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Death Worm™ Deluxe

Death Worm™ Deluxe for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by PlayCreek LLC located at Moscow, Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game I like it and maybe you could add a skeletal Death Worm That the player needs to find its bones in the maps so they can unlock it
The game itself is as expected, no complaints there. However, I wish there was support for wider phones, the black areas on the left and right feel uncomfortable.
Imagine buying an app, then still being constantly asked to spend money to play the game and advance. Congrats, you're imagining this game.
I wish I could give the game back and get my money back. Worthless game crashes all the time totally not worth the 5 bucks..........
Those are probably some of the worst controls ever. I have never been more frustrated with something. The minigames are just bad-fire hoops & air defense(crates) should be deleted or just the app all together.
The game play is fun, but what bothers me is that progress is still gated as it would be in a "free" game. You have to watch ads or pay for gems to get progress. Yes, you can do this free, but paying real money for the game, I would expect no ads and a smooth progression. This is a free game, you have to pay for, save money and get Hungry Sharks, same thing for free
Hell yes, this is how an updated monster worm game should be like. Previous death or mega worm games are just outdated as far as game plays go. This new updates remind me of the hungry shark games where the main character travel to different world and has to fight the boss there.
The recent update is an improvement on the game, although some earlier game mechanics and details had been taken out, such as the health bar being an outline of the worm, instead of a literal health bar. Worm upgrades were earned in game, and only lasted for that game, but now they're purchased with coins. The coins and diamonds are a strange decision to make, but in-app purchases get you money, I guess. Overall it's a good update, the only that I would change would be reverting the healthbar.
Its a good acrade like game. You played this as a kid and enjoyed youll have fun again then so uh yeah play its fun.
Was fun at first but every time you die or anytime you need something there's a 30-second ad it just gets to be very boring and when I was trying to fill my time with something that would keep me occupied I would rather play another game versus watch another stupid ad
It's awesome that this is now a fully fledged game. I eagerly await updates. I do have suggestions, make previously completed maps replayable, and add more maps. Perhaps even an Ancient Egyptian-themed worm, too. Otherwise, I encountered a glitch once in the campaign(3+) of Frozen Angel Base when vehicles I had to destroy during a stage wouldn't spawn in. I had all 3 boosts selected with the megaloworm. Another issue is the configuration menu, you can barely move the icons.
Pretty fun until i got a forced ad during game play. On an app that I paid up front for. That was enough for an instant refund...
Great game. I love Death Worm. It resembles my Drugzilla extended & removed relatives when they blow thru town looking to freeload, sponge, mooch and leech off everything in sight. Nothing like being related to or being involved with a Drugzilla Death Worm...lol
I am so glad that this game hasn't been abandoned. When I saw that it had been updated, I knew I had to purchase this fun game.
I've had this game for years, and i mean YEARS. i bought the full game for its fun mechanics and intuitive yet simple game play. This new update literally made me shed a tear. Love this game, and love you guys! Thank you!!!
Returning Player: Well I just say, I bought the $5 version like 3 years ago and it was bad. Now here it is Jan 2021 trying out the game again but was not expecting it to be so different and in a GOOD way. They now give rewards and even have a battle pass of a sort in it now. The game is much BETTER, they even have skins for the worm now. 😎
Awesome game. Keeps me entertained. I am extremely happy they did a huge update. I just wish you could still play "Area 52" after completing it. I can't wait till the next update. Hopefully they add some more snakes and maps
I remember what the old mini game was called and I dont know if its still there since the game is so different but I hope super dash still exists somewhere also I hope it has the same music which is the nitro boost ability theme.
Wasn't quite expecting the update. This is surprisingly good. Played this game for years on my old iPod Touch and a good bit on Android as well. We will see how the new experience goes.
It's frustrating sometimes and it was hard to learn how to control a worm using a phone, but hell is a good time water when ya have nothing to do.
Its the same game I remember from years ago, which is good, but they have added a bunch of gems and coins and ads, which I hate. Don't like to pay for a game and then deal with all that junk,
Great and fun, I don't know if you are still supporting the game but something like a volcanic level would be cool. Or a space one where your on the alien planet.
1989: A creature resides below the hot, barren desert of the small Nevada town Perfection. Can Valentine McKee save the world? This game pulls you in to the mind of the graboid who wants only to survive and raise her young in a desolate land whilst having to fear constant human hostility. Earl Basset is coming with deadly military forces for your defenseless offspring. It's time take a stand and say "F### you Kevin Bacon"
Fun game, reminds me of the Tremors movies. City area still unavailable, and it's too easy to upg worms. Pay & free versions are identical- what's up with that? We need more worms or more upg options
Hey so I'm a classic player from when the game was first around. Like the 2010 2012 times. I like all the new additions. I just have some questions and ideas for you. Firstly what's different between paid and free players. Do paid players get season pass for free? Also maybe you could consider adding back the old classic minigames someday as they were a nice fun distraction. Even the christmas one. Also worm endless race. Also if you could maybe you could add the old mals and worm skins. Thanks
Used to be a simple and fun game, but now the developers have gone way too far with the cheap "retention" features. I don't want to be bombarded with harebrained ideas designed to increase revenue. I just want to play a game.
Man I remember getting this when it first came out, it's been so long and I am now an adult. Seeing this game be fully updated to be a completely new experience just rekindled all of that nostalgia. Thank you so much
This game is awesome. Really fun and young nephews and nieces can play. Totally worth it. Only wish they expanded upon this game somehow. I would pay for for something more complex or new enemies or abilities or building to destroy like rampage or just something more.
Hate wouldnt start and theres no binding so i couldnt get all my lost progress back (i cant even find the refund button)
Yeah it's pretty good, I've maxed out the Free version and decided to buy the full one, kind of upsetting that it's the same thing but with currently no new Worms to play as...just a thought
I bought this game years ago, so long ago I can't even remember. The developers must have gotten bored because they completely redesigned this game in every way to improve it, and that kind of dedication after all these years is amazing. Game is solid, plenty of fun to be had if you like destroying things as a giant worm.