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Demolition Derby Multiplayer

Demolition Derby Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Destruction Crew located at Destruction Crew Waanderweg 64 7812 HZ EMMEN Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game my brother got me into it, just 1 more thing I suggest you adding in the next update, could you pretty please add like a way for everyone to send like the money you use for upgrading and customizing so if my brother is low 1000 dollars and wants to buy something bad I can lend him that with his car name which is "BlackShadow05" and some type of ID.
Constantly says problem with network and then closes. I'm running this on full wifi on a Note 8. So I know my phone and wifi can take it. The game has issues.
I love This developer really because This developer know how to make interesting games and and all And plz Put more high quality and Graphics and Put way to chat online And Fix The Controls of vehicle ๐Ÿ˜Š
Good car demolition game overall. The graphics are pretty good as well as damaged & physics, they are lots of customization options from paint schemes to decals, patterns and more, my only complaints. I'm constantly being slammed with ads to which most I have no interest also. I also notice a glitch as if drivers are driving on air also the wait on purchasing car parts for several mins please fix! also tons more customizations and upgrades would be nice hopefully in the next coming updates ๐ŸŒš...
I usually play with my friends and it made me happy because when I played mini militia I was not able to play with my friends in custom game
This game is really fun and has multiple game modes that you can play. Me and my friend play this all the time, but there is one thing that makes me VERY VERY irritated is when I complete the leagues, it doesn't give me the gears reward I'm supposed to get, so I miss out on tons of gears every time I complete them, much time wasted trying to do the leagues just to only get cash. It's a good game overall though, but I hope that the devs can fix that or possibly even give me some gears for my loss
Needs more time after you eject your person at the pins should wait till all the pins fall ive missed out on strikes an spares because after you hit the pins lets a couple fall then just automatically ends the game also more cash rewards for the strikes an spares to make it more worth it
Not a bad game. It is the best game I like the game.100 star for the game. And fix this bug please. When I enter the game it freezers 5 time I enter then it stop. please fix this bug
It's a really good game but the bots are too dumb when they hit you they keep on going forward so then you cant move and when a car hits you it will take you car with it so could you please fix that I spent alot of money on here and I dont want it to be a waste.
Good game but there's a problem when we custom a game my friend are unable to join in. That's why I deleted it please check what's the issue.
This game is underrated , i feel this game is just awesome. But please include affordable cars , and add weapons. This would definitely make this game more interesting.
Could you please put a report a problem option in your game so i dont have to complain about it in the app store. It also closes itself every 30 sec on the galaxy s8. I've tried lowering the settings but it still happens. Great game, just a few aggravating problems
Good game cuz me and my brother were playing in a same match so many times but I wish you added more graphics
Awesome game, but i would really enjoy it more if you could add, watch, and store replays on your phone. Also add where people bounce inside when hit. And to everyone leaving bad reviews because the opponents are strong, i dont know what to tell you because i destroy them just fine. Its balanced with sometimes challenging bot opponents, especially in the 8 player offline mode. P.S. to the reviewers: turn off your data while playing the game and no ads will appear. Its that simple people!
fun game, but some minor annoyances, and having a local multiplayer option would be awesome. the controls are sometimes a bit weird on my phone, itd be awesome if points and damage could go both ways since itd make more sense, and theres the endless nudging contest where smaller cars get stuck and cant move.
The game is really nice the graphics are great and the controls are perfect comperd to other racing games I have played
Really good ๐Ÿ˜Š but when I join into a online multiplayer game it sometime is in the middle of a game and the podium gets messed up. Other than that it is really good.
This game is horrible. The pictures aren't the actual game. The graphics are terrible. The damage is unrealistic and you get spammed with ads. Dont download this game it is absolutely awful.
๐Ÿค” Building cars, wrecking them ๐Ÿคช, earning cash to build them again... yea that's my kind of fun! If I had only one negative thing to say it would be that her and there I'm dropped out of the game. a message will appear saying I was disconnected from bad signal. It might just be my internet connection at some times so can't put the blame on the game. it's as easy as one tap to open the game back up and I'm back where I left off. So download the app. try to get me before I get you. (Bonesโ™คone)
This is an exiting game but it crashes a lot times, its not good to my device or I think this has great ghraphics but pls make the graphics lower
Decent game... the ads suck... and the wait time for improvements on the vehicles can be kinda long... but easy to play and move up through the ranks... overall, it's a fun demolition game...
If updating fails uninstall and reinstall I love this game thanks for the bowling mini. It froze tried taking me to main menu without my permission.
What makes this game so realistic is the chaos when i do flag hunts everyone follows the flagged person like were all rally racing its all so fun just because of chaos
Really cool game.. i loved the game... It would be even better if you could add like spoilers to your cars... and select your own rim and then select the colour you want it to be paint... this would be even more fun to play....
