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Dehla Pakad, Call Break, Hokm, Tarneeb & Spades

Dehla Pakad, Call Break, Hokm, Tarneeb & Spades for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Wumbagic Studios located at Wumbagic Studios Private Limited, K-17, Kadambini Phase-II, Bagh Mugalia, Bhopal, India - 462043. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A pure and suitable timepass. Very well developed and I love it. If you are a card game lover you will surely like it.
Voice chat should be available on a private table, much better experience. Hope to have this in the new update.
After latest update, multiplayer mode is not working. Not allowing to login through gmail or facebook.
Fun and enjoyable. However, the fun stops when a player is AFK, the system doesn't kick when a person leaves the app while playing so it just stuck there...forever. I really wish there was a "Kick" A player option. It could be like; there should be a voting option to kick a player during a match and if all the other 3 (excluding the afk player) vote for a kick then the player should be kicked out of the game/match. Or else we have to find another table and so on. It takes away the fun.
Very very third class app. We can't play due to long long advertisment. 25 second to 35 seconds long advertise break playrs rhythm after the ad. All table player can't wait they off. So dont waste ur data
That's really cool , now app has started earning money, without internet we can't play. I have installed this app bcoz I usually travels n thr will b network issue, so for timepass I can play this but now I can't.. Really very poor
Playing it after many many years. Brings back some good memories. It has scope of improvement though.
Actually five cards is distributed first and a trump is drawn from them.and then game is played and dehle is not picked up directly it is picked up in two steps, 1st to make it and then to pick it the player who makes it have to pick it up..That's how it should be happening
It works perfectly .Thanks for this I would like to request developer to solve issue with result board where player's name gets change from actual name to player 1/2/3/4 (once spell of 5 games gets over). noticed this with call break in private table. request you to add voice chat in private table if possible .it will add more fun to play with close friends .
Please introduce local gaming lane with unlimited points and when playing online multiplayer please add the feature of time out and if a player is timed out, he should be kicked out automatically. Many a times we lost our joy due to the other player not playing his card and his time is getting out and filling again. Other then this its awesome.
Pathetic experience now a days, very frequent disconnection in multiplayer This is not because of the kick out feature, it's because of unstable app of yours Kick out feature is great, but there are random hangs and droppofs for no reason πŸ˜”, moreover i think only rhe host can kick others out i have been the host, can you please also add an option where we can limit random people joining our multiplayer game
After recent update there is only one game i can play. Where r the other games Ive reinstalled the app again and whenever i start the app, after selecting single player it directly opens dehla pakad instead of giving me the choice to select the game.
"The development is good, but whenevet i try to login it shows " check your internet connection" even though the connection is on." Earlier my feed back was as above, and given 2* right after feedback developers contacted me and sortout the whole problem, they really worked on it now it is working really good. Thanks team.
It sucks your internet even if u are playing with computer rivals and online players dont work either
Repeated and all level are same for example ..assult, defend, supply run, no anything new of these misson, zomby and location are same all level, no new any things, from begning stage to till now. I m so weary to play same type of misson and level
Some players are not good who disturbing game by increasing highest bid and leave game. I request please think and solve otherwise me and my friends uninstall game. Person who disturbing game PAVAN.
Gameplay, intensity, Pace is awesome in multiplayer mode. GameUI, background and font need to be upgraded to make this app classic new-aged with graphics enhancement.
I face a problem with joining the game i can not join the active games i always have to host the game.
Needs a lot of improvements. First of all the design and font sucks. It's ugly and hard to read when you enter the app. We want interface like Teen Patti Gold. Secondly, in Daila Pakad multiplayer, we are playing with bots most of the times. I hate bots. Also, there's no coin or ranking system. The Developers need to add more features soon or this app is flop if they've monetized with admob.
good collection of card games. except for graphics of cards (which are sternous to eyes) everything else about the game is good.
Overall, it's a good time pass. Can you work on storing the data of previous games, so that one can judge how strong or weak the opponent is
A good timepass game but sometimes comes with a flaw like for single player Spades 1. On occasion when partner or opposite ones bid zero they play Spade's when it does not have same type of card instead of any other card. 2. My partner mostly overbids or underbids to tune of more than 3 cards than achieved. 3. My opposite team bids exactly mostly. 4. On occasion, it seems deliberate attempt or game set up for my team to lose when we are on edge of win with me all jacks queens bid 1.
