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DeckEleven's Railroads

DeckEleven's Railroads for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DeckEleven Entertainment located at Paris, France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good, but it is very hard (though not impossible) to get through a decent way without paying. However it is good, enough that I am actually almost willing to pay to get more hats which are the higher level game currency. I also like the little touch in the tutorial where it has the first railway going between Liverpool and Manchester. If you know your railway history the Liverpool and Manchester Railway was the first "modern" passenger railway, and was the template for all railways thereafter.
deckElevens railroads offers a free way to own your build and design you own railway the way you like it. I have download many railroad game well because I enjoy them. however, this game is different is many ways. it allowed you to build many different kinds of railroad, with realistic conditions, such as train traffic control, expenses to buy upgrade and run your road, big open maps for plenty of building space on each level, I'v deleted this game many. of times but have always come back to it
When ever I get slammed with a friken ad first thing really turns me off that and every time I so much as touch anything another friken ad really come on where is the game when will you make it about the game..... ps I've already deleted it
I've tried to go past a level for a couple days its stupid makes no difference what you try unless you pay...you know that makes me think lije this: you can just f*k off
Not good at all really. It's impossible to play the harder levels without using hats and surprise surprise you have to purchase them. Buying trains is annoying as you don't have the option to go back. Overall is very slow and time consuming to achieve very little.
Foolishly thought the game was easy. You have to balance the economics with achieving the objectives. Enjoying the game especially like the resume option.
This is a very fun and addicting game. The only thing is that I wish there were sandbox mode. I could play the 2nd but its laggy. Good game!
It's a great game and the fact I've only given it 4/5 should not put anyone off. There are two main things that need tweaking - firstly the difficulty settings, the balance is not quite right, its easy to hit a brick wall without spending some cash (which I willingly did but then it becomes far too easy). Secondly it needs more complex levels or some kind of freeplay/sandbox mode - just when you really start to get into a level you hit all the criteria and can't play it any more....
I took 2 stars off because if you mess up and want to restart, any of the top hats you use during the previous game does not return. You reset the money but not the hats. That is pretty game breaking to me. So yeah 3 stars because you should probably fix that.
Yikes! Too slow. I cant wait forever for the trains to move!! Play the second version if this instead its much better.
This game is really addicting. Good job. Took me one week to beat the entire game. I wish there is a sandbox mode. I don't like it doesn't allow me to continue after the challenges are complete.
I wish I could give it a higher rating than five stars. I love this game and it is and always will be on any device that I on. This format is the very reason that I bought my first computer way back in the day. Being that I grew up having model railroad, I wanted to design my layouts before I built the layout them but to no avail. I would like to know how can I advance to the next level or place (layout) after I have fulfilled all of the requirements and have all green lights at all
LIGHTS! Brilliant game 5*s but for some very annoying fidgety points. list of needs: Pause during player track&light laying. Ability to adjust any mistakes, not just to last layed tract. Configuration/car selection/delete mid or lead car needs to be added. Just brought this to 1* for traffic light issue! Its not the lights!😀 Its the train driver turning up for work DRUNK as a SKUNK dwiving on da wrong sHide of da woad and in the middle of a field where the track once was when he was a boy! 😠😠
Had to start from scratch so many times! Ridiculous! If you don't lay out EVERYTHING PERFECTLY the first time, after you set your train to start running, you'll have to start the challenge over! So if you see something that is wrong or can be tweaked to be more efficient, you can't change track layout (nothing major, just a tweek!) or change order of stops! It's super evident once you get to Barcelona. Stop lights are a joke. Loading track at each destination is a joke. Common sense people!
Either update this game or take it off the store. I would be able dismiss the fact that you have to use real money to advance in the game, but because the game has no replayability no other modes, and no alternative way to earn hats (ads exist) this feels nothing like a game and nothing I would spend money on. It's obvious the dev doesn't care dont waste your time installing.
Fun puzzles, and decent graphics for a handheld. You can lay down track where you want, which puts this above most other mobile train games. But...no Freeplay/sandbox, and you can't keep playing a map after meeting the objectives. Thus, after playing through the 20 or so maps (45 minutes each?), you're done. Can go back and replay, but that's it. Add sandbox, and it would be a 5-star. Fun while it lasts, but not much replayability.
Well there bug and feature fixed applied in D11R2 but i hope you still update this game, because D11R2 is slow lag and make myphone heat.
Loved the gameplay! I've always been a fan of 'rail tycoon' games and this one hits the bullseye! A few more challenging levels would be a good addition to any future updates. Great job!
