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Demise of Nations

Demise of Nations for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Noble Master Games located at Noble Master LLC 16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes DE, 19958 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was enjoying the game when for some reason my gold just declining suddenly and I lost the game because of it! And in a different game I was trying to build my nation and I was declared war on. So I started a different game and I was declared war on.
Multiplayer could be better. It needs some fixes but the game is great i love it, my friend and i are playing it almost every day for couple of hours
Alright, but 3 isn't enough And I didn't asked how many free maps are there. I said "It Would be great if there were MORE free maps" read properly.😐
The concept of the game is great, however the diplomacy is a bit strange. AI declares war, then immediately agrees to peace treaty. Also founding villages and building farms doesn't work.
I've had a great experience with this game so far- Ive been playing it for about 20 days now. It employs engaging strategy (though the terrain doesn't have hills) and It is certainly my favorite game right now. I took away a star because although there are 3 maps available for free, you must pay to get more. In future developement, I can recommend more technology and more time periods (like Medieval). But what I like best is the community- (most) players are respectable, and managers are active.
I love this game so much that I like it more than Age of Conquest. But when I was playing in my tablet, this game ruined it. Because my tablet thinks it has no WiFi, but every time I tried to turn on the WiFi, it keeps turn it off by it self. I am so mad that my tablet is now useless because I used to use it a lot. This game also almost ruin my dad's tablet, too. I am so mad because my tablet was a Christmas gift I got from my parents. If there's another reason, then how did it almost ruin dad's
The game is too clumpsy. You more or less have to guess things what is going on instead of being understandable as in most other strategy games. It is as if the developers did not bother to try the game themselves. Edit. Yes, I played the (useless) tutorial.
This game is good 4x beacause it can make nation up to 20 at war and ally each other. But this game not much guide about what exactly the icon function doing. I hope u can make the icon display a text guide while u holding them or make a small text bellow. Cuz i will enjoy this game longer if that i can know exactly a button/icon doing in game.
Once again another easy tech game that is very one sided with the AI. You can never really beat this game..I just don't understand. Im gonna save you the head ache. Don't get this game.
Add more free maps and add mountains that are rare that you can mine gold because the research skill excavation has no point. And if it does please reply to me. Besides that just add more free maps and units. I rate it 5 stars!
Three star review because: 1. The game has great potential, but it doesn't perform as well as it should; some maps, the load time between turns is RIDICULOUS!! I bought two maps and can't play either because it takes FAR too long to load the next turn. 2. Maps are too expensive and if you're going to charge for a map, at least make it operate as it should. I couldn't make anything other than peasants even after full research on some maps. 3. AI is either too easy or impossibly difficult.
Fun game but theres only 1 map this is ridiculous you are so unwilling to risk profit loss that you losing profits no one will buy if you get bored after 10 minutes
playing this game for so long has made me now form my opinion, from all the culminated hours, i can say that if you are a fan of strategy games like Sid Meirs or Age of Empires you will love this game just like how i have.
Brilliant game, just needs a couple more cultures/time periods for troops (medieval, bronze age etc) and it'd be pretty much perfect
I love this game, but it's beginning to irritate me. Here's why : To succeeed in this game, you have to balance a budget (sorta, you have to keep making money, more troops = less money, etc.) The A.I doesn't do that, they spam troops, which means that to win in a war with them, i have to bakrupt myself. And they continue to do it, regardless of how much money they have. It's annoying. Note to Noblemaster : I love this game, thank you for making it. :)
Fix your damn AI. No matter what nation i play, i always end up by turn 10 stuck without allies and with 5 nations at war with me. Its not fun, replayability ruined.
I was enjoying the game when for some reason my gold just declining suddenly and I lost the game because of it! And in a different game I was trying to build my nation and I was declared war on. So I started a different game and I was declared war on. You can't build your nation in peace.
The game is fun but not allowing troops to move through the same tile as other troops almost makes the game unplayable. People who are not your enemy put troops in your enemies land that you can't move through your allies put troops in your land that you can't move through. You can't even move through tiles that have your own troops.
Honestly this game isn't perfect its mobile and yes ur allies are dumb but it is fun and addictive and I dont know why people complain its hard, the game can be challenging which is hard to find tbh and the online multi-player is ok but i have lost 1 out of like 60 games so the whiners are probably noobs lol tbh I like the fact you can make your own maps and there is a good amount of detail for mobile for a command game its in the top5 for sure 👍
Great game really fun just wish each nation had more unique units. Rome Egypt ECT have there units but Celts are bland. They were known for chariot riders. Maybe that would be a good one. Or berserkers for the Germanic people.
