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Dentist Bling

Dentist Bling for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really fun and relaxing. Good way to pass time. Well made I really enjoyed playing this game. It was simple and fun. And yet there were so many things to unlock and develop while at the same time keeping your customers happy, that it was encouraging to play more and more. The ads were well represented and not ruining the game 24/7 I think my only hope for change is there are more designs to unlock to come in a future update soon cause I want to continue playing for a while.
this game is great and all but I want you guys to fix the number of ads un there because every time I ever finish a level I get a stupid ad
Honestly, this game is amazing! Ignore the "Loading screen takes to long." or "ads make the game crash." I might just have a good phone but this app has done nothing that everybody keeps saying it does. It's VERY addictive and is so satisfying to play! The graphics are AMAZING and the app has never crashed. There ads are very minimal and even if they were annoying you, you could pay $2.00 to $5.00 to remove them anyway. If I could rate this game a 100/100 I would. Amazing game!!
boring. same stuff over rand over. if the first level is gonna be just like the second third and 100th lvl why even bother playing it??? and i wouldnt play it even if it wouldnt be repetitive because its VERY boring. nothing like the ad at all, nothing interesting about the game.
Playing this game making my teeth hurt But I'm glad I'm playing this game because it makes perfect sense because what if you don't take care of your teeth if it is what you got to go through this every time you go to a dentist😞😊
The game is very laggy. Everytime i think it's going well it laggs again. Don't recommend unless you can put up with it.
This game is bad. It comes with no directions whatsoever! And the game is kinda bland, it's pretty plain. Honestly it gets kinda boring doing the same thing for the first 10 levels. Come on! Spice it up! Create some other things to get excited about instead of washing someone's teeth for the millionth time! And last time I checked when there's a hole In a tooth water does not magically fill it up!
For all you idiots who say there's too much ads, just turn off wi fi! It's called brain power -_-. I love this game!
Ok so after every mission there is a add. It take about 20-30 sec per mission. Then after you have a 30 sec add. I understand it's a free game so there would be adds but it's a little over kill to get a add after every mission you do. I litterly spent more time with adds then I did the actual game. Other then that the graphics are ok, the game play isn't bad. It's a pretty cool little game but the adds killed it for me. Will be uninstalling.
This game is very fun! But there are some things that need to be removed or fix! This is my opion...No1.Toooooooooo mant ads...apprently i didnt care at first but suddenly, it started to bother me i cant even play the game! Everytime i finish a level an ad started... No.2: its sooo laggy... I think thats it for now...bye!
No doubt about this game. This game is awesome, I loved it but the problem is that this game horribly hangs a lot. I just got sick of this and then uninstalled it. It sucks a lot after specific time. If you fixed this problem, then I'll surely give this game full 5 stars; but for now I'll give 3 stars.....
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads! You want to attract your gamer by giving him a chance to enjoy the experience at least 2 rounds in, not every time you finish a cleaning. Also the drill lags after you finish cleaning or drilling a tooth...and my phone is a Glxy Note 10! Let me know when "bugs" are fixed and will download again.
Just wow. Wow. The ads are as annoying as almost every game like this I've played. Soo annoying. Already uninstalled it on this tablet. I would prefer playing with my rather annoying? Brothers than play this. Oh and the last review question: is this game interactive? Answer: OF COURSE. And since the ad made for this game is just like a normal ad leading to a low rate game, I warn you that you may not enjoy the multiple 30 second ads that you cannot stop every time you complete something..
You just keep doing the same thing over and over again. It also made me worried that my teeth would look like the patients teth.
Hate this app because it is a very big slowpoke 😑😑😑😑and it has way too many adds! Plus your doing the same thing over and over again. WARNING :don't load this app!
Immediately after downloading the app I opened it to play and was thrown into an open mouth with 6 teeth needing cleaning. No instructions, no direction and no movement. App wouldn't respond, then after hitting wait got a few jerky movements before it wouldn't respond again. After 15 minutes to clean 6 teeth the app froze again then kicked me back to its install page. Where I uninstalled it and thought I would share my experience. Sad really as it looked fun. Very blocky appearance also
This game is full of glitches and ads after every mission there is an ad and it's of 20- 30 second and you can't even skip the ad and. when ever I tap on the start button the machine won't move. Please fix this problem then, I would rate this game five stars 😠😀😀😠😀
This game is alright I guess. I enjoy it for some reason its addicting and kind of fun. I dont get any ads at all and it's fun. It's a great thing to play to make time go quicker.