THIS GAME SUCKS the hitbox is like two miles long nobody is near me and I'm still getting hit (demolition derby 3 by beer money games) is way better than this UNINSTALL THIS GAME get demolition derby 3 PLZ
I played this game when it was about 3 or 4 months old and after not playing it untill now. i have noticed nothing much changed other than the min menu changed. How about change how the walls work so when you hit a wall it doesn't just stop you. And allow players to move around the break & gas and nitro bottons. And improve the servers like i still get disconnected and ghosh hit. Also increase cars speed, they all slow, even that red car.
It is a great game.But I give only three stars because it is taking a lot of time to open garage every time I open the game.But graphics and gaming experience is really good.
There's not much to do, been playing the same set just to collect all the vehicles. Can do this easily and buy all vehicles with winnings. Love the variety of accessories to put on different cars
very cool the ads you can back out of to not deal with and the gameplay is fun wish there was just more realistic demolition derby cars and parts like the exhausts are just sad excuses for pipes out the hood of the car and only about 3 or 4 look cool the rest are so unrealistic and ugly.
So far enjoying the game but 1 aspect that should be added is if you are trapped it should allow you to respawn to get freed up. I literally had one match that I was pinned against the wall for over a minute. Add that and game would be perfect
Great game!๐Ÿ‘ You should download this game, the crashing is realistic hardly no ads! Just nead to upgrade the graphics.
To describe it briefly, OK graphics, often laggy, the AI target you(I.E, they will hit you even when the other opponents are 2 feet away from you), and bad controls (input lag, and you can be pressing the arrow to turn and noting will happen/you just go straight)
This is the best game ive played ever! It gave me an exciting time.For example,when i have a bad day and i had play this game right after,i have a good day.Also the graphics are super smooth.You must try this game right now.BEST GAME EVER! I appreciate the devoplers for making this game
The new update is horrible. I have played this game for over a yr now it won't even load. Just locks up. Way to ruin a great game๐Ÿคฌ...1/26....no you didnt. I updated it, and the problem still exists. I would suggest staying away. if you don't spend enough Money for their liking, they literally shadow block you and cut you off.
great game I would have gave it 5 star when problem gets fixed it wont start now and it say to restart I restarted 5 times and my phone 2 times nothing I got it to work turn your wifi off on your phone if anyone experiences it then try and same if somthing acts up in side the game log out and turn it on
The game is amazimg but can you change the controler controls to L2 to break and R2 to drive and can you add a hand break controll if so can that button be square on the controler and you add hit bonuses to the game as well?
there is only one thing i dont like ive seen a game call "wreck fest" and you should you tube the game if you dont know what it is but any way i would like the games graphics to be more like wreck fest's graphics. but over all really good game
This app is criminal and takes advantage of people, my account was charged numerous times for the same in-app purchase over multiple days to the tune of $1300. I have sent an email asking for a refund without any reply. These were unauthorized charges and they should be responsible.
This game is very good, But i found a Glitch with the "Missions" If im in a mission, the next Match begun With the same Map, and all the Opponents were still in map and not disabled, It was hard playing because the Health bar was on the Oppinents of the Previous Match, Can you Please Fix it?
Not a bad game, BUUUT, When you're playing Capture The Flag, can you PLEASE go after the car with the flag?!?! In Red vs Blue, can you PLEASE go after the opposing color?!?! Not that hard to understand.
Ads, a lot of ads. When you are able to play between ads, bots are your competitors. Bots with high experiences numbers and cars vastly superior. Combined with the ability to magically avoid being wrecked by players while they total your car multiple times in a match. Perhaps spending money every day in one of the ads will help you lose less often. Not win of course.
Fun game deleted and re-downloaded this game three times or more but for me I think the graphics could be a little better that's why I only give four stars
This game is nice all nice cars are there all so many levels are there even there is bowling contest I always do a strike that's why I gave this game 5 star ratings
WORST GAME EVER. IN THIS GAME WHENEVER YOU GO TO LEAUGE MATCH YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR TEAMS/TEAM BOTS ALWAYS SMASHING IN TO YOU. BECAUSE OF THAT I HAVE BEEn WRECKED SEVERAL TIMES. PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP IT IS VERY ANNOYING AND SO PATHETIC VERY PATHETIC. Ethier than that good game and also please improve the graphics. Also add some item like a special ability or some perks to the game to make it more interesting. And also there is a glitch with join a match wit friend when I go in,says lobby not fond
I love but there something i want you to add. I want you to add an adjust to button size in setting beceuse my hand is big and the bottons are small plzzz add it
The gameplay and the theme of this game is already subtle and fun but It would be more fun if there was an offline multiplayer mode (for making private lobbies offline)
kind of crappy in the play with friends more. finding friends for multiplayer not really easy, but that might get fixed. give it a try.
This game is very cool and fun but one it is very boring that we can not customize our car in offline there are only 3 cars in offline So please fix it!!!!!!
I like it, but it's kinda hard. Download this app to see what I mean. owner you need to upgrade it a little more often.
I love it. The physics are fun and there are so many customization options. This game is amazing, it should have more downloads. 100% would recommend this game to friends!
This game is good at first but then it all starts to lag and cars get stuck one each other and you can not push other cars out of the way it a terrible game!!!
