for power ups and accessories. Max number of pay tops out at 30 even when i get more than 30. Also accessories glich and says new even after all upgrades are done.
Ok this game is a master piece people say there are to many ads but I don't see the problem if the developer reads this Can you add so the player can ram into the enemy also and can you make it so we can upgrade are turret on the top of the car and if you can please add online And maybe a few different modes and I have a idea for one where you drive in the Wastland and your being hunted by a gang and you have to make it to the nearest check point and you can't Use your weapons
I had to come back and update my re-re-view!! This is a great game. Reminds me of a road warrior type.fun to see new cars and get new weapons. Will have it till my phone quits!!!
I've been playing this game for ages in months and they haven't changed anything and I'm happy about that because the is perfect already how it is
Really like the new update with the new additional soundtrack. I wish you would be able to obtain the lightbar, bullhorn and livery of the police cars though. The bullhorn and siren would be blipped every time you dodge or counter, just like the AI.
Definitely fun to play. Though after 10 full levels, i have all the cars. Dropped $3 on the no ads, just to kick back some money to the developer. Would love to see more updates for long term play.
Annoying ads on an otherwise fun game. There's an ad after every round. Want to unlock a new car? AD! Want to skip it because it's purely cosmetic? 30 second AD! Did you click on the X to remove the ad? Here's the store page! It's so incredibly aggressive. I have a two year old, I ain't got time for that.
Aiming and firing isn't that smooth. Upgrades don't really help your vehicle except make it look good. Everything is expensive compared to what you earn. When you close out the ads by clicking on the X, it goes to Google Play and you have to exit back to the game AGAIN. each round looks the same except vehicles. You have to damn near have ESP to avoid side swipes. I really want to like this game, maybe even buy it but not until these issues are fixed and or changed.
Nice game, huge potential for a viral sequel. It does get repetitive, but I don't think I'll be uninstalling it soon as it's a great way to kill time in case you're waiting for something.
This would have easily been a 5 star game. But... Even after you pay to remove the forced ads, you still have to watch ads to make decent progress. I find that a bit greedy, considering the hide ads price is £2.79. Really good game ducked up by greed /marketing.
This game is absolutely amazing, it's brilliant and so fun, I haven't played any other mobile games since I downloaded it. I absolutely love the customisation options in this game but I wish it would allow you to change the colour of the weapons. So amazing, u have to get this game
It's a pretty decent game except for the repetitive levels and all the ads and also the fact that I can't even get a new car as every time I try to watch the adverts I just get ad not ready.
Really great app but it's needs new vehicles for the player to obtain like armoured cars, trucks and armoured vans. Plus it needs more part options like spikes on the side of their vehicles, weapon selector, grenade launchers for the player's vehicles plus a new vehicle mounted weapon, it also needs The death machine and it needs a offline mode so the players can obtain free vehicles. Please can you make that happen please.
Way too many ads just like most of these ridiculous games. What's the point in playing? If I wanted to watch all these ads I would look for an app that played ads only.
The game could be fun if you werent forced to watch an ad after every run. Not even worth playing if you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. Click click deleted.
Really like the game but I haven't really found a boss or enemies that are challenging. And it would be nice to have a option to show a motor or not because they are all cartoon and over sized looking. Kind of ugly but that's a bit strong.
Ads and ads and ads and if you buy the no ads option you still have to watch ads to get bonus rewards. You shouldn't under any circumstances download this
It's an ok game. But disappointingly dishonest. See an item you don't want. Skip the ad. Watch an ad. Way toooooo many ads
I enjoy the challenges, it keeps the game playable. Wish there were more weapons to choose from, and improvements on the weapon controls.
Super great game you can custimize your car,I'm probuly saying to much.But! it would be cool if you could unlock parts and creat your own cars. Now that would be super cool!
It's a fun game that you can shoot people and you can just Bowl boom boom I like to go to school like just like that and so cool I'm an American
Too easy of a game, not challenging at all and its repetitive. Needs some different modes to break up the monotonouy. Combine that with way too many ads and it gets a star and uninstalled. Good luck.
Fun little game to kill time. Plenty of upgrades to trick out your rides, and it runs great on my device. I like it!
it's an epic game. It's a dodge n' shoot game with cars that looks like punks and its awesome. But theres one thing I don't like though...the new cars. When you click the watch ad button...it says ad not ready and it's annoying. please fix it
Too many ads. I actually enjoyed the game but after getting frustrating by seeing an ad what felt like every minute of two I got annoyed and Uninstalled. No thanks.
Pretty fun game. Aiming the gun and shooting it is pretty easy. Loads of fun. Download this App and you won't be disapointed. The Developers did an excellent job in developing this App.