Where are some decent instructions...why when you try to send a second train to Rockwood the track you click on will NOT activate...so all youget is the contant.."your route is not complete" it's a single bloody track from point a to point b!!! At this rate imgiving the game 1 star because NEGATIVE is not an option
this is the wonderful game, but updates is very important add some new features like more option for image quality,number of trains, fast forward option, etc etc..... please please add updates
One of the most amazing games. Simple to learn, not so easy to master. Most importantly, the game is not money hungry. Great package! The very reason I even tried my hands on part 2.
Good game overall. But the hats doesn't return after you mistakenly spend it and cancel the spend. Once you make any adjustments to a train, it starts from its point 1 where there might already be another train. And that causes collision between those two trains. Why can't the adjusted train start from where it was when adjsusted?
I love this game, but the signals still need improvement and trains wreck for no apparent reason. After returning to the game after making a call or answering a text, trains wreck for no reason. Trains that have dedicated track with no other train on it have wrecked on straight track that is nowhere near other track. This could be a GREAT game with improvements. Last update was 6 years ago, so I'm not holding my breath.
So close to being awesome: the money never really comes into play but the trains wreck far too easily. The game lets you do really stupid stuff like place a train where a train already is, resulting in an explosion. Then dead trains will kill other trains even on adjacent tracks if they get too close, which is frustrating. Otherwise this is a really cool game!
Love this game, few suggestions for developer's. 1. If someone select the trailer and cancelled it before the train start please add money into his collection. 2. Signal has an issues if its in Y junction.. 3. Could you please add descriptions of icons... In texas map double fuel and double food is bit confusing... Awesome grafics, need to improve on suggestion points
This game has been so fun! I used play this game about 3 years ago. I was actually searching for this game but forgot the name of this game. Finally found it! And I see there is also a 2nd part of the game. I am so looking forward to enjoy this.
A brilliant game, which is hard enough to make it last a few weeks, and not too easy to complete. Paying £0.82p for a load of hats is money well spent, and lasts for ages. Well done to the Dev Team for creating such a great game. A great alternative to Railroad Tycoon. Was more than happy to spend under £1 to the developer, to make the game easier but it can be done for free also. BIG PLUS...NO ADVERTS!!!! BRILLIANT
It has the potential to be a great game but having to use the premium currency, and therefore eventually having to buy with real world cash, to reach progression goals makes the game almost unplayable. Also the signals (referred to as traffic lights) don't always work so you end up with crashes.
To pricy and hard and unexpected, like one minute the trains are doing fine until the next your either out of money or your locomotives suddenly crash
The game is a lot of, especially with the challenges, but at some point, the challenges are almost impossible to do without using hats for the trains, because the trains you don't need hats for are too slow, and carries very little.
Issue: sometimes the track goes funky.. train dance spin How so? For some reason the train goes in a circle within the track path. It happens after you exit and reenter, not every track but its annoying when you see a train start to circle, like a dance spin, every car on that one train path. In order to remove the circle, here comes the fun part...you have to delete the cars on the track, remove 3 to 4 peices of track and replace the path...and the trains.
Was a great game but when trains randomly crash even with signals set up correctly it's very frustrating. Kept having trains run reds so theres either a massive code issue or it's on purpose to make you buy 'hats' for better trains. Shame as it was a really fun game otherwise
I do love the content and graphics of this business transport tycoon but i have some complaints, first of all, the reset button does not actually reset the game, it just deletes everething but your money stays the same. when the trains collide the noise jumpscares me. Finally, i got stuck on the italy level because i had only 100 hats and the demands were high, all the trains went -300 at once and it was horrible seeing all my money shoot down to -10000 and the game became impossible.
i hope you keep developing this game and adding levels. there are not that many levels right now but the tutorial is excellent and the game play is pretty good. the graphics are great. some things that would make this game better would be to be able to see the info for all the trains owned and the availablity to delete the tracks and adjust them even though there is already a train registered to that track. keep improving this game and it will be one of the best railroad train games out there!!!
This game is fun to play. One of the best simulation games ever. All 3d versions in all different places with different tasks. But only one thing you need to take care and manage money from JAPAN stage. I request the offered authority to keep the money equal in all the states to build enough tracks . Otherwise this is a wonderful game .
At first it was a really good game, really challenging my strategic thinking. But after I reached Level Kenya, I realized that I need to spend more hats to achieve 15,000 income per minute. Couldn't accept the fact that lots of hats would be always more important than money. I already got more than 200,000 balance but that amount of money contributed nothing for income per minute. I supposed the next levels would require more hats. I just gave up and uninstalled the game.
