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Defenders: H.B.GAIDEN

Defenders: H.B.GAIDEN for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by ASH located at 〒920-0967 石川県金沢市菊川一丁目9番6号 1-9-6 Kikugawa Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken 920-0967 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game, never played hb though... there's some problem in game, like u can strengthen your followers without orb, just once though, but it make my orb value into minus 1 LOL
If u could make ur own weapons like heart breakers it would b more enjoyable ...also needs more character customizations maybe more classes 2 ...if could b updated would give 5 stars
I liked your other game. But I can't even give you credit for that because it was a completely identical to Diablo II. Now you make this and its so uncomfortable to play.... I can't even set up a decent camera view... Needs further development. Good luck but I am uninstalling. May be will check back in a few months.
This is the greatest game ever! For three months I've been looking for a good game but when I found this I thought this is the best game ever when i was starting my first battle I thought this game needs horses but when I played it it did'nt need any improvement awesome game keep up the good work
great game but plss add more mercenaries, and abilities, and if you could make rare loots with two skills in it:), and no other way to get orbs :(
With a little work on camera angles and some upgrades on new levels this would be very nice. The ability to sell/purchase gear is already better than most....Designers put some time in and this could pay off big...Tabyus
Calling your own game a masterpiece... Anyway the combat is the main draw. It's pretty much the same as Heart Breaker except there is only one stage.
A tower defense - only without the towers - from the folks who brought you "Heartbreaker." Besides having to buy energy orbs with real money, no complaints.
Not bad at all. Controls are easy to learn. I would like to know if I can purchase items for my group to help them along though.
Great new take and style (to me at least) to the way over copied Tower Defense type games. I am certain I have played at least 100 and one games with the word "defense" in the title. I believe this is the first time I am not constantly comparing, or even confusing it, with whatever my favorite title was last week. In my book: Super Job! Please continue making games. Thanks!
Fun game and fair prices. Cheaper than a lot of other games. Best part is you don't need WiFi to play. :)
I think you should be able to buy more heroes or more warriors because I'm at lvl 3 and its already super overwhelming. Nvm I just found out training section is where you get more heroes XD
i like the prices this dev uses so it's not as expensive as other games also i can ttake it with me wherever i go cause I'm not tide to an internet connection i like the prices this dev uses so it's not as expensive as other games also i can ttake it with me wherever i go cause I'm not tide to an internet connection
Wouldent load at first just a blank screen. I really wanted to try this game out,shame. My tab plays all high end game so I have no idea as to the cause here. OK I uninstalled and reloaded and now it works, great concept but the controls are so unresponsive pleas fix this as it has the potential to be great, plus the team always gets in my way.
I love this game... But i'm wondering... How much stage in this game or the stage is unlimited level...
This game is everything you need! An action packed game with lots of adrenaline. Very great graphics. But, it would be great if you could move the screen better but, that doesn't matter.Great game.Like I said, Love It!!
Usually these defense games I don't like but this is pretty awesome and different only thing is orb are nearly impossible to get which sucks as u carnt get the best mercs
Pretty good hack and slash ..... Needs more orb payment options .... Also better control over the mercs ... But I like the game a lot
Nice game not bad graphics its like a 3D deffense game I like the weapons though you can try improving the looks like gold covers and add epics legends etc. also pets
I like the implementation of them, though, they feel unnecessary for the most part. They are more like meat shields, because you can do almost all of a mission alone, and just use them to distract enemies from the gate. You should make them so they are stronger to be almost level with the players gear and level, and make the enemies stronger so that it becomes beneficial to have them follow you instead of position them all.
It has some obvious flaws like the camera and the way you battle but the concept is fun. Reminds me of Dungeon Defenders.
I've played this game back in 2017 I forgot it's name and I've been longing for it since I really got addicted to this back then Im glad I finally found it
The game is a blast, but a glitch just popped up and won't go away. My character can't move and swing with the one handed sword anymore, and sometimes gets stuck in place endlessly swinging, this just popped outta nowhere, and it bothers me that my character forgot how to operate a sword.
I hope it has multiplayer online and a better character customizing station. Also it better have bad =#= graphics.
While the controls are abit jittery. An graphics to be desired somewhat. Its still a lovely pick up an play hack n slash. Weather rhis is a true free to play or pay to win... is yet to be decided
Cool game, should give it a fixed camera though. The way it's set up now make it hard to play/aim your fighter.
I reccomend getting this game you can even play this game offline so if all your other games needs Wi-Fi this is a fun game to play
I like this game alot but i would love if the font was bigger and also the battle sequences are a little choppy and the gear menu is a little confusing but ill get used to it. The overall amount of gear is awsome though!
Great concept but it seems to haven't had an update in years and honestly this game could go somewhere with some add ons and touch ups , add archers to buy for the walls to help you and more mercs to select and also some gear and leveling up this game gas potential idk why it's being neglected.
It's hard to find as good of a 'dungeon crawler', game such as this one!!! At first, I thought 'Heart Breaker' was a bad a** game, but this one has atleast three times the potential of the original! I give this game (2) two thumbs-up!!!
Seems okay so far... just started, it works, so that's a good start... Interesting, has potential. Need to play a bit more...p
1 big lag and 2 attack speed isnt all that great i was tapping the attack button and was hopin for some combos but nope othereise good game