Oh my gosh! I swear if you install this app you will cry! There are adds after every thing you do, during fixing up their teeth. Theres almost like adds every tpfive seconds 😣πŸ˜₯ I wanted to scream when I saw how much adds there were! 😲 FIX IT! I don't know how Dentist Bling will ever get at least ten stars I uninstalled the game but I still want to scream. I won't believe my eyes if I see someone put five stars for this game! Now that I think about it I should put ZERO stars for this game!😲
Good game but every time I get someones teeth done an ad pops up. I suggest to not download this game
Bad game! I downloaded it in the morning and have eagerly been waiting to play it but all it says is loading and takes forever.... Infact it doesnt even open. Would have given it 5 stars but it backfired. Pls change or fix it 4 me pls. I really wabba play it. Then maybe ill change my review
I get it.... it's a free game and your going to know there's ads... but this is literally something new. There is an advert every few minutes... literally! I know it's a good game and a good idea but the ads are way too ambitious... I would be probibally be playing this game right now if it wasn't for the ads :( sorry to leave such a bad review but please don't download this app! it's a waist of time.
Perfect way for kids to learn what it's like at the dentist. Quite fun really. Although there is an add after every level. The secret is to turn your mobile data and wifi off!πŸ“Ά
It was a good game, but I think it's just not in my satisfactory. I like funny games, but this one is just not up in the list! It could use better rewards. Such as a box gift to open. It doesn't really have rrealistic events, such as when I put the tool to remove the green substance, onto the gum, nothing happened like it happened in the preview. Please be honest with your previews. I don't like how it's just trying to get people to play by putting things in the previews that aren't in the game.
Ever since I installed this game it made my phone lag alot,its always stuck on the loading screen and its very laggy,theres always an ad after the level and I watched like 500000000 ads from this game.Please fix this theres only one type of ad, hIgH hEeLs (high heels)IM SICK OF WATCHING ADS THAT ARE THE SAMMEEEEEE. D O.N O T.D O W N L O A D!!!!!!TRUST ME ITS THE WORST.
Not many adds and very satisfying but there are some glitches and there's vairty of tools and operations
I see if games are what people say so I'm going to play this game to see if it's really that bad 1 star for now. I waiting and waiting AND WAITING DON'T PLAY THIS GAME ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!
It was ok but the amount of ads are ridiculous I mean yea I do turn the wifi off so I don't get ads but then it takes forever for it to turn on and connect properly plus it glitches and freezes at random points and I end up having to close the app and restart it and I lose all progress I'm sticking with 1 star for now 😣
It is fun to play because you can make a different chairs braces and teeth and is so fun cuz you get to learn how to be a dentist
Way to much ads! The first thing I do when I got in the game, I saw an ad. Like, everytime I pass a level, the game is like "oh we should give her an ad so she can get pissed!" Like really!? Please fix this because I love this game, but to many ads. Sorry for being rude but hope you understand how I feel...
Sorry this gamenis horrible ,because they only let you basically do the same thing every time.ALSO THERE IS WAY TO MANY ADDS.I recommend not geting the app. Always read the feedback because most apps are bad and horrible and some are not so bad so please do waste your time playing this app.
To many ads. When you complete a level, you go directly to an ad. This game is very easy so you have way to many ads. I don't recommend this app to anyone who doesn't like a lot of ads. After two levels played I wrote this.
This game is not fully complete to me. After scrolling through some of the other comments I could agree with them. The game is laggy/glitchy. Whole using a tool it would freeze up on me. I iltried it on mutiple devices and got the same output. This game does seem fun and entertaining but it is not ready for release this game is "Beta". The glitches are really affecting the overall performance.
Veryyyyy bad game...😀😀😀 It hangs very much... Pls don't install this game... It's terrible 😀😀
This is really a great game i really don't know why everyone is saying there's bugs and glitches i legit dont see any problem with this game its really cool i saw this game in an ad and i clicked it i read the comments about this game at first i was like hm...let me just try this game out and let me tell you its really cool so i give this game a five star rating!
The game is ok the graphics are not great and it is the same thing over and over. If feel like there should be different tools to use not just to make the teeth glad or anything but the game is ok.