Great game! It gets repetitive tho. Add new content for 5 stars. Also, if ads are to annoying, just turn the WIFI off and turn airplane mode on. It takes away ads and works on any offline game.
Good game. I love the cosmetics and graphics and the fun shooting car thing. Also shout out to Saygames Always support manship! ❤️
great game to kill the time..easy controls, only watch the ads to earn rewards..only wish that it had many levels..nicely done, good job😁😁😁
Only played two games.. Picked it for my two Yr boy but can see I'll playing on here a lot longer 😂🤣😂🤣
Want to watch an ad? No? That's OK, here's 2 unskippable ads instead. Want to unlock an item? There's an ad for that too. Oh you want to USE that item? Well you'll need to watch this ad then. Don't want to? Oh that's too bad, you should watch this ad instead. Congratulations you just won the super secret prize! It's a complimentary ad! This dev is very talented at shoving ads into every conceivable crevice. Permanent data block for you.
Bought no ads cuz an ad every minute was pissing me off but didn't change anything still gets ads DONT BUY THIS ITS A SCAM
Watching ads as well as shooting as efficiently as I could, I unlocked and upgraded everything all the way in World 102. To improve on the game play, I would suggest making the bosses harder, making it easier to hit the other side of an opponents car (pipes and wheels). I think being able to unlock Emma's big tool car would be great. Overall, this game has kept me distracted during a break up lol. 10/10
Great game. Really fun. Really good mechanics.If you get to many ads just turn off your wifi. Then you won't have ads.
It's really awesome but can you please give us an option to not have bumpers and to have like a stock car because a lot of cars I think would look better without bumpers thankyou
Great game. Love the music and slo-mo on certain take-downs. Simple customization system. Cartoon graphics are polished. Well done.
Good game. Needs more cars. Needs better cars, and not things like Chrysler's turbine car. Yes cool, but it doesn't work with a blower out the hood. You need a bit of car knowlege when designing a car game. Just saying.
It is a great game there is a bug here and there but minor ones that dont realy matter i have had no crashes or any thing although i recomend gor the developer to add more weapons and different stats for diferent cars
Just started, fun, dont forget real motorcycles and those companies paying you for using them and advertisements.
Fun game, decent overall. Took two stars off, because paying to remove ads should remove all ads, not just autoplay ads. Greed isn't good.
This game is Super Fun, Despite The ads I say It Deserves Five Stars Definitely Super cool game.. Love it
All I can say so far I just downloaded it is awesome I have a trash phone watch live like crazy and it's still very non laggy so I love it ❤️
I don't know what is worse... ads or the game. The ads are so annoying, and after every level there is a advertisement. The game is also bad, and it is very laggy. Please fix this .
Love it! It speaks to me because it's a game that actually works. Plus when I destroy the wheels it makes them flip back. One thing do see probably needs to be a online mode! Thanks!
I do like the game but there is literaly no point in upgrading my details vehicle as I get a less health bonus.I just have to use the same stock details.Maby just get a new car whic would still look okay.Why would I change the look if I would literaly die faster.The weapons are okay but it seems too repetitive.Theres only 5 bosses.The details should be just a reskin instead off a totaly new thing that I have to upgrade individualy.
The game has a potential, unfortunately there is no difference in game play as you move to the next level. It seems like you're playing the same level over and over again. That alone makes it very boring after a few runs. Moreover, the upgrades of your car don't give you any strategic advantage. They just make the car look good, nothing else. Purely made for ad revenue without giving anything back to the player for watching the ads.
This game is awsome but I whish there would be more cars, weapons and maps and i would like the multi-player. Still the game is cool.
Great for stress relief from road rage. I like all the ways to customize your vehicle. I would like to see more color choices. I would also like to see paint scheme options. Such as pin stripes, racing stripes, flames, hammered paint, rust and so on. It was worth it to buy the ad removal. I really play it a lot more than I thought I would. Even for the game being repetitive and simplistic.
Great concept. Fun and addictive game play. Excessive forced ads, but repetitive "ad not ready" messages for power up rewards, usually immediately followed by said forced ads. The obvious tactic of encouraging paying to rid the game of excessive ads is sickening. Rather than holding entertainment hostage for ransom, try making a game worth purchasing.
It's a fun game, but you sold out, couldn't be patient to make some money. So therefore your game sucks with too many ads. Deleted.
The game idea is okay. Relaxing and good a good game to play when waiting. The thing is its an ad party. The option to upgrade by watching ads is okay but having the ads every so stages is time consuming.
This game is so much fun and I can't stop playing it. There should be many more players for how high quality this game is. I love attacking the cars and defenders.