Its a very good gaming app but there is one problem that is we have to see advertisement if doesn't see them then the game will stop working it comes out and one more thing this game is not offline
Best card game forever played..... 5 in 1 game... Garneeb is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ One suggestion ....if in garneeb when a player bid , the other player(his partner ) cards should b kept open as like in traditional vill game "sund"...
At first it works well. But now I am not been able to play in multiplayer mode . It doesn't logs in and neither I am able to host the game. I have uninstalled and installed again but still facing the same problem . Neither could I host the game nor could I join any room in any multiplayer mode
Now it seems good enough to play. Last update was good. Speed of the cards was enough to play without a long waiting time.
Hello Team, First of all good app and I see team actively reading the reviews which is good. I have given 3 Star only because of no private rooms. For sure I would and my friends would buy premium version for Private table. We always play with friends and to add on for Private table keep score aggregatore would be wonderdul. I know it is not showstopper from your prospective but we have to count 1,2,3 join. And even other people, I have seen many tables people request to leave for friend.
Total waste of time... Fed up with The game. ..I would love to give 5 stars if the host have access to kickout any person who join the game and did not play ..because yu have to exit the game and enter other and again the same happens..sorry to say that i have not played a full game from last 10 days.... please update your game... .. Thank u very much for the update.....love to play the game now....
Many times I tried to buy your premium but it denies, this the only reason I gave one star. Can't see your useless ads
Received updates is great in the game you have done it very well team, and I appreciate your your hard work, As being from software background I understand the value of hard work. you guys are doing great job keep it up.
It’s a nice app help you to control things in your life. it really helps me to understand.. Yes ! It's matching and having accurate updates. Thanks.
When a player wins the game by reaching 150 points, player expects to see "You won", Instead it shows "Game over". Bummer.
Game is very addictive and good. but AI partner is not playing well. Every time they doing mistake. AI is playing with set pattern.
Front team is very badly playing all the time skill sets to be improved for team player in dehla pakad
Message box should be on screen instead of inside menu... With some funny smiley. It will help players to interact with each other. And it lead game quite interesting
The app is nice to play dehla pakad, tarneeb and other games.... But there are some key points which people want and you must add it. 1. Create private group feature 2. Scores must get stored 3. After game completion the page that opens doesn't show the name of opponents.. It just shows player2 player 3. It needs to be corrected 4. You must add voice call features to give a real feel of the game.
App should be made addfree.Some money rewards for winner should be added in the game to make it more attractive.Otherwise nice gameapp to play..
you can easily play the dehla pakad application with multiplayer setting can be easily available here so please install it now and enjoy best quality of game playing with advanced background graphics.
The game keeps crashing. I used to play everyday, but after my phone's system update, this app crashed after 1minute of play. I really hope you all can fix this.
Good Game but sometimes the score in game of spades differ kindly check this bug and when game Over there must bhi clear mention who's winner
In Android version 9,neitherr join private group nor public group happens.please look into this matter.
You can easily play this multiplayer game of dehla pakadbecause so many new outstanding and smart features of Persia game playing available here in this application so please install it now and get mind blowing experience.
Nice timepass game,but there have not existing wining celebration , in it must be like crackers , wining priz, flowering etc as well as scoring challenge system ,i request you for this. Thanks
AstroTalk is very easy to use It gives all the calculations at a finger touch. Very useful application with lot of info presented in a clear way.
Worse after this update! It requires active internet connection even for playing with computer and after every game it shows inappropriate ads! This is SHAMEFUL for developers as just for sake of money you have lost ur standards!! Now we can't recommend this app to our friends & relatives.
I don’t know how much credence to give these apps but the reflections were surpisingly accurate. A big thanks to all astrologer for their hard work.
ai seems to get the better cards all the time?? offline mode should not be provided if developers have not found a way to balance it.. edit 1. developers are earning money through ads,, f*ckers have not updated since 17 edit 2: finally a response, offline mode for no or low coverage network area is useful. Thank you guys.πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
The graphics are nice, however there is a glitch with multiplayer game, when a player doesn't make a move, the game gets stuck.
The beauty of this application was that we were able to play multiple card games through one app. All the games in this app were already available seperately through other developers. As a user i expected more games to be included under this single application. Highly disappointed with only two games being available under this application now.