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Deck Warlords - TCG card game

Deck Warlords - TCG card game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Running Pillow located at Pod hrází 1447 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has so much potential, but the game cheats horribly, enough to make you want to break your phone or tablet. "25%" chance means every second hit for your opponents and every 10 his for your own identical troops. Reviving for "last stand" will choose the worst troop you've got for the occasion pretty much every time, ruining your experience and wasting resources.
I want to give this game a better score, but the difficulty curve is through the roof. It goes from an alright card game to a wait and be rewarded game. The campaign becomes next to impossible to play for low level players, so you just end up waiting for the new day rewards. Everyone has "rare" or "legendary" cards that are far superior to your own, so you can't play the bounty hunter or arena or raids. There's so much to do, but if you try, you just lose. It's just disappointing.
Fun TCG. Apparently, an earlier version of Card Lords also by Running Pillow. Although I feel Card Lords is better, there is definitely enough here for a very different building experience. I wish there were more TCGs that we're sans the hero battle model like Deck Warlords and Card Lords. Good job Running Pillow.
Good game, has its moments where you cant do anything until you get lucky and draw good units, and some levels it wont let me collect 3 star rewards, but other than those minor annoyances it's a fun game to play
Pure grind. No tactics just put the rarest cards in the deck and let the game play for you (because there is no choices to do during the fights) And I don't understand why they ask for your contacts,phone calls and files permission...
This game is a good time killer. No true depth but still good fun. The only issue I have is with the arena match system is a joke. You spend have to spend resources to find opponents but 9 times out of 10 they are much too powerful to defeat making you look again. You spend more time and combat resources finding reasonable opponents to fight than you do fighting and with nothing to show for it.
Little bit of fun, progress comes to a halt and takes a lot of grinding to get furthet after about an hour of play, unless you want to pay for gems...
Graphics, especially the backgrounds, tend to flicker. The pop ups, like end of combat messages, overlay level up messages. Otherwise, it is a good game! The five bucks for the first draw five is worth it in the early game if you're stuck.
Overall Deck Warlord has some good mechanics for people who like to collect cards. The battles aren't very interesting. The deck is more like one hand, and the rules of battle aren't clear.
the game is good but I suggest giving a daily redeem code that pop up on screen and the rewards should be random... that way we will love to go online always just to not miss the code.. or if u want you can give the code if the player goes online for 1hour straight everyday.. that look cool I guess... and oh fussion can also be added on the game.. and one more thing can we convert cards into.new cards for example letting us recycle 10 common cards for 1 uncommon card and 8uncommon card for 1green
Stupid. More stupid than running pillow usually is. It's a reward clicker, nothing to do with cards or playing, just click and collect reward. Absolutely awful.
Good idea, cool graphics, but its very repetitive. Must beat the level three times per level, the cards in your deck aren't that strong. Bored after a day and a half.
Your decks order changes when you battle so you can't strategize to win more. The arena, raids, and bounty hunter sections are impossible to progress because the people they choose for you to fight are way higher level with much better cards than you have. That takes out more than half of the options for fun in this game.
The way the background flickers drives me insane, I don't know if it's just me, but the main map is constantly flickering. Over all I really enjoy the game, but the Arena is awful, not that I don't love the concept but I waste so much energy there trying to find someone I could even come close to challenging. I'm level 11 and end up against level 20 sometimes level 50 players. I wish there would be more of a balance, because as is Arena is just a waste.
I enjoy the game but find that Arena is far too hard as a player beginning the game. No chance to do anything vs legendary and mythical cards as a noob.. V
Not even worth 1 star as the game wont even load, then the game tries to tell me I HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION ISSUES??? I dont bloody think so. Either fix YOUR problems or dont blame ME!!!
Tries to connect to over 8 different IPs, including face book. Asks for permission to phone, contacts, and media folder.
It's alright. I've played some of their other games and always enjoyed them. They're fairly simple. The only issue I have is with the arena. I played a long time ago and it didnt save my progress so I just started over and when I join in the arena I'm faced with level 125 players and that's not very fair.
Okay so I will start off by saying that I play this game often and it isn't a bad game, but so many aspects of this game's design (or most of RP's games) has been intentionally made for whales only (players who spend thousands on IAPs). The cards of any usefulness are extremely rare, expensive, and require many copies of the same card to upgrade. Tokens that upgrade cards as well are even more so. It sucks knowing i'll never get high tiered cards without huge IAPs because of the rarity...bs
It's a fun time killer and unlike many other games of similar type, it rewards you quickly and the grind doesn't feel as hard. My only complaint which is the same with many other games of this type is that there is zero reward for having common cards or lower level cards. Once you get a higher tier you'll just see commons as a bother rather then something helpful. Also getting started in PvP is impossible unless you have strong cards off the hop. But good game, good time killer, and I'll keep playing for a while I'm sure :)
There is a lot of pay to win. The ability to watch videos has also been stripped from the game. If that returned I would give a better review.
Bad game I can't even log in it says connection failure but I still connected to my wifi idk if am the only one to experience this but devs plz fix your game
Locks up my phone usually before I am to be rewarded for a victory. Did it several times. Done! Don't spend any money.