The game is great. A few things I wanted to ask. Can you update the look of a few of the militry units from different nations in their own way so that it makes them unique? Also, can you add in missing nations from the certain time that aren't in the game. E.g: sparta? And finally... can you make a few more maps free. Some people will afford to buy other maps but some might not buy the main ones like fall of rome, napoleon etc... these are all the things I recommend for the game. Thank you.
Nice game I hope you improve the graphics a little bit thank you for the opportunity to play your master piece
I just update(2/15/2021), game still crashing. Please fix, others like me will love game too. Excellent modernday chess to pass the time
Solid. can be glitchy but its pretty rare and insignificant. gameplay is addictive, multiplayer is exciting, everything that you can buy with real money can be earned in-game AND provide no unfair advantages.
Simple take on the 4x games. Reminds me of a overly simplified CIV and that's fantastic. Needs some gameplay improvement. Flushed out tech tree, have some more reason to invade neighbours etc. Love that it is cross platform and open modding is highly encouraged. Only downfall is the price tag for all the maps and modding. But it is only once and of the devs continue on the game it could far outweigh the cost in solid mobile game gameplay. An all time favorite right now.
This is one of the best conquering games I've ever played on mobile but what it needs is REAL TIME BATTLES like in the total war franchise, this would bring the game to life and give it so much more meaning and depth.
If tutorial is bad, u ned to pay for maps, takes a while to load and it makes me sad :( I was looking for a game that is similar to rise of nations, Roblox.
This game is amazing to play. It would be better if there were more free maps but other than that this game is a keeper.
This game is amazing! I'm surprised at the amount of downloads but that's just an advertisement issue. If you guys keep improving on the details of gameplay and graphics you would easily see 2 million downloads! Yep I said it. But all jokes aside good overall strategic game.
I think this game is pretty cool because you can play as whatever Nation you want Concord lots of territory and it's not like you're typical war game you actually have to worried about keeping your people happy so they don't repel and so they give you money when you can make lots of allies to.
The AI can be very Human in its play through. But i dont like how it immediately guns for you and your nearest sources at the start. Not whats closest to them.
purchased a few of the other maps/scenarios available but wasn't impressed. The update time between turns on the bought scenarios took so long, it took almost an hour to play just 3 turns. Live and learn I guess.
A really good in depth strategy game, however i think the A.I. needs more polishing to allow for better trading and alliances, some of the maps that i bought don't work it takes an enormous amount of time to load between turns i think a better update will do for now 4 stars will do
This game is very close to age of empires, but when you wage war against a small country other countries just come to join them for no reason and you get destroyed, the A.I always have countless amounts of troops and resources even weak countries, once you make alliance allies move into your territory and claim it.
Amazing. Suggestions (purely suggestions): more reasons to break alliances and/or take out your neighbors, flushed out tech tree, and mostly what I keep telling myself the ability to buy and trade land and maybe even technology
Has potential, but as it is, I would advise you to steer clear: The game blocks you from doing simple functions inexplicably, such as recruiting troops. The enemy A.I is indestructible, can pull troops and resources out of their arses (even weak nations). The allied A.I is dumb, will block you all the time, will occupy everything (even your structures), will move into your land and stay there constanty. Your income will plummet for no reason, with no explanation. Serious improvements needed.
I found it an almost 1:1 copy of their other game: Age of Conquest. Its literally almost the same. And although I assume this is it's predecessor, the other one is better. I found that in here, the games take longer and it's harder to progress at all. Then there's the extensive amount of mechanics like technology, taxes, mayors, elections, trade, revolutions and more. These would be neat, but they're barely mentioned if at all. The game needs mainly: more and better tutorials+a campaign.
I really like the game but what's the point of allies if they never join wars? I've looked at the advanced setting but it just might be me missing something. But either way good game.
One of the best mobile strategy games out there. Im in love with the "Total War" style and have been playing non-stop ever since I discovered this game. The only issue i have with it is the lack of playable maps and their size, there are maps to download but for a staggering amount of money.I love the way you guys are taking the game ever since Age of Conquest and it would be amazing if we get newer and bigger maps, and more playable factions.
This is just ridiculous. As an example: My troops conquered a narrow strip of land. And just to obstruct me in every possible way, my allies(!) occupy 17 of 24 tiles. This could be a really cool game, if it weren't for the totally obnoxious AI. Edit: Not cool at all. Uninstalled.
A fun game with great potential. This civilisation type war and strategy game is fun to play and perfect to unleash your inner Caesar. Diplomacy, war, research and economic management are all there but on a level that does not overwhelm. I paid for all the maps which I thought was worth it and it is the Roman era ones which are the most fully realised. My only criticism (and the game is still being developed) is the AI could do with more work. It seems to leave its cities poorly protected.
