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Death Worm™

Death Worm™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by PlayCreek LLC located at Moscow, Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Firstly I'd like to thank PlayCreek LLC for bringing such a classic game to mobile in the option of free to play aswell as pay to play. Despite being free, this version continues to offer days/weeks of entertainment up until of course, you max out all worms. My only request, or complaint, is in referance to having to upgrade a certain worm stat in order to move forward in the quests and maybe even seasons pass as upgrading is not possible of course, after all worms are already maxed. Still 5⭐
The game itself isn't bad. Infact it's rather fun and really feels like a throw back to the days of flash games and newgrounds. The only downside is the ads. Good lord are there a lot of ads. Not just ads either, but unskipable, 30 second long ads that are just sprung on you for no reason. This is especially a slap in the face when the screen just before the ads has a button that says watch an ad for a reward. So now your forcing me to watch the same ad for nothing in return. Uninstall.
Great game , well structured and thought out. Passes many an hour or so and the adverts are actually helpful. An easy Five Stars.***** Enjoy .
I played this when I was 7 in primary school as an Flash game, still holds water from back then, amazing game from then to now, to people reading the review's before installing this game I have just one thing to say, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! it's fun and amazing, gives you a sense of sheer domination, Thank you devs for re-vitalizing this game!
The fact that the worm comes out of the ground makes it exciting! Also I appreciate the campaign, start screen and blitz Rock music.
This is a Good game to play if you want to use mobile. The controls on this are easy and you can move them , I so far haven't been even close to Mad at this game and anybody reading this , This is NOT a hungry shark ripoff!
Pay to win EDIT: I wrote pay to win, not play to win. Of course you can play for free but the amount of effort required to advance is ridiculous and effectively forces people into buying in-game garbage. Happy game monetisation I guess! ;)
It now has daily missions, tons of (expensive) customizables, and upgrades, and seasonal pass, and more. And minor improvements on gameplay and graphics. No longer the casual game that you could play whenever you wanted to; kinda need to play everyday, now. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, I don't have time for another dailies. And they seem to have removed the Google Play Achievement. I'm uninstalling, but do give it a try, it's not THAT bad.
Death worm will always be my favorite game! Many changes have been made, good and bad, but im getting used to them. I LOVE the new worm species, but my favorite is Alien worm! The jaws closing to eat people is AMAZING!!! 😄 May i please make a request as a long time player? Could you bring back our ability to upgrade our worm's size, instead of it just being a power up? I miss watching my baby worm growing bigger as he ate more and more people! Im very sad because Henry just shrinks back now. 😔
Superbbbbb. Just nothing to say. It's so good. Full action game. Thank u for making this game. It will cure all ur boredom. U can actually play it for hours
Game is fun. Cleared all campaign and location and its now endless. Worst part is. We cant upgrade worm unless we get new update. So its pointless to play once we finish all location. And i unlocked last worm first so that worm become weaker from the 3rd worm. So i cant play or upgrade my favourite worm anymore. :/ Need lot of major changes!! But still a good game :))
It's very interesting and the rewards are very good even if you actually don't need them to win it's easy and very fun the rewards makes it more realistic like spitting three fire balls all at once and the task are exciting I recommend te game to anyone looking for something fun to keep his or herself busy just like me
I enjoy the destruction and the demolition the worms can do and the power ups, the abilities, the killings, etc. I've seen the bad reviews and am shocked about it, I don't understand what problem they were having exactly but all I know is that they have underestimated this absolutely amazing masterpiece. This game is killer, literally!
This is incredible I have waited for this kind of update for so long now and the wait is worth but. But I would recommend the 3 other worms from the old version to be available so I can feel that nostalgia.
It was better years ago. No in-app purchases, No ads. Fun for everyone. It has went to the greedy path. I hope it gets better or make an old version app.
I like this game because it is such a classic game I like it because there is campaign blitz you can upgrade your worm and shoot fireballs and you can dash and the graphics are amazing AND IT IS THE BEST Bye
I was gonna buy the game until I came across the ads especially the ones that dont let you skip until you play or its over and you have to wait an additional 15 seconds. The ads made me realize I didn't like the game enough to wait for them to finish.
A challenging game. Seems simple enough but not as easy as it looks. The physics based skill games are especially nice, and the music is not bad either.
Very nice but with horrible eating time game😵😨😰. This is very horrible but great it is horrible because due to that death worms but why we only have to kill so please add that we can make groups with dummys in this game to have fun with them.
