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DemonSouls (Action RPG)

DemonSouls (Action RPG) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Lakoo located at workshop 8s, valiant industrial center 2-12 au pui wan street fotan hong kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's way better on the iOS platform for one you can watch ads to get more soul stones and to revive yourself
"Tap the Screen to Start" Well Tapping doesn't seem to be working? I am using Samsung Galaxy A10 Knox Need help Pleez fix this bug, so I can give you 5☆ Thank You
Game Controls sucks Quests instruction sucks Can't even get out of the village, keeps telling me to gear up when there's nothing to equip anymore..even tried to buy weapon worth of 1500 gold then requires level 15 and it still the start of the game.. oh come on..what is wrong with you!!
This game has been part of my childhood and I will forever love the game. If you are reading this, the game is no longer as good as it was with some glitches now and there but you should try it nonetheless, it's balanced and does not require pay to win, it's a smooth game with a nice story with some choices, I hope you get to enjoy this game like how I did. Thank you for reading.
a very very super great game. i love it. nice characters and storyline. music is nice too. please make more like these.
I've already beat this game years and years ago and it's still one of the best RPG games you can play on mobile and I have no complaints, it's offline, it's fun, amazing story, and choices, and monster capture, it's Soo cool, and it's be cooler if you'd think about making a second one just eventually
I used to play this a lot. I upgraded my phone, and now it won't load up Google play for me to sign in. I've waited like 2 hours with my phone open for it. Still loading
There were a few "bugs" During the first boss fight "iron" Gave the mc a power boost so i beat the training dungeon and played through most of my playthrough as level 25 and also at 'the city of gods" The blacksmith gives free level 50 gear.
was a good game when i played a couple years ago, but now I'm trying to play it and it won't load error says: open successful, snapshot temp but with a conflict
I will still rate this 4 stars. Bit developers please hear me out. I badly want to play this game again. I uninstalled it, now when I'm trying to get it back, I will be stuck in the welcone page after installing. Please help me. I really want to play this again.
Kinda old but i love it...the story and gameplay...are the best also the controls are smooth tnkz for bringing this....
I played this game a few years back it's a very simple game fun as well for all the players that cant get strong enough.... it's simple.... theres the training crystal u can use it to power yourself up. It will get u tons of lvls and resources if I remember correctly. From the start u can grind quite a bit and it will power u up quite high actually.... if I remember correctly with the very frist weapon I get I can beat the whole training dg... I hope there be more games like demon souls.
This game is great! But the thing is it always have to be connected to google play first before advancing to the real game.... Its too irritating and it takes a while even my connection is strong....
I love this game but i cant play from my last save file because the " ! " doesnt pop up on the southwest to get river .-. So hopefully you guys can help me or fox this bug somehow so i can finish the game really dont wanna start all over
The control is very smooth! You did a great job. This game remind me about some old school games. By the way, why is the frame rate so low?
This was such a good game until you reach the tsunami quest, which occurs after you find the Miracle Man. This is pretty early in the game. The boss monster is abhorrently strong for the quest. Not only that, it MULTIPLIES after you get the first Ent to half health. No matter what I do I cannot beat the Ents. I cant even regularly upgrade my weapons to make me stronger either. One upgrade costs five demon souls when you ONE rarely drops fighting demons. Sadly uninstalled because its impossible.
I like the love story of the game. Could you please make another set of rpg games with love story theme but full of action. Please
Good game and perfect in the sense that it follows classic action rpg game design. Playable offline. My only issue is the way the attacks are chained : it's impossible to match each combo phase with a direction. Because of that, we have to cancel an attack before switching its direction, and unfortunately it puts back the combo to its first step. In other words assuming you go 1>2>3>4 for an attack, it's impossible to have different direction input for the combo like so : Up+1, down+2, left +3, right+4.
Good at working controls easy kinda at first hoping it goes better and rougher later . No complaints yet!
This is a prime example of what an RPG should be, choices that matter, nice graphics, creative, cool skills and weapons, romance, 5 star.
Best pixely rpg game for android, hands down. Needa make a sequel or more games this style. Nuff Said
when I come back to the town to buy better equipment the program has an error that refuses to let me go back out of the village in the beginning of the game. i have done everything. I liked the Facebook page I bought better equipment now I would like you to let me go back to fight monsters. he says i need to stalk up on something because i never know what i run into. this is very annoying and needs to be delt with. this program error has been around for two years. what hell is taking you guys.
Great game play, beautiful graphics, quality of sound authentic and amazing,and the plot and story is quite an epic masterpiece,if anyone is a fan of old school RPG games i recommend to give this game a trial run, you won't be dissatisfied or disappointed.
It's very fun to play and time killer and it's have intense game play And a Lovely Story lines please make more game like this One! Thank you!
It's good. this is the best Offline Action RPG that iv'e played. but there are two things that im not Satisfied about is the story, i expected that to happen and the game is too easy for me, i played it 3hrs a day and it takes 4days to finish the game. BTW it just a tip, use the mega firebat to stole HP. sorry about my grammar😅
going back to the village in the beginning makes it so i cant leave. it says i better gear up, but i have upgraded equipment in all available slots and ive done everything in the village and still cant leave. fix your game.