Great! Literally downloaded the game because I saw a Lada in the pictures, but in all seriousness, solid game! But would be much happier if the dev's read this and if so add the Moskvich 412 car and make it's armor slightly more than the lada but less handling just so it would be balanced.
just not a good game even the bot are over powered, I upgraded my car and my damage it does nothing compared to them I don't care about not winning all the time but my hits are like 30-40 and everybody that's in first place is already in the hundreds
the new update did not fix the issue. i still have not been able to play even once. shame, because it looks really fun to play, and heavily customisable. if you fix the issue, then i might reinstall it .
In no certain order here are just a few concerns to help you know where your game is currently... 1. Please explain how scoring and winning works 2. Wrecked cars shouldn't damage running cars 3. Being wrecked after time expires 4. Sumo boards are not working...i.e. a. No 100 pt. credit for knocking cars off edge b. Too difficult to push someone off c. Starting game on top/or underneath other players(all boards included) 5. Randomly losing the flag during flaghunt 6. Starting a game with less than 30 seconds remaining 7. Not being able to slide/scroll to see achievements directly after board ends 8. There should be levels, so level 1 isn't competing against level 125 Maybe have sub 60, 60+, and open levels 9. Credit for scoring a +100 hit instead of a capped 100 hit These are just some issues that could help you improve this game. Otherwise, I have a lot of fun playing it. Thank you, pls respond.
Really love this game but i wish that there could be a friend request /list option it would make friendly matches easier, the game is good on its own but iam not sure if the game would change if it was a race demolition event where u could challenge friends and or even online people Kind regards
Game is very interesantno i like, my friend joins me every time and graphic somethimes lag but thats smaller problem. Pls can you cut of contact timer, i dont like nobody LIKES IT
despite the update it is ludicrously glitchy, at times you'd have no one around you yet get nudged and crashed into from every angle pretty much. the flag lags in capture the flag. it's a great concept and with many vehicles and upgrades, but it lags and glitches so much it's hard to enjoy the game properly. will change to 5 stars when game is iron out more.
Loved this game. Then the update. Finally add somethin cool and ruined it. #1 all my cars stats have changed. BS! And yea the team idea is cool. Until u get a team of S players and play a team of A players and u lose half the time. Explain that bs!!! Ruined ur game. Now its more aggravating than fun. WAS a 5 star game
Worthless game that cant even save and load properly, i saved my game yesterday only to come back today to find the save and all my progress deleted. I will be using Google's Refund Policy to get the money back that i spent on this game.
the game is fun, kinda. the issue I have with it is on the season races all the cars try to pin you against the wall. they get you there and just keep pushing. you get stuck for most of the round as opposed to slamming cars
Incredible job making a game that has psychics but unfortunately there needs to be slight tweaking of the damage. Parts such as bonnets and bootlids bending outwards with gaps showing the engine and chassis, and the doors bending and cosmetic parts on the vehicle falling off including fenders, doors bonnets like I said when getting impacted really hard. Overall, it's an incredible game. You pulled it out of the bag this time.
false advertising!!! does NOT really include real time online racing with friends during multiplayer. Gives an option to copy n paste the code to enter a friends room but as i sat next to my friend who also download this game it kept saying unable to find room or host. bs. waste of our time. deleted
I love this game but when i play online i always get hit by cars that are not near me please fix this
I don't know why all the cars and trucks have FWD and the same engine sounds like the duke, junior, squad fam, kiddy, patches, d-team, skeeter, busted, lada, mini, admiral, montana, devintage rx5, flatin, bummer, wolf c5, ranch raver have the same engine sound effect and the homie, smasher, bullet have same engine sound effect and the mantis, fupra, charging up, duragll have same engine sound effect
It is small nice but you can play with full power it is nice that we can play multiplayer and if you are bored play among us and pubg
This is an overall great game there is great graphics customizable cars for your comfort and the mini games such as the new bowling mini game is amazing just add a small crash test arena in the loby then I'd put 100 stars if i could
Love the app entirely!! Great options on multiple vehicles, I also love how I'm allowed to go in depth with the creation of my car! Awesome job guy!
The game glitches sometimes. I will start a match in career mode and it will seemed to go into the middle of a match with nothing really happening as far as scoring, but other than that pretty fun time killer I just got the game called wreckfest for Xbox One pretty fun
Was fun for a few minutes until I started getting hit by ghost cars. Also, it is nearly unplayable online when everyone else is way above your level and has maxed out cars that they bought.
Puts you into matches with bots that ends in 5 seconds, nothing multiplayer about its all bots and adverts nothing more ๐Ÿ˜‚
It's a bad game it says "join friend" after you put the game id it still does not work I wouldn't recommend getting the f**king game would give it a zero if I could
It's a nice multiplayer game but don't have options to change controls without changing controls it'll be very hard to control the car Please change controls as I wish
Pretty one dimensional. Upgrades tap out early, not many different track or gaming types. Need more car varieties. Could be a great game.