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Decked Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Decked Studios located at 2A Cornwall Gardens #02-18 Singapore 269678. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The settings page is found by clicking the left menu button then the gear at the bottom of the drawer. Deck building, collections, and exporting work perfectly for me. Never had the app crash but loading images lags sometimes. The missing star is because the pricing feature seems to have stopped working (working again).
App search function is bad making it easier to just google cards. One letter off and the app doesn't have a clue what you want. Also if you wanted to say see all red sorcery and instants costing 1-2 mana (for example) it only shows a selection of what you requested instead of everything that exists. I want to be able to scroll and read cards at my leisure knowing that I'm seeing everything that meets my basic criteria. Mostly disappointing app with limited usefulness. Camera function is useless
I just paid for the app and have been trying to use it because all of my magic teammates have been using it for years. I have a Google Pixel 2 XL. I don't believe the app is very compatible for this device. I can't make more than one deck without manually taking every single card entry back out of the deck. I even tried uninstalling and the original deck was still showing up. The new deck function didn't work at all. Very displeased. Hope this can be fixed. I was really looking forward to using.
Highly intuitive and easy to use. Can share decks easily. Easy to find cards needed. Some functions are a bit off, but not important.
Went from an s7 to note10 and it will not let me open any file manager (even the ones the app recommendeds) to import my old decks or even save new ones. This app has become useless without that functionality.
Good for deck building but has a few hiccups every now and then. Could a format template be included? It would be nice to choose your commander and such.
Paid for the full version as I tried the demo and liked it. Now with the full version I can save my decks, but not all cards and types are available. Cannot find anywhere certain cards. Here is some, Angelic Reward and Zephyr Gull. These are just the 2, there are more but to much to list, please update the database.
Great app until I upgraded my phone. No longer seeing most pictures. Plus all the decks I created disappeared. I wish there was a fix for it. I contacted the developers, but no response unfortunately.
App continues to crash frequently and can only be recovered by uninstalling and reinstalling. The "contact us" page is also bugged and can't be used on mobile. I'm afraid Decked Builder is on its way out and I wouldn't recommend that anyone purchase it at this time.
Not as good as the IOS version. Deck play testing offers no support for two finger swiping to place cards on the bottom of your library. The default theme is white and very annoying to stare at for long periods of time. This app needs love and updates, for 3.99 all you're getting is a gatherer which is free online.
I loved this app, most of the time. The pricing was a bit iffy, but now it barely ever works. I use a different app to prove my cards. And I might have to start using a different app to build my decks. As of today, this app has been crashing constantly and I have to uninstall and reinstall it just to get some use out of it. I'll change my review back to 5 stars when it works. Also, your website keeps bugging out when I try the Contact Us function.
I know how good the card scanner is from LRR using it on stream, but the Android version is very lackluster. Maybe 2 out of 15 scans have been right from my Guilds of Ravnica prerelease kit (keeps claiming Hired Poisoner is a Golgari Guild Gate). I also notice the camera is squished. I have this issue on both my Essential PH-1 and my Samsung Tab S4.
Does the price deck feature not work anymore? I was doing it for a long time to get an idea of what the deck would cost now literally no cards pull up the price Not sure what changed
The app is great but i wish yall could add a way to build commander decks and be able to use the downloaded files from tapped out in the app
This app is ugly. This app works very well. You will pay a *LOT* to use all this apps features. I bought the app for $4. I created a collection... for a $3 add-on I just scanned ~50 cards in around 30 seconds... for a $5 add-on. This app looks like it was designed by someone who wanted to get the most BASIC design done. Literally EVERYTHING in this app could have been made to look better with very little effort. It honestly diminishes the beautiful artwork on the cards. Also, it doesn't seem to scan tokens.
App is great, but there's a pretty major glitch where cards in your side board multiply... I have a deck the has about a million copies of one card in my sideboard. Every deck I have built has something like that now. It's very annoying. Also the test feature is a little too sensitive, I'm always throwing stuff in the graveyard or library just by trying to scroll
You cant even make an edh deck? Using manabox in conjunction with mtg search seems a like much better free alternative. This app doeant have a good ui the settings page ia useless it gas literally no settings to change. Whats the point a setting page with no settings. Im refunding this app.