This game is epic and it can change cars i love this game oh and i forget the guns are cool to this game is epiccccccccccccccccc thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
Pretty cool game but, kinda short and the main reward to be earned are the cars. But if your playing with no connection, you can't get your reward because you have to watch a add to claim your new wheels! That blows. You can buy them with your earned cash but that's almost like a punishment because payouts are small.
The game has a mad max vibe that I visualize while playing. I think it's simple and works the way it is.
Games super amazing I love this game you can get all the stuff Games for the best in my favorite I should download this game Good this game was a cool game ever like stuff Is the best game ever I love it I can play some 😍😍😍😍😍
This used to be a fun game for killing time. Haven't played it in about half a year and decided to give it a try today. There are so many ads its absolutely insane. As others have said, the dev is very talented at shoving ads into every possible crevice of this game that they can. Today is the first day I've played it in along time, and will be the last time I ever play this game.
I would give you four stars but you get one actually it's a zero cuz you can't give zero but I'm telling you you get zero, the game won't play no more, there's a upgrade and you won't even upgrade,I'm only give you an hour if it doesn't play within the next hour I will uninstall you
This app doesn't give me as that's why I love it and it's so cool it even has Ragdoll and it different has different kinds of guns in cars
Come on game designers it's barely even entertaining all you do is just shoot down cars and the stages are impossible to lose besides the only thing that this game gives you is a way to customize your car
Paid for no ads only to be getting ads thats not on. Money is tight more so now so am deleting game and basically lost money!!
I love this game. Not because I just started it but hey I still like it. I like it because the weapons are cool and I keep beating every level.
Very good game but I was playing the game for the first time and then it did this weird glitch where I couldn't play it was weird
This game was fun game. The only problem is the ads are the main problem that is why I give 3 stars. In order to update or unlock a new car, I need to watch ads. It is Ok.I can understand but the ads bottom isn't work well. Most of the time they pop up without touching the bottom or after the game and the ads bottoms aren't work well whatever I unlocka new car or update my car. Please, fox the ads bottom I want to unlock new cars.
Ok let me get this straight one this game would easily be 5 stars I give it a one because the game says watch add to get new car hen it says add not ready witch I don't mind oh I can get one later it annoys me because 3 seconds after it says add not ready IT GIVES ME AND ADD plz fix this
After just a few levels you are cycling the same enemies over and over. The challenge never increases, the levels never get more complex. Everything you do requires you to watch an ad. You can make a purchase to disable ads, but it only does so between levels, you still have to watch for rewards. No depth to anything, all cars and car parts are the same. Very shallow game.
The ads alone make this game unplayable. The idea of the game itself is great but its so poorly done, no multilayer, no auto aim management feature and it lags almost all the time. You don't get to upgrade your car as much as you think and the weapon selection is incredibly flawed. Please get some better hands to work on this game as it could possibly be a high tier game. Also remove your forced ads, no one wants to have to watch an ad just to get a weapon.
This game is amazing I just unlocked three guns and this is amazing you guys have to try it out you can color your vehicle you could customize your vehicle and you could shoot people I got it launched rockets gun I got it a minigun and I got it a mini gun 2 have fun with this game good luck 😜😜😜😜😜 😂😂
Like the game u made the only bothers me is color there are some missing color to paint like white etc... Because I'm a fans of white color cars all in all the game is good
This game is sooooo great, I'm giving u a 5 star, but I want just a few things: Difficultly lvl like easy, normal and hard. And I would like more maps, I would rather prefer the difficulty lvl more than the maps, anyway I have more but ik it's not ez making a game, so tysm 4 the great game! 👍😁
Guy you there download this game awesome download it right now to time of the role so you can download it downloaded all time everybody big shirt downloaded not him not a ledge again my guest wrote to later bye
Fun game, but gets a little repetitive though. Simple and easy controls, cute graphics, everything you need in a small time killer. Game plays as you would expect and runs smoothly on my galaxy a10e.
This game is insane. But epic, i love to be a car shooter to shoot cars, trucks and motor sigles. Epic game to play 💛🎮👍
WOW!! Here is the game to take out all your road rage frustration, excellent fun! A bit simple perhaps, almost impossible to die, doesn't detract in the slightest, perhaps a better selection of vehicles? More real world types? And same for the weapons? Would have given a 5 but had a couple of issues with freezing, would still thouroghly recommend it though, just imagine the fun, got issues with a particular type of vehicle out there, get in your car and blow hell out of it!! Excellent
So this is a really good game, abit too many ads though, what would be an amazing update for this game would be a story mode? Or "quest mode" if you like?
Not a bad game , however after each match the game crashes on my Samsung s9 plus but contuniue to reopen to the main screen , possibly a bug in the game, also how many worlds /levels is there?