I like everything except for the timer because it would go to fast when you go to a certain level and you can't do it quick enough.
The game takes 3 minutes to load, and the controls are trash. you have to wait 5 seconds for it just to telepprt somewhere you dont want it to be. i would not recommend, at all.
I was buying the last teeth and then got enough to buy the last bling and chairs but it didn't let me buy the last bling and chairs. The button was just grey. Pls fix that
It really repetitive and some of the tools are hard to use like to hair cutter when there are pimples.
This game is absolutely terrible. Everytime I use that thing on their teeth to get the green stuff off, the game freezes for a couple of seconds and when I'm done with all of the teeth the game freezes completely. I don't like this game anymore and I hope it gets taken off of Google play store. I'm also uninstalling.
Too many ads, very boring as well. I thought this will be a game where I could just use when bored, but it makes me even more bored. Also there are too many ads. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!
The game is amazing! I would give it 5 stars if only there were less ads because there are to many if i finish a person Ad i get you need money but not everybody is made of money.
1st-why you have to repeat the same exact thing over and over again?? 2nd-every single 5 seconds the game frozes 3rd-dont download this game it is apsolutely not interesting but if you are like me and you read the reveals but still want to try it, go ahead there is nothing to lose, you can delete it afterwards 4th-I personally think the game can be updated so it is more interesting. It can have new and new levels as you progres in the game, it can happend that you lose (somehow) and yeah.
"oh too many ads" like has ANYONE HEARD OF AIRPLANE MODE I'm sick of people who complain when they can just fix it with a click, it's a good game it just needs more work and if you don't want ads just turn on airplane mode -_- it's called using your brain
Great game I love it. It's just the fact that the levels are basically all the same. And the bonus level where you have to write on their teeth is hard. It just places the retarded bling everywhere. And the messages we have to write are stupid like Ok Boomer like really???
I love it!! You would think that doing the same thing again and again would get boring after a while. With this game you baccicaly do the same thing again but it never gets boring! 😊 It is amazing!! I totally disagree with the add problem, you can close the add if you want! You don't even have to wait to close it!
When I say the ad it looked cool so I dolwnad it. But when i went to go open it, it doesn't even load. I dont know if it's broken or it's my phone. But if it's fixed I'll rate it 5 stars.
It's a good game but it is way to glitches it lags forever and my device never lags plus the ad is completely different from the actual game so I'm uninstalling unless they sort it out which they wont so I would not even bother playing this game seriously I hope you found this helpful and now you know what are lies and what can happen in the game so do not install it if you dont like what I have told you today so they really need to sort the game out DO NOT INSTALL SERIOUSLY
This is a game that will decide to lie to you, it is filled with ads. It looks completely different from it's actual trailer. The trailer shows you that this game has a variety of controls. But when actually playing it, there are only 2-4 pieces of equipment to recover the patients' teeth (drill, teeth remover, etc...). It's boring and unenjoyable. Dear new players, if you want to play this game, make sure you can resist a ton of ads and boredom and also very little controls.
In my opinion it was to laggie but it was really fun my dad got annoyed cuz of The lag but it was fun
Love the game but after every single person there is a ad I understand its how they make money but its every minute there's a ad people who make this way to manyADS
Super laggy after cleaning most of the plaque off of a tooth, you can never miss so you can pretty much drag your finger anywhere and it'll clear some teeth. Not a challenge every level is easy and super similar to the last one. Ads every level that you need to wait 15 seconds for. And the only reason I gave a 1 star is because they tried. Not impressed. :(
I would give this three stars I am very much (well not that much) satisfied with this game but it freezes alot and by using tools and i just played level two and it freezes like crazy.......... Ummm but still i like this gameπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I downloaded it bc I thought the only problem was the ads. Boy I was wrong! I tried to open the app 20 times and it did not work. WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
Um some times it is a little glitchy but other wise the app its self is worth getting even know its called dentist bling it's a great game
To be honest it is kind of boring... And the ads ruin it. But the good thing is that it's a bit satisfying ( but barely) and when you put on airplane mode it's ok, just glitchy... But seriously, stop adding so much ads, once you finish your first set of teeth, you get no ad until the second set comes, after that, ads every time you finish a set. And it takes like less than a minute to finish a set of teeth! Your games are bombarded by ads. Half of the time using this app is used watching ads .