Was the perfect app until someone gave up on managing the bloat they rushed to add. Used to be a clean chronological set lists, now its spammed with ancillary content looking unorganized. Impossible to get accurate searches now (standard rares? Have fnm promos for the past 5 years too!) loading either a poor looking MTGO versions of cards with zero text or an ancient already errated versions. waited a month of tanked quality with hope it was an accident, nope. Just bad design now.
Very good deck builder and play tester overall. I don't know where they pull their deck lists from, but there's no tracking for EDH, Legacy or Vintage, which is unfortunate. As a Samsung user(I don't know if this is an issue on other devices) the app freezes quite frequently and has to restart. it's not the end of the world but it's been a persistent issue for a couple years now. I wish it'd show multiple sets for the same card when you search for something specifically.
Fantastic app for deck building and goldfish testing, in fact the best... So long as it isn't night time. It's 2020, all apps should at least have the option of a dark mode! Obviously cards can't be effectively darkened, but the glaring white UI and my desire to deck build at night are at odds. If it weren't for that, I'd give this 5 stars all day long.
It use to work now it wont open i paid for this app and i want it to work if not i want my money back
I have used this app for years on both my phone and computer. Lately though, I am a bit sad about it. Tbe database has had issues showing the cards and has progressively gotten worse. Also, pricing and its options have been broken and unusable for the last 6 months with no fix in sight. Please fix the card pics and please would you fix the pricing (it's been going on way too long).
Please please please, give this app a historic set option for searching for cards.. I've been using this app for 10 years and haven't had issues, but not having a historic option really sucks. Please add it?
Terrible, have to purchase the app. The have to purchase EVERY SINGLE FUNCTION for the app to work properly. Except it still doesn't work. I wouldn't have minded blowing money on it IF this app had worked at all.
Fantastic app, have used for many years. Not a fan of the recent UI changes, if there was an option in settings to use the old controls for playtesting, and changing pages of search results that would be much appreciated. Specifically the issue is that both of those require more taps in this new version. Even with those small annoyances, highly recommended.
I love the app. The reason I give it 3 stars instead of 5 is that after spending months data basing my collection, it was erased when my phone did a system update. It is for that reason I switched to the Windows version on my PC. Additionally, there are a few things missing which I would love to see added: 1. Many sets are missing land variations. 2. Some older sets like Fallen Empires released multiple arts for cards which are also not included. 3. Tokens have been excluded altogether.
I paid for the premium version of Decked Builder many years ago. Earlier this year, like many Magic players, I got into MTG Arena due to not being able to play in person (not that I had enough players anyway lol). I sent an email to the devs about adding an "Historic" filter to the app, and the response was a solid "eventually" Well, I dont know how long the Historic filter has been active in the app, but I noticed it last week, and I can't appreciate a dev that listens, enough. THANK YOU!
Terrible now used to be my goto. Looking for new app now. Keeps adding dozens of quantity to sideboard on every deck. Random cards sometimes. Other times just ups wua tity fro. 3 to 39 or 51. Weird.
Ok.. bought the app and add on through Google play. Cant get a key for windows because i didn't purchase through paypal. The app is not great... and if you click on support or FAQ links is brings you to a file not found page... horrible Chinese programming... dont waste your money
Would have been excellent if not for all the bugs. Incomplete search being the worst - effectively making the app unusable on its own. Edit: Now it writes corrupted files as well. In essence useless
Great app until I upgraded my phone. No longer seeing most pictures. Plus all the decks I created disappeared. I wish there was a fix for it.
Love this app! So easy to work on building decks and keeping track of the cards I own. Definitely recommend.
Oracle text hasn't been updated in literal years (planeswalkers still haven't been updated to Legendary!), every card with an æ now just has two versions (a symptom of never updating Oracle text), and a bunch of random cards with alternate art are just listed as separate printings for some reason. I wish any other deck builder had a good UI.