Love this game because I never seen a phone app like this because this kind of games about Rome are rare
absolutely love this game!! I do wish there were more free maps though. also there are a few new buttons that are hard to figure out and aren't in the instructions.
Add fortresses. I been annoyed i cant build some kind of emplacment to just reinforce things up on my border. I thought a archer tower, or a peltast tower. Or you could use them as small forts where u can hid a unit and it gives high defence.
I enjoyed it, but it takes too long in between turns. Please fix this, this game looks really nice but it just won't work if it takes sooooo long.
The game is great! But a problem. Most all of the maps cost money. And only a few free maps. Woulda gave it five stars, but it gets boring with only a few maps.
Age of empires on your mobile! For me and my select friends who play this, it's an awesome game with complexity and strategy balanced just right. No ads, never crashes, smooth playing and open to mod maps too. For about £5 which will buy you a pint and a packet of crisps in the UK 🇬🇧 you can unlock all the features. I've been following noblemaster since the chess like Age of conquest which is another masterpiece in its own right. If you can't get on with this game, stick to tic tac toe!
I played this on the PC, loved the diplomacy system, the multiple unit types, the difficulty of expanding larger then your neighbors, it's always a desperate attempt to out do your rivals so that you don't die, and in a strategy game, that's what I like.
I will give the game 4 stars because it's amazing but i believe it could be better you could add the battle system of shogun empires hex commander not only will it bring a more realistic dynamic to the game it will also attract a lot of total war players like my self
Great game, nice inclusion of taxes and happiness in the cities. Nice to see that there are sci-fi style maps. Wonder if sci-fi units will be added?
Just got into the game and already the tutorial is bad. It doesn't provide a clear enough lead to which button to press. I just kept clicking random buttons until I gave up. I never knew who my units were, too.
I love the game I've been playing for over a year, but i wish it was harder I play on inhuman like it's the tutorial
Great and fun game! Some things still need some work, but overall a fun game. I do with that farming was somwthing you could do in all scenarios rather than just in the legacy map.
Awesome cant get enough only downside is some of the modded maps take a long time to load between turns .
Excellent! I've known this game for years now, and its great. But i would love to see a major improvemebt or even something new
This game is very close to age of empires, but when you wage war against a small country other countries just come to join them for no reason and you get destroyed, the A.I always have countless amounts of troops but you don't and you coins becomes used up, you get to minus and there's nothing left to do, perhaps in-app purchases for coins could be added.
Really dull If there was an online mode and more free maps then it would be fun so I don't have to empty out my wallet for a new match.
It's exactly like age of conquest but zoomed in a lot. There's many different stages like the Punic wars and World wars which you do have to pay for.
This game is perfect. Is has become my favourite mobile game. The gameplay is not too easy and the details are just the right balance between too little and too much. There is just the right amount of managemnt and logistics to keep it interesting. The one downside is that there is only one map (Europe) available. But all in all, I love this game.
Over all a great game I only have one problem with the game it's that you can not continue the game when you win you just have to start a new world.
When you get into it, it can get pretty intense. Like a chess game without the board restrictions lol. Or like phone warfare without adds or show casing.. Just raw fighting and a wartime feel. Its not for the faint of heart as some games tend to become stressful. Games could last from a couple of hours to a full year. Game is a bit expensive but fair. Coin gains can be a daunting unless you just play it regularly you'll notice the coin gap. Wish we had more players. 👍
I got enough space to download it. But when it gets to 100% it restarts to 0. Idk this needs sum reprogramming or sum idk I wanna play it so fix it please.
Amazing concept I love it just make it it's own game with it's own design add settlers units and make more building options and castles and make it live action. I hope to see a new and improved Demise of Nations 2! :) love this game
The Game is absolutely outstanding. I reccomend this game to everyone with a phone capable of downloading games. However I have 1 problem. It is that you can't edit a map on mobile. That doesn't stop me from rating Demise Of Nations 5 Stars. I just hope people can edit maps on mobile soon.
It's very fun to play with my friends. I've been a long time player, and yet every game is a different experience. I found this game through another great game by these creators called "Age of Conquest". I highly recommend both games.
I like this game I really like this game it is honestly great buttt there are a few problems the first is the way you earn money it is painfully you have to wait for a long long time to get enough money to actually do something with it I think you should make that you earn money by playing games and my second problem is the loading times THEY ARE ABYSMAL if you honestly made this game's loading times like age of conquest this game would be amazing