It's really good just turn of the wifi and the ads are gone. I didn't know how to get rid of ads until I turned of the wifi. Please take my advice or this game is not gonna be fun trust me.☺😊☺
personally I don't like the game because it's super laggy and once you finished the person it just goes onto an add and I find that very annoying but on the plus side when it's done with it laging stage you know it turns back to normal and it's better but yeah it's just very really laggy
I give this app only one star because it keeps putting on the same levels. This is boring. I would prefer to install another game. I am not satisfied from this game....sorry!
I think its a very fun game for kids, that want to be dentist when they grow up but there is little things that can be changed to make this app even better! So, when i played this i did the first customer and it was glitching every 7 seconds, and also when youve finished doing a customer there is an add right after, i think this game could change a little Although its inspiring people to become a dentist! Good bye
I'm being Generous with Two Stars. The game Is ok but it is loaded with Ads! That Makes the Game not so Enjoyable.
It is fun but it was very glitchy to me i do recommend doing it on the computer or downloding it on the computer its a LOT better hope this helps!
I can say so much about this game I'm so amazing you can do cheese you can lie to be a dentist you can fix the teeth this game is amazing amazing top 10 Stars you should get it you have to pay no money at all I'm a kid and I love the games so I get the game
Its so bad, 1st off in the middle of a misson you get thrown with an ad RIGHT in your face (not rlly) and u have to get the teething right or fail?!!? What the heck why did this game get created!??! Im staying on the 1 rate of stars here, for every game, the comments are what is that. But i stick with 1 rates. Hope this game gets deleted bet its copyrighted. WHICH IT IS
The game was cool good background,nice sound effects its so perfect but pretty laggy sometimes anyway its still my favorite game its so enjoyable Im having fun of it a lot this game deserves my staes
There's not much wrong with the actual game mechanics, my issue is all the ads. I can understand an ad here and there due to the fact it's a free game, but every two minutes is just down right rediculous. Yea i get you can remove ads by paying x amount of money, but what you game developers need to realize is not all of us are made of money, we all can't just throw cash at a game to avoid the most annoying part about it. Like i said i get it, you need advertisments, but cut back on it seriously.
this game is soooooooooo slow get another game plus ads come up evertime it is horrible and the ads are alwaysthe same (TIKTOK) like who cares its TIKTOK everybody has it ads are the only thing that you will ever see on this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also on the actual game its litterally the same thing everytime!!! -5 stars
You don't have the same thing over and over again just wait until the couple levels go by and see what happens because you are not patient enough you domeys. Oh and there are barley even any adds stopped
I hate it, I read the comments and 2% liked/ loved it. It's very laggy and ads are after every 2 levels and the ads about this game is not how the game is.
Is no difficult is so easy the bonus level is no hard but I like there are indefinite levels and I want breckits wire and removing theet and replie new theet
Worst "calm game" ever. Calm game? Nope everytime i do a persons teeth an ad pops out of the games butthole and it's so annoying
Not a great game, its entertaining but if your like me then you get bored of the same-ish levels. The ads are not true, theres no screaming or blood and its a simple and quite frankly boring game. Also there are ads constantly. Another thing is it takes about 5 mins to load into the game which is frustrating. However, it can be fun and entertaining for a while.
The game is very laggy and has loads of ads. Every time I finish a tooth, the game laggs for around 1-2 second. It can get a bit frustrating, if you play with the game for about 10 minutes. It's kinda entertaining and addicting, but the performance and ads makes it bad. 3 stars.
This game is really fun, I really like it, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it gets really repetitive, but like I'm not saying give you the same customer, but I'm saying, it just gives you the same order over and over and over. But sometimes is good. It's good to be repetitive. So you can get better.
It's fun, sure, but the ad is lying. There aren't gamemodes, and I cant pull random teeth. Where's the deafening screams and the blood splatters? Of course, this part wasn't in the ad, but still, if you were pulling adult teeth, there's gonna be screaming and blood. Also, Dentist Bling apparently has a bigger tech tree than the whole United States and China combined, because all you have to do to give people fillings is shoot whipped cream in the cavity. Edit: Peeps who rate 5 have a tooth fed.
Stop complaining about ads!!!!!!!! Ads are what gets the developers money to keep improving the game πŸ™„. Imagine if you were making money and your boss kept saying "UGH WHY AM I EVEN PAYING YOU" Other than the lag when I get at a certain level I love this 😘