Changing my review: As soon as I sent a message, I saw amazing communication via email with responses from the same person everyday. They worked hard to get the problems resolved by making changes daily. They kept me updated and would request for me to try the newest of changes as they were made. ...and it is working! (on my birthday, to beat all). This is my favorite app over all the others! It is a very clean and straight forward. It is the perfect tool to enhance Magic in my daily life.
Does not allow building a deck in app, lacks in-line text importing, UX Design leaves quite a lot to be desired with quite unintuitive navigation and functionality, and most notably it crashes everytime I try to switch to the deck tab after I moved the file of my last opened deck. Had to completely reinstall to fix it. All that being said, still probably the best MtG App for deck testing. Will likely still use the deckstats mobile site for everything else other than that while away from the computer though.
This is, in my opinion, an absolutely essential app for any competative Magic player. Perfect for tweaking or brewing any new deck and has great analysis tools. Only problem is that there is currently no pricing displayed. It may be a bug, but their support doesnt seem to work on mobile.
Don't know if you guys recently pushed an update recently but it keeps crashing the second you open the app. Used this app for years and am generally pretty happy with it. Fix it so it opens and I will change my rating to 5 stars
Awesome app. Wish had custom sorting for deck and collection. So could tag cards together with similar function. Wish had custom search or filter on key word in deck. Wish had function to add custom format legal status, for example australian 7-point highlander.
I cant recommend this app at all. I had purchased it in hopes of using the cam feature to scan in all of my cards. when you go to add the cards you scanned you have to pay more on top of buying the app itself. Total scam. I will continue to use Manabox and type my cards in for free.
Crashes when I look at cards after card search and when I open the deck tab. The decked builder trial app works better. Hope they fix it. Asking for a refund.
I asked for a refund within 10 minutes. The base price DOES NOT include collection manager nor the camera feature to add cards. Both are extra payments that more than double the price of the app. I would be willing to pay, IF the camera worked with all sets, bit IT DOES NOT. You need to select 1 set at a time when taking pictures for recognition. The free or cheaper alternative apps do not ask you to do this. They can scan amd compare against all of magic's history. This was the deal breaker
Great app until recently. Can no longer price cards or decks based off TCG PLAYER MID prices. Other than that its great. Please address and will gladly change to 5 stars.
Do not use this unless you are willing to pay over double the price you think you are going to pay. While the app itself has a pricetag, what little you get is not worth the price. Almost all of the functionality that made me want it (such as the collection and card scanner) is licked off behind more paywalls. Don't get me wrong, it's decent at what it does, but the pricing is EXTREMELY misleading.
I've been using this for years with no issues, but with the recent update it is broken. It locks up everytime I try to access any cards, so you cannot do anything at this point to edit decks or view cards. It's completely useless at this point. I'm pretty upset about having to find a new app to use, I can't imagine having to manually redo my catalog all over again. Ridiculous.
A lot of people are giving 1-star reviews because of an update breaking the app. This is due to the deck files having been moved from com.deckedbuilder.decks to com.deckedbuilder.deckedbuilder.files.decks. I'm a developer myself so I could easily move these files on my own, but it should not have to be required. The developers should consider adding a first-step migration task to move files from the old storage location. All in all a great app, but this is kind of a blunder.
New update fixed the one issue I had with the app. It keeps telling me it has stopped working and needs to restart but then it keeps working fine, so there is still work to be done.
The app works ok, but more filtering / searching features would be nice. My biggest issue is that even though I've bought both the paid add-on features (camera and collections) sometimes it'll just decide that I haven't bought the collections add-on, and I need to exit and restart the app to bring it back. Particularly frustrating when I then need to re-scan a stack of cards because they didn't save! If you make people pay even more for full functionality, it'd better work all the time!
I paid for this and it turns out the demo has more features then the paid app.I paid $3.99 for this app and it wants me to pay another $7 for the camera add-on and the collection add-on and it shows you are supposed to get them when u upgrade from the demo. I tried to contact them and the site wont let me message them. Get the demo and don't buy this game I'm working on getting a refund hopefully this post will make it easier to get a response from them.