Just realised that the last update was way back, but anyway. Game was awesome. Graphics are pretty basic but moves through tracks smoothly. This game deserves an update and an upgrade. Perhaps a replay of why a crash happened? A save feature so you dont have to restart your tracks if you messed up.
i give three star beacuse level is so hard and big problem is that track ,engin so expensive . so I request please some improve your game.
One of my all time favorites. Feels like the game was only developed 80% and stopped. Can't play without purchasing premium currency, and it doesn't transfer to new phone since there is no login option. As others said, traffic lights don't work.
Hidden pay to win. After tutorial you need limited currency to buy efficient trains, the free ones being simply ridiculous, that plus a decreasing demand making it impossible to win even at the expense of time... Gameplay is also not convenient making it even harder to build efficient routes... I don't mind paying for a good game with a good spirit, but that's not the case.
Super Nice game :) Please consider more tracks on each station like 4 in the cities :) and could be nice If you could turn them like it have to be in the city limits but could place track around it or turn the direction of them.. :) Thanks guys you do a great job
I really want to love this game (hence the 2 instead of 1/5). I adore games like Railroad Tycoon and this is the closest I've found so far, but once you hit the hat wall it becomes almost impossible to achieve the objective (train upkeep cost vs load capacity) without paying for hats. Once you pay to access engines for free (regardless of how deeply you are in the red), it's like entering a cheat code on a video game, the game becomes boring within an hour. Unfortunately disappointing.
Some annoying bugs, but a fun challenge. You set the routes, trains and traffic controls, but too often it has weird glitches and trains disappear, change their routes, crash despite controls being in place, etc. It's frustrating to use the hats (more valuable currency) for the faster trains, and one literally was on its own track doing laps all day- log on now, and it's missing. The other decided to go through the light anyway and crash. Fun idea, too many bugs/unexplained errors.
was loving it up until Norway stage. at this point you cannot complete without using the in game currency of hats ( which you are given and are purchasable at a reasonable rate) but you cant complete with the standard train. having to use a currency that you you can only replenish with purchases kills any replayability. so three stars only. if you could complete each level with only using hats to make it easier i would easily give this a 5 star
It's great at first, then once u get past the training levels they don't give u near enough money to really get going and one level can take 40 forever to complete... Also several times when I've had a level going and log back in my trains will crash even though I've got lights up for them... this really needs to be fixed!!!
This game is great! It plays very much like "Sid Meyers Railroads!" with the exception that you play against a list of objectives rather than AI players. The controls have been streamlined for mobile very well and there are tons of levels to play through.
Good, well developed game. Has some pay to win elements though. Its pretty much impossible without using hats. You get hats for completing missions or you can buy them with real cash. You will probably want to grind the Japan mission for Hats to the point where it's no longer fun. For improvement please allow refunds when selling trains and buying a locomotive and then canceling it, this includes Hats. Thanks. Update...Not worth it. To much pay to win or grind previous missions for hats.
Going to be honest here. I paid the $$$ requested for some in-game currency... I just wanted to be able to get one or two needed trains. I never thought the game was pay per play. As you progress, it becomes obvious that you cant complete the tasks without using real $$$. It defeats the purpose of the game. So yes, I am giving one star.
Awesome game guys, very well balanced game, very much logical, add more levels. And try to add junctions, stations, crossing point so that more trains can run with minimum track space. That's all thankyou for creating this game. God bless. Peace.
Good game, but once you get up a few levels it's impossible to complete without buying more "Top Hats" so you can use better engines. I'd pay for the game, but I'm not paying endless amounts of money just to complete the next level. Uninstalling.
The game's storage can not be go to sd card it stays in the device memory .Can you fix it?.If you can fix it,I raise my rating from 2 star to 5 star
As far as train network games go, the challenge map design misses the point. You will spend almost all of your time building the basic lines and then you win, now do it again. The cramped map broadly prohibits loops or general use networks, not that it's worth doing anything with lights when there's no meaningful downside to dedicated routes and dedicated trains. It would be harder and slower to make a network that needs lights.
I think it is best to update this game, like adding more levels, instead of making a sequel which I think turned out to be not as great as the prequel. Please consider this
This is a great little game which sets the scene nicely for Railroads 2. I'd still love to see some new levels and features on this version though (hint to devs 😁) If you're thinking about splashing some cash on the necessary in-game currency, 'Hats', don't get too many as you will finish the game without spending 100k. Well worth a couple of quid though.