The game is good. Please add more Campaigns and more Worms for more fun. Please add more powers for worms. I hope you shall manage them. Thank you!
Its really a great game, most of the ads only make you get things faster, so if you're fine with playing a little longer you'll be fine. The only reccomdation I have is have more bosses and make them more unique. The UFOs ones are cool but they get boring after awhile.
This is amazing! The only worm I don't have is the robo worm, but I know why so I don't care. the only thing better are vr games. But that would be an unfair competition, so this is the best.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Would be great if you could keep unlocking new worms, but I'm on the free version, so can't really complain. After your reply: Yep - I know that. They're all fully upgraded... because I've enjoyed the game so much. Roboworm is the only one I've not got.
Really an energy system that is an automatic 1 star for you all and the having levels you complete instead of the orginal game where you kept growing and goin until you died was at least 80% better than this version right here and i really didnt find the orginal game all that fun either
I remember this game being so much different. It was endless. You would just keep getting upgrades from destroying stuff and eventually you would gain a lot speed and power. It was so fun. I don't know when this change happened but now the game isn't how it was a year ago. Yes, the older version was premium and you would have to purchase the game with real money to play it, but now, the game might be free to play, but it definitely doesn't feel the same. It's like a completely new game.
I started playing this great game back in 2017..It was simple..But now the team really worked harder to save this game by major update...so nice to see this game BACK..Thanks💌🇮🇳👍😀
Umm..ok.. New set of issues the main one is that, unless I missed it there is no way to restore one's progress if they have to redownload the game. And the other one is that there is no "contact us" type of button where I'd have definitely left this instead of here. On the up side I have noticed that if you do have to start over you'll end up seeing a WHOLE lot less ads over all.
It's a good game until you get past the first worm then it give you tons of ads and you'll get less coins, experience , and now it's just a freemium game
Okay this game is so much fun and really stratifying,apart from when you just get one shooted by almost everything in impossible mode xD My complaint is about the daliy missions,i or we got a slight problem with it,i maxed out my worms and there's a daily misson to try and do this amout of upgrades when every death worm is upgraded,so can you make it so that there's a different mission on that? Like another mission, after you fix that its a 5 star from me and it's a great game so good job on it
It is a nice game but the boosts are not worth it and it's so hard to get diamonds and we have to play the game everyday to get new rewards is just unfair all these thing happen to all Do yo agree
Awesome game! Great music, sound effects, controls and the visuals too! Great work developers! Very addictive! I have one request, on Campaign Level 9 could you lengthen or remove the time limit? I've decided to add one star back on...and thank you for your previous feedback. I really like the special abilities that have been added to the various worms...
It's a solid game. You play as a giant worm that kills stuff. Straightforward and I like it. Just wish there was a bit of a story here to make it more enjoyable.
This game is sooo good!! It doesn't bombard you with adds! The game doesn't constantly ask for money and it's controls are better than any other mobial game. AND ITS FREE!! thanks so much for the great game!!!
The best game! I have been playing this for only two days and this is amazing! The graphics are cool and the controls are good too!
Controls are sensitive, but other things are great, I played it when I was a kid, but now when play I remember my memory in that time and I actually enjoy from playing this game.
I remember playing this years and years ago when it was a flash game called effing worms or something. I preferred the old mutation mechanic and I can't stand the UFO. It's ridiculously hard to hit with the way the worm controls, the speed it moves, and the fact that while underground you can't see high enough into the air to see where the UFO is. The UFO also does an absurd amount of damage. It's literally just there to end your run if you ever leave the ground and force you to watch an ad.
So what's the point of spending money in this game if all progress is lost upon reinstalling. Also why on-screen joystick. It's the worst control ever. Can't we just use finger trace to move the worm.
Well this game is legit, I remember playing the old version of this game for free about 6 years ago and its still awesome to this day, even though it has a lot of unnecessary ads it's kinda helpful for doubling the amount of coins that I get after winning, that makes me wonder is it worth it to buy the full version of it? well for now I love the update that this game had good job for making it free and thank you.
So far the game is pretty fun, the energy system is slightly annoying, and i wish you could see your worm eating people better, but the game is fun although the levels are a bit bland.
It's a totally EPIC game. It's so much fun to blast through vehicles! And killing people, soldiers, and animals is kinda satisfying.😄 And the worms and their abilities are so cool! I recommend you to play this game. HATS OFF TO PLAYCREEK LLC FOR THIS ULTIMATE GAME! And also thanks for making it free. Try it now!👍🏻