Great app, comes with some quirks. It hasn't always been that way and I think the app just got updated or the database got updated bc some cards aren't showing the artwork. Also, it keeps adding multiple copies of cards in my sideboard (funny enough withstand death being one of them). I wish the test deck option was a little more robust but all around great app!
I loved this app for a long time, the only downfall that it had was pricing was weak and didn't cover foils or special cards even with the paid version, but even then still 5 star worthy but currently demoting it to 1 since it seems to be broken for me and others and there is no feed back or support. I even sent an email. Will update accordingly.
After ten days of having game which I bought , system error came on which was fatal causing me not to be able to play game and lose everything. Sadly, if I wanted to play again I needed to re purchase the game again. Bs here
Not a bad deck builder but the testing could use alot of work in my opinion, i would like to be able to actually tap my mana and creatures and what not to be able to test my decks when i cant get to my real cards
Seems Nice. To access the camera scanning you have to pay an extra $2.02. That's fine. Whats not cool is I still have to pick out what set the card is from then take a picture of it. That is not what was advertised on the video on the website. It'd be fine if i could just set it to all sets, but it won't let me as far as I can tell. Quite the bummer.
I've been using this app for years and always found it helpful. The day that Zendikar rising came out it glitched badly. I noticed the app was only finding zendikar in standard. A few hours later I went to open it and that failed. I wasn't the only one having these problems. A week later, they put out an update... That crashes the entire database. At this point, I've given up. I lost years of deck lists.
Great app, unfortunately even after updating the database some cards like hallowed priest are missing
If I could give it 0 stars I would because even after deleting it and reinstalling it whenever I try to open the app it immediately closes itself I sent an email last year and they still haven't bothered to fix it they're to lazy to fix it and rather take our money and screw us around the demo is better but you can't save decks on it though
Easy way to sort, organize, and export my collection and decks into Excel. The search feature is easier and more powerful than Gatherer, and I generally use this app to build and price all my decks. I can't recommend it enough.
There seems to be some bugs in the newest update. I have a pixel 3 with Android 10. Selecting "new deck" from the manage deck file menu does not clear out the deck editor as it used to. When refreshing the app, I'm seeing certain cards increasing in quantity in the currently loaded deck (i.e. 4 Surgical Extraction in the SB, after reload there is 20 surgical extraction in the SB) Hope to see this resolved soon as it is making the deck building functionality fairly unusable.
Could not update app and as recommended I deleted the app and tried to reinstall the app and now I've lost all my decks (which wouldn't save either) and now the database cannot update so it is useless for anyone who wants to use the latest cards. And now, the developers won't respond for a week or longer. I will update my review if/when they respond and fix the problem.
Fantastic for getting the Oracle text on any card, even offline. Priemium is worth it for the deck building.
When the app works, it is fantastic. The best deck building app I've used, and I've used it for years. It does go through periods that the app just crashes on open and I have to reinstall. More so lately. Pricing also tends to be kind of wonky at times, but usually is fine. A year or two ago I'd have been likely to give 5 stars, but lately issues I've never had before have been popping up here and there without any signs of fixing them.
Great app, great features, highly intuitive design and a garbage fire of a playtest mode. Seriously half my hand disappeared while I was scrolling to check my battlefield. Please fix this because this is not an ok problem to have.
Definitely the slickest interface of any digital deck builder I've used and I love the organization and simplicity. I am having a problem though. After the last update the app crashes when I try and look at the active deck. First time I've had a problem with it in more than a year. Would rate 5 stars otherwise.
No way for me to link it with desktop version that I have installed. Scanning only gets it right 1 out of 4 times good lighting and white background being used with card perfectly in capture box. I can't believe I payed for this. I bought it to catalog a 40,000 card library by set. Really disappointed does anyone have any recommendations for another app with better scanning system, so I can upload my collection set without it taking an eternity?