The Game won't start if you don't connect to Google Play Games.. whenever i tap Start the Game the google play games always show up.. You cannot play without internet😡😠
It says I need to gear up before I can leave the village with 3 demon crabs. i am geared up and I'm level 7 yet can't go any where what do I do to leave the village I will change my rating if I can get out of the village can't Google search or YouTube my query since the game sounds like demon's souls
(Plz fix) so i was at the part when i was gonna help orchid so she wont get stuck at the vines but when i went to village i saw a ! So i went then i saw orchid and i left i went back to the vines where orchid was still stuck i tried to fight the boss but when i went to the big ! It would not let me fight boss im stuck
A little clunky at times, menu interface takes a while to understand and shopping at stores was confusing. Decent story start, didn't finish it. Reminds me of an unfinished zenonia or inotia game. But despite the little I've played, I would recommend to give it a try if you can look past small inconveniences
dont know if the creator of this game still care abt this game. but you guys need to add a quick option for potions and tell the whereabouts of the demons, also when you open the menu pls make the monster stop attacking the player. nice game btw.
at least slow down the animation text when it scrolls up, i can't read that fast. also Improved the UI add a potion quick slot the "back button" icon doesn't look like a back button. (couldn't find it at first) (I will add more details after the whole game)
Awesome game love the story line but can you make it so I can play with my Bluetooth ps4 controllet please
i have a suggestion why not make it to where you can move around the stuff in the house and have much more of a varieties of things at the store chop down the trees so on and so forth I think it would make it this much better
A very nice offline game, but i only rate it 4 stars because its too short ,i only played almost half day and now i've reach the end scene already , but well , its a good game.
I loved it in the past but I got a new phone and now it won't even let me play the game on WiFi I cannot even start a new game or resume a saved game plz fix this
Just a really good game overall! The story is nice, the controls are easy to understand, and it's addicting!
A free beautifully made without any bullsh*t energy energy system. The control is quite smooth and the story is unique.
Its a good game but it has a few flaws. If you forget to save about every 5 minutes youll get reset back to last save. And if you try to play alot of the game in one day youll be super under leveled. But its fun and it gives it more of a challenge in its own way.
Why I can't play with this game? I always click the Start Game but it's always loading even I have an internet connection it always loading without ending and it always said Open successful: snapshotTemp, but with a conflict. Why is that happening?
Love this game played it in middles school years ago it got a special place in my heart and a great simple storyline.
more description about demon whereabouts would be great. i forget where is fire imp and there is no sites i can rely to find it. its better to show a popup for main quest, side, demon info, item info, etc.. could be a nice game even though its 2d and pixelated. a lot of room for improvement ! :)
Really getting into it, the story has a bit of comedy and choice of paths. Looking forward to seeing where its gonna go. Good work
Honestly don't waste your time with this! True the controls are great, the story is good, the graphics are great, for what it's supposed to look like, but the game is full of glitches that prevent you from moving forward. I've played for hours and no matter how many times I reload, restart, or redo anything, it glitches where you can't move to the next screen when you head west to save river. The sad thing is that it's done the same thing on every device I have ever played this on.
I played this years ago when I was still a teenager, It helped me through a lot of things I was going through. I've recently found it again and I'm so excited to play it again after all these years. Hold on to things that bring you joy, don't lose them like I did this game. Thank you for making this gem. ♡
I download this game again and cant play cuz of the google connecting. I hope the developer team can repair this
This game is fantastic. I love the gameplay,storyline,and other stuffs inside the Game like the hidden room for the developers and creators of the game hahaha so clever. I hope that there will be a part 2, i want to know if River and Thunder will meet again. ^^ Overall, i'll rate 5 stars ^^ Good job guys!
I used to play this game as much as humanly possible i think i has like 100 thousand gold when i stopped with like a bunch of soul stones but now 5 years later it dont work the load time for the lakoo news letter is endless an here i thought i was ready to play again
The best game ever made I had to restart on it a few times but worth it a update would be great with new demons and a story line were you can be river that would be great a story line with thunder witch there is but now one with river
I just started this, im digging it so far, the text scrolling needs to slow down , art style is very cool. i hope you guys keep it up , ill donate once i see a bit more of the story. liking it so far
A very good game with interesting gameplay. I like the game system how armors and weapons change the character look. But, seems I got stuck when the character got a yellow stone (sorry forget the name). I defeat the monster but the blockade wont get away. Is it a bug or something?
I completed the game and I love it. The only problem that I have is that I didn't get the last achievement "defeating 12 bosses". I finished the game entirely but didn't get it. Please fix this if you can. But overall it is a good game and hope that you make more games like this 😆
I loved this game! There is an actual goal, the story is great, and the game is dependent on "you" as a player - not like all those other games where all you need to do is click "auto." For this game you actually maneuver your character and level up at an appropriate pace - not too fast but not too slow. This is literally the first game I've encountered that I had nothing bad to say about. If there was a sequel I'd love to play it! The sound tracks are great as well! So much memories ♡
I really enjoyed playing this game a lot and has good graphics, but everything on this needs to be upgraded for 2021 now.
This old game is really something I play since a kids like 10 years old and now I'm still playing it's simple game but it's worth to try